Creative design solutions for home, living, life.

Creative design solutions for home, living, life.
Creative design solutions for home, living, life.
Our Commitment to Enhancing Gracious Living
It is our mission to create products that reflect a singular level of quality, strong leadership and
an unparalleled heritage of excellence. From solid material construction to enduring craftsmanship
to our leading-edge designs and extensive range of KOHLER colors and finishes, our products
offer uncompromising quality, satisfaction and peace of mind.
Design Leadership
Never a follower of existing trends and styles of the times, Kohler Co. continuously strives to lead
the way and set new standards for gracious living by creating products that will deliver years of
performance and add beauty and value to people’s homes.
THE BOLD LOOK OF KOHLER has become a powerful symbol of Kohler Co. values. Since 1873,
Kohler Co. has been dedicated to creating products that delight customers with their quality,
artistry and craftsmanship. The KOHLER brand carries with it a longstanding tradition of adhering
to a single level of quality in all of its exceptional products and services. Skills passed down
through generations have been combined with innovative techniques and timeless designs to
establish the enduring character for which Kohler is known.
There is no substitute for the knowing hand that sculpts the rim of a pedestal lavatory or the eye
that succinctly measures the thickness of enamel on red-hot KOHLER Cast Iron as if by instinct.
This experience is bold. This experience is art.
Suites and Ensembles
In an effort to provide homeowners with coordinated, turnkey design solutions, Kohler features a wide
selection of suites and ensembles that are designed to satisfy individual preferences and tastes in décor.
Whether your bath and powder room environments reflect a traditional or contemporary aesthetic,
matching KOHLER fixtures, faucets and accessories help to create a unified look. Additionally, KOHLER
suites offer a one-stop shopping experience with exceptional products that deliver complete comfort
and value-added convenience.
Iron Works Historic™ Bath K-710-W, Tableau™
Wall-mount Lavatory K-14293. Shown in Vapour™ Green.
Custom WaterHaven™ Tower K-498. Shown in Satin Silver.
Laminar Faucets with Stillness® handles in Polished
Chrome: Ceiling-mount Bath Filler K-922/K-T955-4/
K-300-K, Lavatory Faucet K-T945-4/K-410-K.
Note: Iron Works Historic Bath shown in custom installation.
Kathryn Suite
Kathryn Comfort Height™ One-piece Toilet K-3324 with
Kathryn Seat K-4701, Kathryn Shower Receptor K-9025
with Kathryn Pivot Shower Door K-702212-L, Kathryn
Console Table K-3029/K-2318 and Kathryn Undercounter
Lavatory K-2297-G. Shown in Tea Green™.
Memoirs® Faucets and Accessories with Statey design
in Vibrant® Brushed Nickel: Lavatory Faucet K-454-4S,
Shower Faucet K-T462-4S/K-304-K, Toilet Tissue Holder
K-490, Robe Hook K-492, Towel Ring K-487.
Portrait Suite
Portrait Pedestal Lavatories (two) K-2221-8, Portrait 5'
Bath Whirlpool K-1014-H2, Portrait Two-piece Toilet
K-3591 with Lustra™ Seat K-4652. Shown in Biscuit.
Memoirs Faucets and Accessories with Stately design
in Vibrant Brushed Nickel: Deck-mount Bath Faucet
K-T469-4S/K-300-K, Lavatory Faucets (two) K-454-4S,
Toilet Tissue Holder K-490, Towel Ring K-487.
Portrait Accessories also available.
See the KOHLER ® Bathroom book for a complete selection of suites and ensembles.
Leighton Ensemble
Leighton Two-piece Toilet K-3486 with Glenbury™ Seat
K-4684, Leighton Pedestal Lavatory K-2326-8, Leighton
Mirrored Bath Cabinet CLC2130OB. Shown in Biscuit.
Memoirs Suite
Memoirs 5.5' Bath Whirlpool K-1170-H2, Memoirs
Pedestal Lavatory with Stately design K-2268-8.
Shown in Sandbar.
Forté™ Lavatory Faucet in Polished Chrome K-10272-4.
Fairfax® Accessories in Polished Chrome: Toilet Tissue
Holder K-12157, Small Towel Bar K-12155.
Memoirs Faucets and Accessories with Stately design
in Vibrant® Brushed Nickel: Deck-mount Bath Faucet
K-T469-4V/K-300-K, Lavatory Faucet K-454-4V, Towel
Bar K-485, Glass Shelf K-488, Towel Ring K-487.
MasterShower™ Relaxing 3-way Handshower
Devonshire Suite
Devonshire Comfort Height™ One-piece Toilet K-3488
includes Glenbury™ Seat K-4684, Devonshire Shower
Receptor K-9455 with Shower Walls K-1018 and
Neo-angle Shower Door K-704516-L, Devonshire
Pedestal Lavatory K-2294-8, Devonshire Mirrored
Bath Cabinet CLW2030DAW. Shown in White.
Devonshire Faucets and Accessories in Polished Chrome:
Shower Faucet K-T396-4/K-304-K, Lavatory Faucet
K-394-4, Toilet Tissue Holder K-10554, Glass Shelf
K-10563, Robe Hook K-10555, Towel Ring K-10557.
Serif Suite
Serif Self-rimming Lavatory K-2075-4, Serif Comfort
Height Two-piece Toilet K-3468 with Brevia™ Seat K-4664,
Serif Bath Whirlpool K-1337. Shown in White.
Fairfax® Faucets and Accessories in Polished Chrome:
Lavatory Faucet K-12181, Shower Faucet K-T12014-4/
K-304-K, Deck-mount Bath Faucet K-T12885-4/K-300-K,
Toilet Tissue Holder K-12157. MasterShower™ Relaxing
3-way Handshower K-8502/K-8549.
See the KOHLER ® Bathroom book for a complete selection of suites and ensembles.
Bath and Powder Room Faucets
and Accessories
Solid material construction, simplified installation and a compelling range of designs and finishes make
KOHLER® faucets and accessories an exceptional choice for any bath or powder room. Ceramic disc
valving ensures reliable performance while flexible stainless steel supplies and pre-assembled handles
and valves on select models help provide a “No Sweat” installation. These advantages, along with an
array of faucet styles, Vibrant® PVD color finish options and accessories, allow homeowners to
coordinate with KOHLER fixtures and finish their bathrooms with confidence.
Bol™ Ceramic Lavatory Faucet K-11000-96.
Shown in Biscuit with Vibrant Brushed Nickel handle.
Purist™ Widespread
Purist Towel Ring
Lavatory Faucet
Shown in
Shown in
Brushed Chrome.
Brushed Chrome.
Revival® Widespread
Revival Towel Ring
Lavatory Faucet
Shown in Vibrant
Shown in Vibrant®
Brushed Bronze.
Brushed Bronze.
Memoirs Towel Ring
Memoirs® Widespread
with Stately Design
Lavatory Faucet with
Stately Design
Shown in Vibrant
Shown in Vibrant
Brushed Bronze.
Brushed Bronze.
Forté™ Widespread
Forté Towel Ring
Lavatory Faucet
Shown in
Shown in
Polished Chrome.
Polished Chrome.
Fairfax® Single-control
Fairfax Small Towel Bar
Lavatory Faucet
Shown in Vibrant
Shown in Vibrant
Brushed Nickel.
Brushed Nickel.
Devonshire® Widespread
Devonshire Towel Ring
Lavatory Faucet
Shown in
Shown in
Polished Chrome.
Polished Chrome.
See the KOHLER® Faucets & Accessories book for a complete selection of faucets and coordinating accessories.
Baths and Whirlpools
Baths and whirlpools by Kohler are designed to deliver increased flexibility in the bathroom, from
multiple installation options to experiential water treatments. Durable materials, such as KOHLER®
Cast Iron and high-gloss acrylic, form the foundation for ergonomic basin shapes available in a vast
array of styles, shapes and colors. In addition, innovative technologies have been developed to help
transform the bath into a luxurious, customizable retreat. Relax, rejuvenate and renew with KOHLER
baths and whirlpools.
Purist™ Bath Whirlpool with Spa Experience K-1110-AH, 72" x 46" x 25 3/16" exterior,
63" x 311/2" interior. Shown in White. Laminar ceiling-mount faucet and Purist handles.
Memoirs® 6' Bath Whirlpool
Portrait® 5.5'
with Massage Experience
Bath Whirlpool
72" x 42" x 22"
67" x 42" x 22"
Drop-in installation.
Drop-in installation.
Shown in White.
Shown in Biscuit.
Memoirs faucet with
Memoirs faucet and glass
Stately design.
shelf with Stately design.
7242 Bath Whirlpool
Overture™ Bath Whirlpool
72" x
42 1/8"
19 3/4"
72" x 42" x 20"
Drop-in installation.
Drop-in installation.
Shown in Ice™ Grey.
Shown in Biscuit.
Forté™ faucet
Devonshire® faucet
and MasterShower™
and MasterShower
Relaxing handshower.
Relaxing handshower.
Mariposa™ 6'
Sojourn™ Bath Whirlpool
Bath Whirlpool
60" x 60" x 21"
72" x 36" x 20"
Corner installation.
Drop-in installation.
Shown in White.
Shown in Biscuit.
Forté faucet, towel bar and
Coralais® faucet.
MasterShower Relaxing
3-way handshower.
Vintage™ Bath
Tea-for-Two™ 5' Bath
60" x 32" x 181/4"
with ceramic base K-709
Undermount installation.
72" x 42" x 24"
Shown in Vapour™ Orange.
Freestanding installation.
Laminar faucet with
Shown in White.
Finial® Traditional faucet.
Purist™ handles.
Mendota™ Bath
Villager™ Bath
60" x 30 1/4" x 14"
Alcove installation.
Alcove installation.
Shown in Almond.
Shown in White.
60" x 32" x
Forté faucet.
Forté faucet.
See the KOHLER ® Bathroom book for a complete selection of baths and whirlpools.
Showers and Shower Doors
An extensive selection of KOHLER® showers is available to fit the space requirements and stylistic
preferences in any bathroom. With a wide variety of shower receptors, complete wall sets
and enclosures, KOHLER showering components accommodate individual tastes in décor. Our
single-function and multifunction showerheads feature large diameters for wide coverage and
experiential flexibility, and KOHLER shower doors offer integral safety features, carefree maintenance
and practical durability.
Custom WaterHaven™ Tower K-498. Shown in Satin Silver.
Terracina Bath
Sonata® 4'
Shower Module
Shower Module
59 3/4"
x 33" x
76 1/2"
48" x 36" x 90"
Shown in White.
Shown in Sandbar.
Memoirs® faucet and
Purist™ Shower Door
towel ring with
Stately design.
Shown in Brushed Nickel
with Crystal Clear glass.
Fairfax® faucet and towel bar.
Memoirs Shower Receptor
Shower Receptor
K-9468 and
K-9455 and
Shower Walls
Shower Walls
42" x 42" x 73 7/8"
401/4" x 40 1/4" x 73 7/8"
Shown in Biscuit.
Memoirs Neo-angle
Shown in White.
Shower Enclosure
Devonshire Neo-angle
Shower Enclosure
Shown in Matte Nickel
with Crystal Clear glass.
Shown in Satin Silver
Memoirs faucet
with Crystal Clear glass.
with Stately design.
Devonshire Rite-Temp™
faucet, robe hook
and towel ring.
Senza™ Bypass Bath Door
Forum™ Bypass Bath Door
56 1/2"
59 1/2"
58 1/2"
54" - 59 1/2" x 58 1/2"
Shown with Crystal Clear
with Crystal Clear glass
glass and Bright Silver finish.
and Bright Silver finish.
Mariposa™ 5'
Mendota™ Bath
Bath Whirlpool
Shown in Black Black ™.
Taboret ® Rite-Temp faucet.
Shown in Biscuit.
Fairfax Rite-Temp faucet.
MasterShower™ Custom
Purist Multifunction
Shower Components
Showerhead and arm
3-way Invigorating
handshower K-8501
Shown in
Adjustable wall
Polished Chrome.
bracket kit K-8517
Wall supply elbow K-9513
3-way Relaxing showerhead
K-8507 and arm K-9512
3-way transfer valve K-405-K
and trim K-T9474-7
HiFlow thermostatic valve
K-401-K and trim K-T9493-7
2-way adjustable
bodysprays K-8510
Shown in Vibrant®
Brushed Nickel.
See the KOHLER ® Bathroom book for a complete selection of showers and shower doors.
See the KOHLER Faucets & Accessories book for a complete selection of shower faucets and custom shower components.
Kohler offers a distinctive selection of stylish lavatories, including pedestal, vanity top, undercounter,
Vessels™ and countertop models, crafted from highly durable, authentic materials. Defined by unique
design characteristics, our Artist Editions lavatories feature patterns and motifs that are skillfully
applied in the tradition of old-world decorative techniques. Nature’s Chemistry™ lavatories transform
materials such as metal, glass, clay and stone into artistic, evocative fixtures that exceed
expectations. Designed to add depth, texture and emotion to bath and powder rooms, KOHLER®
lavatories combine quality, performance and aesthetic beauty.
Tableau™ Lavatory K-14293, 27" x 19".
Laminar faucet with Stillness® handles.
Portrait ®
Self-rimming Lavatory
Self-rimming Lavatory
22 5 /8"
18 7/8"
22 3 /4" x 18"
Shown in White.
Shown in White.
Forté™ faucet.
Memoirs faucet with
Classic design.
Self-rimming Lavatory
Self-rimming Lavatory
20 1/4" x 171/2"
19 1/4" x 161/4"
Shown in Biscuit.
Shown in Almond.
Revival® faucet.
Fairfax® faucet.
Undercounter Lavatory
Undercounter Lavatory
19 1/4" x 16 1/4"
18" x 14"
Shown in White.
Shown in Biscuit.
Coralais® faucet.
Devonshire faucet.
Vessels Botticelli™ Lavatory
Twirl™ design on Camber™
Undercounter Lavatory
22" diameter
13 3/4" diameter
White Carrera Marble.
Shown in Earthen White.
Antique™ faucet.
Purist™ faucet.
Flight of Fancy™
Serpentine Bronze™
design on Caxton
design on Vessels™
Conical Bell Lavatory
Undercounter Lavatory
16 1/4" diameter.
17" x 14"
Purist faucet.
Revival faucet.
See the KOHLER® Bathroom book for a complete selection of lavatories.
Toilets and Toilet Seats
KOHLER® toilets are available with a variety of performance-driven flushing systems that are engineered
to meet particular residential, commercial and institutional demands. From our Ingenium® flushing system
that delivers complete, quiet performance to our Class Five™ technology that provides extraordinary
bulk flushing power, as well as Power Lite™ and Pressure Lite models, KOHLER toilets accommodate
the individual needs of our customers. Add the finishing touch with KOHLER toilet seats – the perfect fit
for KOHLER toilets – which are ergonomically contoured to ensure complete comfort.
Leighton™ Comfort Height Toilet K-3486, 30" x 191/4" x 31", Cachet Quiet-Close™ Seat K-4636.
Shown in White. Elongated bowl and concealed trapway. Finial® Traditional glass shelf.
San Raphael™ Toilet
Gabrielle Comfort
Height™ Toilet
39" x 20 3/8" x 231/4"
28" x 18 5/8" x 271/2"
Includes French Curve™ Seat
Includes French Curve Seat
Shown in Biscuit.
Shown in White.
Compact elongated bowl and
Compact elongated bowl.
concealed trapway.
Finial® Traditional toilet
tissue holder.
Santa Rosa™
Memoirs® Two-piece Toilet
One-piece Toilet
with Stately design
27 1/ 2" x 18 3 /4" x 26 3/4"
30 3/8" x 18 3/8" x 31 3/8"
Includes Brevia™ Seat
French Curve Seat
Shown in Biscuit.
Shown in White.
Compact elongated bowl.
Elongated bowl.
Devonshire® Two-piece Toilet
Cimarron Comfort
30 7/8"
18 1/4"
Height™ Toilet
29 3/8" x 19" x 30 3/4"
Glenbury™ Seat
Brevia Seat
Shown in White.
Elongated bowl.
Shown in White.
Devonshire toilet tissue holder.
Elongated bowl.
Serif™ Two-piece Toilet
Wellworth® Two-piece Toilet
29" x 19 7/ 8" x 30 1/4"
29" x 19 5/8" x 28"
Cachet™ Seat
French Curve Seat
Shown in White.
Shown in White.
Elongated bowl.
Elongated bowl.
See the KOHLER ® Bathroom book for a complete selection of toilets and toilet seats.
Kitchen Sinks and Faucets
From professionally inspired kitchens to more traditional environments, KOHLER® kitchen sinks and
faucets deliver complete workspace solutions. Whether you choose solid KOHLER Cast Iron,
stainless steel or fireclay, our kitchen sinks provide exceptional durability for long-lasting
performance. KOHLER kitchen faucets, including pullout and pull-down spray models, combine
outstanding functionality, convenience and ease of cleaning. Vibrant® PVD color finish options for
faucets and accessories feature lustrous and authentic brushed textures to accommodate individual
preferences. Designed to suit a variety of kitchen needs, KOHLER kitchen sinks and faucets offer
efficiency, versatility and enduring style.
Verity™ Undercounter Kitchen Sink K-3086 and Undertone™ 33" Trough Basin K-3155. Stainless Steel.
Vinnata™ Pull-down Kitchen Sink Faucet K-690 and Vinnata Secondary Sink Faucet K-691. Shown in Vibrant Brushed Nickel.
Clarity™ Undercounter
Executive Chef ™
Undercounter Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Sink
33" x 22"
33" x 22"
Basin depth: 9"
Basin depth: L 10", R 8"
Shown in Thunder™ Grey.
Shown in Sandbar.
Essex Kitchen
Clairette™ Pull-down
Sink Faucet
Kitchen Sink Faucet
Shown in Vibrant®
Shown in Vibrant
Brushed NIckel.
Brushed Nickel.
Brookfield ™ Self-rimming
Hartland™ Self-rimming
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Sink
33" x 22"
33" x 22"
Basin depth: 8"
Basin depth: 7 1/ 2"
Shown in White.
Shown in Biscuit.
Forté™ Kitchen Sink
Revival® Kitchen Sink Faucet
Faucet with sidespray
with sidespray
Shown in
Shown in
Polished Chrome.
Brushed Chrome.
Staccato™ Self-rimming
Kitchen Sink
Extra Large/Medium
Kitchen Sink
33" x 22"
Basin depth: 8"
35 1/ 8" x 20 1/ 8"
Stainless Steel.
Basin depth: L
9 1/ 2",
7 1/ 2"
Clairette Pull-down
Stainless Steel.
Kitchen Sink Faucet
Avatar™ Kitchen Sink
Faucet with pullout spray
Soap/lotion dispenser
Shown in
Shown in Polished Chrome.
Polished Chrome.
Antique™ Single-control
Fairfax® Single-control
Kitchen Sink Faucet
Kitchen Sink Faucet
with sidespray
with sidespray
Shown in Vibrant
Shown in Vibrant
Brushed Bronze.
Brazen Bronze.
Fairfax Single-control
Coralais® Single-control
Kitchen Sink Faucet with
Kitchen Sink Faucet with
pullout spray
pullout spray
Soap/lotion dispenser
Soap/lotion dispenser
Shown in Vibrant
Shown in
Brushed Nickel.
Polished Chrome.
See the KOHLER® Kitchen book for a complete selection of kitchen sinks.
See the KOHLER Faucets & Accessories book for a complete selection of kitchen faucets.
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