Marlec Rutland Windcharger Charge Controllers
Marlec Rutland Windcharger
Charge Controllers
Marlec’s range of Charge Controllers lead the micro wind turbine industry in technology and
product features to keep batteries optimally charged. The Hybrid Regulators; HRSi for single
battery banks and HRDi for dual battery banks conveniently bring together a Rutland turbine
voltage regulator with an additional input for up to 160Watts of photovoltaic panels in a single
easy to install device.
- Dual Battery Controller
- Single Battery Controller
Product 193 x 127 x 40 mm 420g
Packaged 230 x 150 x 60 mm 600g
Product 130 x 80 x 42 mm 185g
Packaged 160 x 110 x 60 mm 255 g
Hybrid Wind and Solar Input Capacity
Both models are designed to accept the power input of either the Rutland 500 and 900 series wind
turbines (503,504,913,914,FM910 models) plus a separate input of up to 160Watts maximum peak rated
solar panels. For use with 12V or 24V battery banks by auto-setting upon connection.
Each unit incorporates a convenient shutdown switch for occasions when the turbine and solar panels can
be temporarily taken out of operation, isolating them from the battery bank. Easy to connect terminals
interface the turbine, solar panels & battery connection.
Charge Indicators
HRSi—Tri-Colour LED indicators keep the user informed about battery voltage levels and charging status.
HRDi—A digital display with push buttons to select optional screens; wind turbine or solar panels or totals
of charge current, power, charging status and battery voltages. View the screen remotely with the optional
Rutland Remote Display—HRDi shown below.
Rutland Remote Display HRDi
View the HRDi digital display at a convenient location
such as a chart table on board. Using the push
buttons select the screens available, change settings
and shutdown the charge sources; wind turbine and
solar panels.
Supplied with a 3m serial cable and back box for
either surface mounting or prepare a cut out and
recess for flush fitting.
Surface Mount: 125x75x50mm 203g
Recess Mount: 125x75x9mm 132g Cut out: 100x62mm
Packaged: 155x145x60mm 320g
SB–316 Issue A 27.07.16
Technical Features
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
regulation finely controls voltage
regulation, monitoring battery
voltage to prevent overcharge.
As peak voltages are reached the input charge from
the wind & solar chargers is tapered, gradually
reducing from bulk charging to float stage level.
This feature gradually reduces the speed of the
turbine to an eventual “idle” thus extending the
working life of the windcharger. As the battery
discharges the wind turbine responds by increasing
speed to deliver more power. Solar power is also
tapered in the same way.
This feature ensures that batteries are optimally
Microcontroller intelligently
charged, especially when unattended. Multi-stage
controls multi-stage charging
from bulk through to float phase. charge control delivers appropriate charge levels
required to ensure your batteries get the maximum
power they are able to retain and remain float charged
ready for use.
Temperature compensation
automatically adjusts the
Voltage settings of the regulator
to take account of varying
Hot and cold ambient temperatures affect battery
voltages. This feature ensures maximum charging
efficiency wherever you are in the world. Voltage
settings @ 25°C for nominal 12V and 24V are:
Float Voltage: 13.8V / 27.6V
Bulk Voltage: 14.4V / 28.8V
Manual shutdown switch allows The windcharger slows to an “idle” in this mode and
the user to stop the wind & solar no power is delivered to the battery. This enables the
user to safely brake the turbine.
chargers if required.
User voltage programme feature Enables the user to reset voltage cut in levels. Requires
a variable DC power supply.
Automatic voltage detection for Batteries must be connected first for correct auto
12V or 24V systems
Built in blocking diode
This avoids conflict with other charging sources to the
same battery eg engine charging
Solar panels must be fitted with appropriately rated
diodes to prevent reverse current when shaded
Part Nos:
HRSi - CA-11/46
HRDi - CA-11/44
Remote Display HRDi - CA-11/74
Designed & Manufactured in the UK by:
Marlec Engineering Co. Ltd
Rutland House, Trevithick Rd, Corby, NN17 5XY
Tel: +44 (0)1536 201588
Email: [email protected]
SB–316 Issue A 27.07.16
Built-in Built in +
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