407 / 407 SW - X

407 / 407 SW - X
Peugeot //
407 / 407 SW
The right chemistry
When you choose a Peugeot, you’re
buying more than an elegant piece
of design or a superb piece of
engineering, you’re buying a vision –
our dream of a marque that
embodies your desires and meets
your expectations in every way.
A vehicle that is the very
personification of the Peugeot spirit.
This spirit, or essence, of our
marque can be summed up in four
words. Style, quality, dynamism and
innovation – the values that every
Peugeot is created around.
So what does that mean to you? It
means beauty. Stunning design, pure
Peugeot lines, the very quintessence
of aesthetics as seen by top Peugeot
designers. Or roughly translated, a car
that makes your heart beat faster
every time you look at it. It means a
car that you can trust. Every new
Peugeot is built to the very highest
standards, ensuring technical
excellence, superb handling plus
peace of mind, and is engineered to
achieve optimum active and passive
It also means passion. Our passion
for creating cars with real poise and
precision, cars that communicate
with the road and connect with you,
lifting your spirits on every journey.
Cars that reawaken your enthusiasm
for driving.
And it goes without saying that it
means intelligence. Innovative
designs and features that answer
your demands for better, safer, more
comfortable and environmentally
respectful vehicles (we’ve reduced
emissions from our engines and
every new car we build is 90 %
recyclable).These are the strands of
Peugeot DNA that you’ll find running
through every vehicle that bears
our name today, and every car that
we’ll build tomorrow – just as the
four lines run through the pages
of this brochure. Creating the
perfect chemistry between you and
your 407.
*All 407 Sport and GT models from July 2007 production are supplied
with a sports mesh front grille.
*All 407 Sport and GT models from July 2007 production are supplied with a sports mesh front grille.
Model shown fitted with optional Xenon headlights, available at additional cost
Drive in style
If how you get there is as important
as your arrival, then the striking
Peugeot 407 is the perfect car for
you. At first sight, you’ll see that it
has an assured and muscular
presence. But take a closer look
and your eye will be drawn to a
series of flowing dynamic curves that
give the 407 an undeniably unique
Inside, the aesthetics are equally
pleasing.The 407 is packed with
sophisticated technology that not
only gives you complete control,
but also makes your time at the
wheel more enjoyable than ever.
A refined balance of elegance and
exhilaration, the 407 is a car that is
as visually exciting as it is to drive.
*All 407 Sport and GT models from July 2007 production are supplied with a sports mesh front grille.
Model shown fitted with optional Xenon headlights, available at additional cost
*All 407 Sport and GT models from July 2007 production are supplied with a sports mesh front grille.
Model shown fitted with optional Xenon headlights, available at additional cost
Touring in a whole new light
Designed to give a feeling of poise
and purpose, the 407 SW has all the
dynamism, refinement and capability
of the saloon, but with one significant
addition; an uncompromising level
of versatility.
In the driver’s seat, the 407 SW will
give you a whole new perspective.
Built perfectly around you, a series
of innovative features can be found
within easy reach, but it is the rest
of the space that will open up brand
new horizons, quite literally. Look up
and you’ll see a heat reflective,
panoramic glass roof * that stretches
right back along the car - effectively
extending the windscreen above
the rear seats to give all of your
passengers an invigorating sensation
of both light and freedom.
*Standard on SE, Sport and GT.
If anything’s going to change the way
you see things, it’s the panoramic
glass roof *. It extends from the
expansive windscreen almost
seamlessly and emphasises the airy
spaciousness of the 407 SW to such
a degree that you’ll never look at an
interior in the same way again.
*Standard on SE, Sport and GT.
*All 407 Sport and GT models from July 2007 production are supplied with a sports mesh front grille.
Arrive in great shape
Once inside, you can adjust the
steering wheel’s rake and reach,
change the door mirror settings and
adjust your seat with the electronic
controls*, ensuring that however
long your journey you’ll always
arrive in great shape.Your front
passenger hasn’t been overlooked
either – their seat can be
electronically adjusted too*.
In addition, the space available in each
seat and the almost flat floor in front
of the central rear passenger mean all
occupants have real freedom of
movement in seats that encourage
*Depending on model.
Visual comfort is also to the fore
thanks to the exceptional glazed
surface area and, on the 407 SW, the
panoramic glass roof * that opens up
space above your head. In this very
special atmosphere where light is
always present, calmness is more than
just a word: you will feel its benefits.
*According to versions.
Comfort //
For all you can’t leave behind
We understand that sometimes you need a flexible storage solution from your car, so
that’s why the load space in the 407 and 407 SW is able to adapt to almost any demand
you make of it.
The many storage spaces, in both
the front and rear, are there so that
everything is always within reach:
refrigerated glove box, cup-holder,
door pockets, pockets in the backs
of the front seats, storage space in
the front and rear armrests, etc.
With generous boot dimensions,
space is plentiful for even the most
awkward of cargo. But to give you
even more room, the backs of the
rear seats fold down in a 2/3 - 1/3
configuration, lengthening your load
capacity significantly.
In addition, by folding down the back
of the modular front passenger
seat*, you get an almost flat surface
from the boot to the fascia panel.
*According to version.
Rear tailgate (SW models)
Getting into the boot when you’re parked
in a tight space or close to another car
can be tricky. But it’s simple when the rear
tailgate window opens independently
of the whole door.
With the 407, you don’t have to
wonder whether your luggage is
going to fit – you just know it will.
With no wheel arch intrusion the
boot space is huge, especially if
you drop the rear seats.
*All 407 Sport and GT models from July 2007 production are supplied with a sports mesh front grille.
Ski flap *
You can open an ingenious gap between
the rear seats if you need to carry any
extra long items - they just slide through
and rest on the central armrest.
*Depending on model.
Rear centre armrest *
Two compartments and two cup holders
provide practical and discreet space.
*Depending on model
Front centre armrest
This armrest has a coin holder to stop
loose change rolling around and a
retractable cup holder, just behind the
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All the vital information you
need is right there in front of
you. Chrome-edged dials and
comprehensive instrumentation
tell you all you need to know.
Freedom of movement and spirit
Although this is a car that
incorporates the most innovative
systems to assist you, it also provides
the reassurance of being completely
in control at all times.The panoramic
windscreen, for instance, gives you
an unparalleled view of the road
and adds to the impression of
space and light. In front of you,
the main instrument panel tells you
everything you need to know whilst
the steering column controls, and
the equipment grouped on the
centre console, are always to hand.
The dashboard display even tells
you which of your tyres might need
air* and the electrochrome rear
view mirror* darkens automatically
to prevent glare.The windscreen
wipers activate automatically*
when they detect the first drops
of rain and adapt their speed if it
gets heavier.The wipers themselves
are extra flat so that they clear
the windscreen more efficiently,
improving your visibility
in bad weather.
Cruise control with speed limiter is
also at your disposal if you want to
maintain your speed on motorways
or set a maximum speed in town.
*Depending on model.
Travel in comfort
Driver and passenger comfort were at the forefront of the thinking behind our ergonomically
designed interior.To make your journey completely relaxing, everything you’ll need is set
within easy reach, ensuring that you’ll arrive at your destination fresh and ready for the
challenges of the day ahead.
Multifunction display (1)
The monochrome screen provides the
information about your car radio, airconditioning, on-board computer, date,
time and temperature, all from one
central location
RD4 radio/CD player (2)
The CD radio incorporates dual
tuner/antenna technology – this
means that any interference is
reduced to an absolute minimum.
And you’ll have fantastic audio
reproduction from the 4 x 15 Watts
output and a Digital Signal Processor,
able to adapt to five different
musical ambiences.
Digital air-conditioning
Where passenger comfort is
concerned, air-conditioning is one the
most important elements. In the 407
and 407 SW, air is gently diffused
around the inside of the car, always at
the selected temperature with no air
currents from blowers. A humidity
sensor stops any condensation
forming and an active charcoal filter
traps pollen, dust and exhaust fumes.
It’s efficient as well; an externally
controlled compressor adjusts the
temperature, so fuel consumption
is significantly reduced.
Automatic air-conditioning single zone
All you have to do is press the auto
button and the system adjusts the
temperature to the selected level.
Direct access controls (4)
The 407 might be teeming with
innovative features but they’re all
simple to use and easy to find.
Within easy reach, you’ll find
controls for central locking, hazard
warning lights, the ESP system, your
rear parking aid*, electric child safety
rear door locks and the variable
damping system*.
*According to version
Automatic air-conditioning dual zone* (3)
This function allows the driver
and front passenger to each
enjoy separate temperatures
and air distribution.
High frequency remote control
You can lock and unlock your
407 and 407 SW from a distance,
and find it at night when the
indicators flash.
*According to version
Stay in touch on the move
These days communication plays a vital role in our lives, so it’s more important than ever to keep our fingers on
the pulse. So whether you need to speak with a colleague, catch-up with the latest travel information or even
the latest music, the 407 and 407 SW are fully equipped with the technology to keep you ahead.
Your partner for mobile luxury
With a variety of audio and
multimedia functions, a hands-free
GSM telephone and a GPS satellite
navigation system covering all of
Europe, thanks to the RT4 Multi
Media System, Peugeot offers you
the ultimate in entertainment and
communication technology.
The system features an alphanumeric
keypad, controls conveniently
positioned on the steering wheel and
voice recognition. It also includes a
7-inch colour widescreen, which is
stylishly incorporated in the design
of the fascia panel.
The RT4 Multi Media System includes
a hard disc drive, enabling you to
take up to 180 hours of music on
your travels, thanks to the exclusive
Jukebox function, and also be able to
access detailed maps for the whole
of Europe at the same time. Simply
choose your destination, select your
musical companion, relax and enjoy
the ride.
The RT4 Multi Media System
includes a hard disc drive with a
capacity of 10 GB reserved
exclusively for your music and gives
you the option of playing CDs in
audio or MP3 format. Alternatively,
you can store them on the hard disc
in MP3 format and say goodbye to
CDs forever, freeing up even more
storage space.You’ll find auxiliary
sockets located in the glove box,
enabling you to connect an MP3
type audio source. And that’s not all:
the radio is equipped with a 3rd
tuner, so you can enjoy optimal
reception and quality when listening
to your favourite stations.
The RT4 Multi Media System comes
with GSM hands-free phone system**
as standard. Using a remote
microphone and your vehicle’s
speakers, the RT4 Multi Media
System’s hands-free function lets you
enjoy conversations in crystal clear
quality. The dual band GSM phone
module is also compatible with all
European GSM operators, with the
appropriate SIM card.
No more need for map CDs
clogging up your glove box.
With the GPS satellite navigation
of the RT4 Multi Media System,
the whole of Europe is at your
fingertips at any time, thanks to
the complete and detailed Navteq
cartography installed as standard.
The 7-inch, colour widescreen
and the modern graphic style
of its map menus, in particular a
3D display option, complement
its contemporary design.
Address inputs (simply by entering
the destination post code for
example) and route calculation have
been designed for optimal speed.
Updates to UK mapping and
that of other European countries
proposed by our partner, Navteq,
will be available via the Peugeot
dealer network.
JBL hi-fi system*
Specially designed for the 407 and
407 SW by JBL, one of the great
names in audio entertainment,
the speaker system delivers an
output of 240 Watts. It gives you
incredible sound throughout the
whole passenger compartment;
crisp and clear, with bass notes
that are deep and firm.
*Optional equipment, depending on model.
**Use of the hands-free telephone is the responsibility
of the driver, who must remain vigilant under all
circumstances. For safety reasons, drivers should only
write text messages whilst at a standstill.
Particulate Emission Filter (FAP)
Every diesel engine generates
At Peugeot, we should know.We
pioneered the use of particulate filters
(FAP) for diesel engines as standard
How does the FAP work? Basically,
it’s a porous structure which is
integrated into the catalytic converter
to trap harmful particles of carbon
as the exhaust gases pass through it.
This reduces emissions to barely
measurable amounts helping to
preserve the environment without
spoiling the performance of your 407.
Consumption MPG (l/100km)
Extra-urban Combined
(l/100 km) (l/100 km) (l/100 km)
407 SW
Extra-urban Combined
(l/100 km) (l/100 km) (l/100 km)
1.8 16v
5-speed manual
26.9 (10.5) 47.0 (6.0)
36.6 (7.7)
26.4 (10.7) 46.3 (6.1)
35.7 (7.9)
2.0 16v
5-speed manual
25.6 (11.0) 44.1 (6.4)
34.8 (8.1)
24.9 (11.3) 43.4 (6.5)
34.0 (8.3)
2.0 16v Auto
4-speed auto
22.5 (12.5) 44.8 (6.3)
32.8 (8.6)
22.2 (12.7) 44.1 (6.4)
32.1 (8.8)
2.2 16v
6-speed manual
21.9 (12.9) 41.5 (6.8)
31.4 (9.0)
21.5 (13.1) 40.9 (6.9)
30.7 (9.2)
HDi 110 FAP
5-speed manual
41.5 (6.8)
64.2 (4.4)
53.2 (5.3)
39.2 (7.2)
60.1 (4.7)
50.4 (5.6)
HDi 136 FAP
6-speed manual
36.7 (7.7)
57.6 (4.9)
47.9 (5.9)
35.7 (7.9)
56.5 (5.0)
47.1 (6.0)
HDi 136 FAP Auto
6-speed auto
28.2 (10.0) 51.3 (5.5)
39.7 (7.1)
27.9 (10.1) 50.4 (5.6)
39.2 (7.2)
HDi 170 FAP
6-speed manual
34.8 (8.1)
56.5 (5.0)
46.3 (6.1)
34.4 (8.2)
55.3 (5.1)
45.5 (6.2)
6-speed auto
24.1 (11.7) 43.4 (6.5)
33.6 (8.4)
23.7 (11.9) 43.4 (6.5)
33.2 (8.5)
Performance without limitation
1.6 HDi 110 bhp FAP
Equipped with the latest technology,
this engine, available on S and SE,
has an air/air intercooler and a
variable geometry turbocharger.
2.0 HDi 136 bhp FAP
Also equipped with state-of-the-art
diesel engine technology, including
an ‘overboost’ function, this engine,
coupled with a six-speed gearbox
exemplifies the 407’s dynamic
2.2 HDi 170 bhp*
Using the very latest HDi
technology, this new
twin-turbocharged engine
offers exceptional performance
and economy, with responsive
acceleration for complete
driving pleasure.
*Only available on Sport and GT models.
2.7 V6 HDi 205 bhp*
With our very latest common rail
injection system with Particulate
Filter, plus our advanced variable
geometry twin turbochargers, the V6
HDi has been engineered to combine
driving pleasure with impressive fuelefficiency.
*Only available on GT models.
*All 407 Sport and GT models from July 2007 production are supplied with a sports mesh front grille.
Model shown fitted with optional Xenon headlights, available at additional cost
Petrol 1.8 litre 16v 125 bhp (S)
Combining outstanding performance
with excellent fuel consumption this
engine provides a rewarding driving
experience. It comes with a 5-speed
manual gearbox.
Petrol 2.0 litre 16v 143 bhp (SE)
Comfortable and economical, this
engine comes with either a 5-speed
manual gearbox, or a 4-speed
automatic, auto adaptive gearbox with
“Porsche Tiptronic System” control.
Petrol 2.2 litre 16v 163 bhp (Sport)
The adoption of a variable timing
control (VTC) system on the intake
camshaft provides power and high
torque, ensuring brisk acceleration
at all engine speeds. It comes with
a 6-speed manual gearbox.
5-speed manual gearbox
A transversely mounted gearbox
with a proven track record that
provides a thoroughly enjoyable
experience through fluid gear changes.
6-speed manual gearbox
This gearbox gives the 407 more
responsiveness when starting off,
and a surprising briskness through
the mid-range.
Sequential 4-speed
automatic gearbox
This gearbox has an auto adaptive
mode, so it can adapt to your
driving style as well as taking things
like the road surface and gradient
into consideration.The ”Porsche
Tiptronic System” also gives you
sequential control of the gears.
Sequential 6-speed
automatic gearbox
The ultimate in gearbox technology,
allowing you to make the most of
the 407’s dynamism, especially with
the complete control afforded by
the “Porsche Tiptronic System”.
Nothing else combines all the fuel
economy and performance
advantages of a 6-speed gearbox
with an integral electronic management
system.This management system takes
your driving style, and the road
conditions, into account so you’ll
really know what your engine’s
capable of.
5-speed/6-speed manual gearbox
4-speed/6-speed sequential
automatic gearbox
Active and passive safety are always major considerations and your 407 and
407 SW work hard to put your mind at rest.
Vehicle tested: 407 Saloon
The Peugeot 407 has been awarded 5
stars in the Euro NCAP tests* for
protection of the adult occupants of
the vehicle (ADULT OCCUPANT
PROTECTION).That is the “excellent”
level, the maximum it is possible to
obtain. Created in 1997, EuroNCAP
is an independent European
organisation that assesses the safety of
the vehicles available on the market
through the following tests: front
impact, side impact, pole test,
pedestrian impact, impact with a
pedestrian, etc.The association makes
the results obtained public in the form
of a "star" rating.
*European New Car Assessment Program.
To maintain optimum grip on the
road, the 407 and 407 SW possess
a suspension system which is as
innovative as it is effective.The front
double wishbone suspension sets
new standards in performance and
steering, while at the same time
providing a comfortable ride.
The multi-arm rear suspension, with
horizontal dampers, provides
enhanced guidance and stability.
A variable damping system (AMVAR)*
independently controls each wheel’s
suspension and adapts the shock
absorbers to your driving style.
The result is a car that sets new
standards in its class for road
holding and manoeuvrability.
*V6 versions only.
The 407 and 407 SW come equipped
with intelligent active safety systems that
inspire confidence and provide complete
protection for all on board.The highly
efficient braking system utilises large
diameter discs to make sure your vehicle
remains perfectly balanced in difficult
They also feature the latest-generation
ESP (Electronic Stability Programme)
that combines:
• ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
allows the trajectory to be
controlled by preventing the wheels
locking during emergency braking
• EBA (Emergency Brake Assist) gives
your braking maximum power
• ASR traction control prevents the
wheels skidding in the event of loss of
• Electronic Brake Force Distributor
controls the braking of each individual
wheel for more efficiency
• Dynamic Stability Control returns your
vehicle to its trajectory if the ECU
detects any understeer or oversteer.
Other features, such as electronic
warning messages and hazard lights
that automatically activate if you
decelerate too sharply, also help
to maintain your peace of mind.
Reinforced body structure
By basing the design of the 407
and 407 SW around a predominantly
aluminum sub-frame, the chassis
has an integral strength, and its
comparative lightness also means
that performance isn’t compromised.
Its built-in crumple zone is designed
to absorb impact so that the
passenger compartment remains
intact. In addition, each door has been
strengthened with padding and side
impact protection beams, and the
engine is anchored to the chassis to
be as safe as possible
Air bags
Passive safety is of paramount
importance, that’s why the protection
of you and your passengers is
ensured by up to nine* air bags.
• At the front, the driver and passenger
have 2 front air bags protecting their
heads and chests.
• 2 side air bags also protect their pelvis
and abdomen.
• 2 further curtain air bags give specific
protection to the heads of those in the
front of the car.
• The driver also has a steering column
airbag to protect his lower limbs.
• At the rear, the curtain and side air bags
specifically protect the head and chest
of the passengers (part of the Security
Pack option*).
The front seats are fitted with
active ‘anti-whiplash’ head restraints;
if there’s a crash, your momentum
instantaneously activates them, to
prevent injury to your neck. In the
rear, the three passengers each
have a head restraint.
Seat belts
This is in addition to the
pre-tensioning seat belts with force
limiter, fitted to the front and rear*
side seats.The rear side seats also have
Isofix fixings designed to accommodate
2 child seats if required.
*Depending on model.
Theft protection
The 407 and 407 SW feature the
very latest security equipment so you
can be sure that your car is well
protected. Every model comes
complete with deadlocks, as well as
automatic door and boot locking,
an Ultrasonic alarm, and locking
wheel bolts for your alloy wheels.
The inside of the 407 and 407 SW is all about comfort. Whether you choose a
classic cloth trim or perhaps the full leather option, you can be sure that you’ll be
travelling in style.
Standard equipment
Standard equipment
• Digital air-conditioning with climate control
• Leather steering wheel
• Cruise control with speed limiter
• 7 air bags
• ABS with EBFD
• RD4 radio/CD player with MP3 playback
• Front fog lights
• Trip computer
SE features +
• RT4 Multi Media System
• Colour display screen
•17” alloy wheels
• Rear parking aid
• Sports mesh grille
• Colour coded bumpers and bodyside mouldings
Plus, on 407 SW
• Opening tailgate window
• Roof bars
Bamba Black cloth
Zagros Black cloth
Zagros Black cloth
Mistral Black leather/ Zino cloth (optional interior trim for Sport models at additional cost)
Standard equipment
S features +
• Bluetooth hands-free telephone kit
• 16" alloy wheels (17" on SE HDi 136 auto versions)
• 5-dial instrument panel
• Electrically folding door mirrors
• Automatic windscreen wipers
• Automatic headlights on
• Rear centre armrest
• Rear electric windows
• Dual zone climate control
Plus on SW
Panoramic glass roof
Modular front passenger seat
Standard equipment
Sport features +
Leather upholstery*
Heated seats
17” alloy wheels (18” on GT V6 HDi versions)
Tyre pressure sensors
Cerbere Red leather
16" Steel wheels with Andante wheel trims.
S versions only.
16" Hortaz alloy wheels. SE versions only.
17" Quasar alloy wheels.
Sport versions and SE HDi 136 automatic
versions only.
17" Cosmos alloy wheels. GT versions only
Mistral Black leather
*Leather front head restraint and front of rear head restraint, front seat back, bearing
surfaces of front and rear seat cushion, front armrest and front and rear parts of rear
armrest, door trim, gear lever gaiter and steering wheel.
18" Soleil alloy wheels.
GT V6 HDi versions only.
Colours and dimensions
Peace of Mind
Once you’ve chosen between the dynamic 407 and the versatile 407 SW, you have an enviable
choice of colours to make the car every bit your own.
Metallic colours (option at extra cost):
White Gold
Montebello Blue
Nera Black
Solid colour:
Bianca White
Please check specification leaflet for colour and
trim combinations and availability.
Iron Grey
Ruby Red
407 / 407 SW
When you choose Peugeot, you have the reassurance of knowing that your vehicle has been
designed and manufactured to give you years of worry-free motoring. What’s more, as a Peugeot
owner, you can rely on a comprehensive range of customer care services from your Dealer.
So you can be sure that you’re talking to a specialist who’ll listen to you, understand your problems
and respond efficiently – someone who also has the expertise to maintain your Peugeot correctly,
using trained technicians, Peugeot Diagnostic Equipment and Peugeot Original Equipment Parts.
Peugeot Warranties
As well as the 2 year unlimited mileage
manufacturer’s Warranty, all vehicles first
registered in the UK and purchased from
a UK Peugeot Dealer come with a free,
optional additional year of Warranty
through the Peugeot UK Dealer network.
The mileage limit on this additional
Warranty is 60,000 miles (100,000 miles
for Boxer vans excluding Motorhomes
and other converted vehicles) from first
registration. At the end of the 3 year
Warranty period (or after 60,000 miles)
you have the option to purchase a
Peugeot Platinum Extended Warranty.
Our cars also come with a 12 Year AntiPerforation and 3 Year Paint Warranty (6
and 2 years on vans). For full terms and
conditions on all of these, please contact
your Peugeot Dealer.
Peugeot Assistance
All new Peugeots come with 12 months’
Peugeot Assistance – our breakdown
assistance service (36 months for the
607).This covers all incidents involving
vehicle-based faults for you and anyone
else driving your car with your
permission. It is available 24/7, 365 days a
Peugeot Assistance includes European
cover, homestart, roadside assistance,
vehicle recovery and a free replacement
car or hotel accommodation if required.
It can be extended for a further 12
months, or 24 months, and to protect
you against non-vehicle faults (such as
punctures) at specially discounted rates,
by calling 0870 752 7050.
Peugeot service care
Peugeot vehicles benefit from extended
service intervals of up to 20,000 miles or
2 years (12,000 miles for 1.6 HDi diesel
and 2.0 litre 180 bhp petrol engines;
24,000 miles or 2 years on Boxer, 10,000
miles or 1 year on 107). Please refer to
the maintenance book for details of the
service intervals for specific models and
vehicles operating in arduous conditions.
To minimise the inconvenience often
associated with servicing, our Dealers
promise to offer you a number of
• A while-you-wait service, with a timed
• Local vehicle collection from your
home, or from your work.
• Alternative transport to a train station,
home, or work.
• By arrangement, a hire car at a
concessionary rate.
Finance – Let the Specialists help
Peugeot Financial Services offer a number
of flexible finance plans that make owning
a new Peugeot easy.
We specialise in car finance and can
provide you with choice, convenience
and flexibility direct through your local
Whichever finance plan you choose, your
local Dealer will arrange it all for you.
If you would like more information on
the range of finance products available,
please ask to see our brochure.
Written quotations are available on
request from Peugeot Financial Services,
Quadrant House, Princess Way, Redhill
RH1 1QA. Over 18’s only, a guarantee
may be required.
Peugeot Insurance
Peugeot Insurance has been designed
specifically for Peugeots and offers
tailored cover at a competitive price. If
you are unfortunate enough to have an
accident, one of our Peugeot Approved
Accident Repair Centres will repair your
car, using only Peugeot original parts. Plus
we’ll give you a courtesy car while yours
is being repaired (subject to availability
when you use an approved repairer).
When the time comes to renew your
insurance cover, why not try Peugeot
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About this brochure
The information contained in this brochure is based on
the data and images available at the time of printing. All
equipment shown is factory fitted, or available as an
option at extra cost (depending on model). Where you
see a feature described as an option, you should assume
that it is available at extra cost, unless specifically stated
otherwise. Some feature combinations may not be
available in the UK. Also, some photography may feature
vehicles which are left hand drive. As part of our policy
of continuous specification improvement, Peugeot
reserve the right to modify technical equipment, the
options available, and colours at any time. For full
specification ask your Peugeot Dealer, or click on
Please note that print and photographic processes used
in the creation of this brochure may alter the depth and
tone of the colours shown.
This brochure is not a contractual document or offer of
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For details of HM Forces tax-free military sales contact:
Peugeot Export, 454-490 Mile End Road, London E1 4PE
Telephone: 020 7791 9044
Email: peugeot.export@peugeotmail.co.uk
Customers seeking End of Vehicle Life information should
call 0845 257 3233
For all other enquiries please call
0845 200 1234
(Calls will be charged at local rate and may be recorded
for training or quality purposes.)
Get away from it all www.peugeot.co.uk
You’ve just discovered the different
sides that make up the personality
of the 407 and 407 SW. Their
expressive lines have no doubt
caught your eye.The elegance of
their spacious and refined interiors
has already won your approval.
The technology of their dynamic
engines has no doubt strengthened
your desire to get behind the wheel.
Along the way, you should also have
come to understand how we’ve used
our expertise to develop a car that
not only looks great, but combines
performance with agility and
responsive handling to make it the
drive of your life.
And as part of the journey, you’re
sure to have gained an insight into
the way we think and how our
values are continuing to shape the
marque.We also hope you’ve come
to trust the quality and value that
the Peugeot brand represents.
But the ride doesn’t have to stop
here. If you’d like to get to know
the 407 better, either go to
www.peugeot.co.uk or visit your
nearest Peugeot Dealer to book
a test drive.The journey has
only just begun.
Are you ready?
*All 407 Sport and GT models from July 2007 production are supplied with a sports mesh front grille.
Model shown fitted with optional Xenon headlights, available at additional cost
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