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Product Overview
Toshiba SurePoint
Touch Display
Making retail smarter starts with innovative
Toshiba touchscreens at the point-of-sale
For the consumer ... fast, accurate
checkouts and visibility to services
The ubiquity of the worldwide web and the pervasiveness of mobile handsets,
netbooks and laptop PCs give consumers near limitless access to on-demand
products, information and services. For retailers focused on strengthening
customer advocacy, checkout speed, accuracy and a personalized shopping
experience, it is no longer a differentiator to open new channels of
communications with customers, it is a business imperative.
Create advocates by elevating the customer
shopping experience
The SurePoint™ flat-panel touch display gives retailers a simple, yet
innovative way to create a unique and distinctive experience for customers.
Touchscreens help associates minimize wait time with speedy, accurate
checkouts. When customer-facing displays are present for shoppers, they
can scroll through receipts, access loyalty account information and respond
to store promotions. Touch displays can also introduce new services at the
point-of-sale, including third-party offers that help generate incremental
revenue—all while making your store a favorite place to shop.
— Environmentally friendly LED backlight
— Unintentional touch rejection for enhanced
— Deep sleep enabled with Toshiba Remote
Management Agent
— Easily attaches and detaches I/O for improved
— Embedded diagnostics promote display life
— Flashable firmware updates
Product Overview
For the employee … less training
time, less stress
While the innovative Toshiba SurePoint touch display helps
improve employee productivity and positively impacts customer
loyalty, it also enables retailers to operate smarter and realize a fast
return on investment. For example, flashable firmware and security
updates help reduce service and staffing costs. Built-in diagnostic
tools monitor each display’s health with critical information such
as bulb life, brightness settings and power-on hours, maximizing
the usable life. Peripherals can be attached and removed easily
without disassembling the display, simplifying future upgrades.
The Toshiba SurePoint touch display is engineered for optimum
usability for store associates. Touchscreens dramatically reduce
training time, enhancing the associate’s confidence and
Speed employee training and increase
accuracy, employing intuitive touch
The latest Toshiba SurePoint touch displays help retailers demonstrate their environmental commitment and build a sustainable
business. More energy efficient than ever before, new displays
support ultra-low power deep sleep automation and feature LED
backlight technology free from harmful chemicals.1 The retailhardened design ensures long service life even under the most
extreme conditions. In addition, displays are constructed from
recycled materials and packaging is made from 100 percent
recycled post-consumer waste to help reduce the cost and
environmental impact of end-of-life disposal.
Robust infrared (IR) touchscreens never need recalibrating and
they offer the most flexibility for various input devices—from a
bare finger or stylus to a credit card—speeding transactions.
Glare-proof tempered glass and unique unintentional touch rejection maximize usability. In addition, tactile and auditory feedback
during transactions—including a forward-facing speaker kit—help
associates avoid unnecessary errors.
Trust Toshiba’s retail experience
As the world’s leading provider of integrated in-store solutions
and retail insights, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions delivers
end-to-end solutions for checkout, consumer interactions and
retail operations that unlock amazing new possibilities for retailers
and shoppers everywhere. In partnership with the Together
Commerce Alliance, our global business partner program, we help
bring innovation and value to every retailing experience so that
you can delight your customers every day, everywhere.
For the retailer … a smarter business
Retailers who deploy Toshiba SurePoint touchscreens at checkout
can begin seeing an immediate return on their investment. Touch
displays promote significantly faster throughput that can potentially reduce the number of checkout lanes open and the number
of cashiers required at the front end.
Deliver quick return on investment,
streamlining operations, controlling
costs and managing risk.
Product Overview
1 . Intuitive, infrared touch display
2. High-contrast ratio, minimal glare and wide-angle viewing
3. High brightness, active-matrix display supports full motion video for
better viewing
4. Convenient infrared technology interaction accepts various modes
of input
5. Energy-efficient design offers low power consumption
6. Supports deep sleep on Toshiba SurePOS units
7. Direct attachment by USB to I/O and POS
8. Forward-facing speaker kit
9. Spill resistant retail hardened construction
10. Integrates with various optional peripherals for a unified appearance
(magnetic strip readers, keypads, key locks and speakers
11. 32-key programmable keypad for rapid data entry (optional)
12. A choice of 12-inch or 15-inch display
13. Wide tilt range for ergonomically correct viewing
14. Multiple mounting options for versatile placement options
15. 180-degree rotational range enables use by cashier and/or customer
16. Stable mount fixtures offer a steady screen display
17. Available in pearl white or iron gray to match existing POS
Product Overview
Toshiba SurePoint Touch Display Technical Requirements
Model Number - Touch
4820 - 2LW
4820 - 2LG
4820 - 5LW
4820 - 5LG
Screen Size
800 × 600
800 × 600
1024 × 768
1024 × 768
Model Color
Pearl White
Iron Gray
Pearl White
Iron Gray
Backlit bulb
LED backlight
LED backlight
LED backlight
LED backlight
Power requirements
18 W max (20 W
w/ brick), 15 W typical
18 W max (20 W
w/ brick), 15 W typical
18 W max (20 W
w/ brick), 15 W typical
18 W max (20 W
w/ brick), 15 W typical
Energy consumption
Video interface
Touch interface
Powered USB, standard USB
Optional mounting features
Mounting stands
Integrated mounting stands: Toshiba SurePOS 700, Toshiba SurePOS 500 (second display)
Weighted distributed base
VESA-compliant adapter
Optional I/O devices
Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)
Three track MSR
2-position programmable lock (up to 4-position available as option)
Keypad w/MSR and Keylock
32-key programmable keypad with three track MSR
2-position programmable lock (up to 4-position available as option)
Speaker Kit
Forward-facing speaker assembly
Physical dimensions and weight
Maximum dimensions
12 inch: 12.12 × 2.2 × 10.43 (308 × 56 × 265 mm)
15 inch: 14.13 × 2.2 × 11.87 (359 × 56 × 301.5 mm)
7.68 × 1.49 × 2.87 (195.5 × 38 × 73 mm)
MSR and Keypad
8.27 × 2.09 × 5.31 (210 × 53 × 135 mm)
12 inch: 5.51 lbs (2.5 kg)
15 inch: 7.37 lbs (3.35 kg)
Operating Systems supported†
Toshiba 4690 OS V5.2, or higher**
Microsoft Windows Embedded for Point of Service
Microsoft Windows Embedded POSReady 2009
Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2, SP3
Microsoft Windows 7
Drivers supported
OPOS 1.13 or later
Java POS 1.13 or later
Warranty Service‡
One year depot or on-site service
Technical support§
24×7 phone support (during warranty period) and web-based help
Product Overview
For more information
To learn more about how Toshiba SurePoint touch displays can
help transform your business, contact your local Toshiba sales representative or Toshiba Business Partner or visit:
Together Commerce
Together Commerce is Toshiba’s vision for the new
future of retail where retailers adapt their strategies,
their stores and their technology to engage with
consumers throughout the buying process in a seamless
and helpful way. This collaborative approach enables
retailers and customers to create mutually rewarding
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Deep sleep power state is defined as “suspend to RAM” (random access memory)
(meaning the power supply is in a reduced power mode). The system appears off;
the CPU has no power; RAM is in slow refresh.
* The energy consumption efficiency is the value of the power consumption measured
in accordance with the measuring method specified by the Japan energy saving
law divided by the Composite Theoretical Performance specified by the energy
saving law.
† An operating system is not included and can be purchased separately.
‡ For a copy of Toshiba’s Statement of Limited Warranty, please contact your
Toshiba representative or authorized reseller.
§ Technical support response times may vary.
** For deep sleep and wake on touch, 4690 OS V6.2 Enhanced with PTF
(Program Temporary Fix) required. For MSR fields available in RMA 2.6 (Remote
Management Agent), 4690 OS V6.2 (Classic or Enhanced) is required.
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