Philips 8718291219781 Datasheet

Philips 8718291219781 Datasheet
Philips EcoClassic
Halogen luster bulb
28 W (40 W)
B22 cap
Sparkling halogen light in a familiar shape
Striking decorative design
The traditional light bulb has evolved. Philips' energy-saving technology uses 30% less
energy than standard bulbs, guaranteed. With high-quality, dimmable light, the New
Classic light bulb is the cheapest way to start saving energy now.
Sustainable choice
• Save energy from the moment you turn the switch
• Carbon footprint
Personal scene setting
• Best dimmiablity to dims and create a cosy atmopshere
Full luminaire compatibility
• Designed to look like a traditional incandescent lamp
Beacon of trust
• You can trust what the Philips packaging is saying
Halogen luster bulb
28 W (40 W) B22 cap, Clear
Power consumption
Bulb dimensions
Light characteristics
Bulb characteristics
• Wattage: 28 W
• Wattage equivalent: 40 W
Light effect/finish: Clear
Light output: 346 lumen
Color temperature: 2800 K
Color rendering index (CRI): 100
• Height: 72.5 mm
• Width: 46 mm
Shape: Candle
Cap/fitting: B22
Voltage: 240 V
• Average life (at 2.7 hrs/day): 2 year(s)
• Lifetime of lamp: 2000 hour(s)
Energy efficient
All Philips energy savers save energy from the
moment you turn the switch. During their lifetime
they use fewer kW and thus also result in a lower
energy bill. The level of energy saving differs per lamp
type and technology.
Carbon footprint
Energy savers reduce the amount of energy in your
home, which not only results in a lower eenrgy bill,
but also in less carbon (CO2) output by your energy
supplier. Together we make this a better world to
live in.
Best dimmability
This lamp can be used in combination with all
dimmers and will not only turn down the light to 0%
but also create a cosy atmosphere as you are used to
with your incandescent.
Classic shape
These lamps are designed to look like a traditional
incandescent bulb, candle, lustre or spot. Similar
look and feel, but a smarter investment.
Reliable quality
Philips keeps its promises about lamp performance.
You can trust what the Philips packaging is saying
about light output, lifetime and wattage equivalent to
incandescent lamps.
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