Cat® XQ570 Rental Generator Set
Standby 500 kW
Prime 455 kW
60 Hz 1800 rpm 480V
Image shown may not reflect actual configuration
kW (kVA)
kW (kVA)
480V 60 Hz Rating
60 Hz
500 (625)
455 (568)
60 Hz
500 (625)
455 (568)
60 Hz
500 (625)
455 (568)
600V 60 Hz Rating
60 Hz
500 (625)
455 (568)
60 Hz
400 (500)
365 (456)
Cat® C18 ACERT™ Diesel Engine
Imperial (English)
I-6, 4-Stroke-Cycle Water Cooled Diesel
145 mm
5.71 in
183 mm
7.2 in
18.13 L
1106.363 in3
Compression Ratio
Engine rpm
Fuel System
Governor Type
Requires ULSD
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Cat® XQ570 Rental Generator Set
Benefits & Features
Fuel/Emissions Strategy
• Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards
and CARB certified for non-road mobile
applications at all 60 Hz ratings
Design Criteria
• Meets ISO 8528-5 transient response
• Canadian Standards Authority (CSA) approved
Single-source Supplier
• Factory designed and fully prototype tested with
certified torsional vibration analysis available
• ISO 9001:2000 compliant facility
Cat C18 ACERT Diesel Engine
• Uses ACERT Technology
• Reliable, rugged, durable design
• Four-stroke diesel engine combines consistent
performance and excellent fuel economy with
minimum weight
• Electronic engine control
Cat Clean Emissions Module (CEM)
• Aftertreatment module consists of Caterpillar
Regeneration System (CRS), Diesel Oxidation
Catalyst (DOC), Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF),
and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank
• 25 gallon DEF tank with on-tank fill and
integrated pump, level sensor and heating
• Electrically heated DEF lines from DEF tank
to CEM
Cat Generator
• Matched to the performance and output
characteristics of Cat engines
• Single point access to accessory connections
• UL 1446 recognized Class H insulation
Cat EMCP 4.4 Control Panel
• Fully featured power metering, protective
relaying engine/generator control and
• Simple user-friendly interface and navigation
• Automatic set-point adjustment integrated with
voltage and frequency selection
Cat Integrated Voltage Regulator
(Cat IVR)
• Three-phase sensing
• Adjustable volts-per-hertz regulation
• Provides precise control, excellent block
loading, and constant voltage in the normal
operating range
Sound Attenuated Container
• Provides ease of transportation and protection
• Sound levels are 72 dB(A) or less at 7 meters
per SAE J1074 measurement procedure at
110% prime load
Reduced Environmental Impact
• 110% spill containment of onboard engine fluids
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Cat® XQ570 Rental Generator Set
Factory-installed Standard Equipment
• Cat C18 ACERT heavy-duty diesel engine meets
Tier 4 Final emission standards
• Heavy-duty air cleaner with service indicator
• 100-amp charging alternator
• Fuel filters – duplex primary with integral water
separator and changeover valve allowing filters
to be changed while engine is running, and
engine-mounted secondary
• Fuel cooler and electric priming pump
• Lubricating oil system including pump, integral
oil cooler, lube oil, filter, crankcase breather
• Oil drain line with internal valve routed to
connection point accessible from exterior
• 500-hour oil change intervals
• Jacket water heater
• Electronic ADEM A4 for engine and A5 for
aftertreatment control
• 24V electric starting motors with battery rack
and cables
Air Inlet
• Heavy-duty air cleaner w/precleaner, two-stage
cyclonic/paper with dust cup and service
• Turbocharger and air-to-air aftercooler
• CEM comes with integrated CRS, DOC, DPF
& SCR and is located in separate compartment
DEF System
• 25 gal plastic DEF tank provides 24 hours
runtime @ 75% prime + 10% rating similar to
fuel system
• DEF tank is equipped with integrated pump,
level sensor to display the DEF level in EMCP
panel, and electrically heated lines from DEF
tank to CEM
• Equipped with low and critically low level alarms
with a critically low shutdown
Fuel System
• 700 gal (2650 L) double-wall fuel tank, UL142,
ULC, and Transport Canada certified, 27-hour
runtime @ 75% prime +10% rating, internal
fuel fill
• Fuel cooler, pressure gauge, primary fuel filter
with integral water separator, and enginemounted secondary
• Switch operated, electric priming pump
• Auxiliary connections for customer-supplied fuel
transfer system with 2-way fuel transfer valve
• Three-phase, random wound, coastal insulation
protection, 0.6667 pitch, permanent magnet
excited, Class H insulation with Class F
temperature rise
• Includes anti-condensation heaters (120/240V
1.2 kW)
• 12-lead design, with voltage changeover link
board (480V)
• 6-lead design, (600V)
• Cat IVR with VAR/PF control
Charging System
• UL/CSA listed 120V, 20 amp battery charger,
shock-mounted and enclosed in dust-proof
• Charging alternator; 24V-100A, heavy duty with
integral regulator and belt guards
Lube System
• Pump, integral oil cooler, lube oil, filter, filler and
dipstick, and oil sampling valve
• Open crankcase breather with 75% filter
• Oil drain line with internal brass ball valve
routed to connection point accessible from
• 500-hour oil change intervals
Mounting System
• Generator set soft mounted to the heavy duty,
fabricated steel base frame
• Skiddable steel base frame with tie-down eyes
contains integral fuel tank
• Provides 110% spill containment of all engine
Starting System
• Single electric starting motor, 24V
• Dual 12V (1400 CCA) maintenance-free
batteries with disconnect switch, battery rack,
and cables
• UL listed, 120 volt single phase jacket water
heater with thermostat and shut-off valves
• CSA approved
• Factory testing of standard generator set
• Full manufacturer’s warranty, O&M manuals
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Cat® XQ570 Rental Generator Set
Factory-installed Standard Equipment (continued)
Containerized Module
• 20’ ISO standard cube container
• 2-axle, 20’ ISO container chassis
• Sound attenuated air intake louvers and two
lockable personnel doors with panic release
• Sound attenuated 72 dB(A) @ 7m
• Interior walls and ceilings insulated with 100 mm
of acoustic paneling
• Floor of container insulated with acoustic glass
and covered with galvanized steel
• Side bus bar access door, external access load
connection bus bars
• Shore power connection via distribution block
connections for jacket water heater, battery
charger, space heaters, generator condensate
heaters, and internal duplex service receptacle
• Customer convenience panel with multiple
• Lighting two DC, one single duplex service
receptacle, two external emergency stop
• Internal connections for fuel fill
• Spill containment 110% of all engine fluids
• Auxiliary connections for customer-supplied fuel
transfer systems
• Two oversized maintenance-free batteries,
battery rack, 20-amp battery charger, and
battery maintainer
• Vibration isolators, corrosion resistant hardware
and hinges
• External drain access to standard fluids
• Standard Cat rental decals and painted
standard Cat power module white
• Standard cooling provides 43°C ambient
capability (60 Hz) at prime +10% rating
• Vertically mounted radiator, with vertical air
discharge from the container
• Coolant drain line with internal valve
• Coolant sight gauge, level switch, and shutdown
• 50/50 ethylene extended life glycol
Generator Set Controls and Protection
• EMCP 4.4 generator set mounted controller
• Automatic start/stop with cooldown timer
• Generator protection features: 32, 32RV, 46,
50/51, 27/59, 81 O/U
• Utility Multi-function Relay (UMR) protection
features: 24, 25, 27, 27G, 32, 40, 43, 46, 47,
50, 51, 51N, 59, 59G, 60FL, 67, 79, 81O/U
with 4 programmable relay inputs and 5
programmable relay outputs (optional)
• Reverse compatible for interface to legacy
power modules
• 2000A electrically operated generator circuit
• Multi-mode operation (island, multi-island and
utility parallel (with optional UMR), load sharing
(multi-unit only)
• Manual and automatic paralleling capability
• Metering display: voltage, current, frequency,
power factor, kW, WHM, kVAR, and
• Factory testing of standard generator set and
complete power module
• UL, NEMA, ISO, and IEEE standards
• O&M manuals
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Cat® XQ570 Rental Generator Set
Technical Data
Cat Generator
Frame Size
No. of poles
Number of bearings
Overspeed capability – % of rated
Voltage regulator
Voltage regulation (adjustable to compensate for
engine speed droop and line loss)
Wave form deviation
Telephone Influence Factor (TIF)
Harmonic Distortion (THD)
Power Rating
Static regulated brushless PM excited
Single bearing, close coupled
Class H
Drip proof IP23
Pilot shaft
125% of rated
3-phase sensing with volts-per-hertz
Less than ± 1⁄2% voltage gain
Less than 50
Less than 5%
Cat Generator Set
60 Hz — Standby
kW (kVA)
500 (625)
Performance Specification
Lubricating System
Oil pan capacity
60 Hz — Prime
455 (568)
L (gal)
74 (19.5)
74 (19.5)
Fuel System
Fuel Consumption — 100% Load
75% Load
50% Load
Fuel Tank Capacity
Running time @ 75% rating
L/hr (gal/hr)
L/hr (gal/hr)
L/hr (gal/hr)
L (gal)
136 (35.9)
107 (28.3)
78 (20.5)
2650 (700)
126 (33.2)
99 (26.2)
72 (19)
2650 (700)
Cooling System
Ambient capability
Engine & radiator coolant capacity
Engine coolant capacity
°C (°F)
L (gal)
L (gal)
43 (109)
100.7 (26.6)
26.9 (7.1)
43 (109)
100.7 (26.6)
26.9 (7.1)
Air Requirements
Combustion air flow
Max dirty air cleaner restriction
m3/min (cfm)
kPa (in H2O)
35.2 (1243)
6.2 (24.9)
34.6 (1223)
6.2 (24.9
Exhaust System
Exhaust flow at rated
Exhaust temp at rated kW – dry exhaust
m3/min (cfm)
°C (°F)
90.2 (3185)
490 (914)
86.7 (3063)
472 (882)
Noise Rating (with enclosure)*
@ 7 meters (23 feet)
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Cat® XQ570 Rental Generator Set
Technical Data (continued)
Without chassis
With chassis
XQ570 — Dimensions
mm (in)
6096 (240)
7182 (282)
mm (in)
2438 (96)
2438 (96)
mm (in)
2591 (102)
3810 (150)
XQ570 — Weight
Lube Oil & Coolant – Empty Fuel DEF Tank
Chassis Weight Addition
Weight— kg (lb)
14,400 (31,900)
3,379 (7,450)
Standard Features
EMCP 4.4 Local Control Panel
• Generator-mounted EMCP 4.4 provides power
metering, protective relaying, and engine and
generator control and monitoring.
• NEMA 12, IP44 dust-proof enclosure
• UL508A listed
• Convenient service access for Cat service tools
(service tools not included)
• Integration with the Cat IVR provides enhanced
system monitoring
• Ability to view and reset diagnostics of all
controls networked on primary CAN data link
eliminates need for separate service tools for
• True RMS AC metering, 3 phase
EMCP 4.4 Engine Operator Interface
• Controls
- Run/auto/stop
- Emergency stop
- Speed adjust
- Cycle crank
- Voltage adjust
- Cool-down timer
• Engine monitoring
- rpm
- DC volts
- Operating hours
- Oil pressure
- Coolant temperature
- Oil temperature
• Generator monitoring
- L-L volts, L-N volts, phase amps
- Average volts, amps, frequency
- ekW, kVA, kVAR, kW-hr, %kW
- Power factor (average, phase)
- kW-hr, kVA-hr (total)
• Shutdowns with common indicating light for
- Low oil pressure
- Overspeed
- High coolant temp
- High oil temp
- Failure to start (overcrank) - Emergency stop
- Low coolant level
• Emergency stop pushbutton
• Panel illuminating lights
• Display navigation keys including two shortcut
keys for engine parameters or generator
• Fuel level monitoring and control
EMCP 4.4 Generator Protective Relaying
• Generator protective features provided by
EMCP 4.4
- Phase over/under voltage (device 27/59)
- Over/under frequency (device 81 O/U)
- Reverse power (device 32/32RV)
- Current balance (46)
- Overcurrent (device 50/51) (GCB trip unit)
- Loss of excitation (device 40) (Cat DVR)
- Generator phase sequence
• 20' ISO standard cube container
• Painted standard Cat power module white
• Sound attenuated air intake louvers
• Floor insulated with acoustic glass and covered
by galvanized steel
• Two lockable personnel doors with panic
• External drain access to standard fluids
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Cat® XQ570 Rental Generator Set
Standard Features (continued)
Shore Power
• One 110V shore power connection for jacket
water heater
• One 110V for generator space heater, battery
charger, and single duplex service receptacle
Internal Lighting
• Two internal DC lights with one timer
• One single-duplex service receptacle
connected to shore and generator power with
automatic switchover
Battery Charger and Batteries
• 24 VDC/20A battery charger with float/equalize
modes and charging ammeter
• Two oversized maintenance-free batteries
Emergency Stop Pushbutton (ESP)
• One internal ESP
• Two external ESP
• Two-axle with anti-lock brake system
• Goodyear G314 295/75R225 Load Range G
Voltage Regulation and Power Factor
Control Circuitry
• Manual raise/lower voltage adjust capability
and VAR/power factor control circuitry for
maintaining constant generator power factor
while paralleled with the utility. Voltage and
power factor adjustments are performed on the
generator paralleling control
• Includes RFI suppression, exciter limiter, and
exciter diode monitoring
Circuit Breaker
• 2000A fixed type, 3 poles, generator set
mounted, electrically operated, insulated
case CB
• Solid state trip unit for overload (time
overcurrent) and fault (instantaneous)
overcurrent protection
• Includes DC shunt trip coil activated on any
monitored engine or electrical fault,
100 KA-interrupting capacity at 480 VAC
• Undervoltage release
• CTs rated 2000:5 with 200:5 secondarys wired
to shorting terminal strips
• Potential transformers 4:1 ratio with primary
and secondary fuse protection (with optional
• Three-phase, plus full rated neutral, bus bars
are tin-plated copper with NEMA standard hole
pattern for connection of customer load cables
and generator cables
• Bus bars are sized for full load capacity of the
generator set at 0.8 power factor
• Includes ground bus, tin-plated copper, for
connection to the generator frame ground and
field ground cable
• Customer convenience panel with multiple
output receptacles
1 – 240V, 50A twist lock
1 – 240V, 20A twist lock
2 – 120V, 20A twist lock
2 – 120V, 20A ground fault interrupters
2 – 120V, 15A duplex receptacles with GFI
Link Board Assembly (480V Only)
• 2000A link board for 208/240/400/480
wye operation
• Reconnection via movable link board
• Includes switch to determine operation mode
AC Distribution
• Provides 120 VAC for all module accessories
• Includes controls to de-energize jacket water
heaters and generator space heater when the
engine is running
UMR (Optional)
Basler UMR IPS-100 provides the following utility/
intertie protection features:
• Synch check (device 25)
• Phase undervoltage, 2-stage (device 27)
• Reverse power (device 32)
• Negative sequence overvoltage (device 47)
• Phase time overcurrent (device 51)
• Neutral overcurrent (device 51N)
• Phase overvoltage, 2-stage (device 59)
• Under frequency, 2-stage (device 81U)
• Over frequency (device 81O)
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Cat® XQ570 Rental Generator Set
Modes of Operation
• Provides for single unit standalone operation,
island mode paralleling and load sharing with
other power modules, and single unit-to-utility
mode paralleling for base load control (with
open transition between paralleling modes)
• Island mode paralleling features:
- Lead unit select control allows single unit to
connect to a dead bus or Hard Wired Dead
Bus Arbitration (HWDBA) to allow first unit
up to voltage and speed to be first unit to
connect to a dead bus
- Auto synchronization (voltage and phase
- Load sharing (kW) analog signal (like units
and legacy compatible)
- Load sharing (kVAR) analog signal (like
units only)
• Utility mode paralleling features:
- Auto synchronization (voltage and phase
- Base-load control (programmable set-point or
potentiometer adjust)
- Soft load/unload (programmable, shared
- Power factor control (programmable set-point)
Single Unit Standalone and Multi-unit
Island Operation
• Utility standby mode (normal)
- The utility is providing power for the plant
- The PM generator breaker is open
- The PM is in automatic standby mode to
respond to a utility failure
• Emergency mode (emergency)
- Utility failure
a. The customer protective relaying senses a
utility abnormal condition
b. A run request is sent to the PM generator
c. The first PM generator to reach rated
to voltage and frequency is closed to
the bus
d. In multi-unit island mode, the remaining
PM generators are paralleled to the bus as
they reach rated voltage and frequency.
This function is performed via the lead
unit select jumper and interconnect wiring
connected between the power modules.
e. Plant load is transferred to the power
modules, which share load equally via load
share lines.
Single Unit Base Load Operation
• Utility mode (normal)
- The utility is providing power for the plant
- The PM is in auto mode and the generator
breaker is open
- The PM is interconnected to the utility
breaker aux contact, lead unit jumper is
not installed and load share lines are not
- The paralleling controls automatically detect
utility parallel mode when the utility aux
contact is closed
• Base load mode
- Unit receives remote run request and starts
- Unit reaches rated voltage and frequency
- UMR performs sync-check to permit generator
breaker to close
- Unit ramps to base-load set point at
programmed ramp time
- Unit continues to run until remote run
request is removed or unit is stopped at
control panel
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Cat® XQ570 Rental Generator Set
Ratings Definitions and Conditions
Meets or Exceeds International Specifications:
AS1359, CSA, IEC60034-1, ISO3046, ISO8528,
NEMA MG 1-22, NEMA MG 1-33, UL508A,
72/23/EEC, 98/37/EC, 2004/108/EC.
power. Average power output is 70% of the standby
power rating. Typical operation is 200 hours per
year, with maximum expected usage of 500 hours
per year.
Prime — Output available with varying load for
an unlimited time. Average power output is 70%
of the prime power rating. Typical peak demand
is 100% of prime rated ekW with 10% overload
capability for emergency use for a maximum of
1 hour in 12. Overload operation cannot exceed
25 hours per year. Prime power in accordance
with ISO3046. Prime ambients shown indicate
ambient temperature at 100% load which results
in a coolant top tank temperature just below the
alarm temperature.
Ratings are based on SAE J1349 standard
conditions. These ratings also apply at ISO3046
standard conditions.
Standby — Output available with varying load for
the duration of the interruption of the normal source
Fuel rates are based on fuel oil of 35º API [16ºC
(60ºF)] gravity having an LHV of 42 780 kJ/kg
(18,390 Btu/lb) when used at 29ºC (85ºF) and
weighing 838.9 g/liter (7.001 lbs/U.S. gal).
Additional ratings may be available for specific
customer requirements, contact your Cat
representative for details. For information
regarding low sulfur fuel and biodiesel capability,
please consult your Cat dealer.
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LEHX0028-01 (1-16)
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