Lexmark XM7100 Series - Advanced Business Equipment

Lexmark XM7100 Series - Advanced Business Equipment
Monochrome laser multifunction product
Lexmark XM7100 Series
*Model shown features additional options
touch screen
Up to 70 ppm
Monochrome laser multifunction product
Founded in 1991 from an IBM heritage in Lexington, Kentucky,
Lexmark is focused on delivering tailored solutions to solve the
unique challenges businesses face. Lexmark’s broad portfolio
of high-quality products, solutions and services help improve
productivity, increase efficiency and empower employees to
perform at their best.
Top performance
The Lexmark XM7100 Series is the ultimate in multifunction
power. A choice of configuration options and productivity
solutions let your businesses get exactly what it needs to
get more done. More value and versatility in a spacesaving footprint.
800MHz dual-core processing power and up to 3GB
Printing responsibly and reducing the impact of printing on
the environment is a win for your business and your budget.
Our goal is to design, package and deliver innovative
Process even the most complex jobs utilizing the
of memory
Get work done quickly with print and copy speeds up
products and solutions that produce high-quality output with
to 70 ppm, and produce your first page in as little as
reliable performance. And at the same time, help you minimize
four seconds
the number of cartridges you use over the life of a printer and
conserve paper and energy.
The Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program provides a variety
consistent image quality on a diverse range of materials
details vary by country.
Instant warm-up fuser helps reduce energy consumption
and improve time to first page
of methods for free returns of your empty cartridges to
Lexmark or our collection partners. Program availability and
Produce professional output with a system that delivers
Business productivity
The Lexmark XM7100 Series combines exceptional
Environmental protection is a
shared responsibility
multifunction performance with time-saving applications
Through work with industry groups, Lexmark helps guide
the formation of standards and guiding principles for
designed to make you more productive.
pass and quickly convert hard-copy documents into a
environmental sustainability.
Our memberships include:
AeA Europe
Ecma International
Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC)
Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)
Environmental Leadership Council
Save time with fast two-sided color scanning in a single
digital format
Advanced copy functions let you interrupt long print
runs to make a quick copy and proof the first copy set
before completing your copy job
Scan to multiple destinations, including scan to network,
email, FTP, fax and more
Select from a number of output options and finishing
features, including a four-bin user assignable mailbox,
offset stacker, staple finisher or staple with hole
punch finisher
Monochrome laser multifunction product
Easy and intuitive
Navigate to efficiency
The Lexmark XM7100 Series is designed for easy operation to
The Lexmark color touch screen is a key access point
allow you to stay focused on customer engagements instead
to your device. The extra-large, customizable, 10-inch
of routine maintenance.
interface gives you the ability to preview thumbnails of
documents prior to printing, as well as change print job
Extra-large, easy-to-navigate 10-inch color touch screen
provides audible and tactile feedback to make completing
tasks intuitive
Print and scan preview features help you select documents
or specific pages within a document
Directional lights on the device provide visual cues to guide
you through tasks
settings at the device. You can even view, select and print
specific pages within a document directly from the touch
screen. Its easy-to-use, intuitive navigation provides fast
access to the functions and shortcuts.
Examples of preloaded solutions* on XM7100
Series MFPs:
Extend your environmental responsibility with energyefficient settings such as the Sleep Button and
Multi Send
Hibernate Mode
Propel your business forward
Capture and route a document to multiple
destinations simultaneously and print
a copy if you choose. Documents can
be routed to email, network folders or
FTP sites.
Our solutions are designed with your productivity in mind.
Forms and Favorites
Manage your devices with available software
The Lexmark XM7100 Series platform lets you interact with
business applications directly on the device or with a server,
on premise or hosted to the cloud. Reduce unnecessary
printing and simplify work processes with Lexmark solutions.
Eliminate waste and inefficiencies
associated with preprinted forms. Store
frequently printed forms, marketing
materials or other documents online, then
print them on demand.
Scan to Network Basic
Scan a hard copy document and route the
image to one of 100 destinations.
Customer Support
This application provides you with an
easy way to send information about your
device to your authorized dealer or internal
help desk.
*Additional Lexmark solutions are available through your authorized Lexmark partner.
Monochrome laser multifunction product
Professional-quality output is only part of
the story
Keep sensitive information and
documents secure
By leveraging our industry expertise, you can generate
Lexmark builds network devices with security in mind
efficiency and increase productivity across business
to protect your data and documents throughout your
processes to gain the power you need to move ahead.
entire workflow. Our wide range of security functions
Lexmark technology solutions are tailored to your business
include device management, device hardening and
environment—where business interactions and decisions
device operation.
are happening.
Device management. Tools include administrative access
Empower your employees with workflow solutions that refine
and passwords, HTTPS, SNMPv3, IP security (IPSec)
work processes, capture critical data and deliver information
and 802.1x support to remotely monitor and manage
to the right place, at the right time and in the right format.
device usage.
Contact your Lexmark Business Solutions Dealer for specific
Device hardening. Includes port filtering, TCP connection
vertical solutions.* Solutions are customized through
filtering, hard disk encryption, hard disk wiping and
your dealer.
digitally signed firmware updates that enhance the
security of the device’s network interface.
Device operation. Reduce vulnerabilities with
authentication and authorization features, address
book lookup via LDAP over SSL and device lockout for
protection of user information.
Lexmark has shown its strength and leadership with
respect to security.
Forming and chairing the group that created the IEEE
2600 standards for security on hard-copy devices
Becoming the first hard-copy device manufacturer
to take a holistic approach with the National
Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Common
Criteria evaluation
*Additional Lexmark solutions are available through your authorized Lexmark partner.
Monochrome laser multifunction product
10-inch, color touch screen
Flexible output options
Operate your device with ease through
smart and intuitive navigation. Receive
audible and tactile feedback when you use
the touch screen.
Choose from multiple output options,
including a four-bin mailbox, an offset
stacker, a staple finisher and a staple
with hole punch finisher.
XM7170 model configured with Staple,
Hole Punch Finisher
Single-pass duplex automatic
document feeder
Direct USB
The front USB port allows for
convenient walk-up preview, printing
and scanning and is compatible with
most printable image file formats.
Save time by scanning both sides of your
document in one pass with robust colorscanning capabilities and ultrasonic multifeed detection to prevent jams.
Lexmark solutions
Lexmark’s Unison™ Toner
Eco-friendly features
Reduce unnecessary printing and simplify
work processes through solutions
applications preloaded on your device.
Choose additional Lexmark solutions to fit
your unique workflow needs.
Advanced toner science–powerful
enough to deliver consistently
outstanding image quality, with a
shake-free print system.
Easy-to-access features like Eco-Mode reduce
paper and toner consumption, the Sleep Button
and Hibernate Mode make it easy to print
responsibly and help you save energy.
Monochrome laser multifunction product
10-inch touch screen
10-inch touch screen
100-sheet multipurpose
multipurpose feeder
Choose one of
the four
Offset stacker
550-sheet tray
550-sheet tray
550-sheet tray
550-sheet tray
2100-sheet tray
550-sheet tray
Caster base
Staple finisher
Caster base
XM7155x, XM7163x or XM7170x
XM7155, XM7163 or XM7170
4-bin mailbox
XM7100 Series
Part #
Part #
Memory options
Lexmark XM7155
256MB Flash Memory Card
Lexmark XM7163
1024MBx32 DDR3-DRAM
Lexmark XM7170
2048MBx32 DDR3-DRAM
Lexmark XM7155x
Traditional Chinese Font Card
Lexmark XM7163x
Simplified Chinese Font Card
Lexmark XM7170x
Korean Font Card
Japanese Font Card
Part #
Laser toner/print cartridge
XM7155, XM7163, XM7170 Toner Cartridge
Part #
Application solutions
Imaging Unit
MX71x, MX81x Card for IPDS
Staple Cartridges (3 pack)
MX71x, MX81x Forms and Bar Code Card
MX71x, MX81x Card for PRESCRIBE Emulation
Part #
Fuser Maintenance Kit
Part #
ADF Maintenance Kit
MarkNet N8350 802.11b/g/n Wireless Print Server
USB (2 Meter) Cable
Paper handling
Parallel 1284-B Interface Card
550-sheet tray
Parallel Cable (10 Foot)
2100-sheet tray
RS-232C Serial Interface Card
500-sheet offset stacker
MS81x Staple finisher
MS81x 4-bin mailbox
Staple, Hole punch finisher
Part #
Staple, hole
punch finisher
Monochrome laser multifunction product
Product specifications
Lexmark XM7155
Lexmark XM7163
Lexmark XM7170
Lexmark e-Task 10-inch (25.9 cm) color touch screen
Black: 55 ppm
Black: 63 ppm
Black: 70 ppm
Black: 4.8 seconds
Black: 4.4 seconds
Black: 4.0 seconds
Print speed: Up to4
Time to first page: As fast as
Print resolution
1200 Image Quality, 1200 x 1200 dpi, 2400 Image Quality, 600 x 600 dpi
Standard: 1024 MB / Maximum: 3072 MB / Processor: Dual Core, 800MHz
Included in configuration
Hard disk
Recommended monthly page volume2
Maximum monthly duty cycle: Up to3
3000 - 50000 pages
5000 - 75000 pages
5000 - 100000 pages
300000 pages per month
300000 pages per month
350000 pages per month
Black: 55 cpm
Black: 63 cpm
Black: 70 cpm
Black: 4.5 seconds
Black: 4.2 seconds
Black: 4.0 seconds
Copy speed: Up to4
Time to first copy: As fast as
25 - 400%
Reduce / enlarge range
A4/Ltr, Black: 132 / 140 sides per minute - A4/Ltr, Color: 132 / 140 sides per minute
Duplex scan speed: Up to
A4/Ltr, Black: 66 / 70 sides per minute - A4/Ltr, Color: 66 / 70 sides per minute
Simplex scan speed: Up to
Flatbed scanner with ADF / DADF (Single Pass Duplex) / 150 pages 20 lb or 75 gsm bond
Scanner type / ADF scan
300 x 300 ppi (color), 600 X 600 ppi (black)
Optical scanning resolution
ITU T.30, V.34 Half-Duplex, 33.6 Kbps
Modem speed ITU
35000-page Toner Cartridge
Laser cartridge yields
Up to 25000 pages1 Starter Toner Cartridge
Cartridges shipping with product
100000 pages, based on 3 average letter/A4-size pages per print job and -5% coverage
Imaging unit estimated yield: Up to
Staple cartridge (3-pack)
Paper handling
Paper handling standard
550-sheet output bin, integrated duplex, 100-sheet multipurpose feeder, 550-sheet input, 550-sheet tray
Paper handling: standard (x)
550-sheet output bin, integrated duplex, 100-sheet multipurpose feeder, 550-sheet input, 2100-sheet tray
4-bin mailbox, 550-sheet tray, 500-sheet offset stacker, 500-sheet staple finisher, staple punch finisher
Paper handling optional
Standard: 1200 pages 20 lb or 75 gsm bond / Maximum: 2300 pages 20 lb or 75 gsm bond
Paper input capacity: Up to
(x) Standard: 2750 pages 20 lb or 75 gsm bond / Maximum: 2750 pages 20 lb or 75 gsm bond
Paper input capacity, standard: Up to (x)
Standard: 1050 pages 20 lb or 75 gsm bond / Maximum: 1050 pages 20 lb or 75 gsm bond
Paper output capacity: Up to
Media types supported
Refer to the Card Stock and Label Guide, Paper Labels, Integrated Labels, Dual Web Lables, Card Stock, Envelopes, Transparencies, Plain Paper
Media sizes supported
10 Envelope, 7 3/4 Envelope, 9 Envelope, A4, A5, A6, B5 Envelope, C5 Envelope, DL Envelope, Executive, Folio, JIS-B5, Legal, Letter, Oficio
Standard ports
One Internal Card Slot, USB 2.0 Specification Hi-Speed Certified (Type B), Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000), Front USB 2.0 Specification Hi-Speed
Certified Port (Type A), Rear USB 2.0 Specification Hi-Speed Certified port (Type A)
Optional network ports / optional local
Noise level, operating
Internal MarkNet™ N8350 802.11b/g/n Wireless / Internal RS-232C serial, Internal 1284-B Bidirectional Parallel
Print: 55 dBA / Copy: 55 dBA / Scan: 57 dBA
Print: 55 dBA / Copy: 56 dBA / Scan: 57 dBA
Print: 56 dBA / Copy: 56 dBA / Scan: 57 dBA
Specified operating environment
Temperature: 16 to 32°C (60 to 90°F), Humidity: 8 to 80% Relative Humidity, Altitude: 0 - 2896 Meters (9500 Feet)
Size (in. - H x W x D) / weight (lb.)
44.6 x 26.1 x 28.9 in. /177.8 lb.
Yield at approximately 5% print coverage. 2 ”Recommended Monthly Page Volume” is a range of pages that helps customers evaluate Lexmark’s product offerings based on the average number of
pages customers plan to print on the device each month. Lexmark recommends that the number of pages per month be within the stated range for optimum device performance, based on factors
including: supplies replacement intervals, paper loading intervals, speed, and typical customer usage. 3 ”Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle” is defined as the maximum number of pages a device could
deliver in a month using a multishift operation. This metric provides a comparison of robustness in relation to other Lexmark printers and MFPs. 4 Print and copy speeds measured in accordance with
ISO/IEC 24734, excludes first set of text documents. For more information see: www.lexmark.com/ISOspee
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their respective owners. ENERGY STAR® is a U.S. registered mark.
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