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Monitor Systems
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Vessel Management System (VMS)
Ballast Control & Tank Gauging
Bilge Monitoring & Control
Rack Phase Differential Monitoring (RPD)
On Site Survey, Repair, Design & Build
Bulk Tank Control & Monitoring
Blow Out Preventer Control (BOP)
Water Tight Door Monitoring & Control
Brace & Void Leak Detection
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Anchor Windlass Monitoring
Machinery Alarm Monitoring
Fire Damper Monitoring Systems
Drilling Data Acquisition
Well Control (HPHT)
Innovative Engineering
Reverse Osmosis Watermakers
Heli Deck & Environmental Monitoring
Crane & Bespoke Load Monitoring
Anti-Piracy & Maritime Security
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Project Management
Source and Supply
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Monitor Systems Scotland Limited was established in Aberdeen
in 1997 to meet the growing demand for reliable quality bespoke
safety critical instrumentation control and monitoring systems for
hazardous and safe area environments on offshore drilling rigs and
Since its inauguration, Monitor Systems has established
itself as a leading provider of bespoke safety critical
electrical / electronic control & monitoring instrumentation
solutions for small to multi-national organisations in a
diverse range of industries and has successfully been
awarded with its third Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award
for growth.
04 - 05
Monitor Systems are committed to an ongoing quality programme with a
continuous review of procedures. We are certified to BS EN ISO 9001 and First
Point. Monitor Systems use a quality management system that covers the
total activities and processes required to meet our customers’ expectations
for world class products and services. We also place the highest priority on
safety and have adopted a set of safety principles that underpin all activities
carried out by Monitor Systems employees and contractors.
The company is committed to ensuring that the quality of goods and services
delivered are of the very highest standard, conforming to local and international
standards and satisfying client’s needs and contractual requirements. Monitor
Systems ensures our skilled, qualified engineers and personnel are continuously
monitored and supervised for effective performance in keeping with our Quality
Management System.
06 - 07
Our Vessel Management System is designed to monitor and control
various systems and processes throughout the vessel. Systems such
as Ballast, Bulk Transfer, Bilge, Fuel Transfer, Fresh Water, Oily Water
Separators, Machinery Alarm Systems and Intact & Stability Software can
all be integrated into a single Control System.
Reliability is ensured through the use of fully redundant processing hardware
and software along with field proven sensors and equipment. Control Stations
can be placed in various relevant locations throughout the vessel. HMI’s can
be integrated to give individual system control or indication at local stations.
Multiple control stations can be setup with full or limited control functions. Data
can be accessed real-time or stored on hard disk for exporting and external
08 - 09
Control &
Tank Gauging
Monitor Systems has a proven track record in the design, project
management, installation and commissioning of Ballast Control Systems
for semi-submersibles and Pre-Load Tank Gauging for Jack- Up’s
throughout the world. Our Ballast Control System incorporates Tank
Gauging giving an accurate measurement of ballast tank levels. Control
of Ballast Pumps, Ballast Valves & Actuators give the operator complete
control of the entire Ballast System. Flow rates and discharge pressures
can be monitored to enhance operations. Automated fill and discharge
routines can be added to allow the operator to fill or discharge a set
volume at the touch of a button.
Our Tank Gauging System provides a reliable and simple method for monitoring
and recording the volume of water in Ballast, Diesel Oil, Brine Base Oil, Mud,
Drain, Potable Water and Drill Water Tanks. The continuous measurement
of tank levels negates the need for labour intensive manual soundings.
Tank Volumes and Weights are derived from the Tank Levels and displayed
graphically on HMI screens.
10 - 11
& Control
Bilge Monitoring System offers a simple and effective remote
monitoring of bilge water. HMI’s located in manned areas clearly display
the status of all bilge tanks as well as generating audible alarms to warn
of an influx of water.
Bilge Control can be easily integrated into the Bilge Monitoring System to
control bilge pumps and valves to safely transfer excess water overboard.
Full system redundancy is provided. Bilge sensors offer both continuous fault
monitoring and a remote test facility to produce an extremely effective detection
system, negating the need to enter remote inaccessible areas for maintenance
and testing.
Bilge Control Systems can easily interface to existing bilge valves or new
actuated valves can be supplied.
12 - 13
Rack Phase
Monitoring of Rack Phase Difference during jacking operations can give
an early indication of possible leg overstresses. Taking continual manual
Rack Phase Measurements during jacking operations is both difficult and
open to error. The Rack Phase Differential Monitoring System provides an
accurate electronic / mechanical system for measuring and recording the
Rack Phase Difference of each leg.
Monitor Systems M1000 Rack Phase Differential Monitoring System provides
automated real time monitoring of leg deployments greatly reducing deployment
times by replacing the need for regular manual measurements. The R.P.D.
Monitoring System detects R.P.D. errors and directs corrective measures
necessary to arrest errors. The R.P.D. Monitoring System also tracks and
reports leg position information providing such parameters as Reserve Leg,
Leg Below Hull, Distance to Tag Bottom and Leg Penetration.
14 - 15
On Site Survey,
Repair, Design & Build
of Safety Critical
Control & Monitoring
Instrumentation Systems for
Offshore Jack-up Rigs,
FPSOs and Platforms
... everything we do is inspired
by our mission, values and vision.
16 - 17
Bulk Tank
Control &
Our Bulk Tank Monitoring System measures the amount of Bulk Material
(Barite, Bentonite, Cement, etc.) for Drilling Fluid and Cement Mixing
Operations. Various sensors can be utilised to best match the particular
Tank. Guided Wave Radar is the most common method of measurement
although Hydraulic Load Cells, Strain Gauge Load Cells, Capacitive
Sensors, etc. can be utilised if required.
Bulk Tank Control can be integrated into Bulk Tank Monitoring Systems to
control the various process Valves. Surge Tank Weights can be derived from
existing Hydraulic Load Cells. Bulk Transfer rates can be controlled through the
use of proportional throttle valves.
18 - 19
Blow Out
Monitor Systems BOP Control System provides clients with a reliable
bespoke interface to well control, either via our unique slim-line push
button panel design through to fully redundant PLC control for operating
in hazardous areas.
Hazardous area Drillers Control Panels and Diverter Panels are supplied with
push button control and LED indication of all stack functions. System Pressures
are displayed on Intrinsically Safe Gauges. Flow rates and alarms are also
Toolpusher Mimic panels can be supplied with full or limited functions.
Emergency Control Panels are also supplied for critical functions at
Abandonment and Lifeboat Stations. Bespoke Pressure Switch, Pressure
Sensor and Solenoid Panels can be supplied for direct interface to the Koomey
unit to suit all individual requirements.
Toolpushers Panel
Drillers Panel
20 - 21
Tight Door
& Control
Management of Water / Weather tight Doors and Hatches is critical to
maintain vessel integrity and stability. The System provides continuous
monitoring and recording of all doors and hatches.
Screens show the status and location of each door & hatch, making it very
simple for the operator to quickly establish which are open or closed. Alarms
can be raised if any door remains open after a set time.
The System can be stand-alone or integrated to the Vessel Management
System. Local indication and local audible alarms can also be installed at
individual doors if required.
22 - 23
Brace &
Void Leak
Our Brace & Void Leak Detection System offers a continuous automatic
monitoring of a vessel’s watertight integrity.
High level redundancy along with SIL approved sensors combine to ensure a
highly effective and reliable system. Leak Detection Sensors can be easily retro
fitted into Braces, Bilge Pots or Void Spaces to monitor for complete vessel
watertight integrity.
Leak detection sensors provide both continuous fault monitoring and a remote
test facility to produce an extremely effective detection system, eliminating the
need to enter remote inaccessible void spaces for maintenance and testing.
Monitor Systems Brace & Void Leak Detection System can be easily integrated
with our Bilge Control System to offer increased functionality.
24 - 25
Central to our culture is a
determination to become
the pre eminent specialist
marine instrumentation
engineering company.
“Our goals are to
be recognised by our customers for:
° engineering excellence
° quality of our service
° expertise of our people
° innovation and excellence in best practice
° market leading performance in engineering
° ROI project management
° commitment to integrated supply chains
° competitiveness of our offer
° safety of people & assets
.... and year on year improvements driven
through performance measurement.”
26 - 27
Our Anchor Winch Monitoring Systems can be utilised to monitor most
winch types. The Systems are primarily used to monitor anchor chain
Tension, Length and Speed, although control of brakes and emergency
release functions can be added if required.
Local HMI stations at each winch house allows the operator to view data from
any winch increasing safety awareness. All winch data can also be passed to a
centralised HMI in the control room with dedicated alarms to alert users. Data
is logged and can be exported for external analysis.
The Anchor Winch Monitoring System can interface with existing or new sensors
such as Load Cells, Load Pins, Encoders or Proximity Sensors. We can also
provide a full calibration service for our Anchor Winch Monitoring Systems.
28 - 29
Our Machinery Alarm Monitoring System provides a visual and audible
management tool covering the operating status of motors, pumps, fans,
generators and other electro-mechanical utilities.
Measuring such key functions as speed, temperature, oil pressure, vibration,
exhaust gas, water coolant, bearing temperatures etc. across the full range of
rig equipment and machinery.
Management data is transmitted to touch screen HMI panels in Control Rooms,
Engine Rooms, Workshops etc. as required. All alarms and key parameters are
recorded and can be exported for external analysis. Software routines ensure
all relevant alarms are raised in any particular location.
30 - 31
30 - 31
monitoring of Fire Damper Status is essential for operators in
preventing fires and gases from spreading and is particularly important
in the protection of safe refuge areas during emergencies. The status
of fire dampers can prove critical in the planning of emergency escape
Our Fire Damper Monitoring System provides accurate, continuous real time
monitoring of the status of all critical fire dampers.
Key information is clearly displayed on our HMIs located in Control Rooms and
Safe Refuge Areas. Fire Damper information can be recorded for analysis or
training purposes.
32 - 33
30 - 31
Monitor Systems in association with BOHR Instrument Systems BV,
supply, install and commission the Drill-Pro Total Drilling Information
System (TDIS). Monitor Systems has been a distribution partner for
BOHR since 1998 providing system sales, installation and support,
factory trained technicians, including spares and consumables.
Drill-Pro (Drilling Data Acquisition Systems) provides accurate up to the minute
information on critical drilling parameters during drilling operations, tripping
and other mud sensitive activities. Drill-Pro supplies drilling personnel with
important drilling data in a compact 19” TFT monitor unit.
Capital Sale or Rental of Systems is offered.
34 - 35
30 - 31
Our Well Control Instrumentation panels and consoles have a proven
track record demonstrating reliable design and high quality manufacture.
Monitor Systems offers flexible design, providing integrated solutions to suit
client requirements. All panels can be designed and constructed to operate in
both Zone 1 or 2 hazardous areas as well as Safe Area operation. We undertake
HPHT Monitoring, Glycol Injector, Manifold Pressure and Temperature
Monitoring, Liquid Seal Monitoring, Overboard Valve Control, BOP Probe,
Pump Stroke Counter and Choke Control.
36 - 37
30 - 31
... specialists in bespoke safety critical
control and monitoring instrumentation
systems for the oil & gas and marine
38 - 39
30 - 31
We are proud to be the exclusive European distribution partner for C’Treat
Watermakers. Established in 1980, C’Treat provide innovative design and
evolutionary development through field testing and combining the latest
proven technology and advances in reverse osmosis.
Monitor Systems can supply the most simple, reliable and economical low
cost of ownership reverse osmosis watermakers for the offshore oil and gas
As a combined strength, Monitor Systems have factory trained engineers that
install, service and commission reverse osmosis desalination watermakers
40 - 41
30 - 31
Heli Deck &
Monitor Systems is an experienced provider of offshore heli-deck &
meteorological environmental monitoring systems for a wide range of
Heli-deck Monitoring Systems are particularly important for offshore
environments improving the safety of helicopter operations. All Helideck
Monitoring Systems supplied comply with all current rules and regulations
worldwide, including CAA CAP437.
Environmental Monitoring Systems provide important meteorological and
weather forecasting information. Parameters such as Wind, Temperature,
Barometric Pressure, Sea Current, Wave Height, Pitch and Roll, Visibility
and Cloud Height can be accurately measured and presented in a clear user
friendly manner.
42 - 43
30 - 31
Crane &
Bespoke Load
can provide monitoring solutions for any weighing systems and
operations. Typical systems include the load monitoring of Winch
Line, Wireline, Vessel Mooring Tension, Buoy Mooring Tension, Vessel
Towing Tension, Module Weighing, Subsea Ploughs and Cable Recovery
Crane Safe Load Indicators can be supplied with various options such as
Dead End Load Cells, Running Line Tensiometers, Load Pins, Boom Length
Sensors, Boom Angle Sensors, Anti Two Blocks and Wind Speed Monitors. To
Compliment our Safe Load Indicators, Monitor Systems can also offer Crane
CCTV Systems.
Monitor Systems provides a full sales, supply, installation and commissioning
service for all load monitoring equipment. Our experienced technical, electronic
and electrical engineering staff are fully conversant with the product range
and have installed and commissioned bespoke systems for a large number of
clients throughout the world.
44 - 45
30 - 31
& Maritime
Monitor Systems design, supply and install Maritime Security Detection
Systems. Our system offers a comprehensive layered security approach
with onboard advance alarm warning for marine vessels, rigs, platforms
and pipelines against acts of terrorism, hijacking, piracy and other
violations of security wherever a vessel is operating.
Utilising perimeter sensors, infra-red tracking day/night vision cameras and
onboard radar equipment, our detection system generates a secure perimeter
network extending outwards from the vessel.
46 - 47
30 - 31
project implementation requires total commitment. At
Monitor Systems we provide a Project Management system that delivers
this commitment on a daily basis by reducing project risk and improving
return on investment.
We have significant experience in understanding our customers’ needs and
developing feasible and accurate project plans, as well as mobilising the
necessary resources required to deliver projects both on time and on budget
around the world.
48 - 49
30 - 31
Monitor Systems provide a fast and efficient ‘Single-Source’ supply
of quality assured oil and marine industry equipment, spare parts and
consumables to any location world-wide.
Monitor Systems enjoy long term supply agreements with many major OEM
companies and are well versed in responding to the requirements of customers
operating within the oil and marine environment.
We have ‘distributor agreements’ and ‘purchasing agreements’ with major
service and manufacturing companies.
50 - 51
30 - 31
Monitor Systems Scotland Limited
3 Merkland Road East
Aberdeen, AB24 5PS
Scotland, UK
Monitor Systems S.E. Asia Pte Ltd
Level 26, PSA Building
460 Alexandra Road
Singapore, 119963
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