Enhancing the Value of Your Field
EAGE Workshop on Geomechanics in the Oil & Gas Industry
Enhancing the Value of Your Field
11- 14 M a y 2 0 1 4
Duba i , U A E
Technical Committee
Nick Koutsabeloulis Co-Chairman (Schlumberger)
Atef Onaisi Co-Chairman (Total)
Younane Abousleiman (Oklahoma University)
Tony Addis (Baker Hughes)
Gary Aillud (ADCO)
Thomas Finkbeiner (OMV E&P)
Jamaal Hoesni (PETRONAS)
Satya Perumalla (Baker Hughes)
Ashraf Tahini (Saudi Aramco)
Technical Programme
Oral Presentations - Monday 12 May
Conference Centre
08:15 GM01 - Opening Remarks - Welcome, Aims & Objectives N. Koutsabeloulis Co-Chairman* (Schlumberger)
Y. Abousleiman (University of Oklahoma) &
A. Tahini (Saudi Aramco)
08:35 GM02 - Keynote Speaker - How Conceptual Models Drive the
Development of Testing Facilities (and Modelling) - Prof B. Smart
(Brian Smart Consulting Ltd)
09:05 GM03 - Estimating Rock Strength From Non-Destructive Strength
Testing (EQUOTIP) and Related Benefits - W.H. Hujer* (OMV
E&P), T. Finkbeiner (OMV E&P) & M. Persaud (OMV E&P)
09:25 GM04 - Effective Experimental Methods to Validate Anisotropic
Geomechanical Model for Shale Gas Reservoir Evaluation:
Methods & Case Study from Middle East - M. Aldin* (Metarock
Laboratories), S. Narasimhan (Metarock Laboratories),
S. Perumalla (Baker Hughes), H. Singh (Baker Hughes), P. Mishra
(Kuwait Oil Company) & R. Husain (Kuwait Oil Company)
09:45 Coffee Break
10:15 GM05 - Geomechanical Evaluation of HPHT Tight Gas Reservoir
in Western China - K. Qiu* (Schlumberger)
10:35 GM06 - Rock Mechanical Knowledge Building in Complex
Carbonate and Diagenetic Environments - C.O.H. Hindriks* (PDO Petroleum Development Oman) & U. Prasad (Baker Hughes)
10:55 Poster Introductions
GMP01 - Integration of Geological & Coupled 3D Geomechanical
Modeling to Evaluate Gas Injection Risk - A Due Diligence
Study Prior to iWAG Injection Development - D J Press*
(Schlumberger) & P.C. Mei (Talisman)
GMP04 - Comparison among Models Which Estimate Minimum
Horizontal Stress and its Methodology - S. Narasimhan*
(MetaRock Laboratories), M. Sharf-Aldin (MetaRock Laboratories)
& T. Bagarawala (MetaRock Laboratories)
GMP05 - Integrated Pore Pressure Pre-Drill Modelling and RealTime Monitoring Improve Drilling Efficiency on Mid-Norway
Continental Shelf - J.H. Figenschou* (Baker Hughes) & P. Basu
(Baker Hughes)
GMP06 - Integration of Rock Mechanics and Fluid Rheology to
predict Fracture Geometry - S. Panchanan* (Pandit Deendayal
Petroleum University), S. Sharma (Pandit Deendayal Petroleum
University) & P. Rathi (Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University)
GMP07 - Taking Full Advantage of the “Safe Mud Window” S. Subbiah* (Schlumberger), R.N. Knezevic (OMV Austria),
R. Derda (Schlumberger) & J. Serrao (Schlumberger)
GMP08 - Geomechanics, Petrophysics and Drilling Engineering:
An Integrated Approach for Optimized Drilling in Ultra-Deepwater D. Kumar (Schlumberger) & A. Reyes-Colmenares* (Schlumberger)
GMP09 - Rock Rheology, In Situ Stress and Fracture Interface
Mechanics as Controls on Retained Fracture Conductivity in
Prospective Unconventional Reservoirs - K. Glover* (Trican Well
Service), R. Hawkes (Trican Well Service) & A. Cui (Trican Well
GM10 - The Scratch Test: A High Resolution Log of Rock Strength
with Application to Geomechanic and Petrophysic - C. Germay*
(EPSLOG) & T. Lehomme (EPSLOG)
12:30 Lunch
M.J. Hoesni (PETRONAS) & S. Perumalla (Baker Hughes)
14:00 GM07 - Cross Disciplinary Workflow to Determine Acceptable
Overpressure within a High Pressure Sour Gas Field - K. Wang
(Total), A. Onaisi (Total), S. Thibeau* (Total), J. Hoesni (Petronas)
& S. Syareena (Petronas)
14:20 GM08 - Geomechanical Approach for Pore Pressure Prediction
at Well Scale - S.T. Nguyen* (Euro-Engineering), T. Hammad
(Universite de Lorraine) & A. Onaisi (Total)
14:40 GM09 - Novel and Permanent Measurement of Formation Pore
Pressure - J. Park (NGI), I. Viken (NGI), J.C. Choi (NGI), B. Bohloli
(NGI), O.Godager* (Sensor Developments), K. Borgersen (Sensor
Developments), E. Skomedal (Statoil ASA) & A.G. Casseres (Dong
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 GM10 - Pore Pressure Modelling- How To Overcome HPHT
Challenges - A.Ghosh Ghosh* (Baker Hughes)
15:50 GM11 - Comparison of Two Different Approaches to Build a 1D
Geomechanical Model - A Case Study - M. Persaud* (OMV),
T. Finkbeiner (OMV), M. Mostegel (OMV) & R.N. Knezevic (OMV)
16:10 Discussion Session
16:45 Closing Remarks Day 1
Oral Presentations - Tuesday 13 May
Conference Centre
T. Finkbeiner (OMV Exploration & Production GmbH) &
G.S. Aillud (ADCO)
08:15 GM12 - Keynote Speaker - Feeling the Pressure of High Drilling
Costs - S. Nas* (Schlumberger)
08:45 GM13 - Wellbore Stability - Cases of Calibration and Prediction M. Parotidis* (BG Group), B. Fletcher (BG Group), J. Graham (BG
Group), A. Jones (BG Group) & T. Pritchard (BG Group)
09:05 GM14 - Automation in Real-Time Wellbore Stability Modeling A. Bartetzko* (Baker Hughes), S. Wessling (Baker Hughes) &
T. Dahl (Baker Hughes)
09:25 GM15 - Explaining Anomalous Wellbore Instability Problems
in Ghawar Khuff Reservoir - A.H. Ab Hamid (Saudi Aramco),
K.K. Khan* (Saudi Aramco) & H.A.A. Al-Anazi (Saudi Aramco)
09:45 Coffee Break
10:15 GM16 - Attributes for Drilling Stability using Seismic-Driven
Geomechanical Models: An Example from Gulf of Mexico A. Rodriguez-Herrera* (Schlumberger), I. Telles (Schlumberger),
J. Minton (Schlumberger), A. Pena-Olarte (Schlumberger) &
N. Koutsabeloulis (Schlumberger)
10:35 GM17 - Success of Geomechanical Mud Weight Window
Optimisation for Drilling Through Challengeable Multiple
Depleted Reservoirs - Z. Fang (Baker Hughes), A. White* (Baker
Hughes), F. Ashat (Murphy Oil Corporation), C.F. Lee (Murphy Oil
Corporation) & V. Tilley (Murphy Oil Corporation)
10:55 GM18 - Panel Discussion - The Value of Geomechanics for
Drilling - T. Finkbeiner* (OMV E&P), D. Moos (Baker Hughes),
S. Nas (Schlumberger) & Y. Abousleiman (University of Oklahoma)
12:00 Lunch Break
A. Onaisi (Total) & N. Koutsabeloulis (Schlumberger)
13:15 GM19a Keynote Presentation - Application of Geomechanics in
ADCO: Summary and Added Value - M.Sirat* (ADCO)
EAGE Workshop on Geomechanics in the Oil & Gas Industry
13:45 GM19 - Advanced InSAR for Reservoir Geomechanical
Analysis - A. Ferretti* (Tele-Rilevamento Europa (TRE)), A. Rucci
(Tele-Rilevamento Europa (TRE)), A. Tamburini (Tele-Rilevamento
Europa (TRE)), S. Del Conte (Tele-Rilevamento Europa (TRE)) &
S. Cespa (Tele-Rilevamento Europa (TRE))
14:05 GM20 - A Novel Approach Linking Structural Restoration and
Multiphase Fluid-Flow Modeling using 3D Geomechanics in a
North Kuwait Giant Carbonate Reservoir - H. Ibrahim* (Kuwait
Oil Company), A. Mohamad-Hussein (Schlumberger), L. Chee Tan
(Schlumberger), M. Muhammad Yaser (Schlumberger) & A. Ashok
Pathak (KOC)
14:25 GM21 - Evaluation of Reservoir Formation Collapse in a
Carbonate Gas Field in Abu Dhabi Using Coupled Reservoir
Geomechanical Modelling - X. Zhang (Schlumberger), M. Sirat
(ADCO), K. Al Ammari (ADCO), R. Masoud (ADCO), Y. Chen*
(Schlumberger) & M. Povstyanova (Schlumberger)
14:45 Break
15:15 GM22 - Thermal, Coupled Stresses and Fluid Flow Modelling
during Depletion and Injection in a Stacked Reservoir System G. Moreno Colin* (PETRONAS Carigali), R.B. Bakar (PETRONAS
Carigali), H.Rahman (PETRONAS), A. Rodriguez Herrera
(Schlumbergerl), N.Koutsabeloulis (Schlumberger)
15:35 GM23 - Integrated Geo-Modeling as Input to Reservoir Stress
Prediction - Turbidite Systems in Offshore West Africa H. Pourpak* (Total), A. Onaisi (Total) & A. Rodriguez-Herrera
15:55 GM24 - Reservoir Geomechanical Characterization of a Matured
Deep Jurassic Carbonate Reservoir: Explaining stress effects
on production induced Fault Slip - C. Zhou* (Baker Hughes),
S. Perumalla (Baker Hughes), A. Shinde (Baker Hughes),
A. Al-Shamali (Kuwait Oil Company), N. Verma (Kuwait Oil
Company) & P. Mishra (Kuwait Oil Company)
16:15 Discussion Session
19:30 Workshop Dinner
Oral Presentations - Wednesday 14 May
Conference Centre
T. Addis (Baker Hughes) & H.H. Abass (Saudi Aramco)
08:15 GM25 - Keynote Speaker - Active Arabian Plate Stresses and
Fracturing: Potential Impact on Unconventional Resources M. Ameen* (Saudi Aramco)
08:45 GM26 - Geomechanical Modelling of Induced Microseismicity -
M.A. van der Baan* (University of Alberta), D. Chorney (University
of Alberta) & V. Roche (University of Alberta)
09:05 GM27 - Use of Stochastic Geomechanical Models in
The Development of Tight Carbonate Reservoirs - T. AitEttajer* (Repsol U.S.A.), L. Fontanelli (Repsol U.S.A.) &
M.R. Lakshmikantha (Repsol)
09:25 GM28 - Regional In-Situ Stress Mapping: An Initiative for
Exploration & Development of Deep Gas Reservoirs in Kuwait S. Perumalla* (Baker Hughes), H. Singh (Baker Hughes), R. Al
Naeimi (Baker Hughes), U. Prasad (Baker Hughes), E. Scheele
(Baker Hughes), C. Barton (Baker Hughes), A. Al-Fares (Kuwait Oil
Company), R. Husain (Kuwait Oil Company), R. Mulyono (Kuwait
Oil Company), N. Al Ammar (Kuwait Oil Company) & A. Al-Kandary
(Kuwait Oil Company)
09:45 GM29 - Geomechanics in Optimal Multi-Stage Hydraulic
Fracturing Design for Resource Shale and Tight Reservoirs J. Leem* (Halliburton), R. Day (Halliburton), C. Latimer
(Halliburton), R. Lakani (Halliburton) & J. Reyna (Halliburton)
10:05 GM31 - Invited Speaker: Is Non-Linear Rock Mechanics used in
the Petroleum Industry? - N. Barton* (Nick Barton Associates)
10:35 Discussion Session
EAGE Workshop on Geomechanics in the Oil & Gas Industry
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 GM30 - Discussion - The Future Role of Geomechanics in Field
Development - T. Addis* (Baker Hughes), M. Ameen (Saudi
Aramco), N. Barton (Nick Barton Associates), Y. Abousleiman
(University of Oklahoma) & D. Moos (Baker Hughes)
12:30 Closing Remarks
13:00 Lunch & Depart
Social Programme
Sunday 11 May 2014
Icebreaker Reception 18:30-20:30 hrs
Delegates are invited to join us in the Palmito Garden at Jebel Ali
Hotel for an informal cocktail reception to open the workshop.
Tuesday 13 May 2014
Workshop Dinner
The workshop dinner will be held on the Viewing Deck at The
Palace Hotel in Downtown Dubai. The venue has the best view
of the world famous Dubai Fountain and is directly opposite
the world’s tallest building - Burj Khalifa. Transport will be
provided from Jebel Ali Hotel.
Panel Session Overviews
The Value of Geomechanics for Drilling
Facilitator T.Finkbeiner (OMV E&P)
To make reliable predictions for drilling (e.g.mud windows,
casing point depths, uncertainty assessment etc.) geomechanics relies on a variety of data, assumptions, calibrations, and
criteria each of which generally influence the results in a noticeable way. The panel discussion will focus on the following
critically important aspects
• Is geomechanics able to solve all (most, few, none) of the
industries well-bore stability problems?
• What are the criteria utilized to decide if a well bore is
stable or unstable? What are the assumptions these critera
are based upon? How (un-)realistic are they?
• How important are other aspects to wellbore stability
(e.g., mud chemistry, hydraulics etc.)
• Discuss real-life examples where geomechanics worked
and where it did not work – why/why not, lessons learned,
challenges, short comings etc.
The Future Role of Geomechanics in
Field Development
Facilitator: T. Addis (Baker Hughes)
The contribution of the geomechnical behaviour of reservoirs
and surrounding formations to field development has gradually
increased over the years, from the early work of Biot on poroelasticity and Hubbert and Willis on hydraulic fracturing, through
to Geertsma’s work on subsidence, Bradley’s paper on wellbore
stability, geomechanics has touched on numerous aspects of field
development from exploration through development drilling,
and production. The panel discussion will focus on the potential
future role of geomechanics, or geomechanical engineering, in
field developments, addressing;
• Which field developments are likely to require significant
geomechanical engineering input, and how can we
­influence asset managers to gather the required data to
­assess the risks and to identify mitigation options
• Are we able as an industry to recognize the underlying
causes of problems, to justify and focus appropriately
­future improvements?
• Do we have to wait for future disasters to spur another
step change in the inclusion of geomechanics in field
• If we have to wait for potential or actual disasters, are we
able to identify risks that we are likely to encounter in
future field developments?
• Discuss real-life examples where geomechanics worked
and where it didn’t work – why/why not, lessons learned,
challenges, short comings etc.
Keynote Speakers
Professor Brian Smart (Brian Smart Consulting Ltd)
After starting work as an apprentice coal mine surveyor, Prof
Brian Smart was educated to BSc and PhD level in mining engineering and rock mechanics at the University of Strathclyde,
Glasgow, Scotland. He then worked as a lecturer in the Department of Mineral Exploitation at University College Cardiff, and a
co-director of the Strata Mechanics Research Group. He returned
to the now Department of Mining and Petroleum Engineering
where he created a rock mechanics research group and was promoted to Professor. Prof Smart moved with his research group
and lab to the Institute of Petroleum Engineering at Heriot-Watt
University, where he was head for seven years, ultimately becoming a Vice Principal of the University with responsibility for the
creation and development of the Heriot-Watt University Dubai
Campus. He is now Rector of Global College Malta, which is developing teaching partnerships with foreign universities such as
Robert Gordon University and Chester University.
Steve Nas (Schlumberger)
Born and raised in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, Steve holds an
MSc in Drilling Engineering from The Robert Gordon University
in Aberdeen. He has over 35 years of oilfield experience of which
32 years as a drilling engineer and is currently the Adviser for
Drilling Software in Schlumberger. He is also an instructor for
NExT on numerous Drilling Engineering topics.
Steve is a recognized expert in advanced drilling technology and
well control and has authored and presented numerous papers
on underbalanced drilling, coiled tubing drilling and managed
pressure drilling and authored several chapters in SPE Advanced
Technology books.
Manhal Sirat (ADCO)
Dr. Manhal Sirat has over 26 years of multidisciplinary experience in industry and academia with project management skills.
Dr. Sirat is currently working as the Structural Geology/­
Geomechanics Specialist at EUFR. His assignments include planning, supervising, QC and conducting studies, mentoring and
­provide technical assistance for Structural Geology and Geomechanics applications for EUFR and ADCO Assets. He also act as
the Principal Researcher for the Subsurface Fractures Characterization (SFC) Group at the AR&D Division in ADCO, where he
helps attracting and developing UAE talents and develops capabilities through knowledge transfer and close coaching of the
SFC R&D Group. Dr. Sirat taught several professional long term
and short term oil industry courses, and has published more than
70 publications in peer reviewed international Journals, conferences & workshops.
Mohammed Ameen (Saudi Aramco)
Mohammed holds a PhD in Structural Geology and Geomechanics from Imperial College, London and is the Principal
Professional, Geomechanics and Unconventional Resources
at Saudi Aramco. Since July 2012 Mohammed has been Lead
Geomechanics Consultant for Unconventional Resources in
the Unconventional Resources Exploration Department, Saudi
Aramco, focusing on unconventional prospects evaluation,
stimulation and delineation. He has vast experience in diverse reservoirs across Saudi Arabia
(carbonates, clastics, conventional and unconventional) and set
a paradigm shift in understanding fractures impact on deeply
buried carbonate reservoir performance (Khuff Reservoir, AAPG
Bulletin, January 2010, and JMPG, February 2014). Nick Barton (Nick Barton Associates)
Nick holds a Ph.D. in rock mechanics from Imperial College and
is the developer of the widely used Q-system of rock mass classification, and main developer of the Barton-Bandis constitutive
model for the coupled shear-flow behaviour of rock joints, used
in distinct element codes. He has more than 8,000 citations of
his work and is author or co-author of 275 papers on rock mechanics, coupled behaviour of fractures, and rock engineering
for tunnels.
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EAGE Workshop on Geomechanics in the Oil & Gas Industry
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