Helpful Hints Before You Shop... Frequently Asked

Helpful Hints Before You Shop... Frequently Asked
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will I lose my order if I take a phone call while shopping?
A: If you do not use the Mobile Scan app for approximately 45 minutes
(no matter the reason), your order cannot be retrieved
or completed via the app.
Q: What if I lose the wireless signal while shopping?
A: If the wireless signal is interrupted during your shopping,
Mobile Scan will allow you to continue adding items to the order.
NOTE: The field where the price is normally displayed will read “Item
information is not available while offline.” You must select “OK” once
you are notified of being offline, then the app will resume shopping
offline. Once connectivity is restored, the app will automatically
update the item or items and notify you of the updating. It will also
notify you when wireless service has been restored. If you are using an
iPhone and have the autolock feature enabled you may lose the signal
when the phone locks. To retrieve the signal just log back into the app.
Scan to
download the
Mobile Scan
Scan to download
Scan to download
For questions or comments about Mobile Scan please visit the courtesy desk.
To contact us by phone please call: 1-800-ShopRite (1-800-746-7748)
Customer Care hours are: Mon. thru Fri. 8am - 6pm; Sat. & Sun. 9am - 5pm
For other contact options please visit and click contact us.
Copyright © 2013 Wakefern Food Corp. All Rights Reserved.
Q: What if an item will not scan or displays the wrong price?
A: If you want to purchase the item, place it in a separate area of your
cart. When you check out, ask the store associate to assist you.
Download the ShopRite
Mobile Scan app today!
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Q: What if my mobile device dies/runs out of battery?
A: We recommend that you fully charge your mobile device before
beginning a Mobile Scan order. If you notice your device’s battery is
low and you have scanned a large order, you can ask a shopping
assistant for options. If your device dies, proceed to a self checkout
lane or a lane with a cashier to scan and purchase your items. The
order cannot be retrieved from your device once the battery has died.
• Visit the customer service desk to complete enrollment
prior to your first Mobile Scan shopping order.
• Fully charge your mobile device before coming into the
store! If the battery life becomes extremely low during
your shopping, ask the shopping assistant or courtesy
desk for options PRIOR to your device dying.
• Have a supply of reusable bags in your cart before
you begin shopping.
• Bag the groceries as you move through the shopping process.
• Scan the barcode on the item.
• For bakery and produce items that do not have a barcode, you
can scan the shelf tag.
• Weigh produce at the weigh station - don’t wait until checkout.
• Scan each item individually (even if you have multiple
of the same item). This assists in keeping inventory
records accurate and up to date.
• The pay station is located at the front of the store. The
weigh station can be found near the produce department.
• Rainchecks and store credits cannot be processed
via Mobile Scan.
• If you are using Mobile Scan and wish to PURCHASE
gift cards, set the card(s) aside. You’ll need to ask a
store associate to process the card(s) at checkout.
69 4/7 Mobile Scan Brochure
Q: What happens if I answer the phone while I’m shopping?
A: You can answer a call or text during your Mobile Scan process.
Once you complete the call or text, most phones will return you to the
app. If your phone does not, just click the Mobile Scan icon to get back
to your shopping.
Helpful Hints Before You Shop...
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What is ShopRite Mobile Scan?
To use ShopRite Mobile Scan, you MUST have a
personal mobile device with an iOS or Android
operating system and then:
1. Go to the Apple or Google Play store to download
the ShopRite Mobile Scan app.
2. Visit your participating store’s courtesy desk to
complete registration.
a. At the time of registration, customers MUST present
a valid ID, a Price Plus card and email address.
b. The store will also review any available check cashing
history. Only customers in good standing are eligible
for the Mobile Scan service. Mobile Scan privileges
are given at the store’s discretion and can be revoked
at anytime.
c. Once your registration is complete, it is active in all
participating locations.
The Mobile Scan system offers two types of shopping notifications for
Specials – These will pop up on your device to let you know about sale
items in the aisle you are in.
Alerts – These will inform you of your loyalty points (Baby Bucks,
ShopRite Family Rewards, etc.).
Each notification was designed to enhance your shopping experience.
What about...
Prescriptions and those products available from the pharmacy counter
must be paid for at the pharmacy checkout. You do not have to do
anything at the Mobile Scan checkout once you have paid for these
pharmacy items.
You will order your deli meats/cheeses as you normally would. Then, once
you have the packaged meat/cheese, scan the barcode and place the
item in your bag.
You will scan the barcode on any packaged bakery items and place in
your bags. For loose bakery items (rolls, pastries, bagels) key in the PLU
posted on the case or scan the barcode if available and enter the quantity.
4. Scan your Price Plus card when prompted – this will only be
required for your FIRST Mobile Scan order. The system will
then store your number for all future shopping orders.
Scan the label on the catering order and put it in your cart.
For items in this department, including those that need
to be weighed:
1. Press the key item code button then enter the item’s
PLU number into your mobile device or scan the barcode if
available. The PLU number is a four or five digit number often
3. On the self-service weigh station scan the on-screen barcode.
4. Click on the pictures of the produce items one at a time.
5. Weigh each item you select then add each item to your mobile
Now it’s time to check out...
Once you’re done shopping, you MUST take your shopping cart and
mobile device to the dedicated pay station at the front of the store. You
will be prompted to scan the barcode provided on the screen and the
system will then download your order from your mobile device to the pay
station. You can now put away your mobile device. Follow the prompts on
the screen to compete your order.
Mobile Scan Audit
As noted in the terms and conditions of the Mobile Scan service, your
shopping order may be selected for an audit as part of the checkout
process. When an audit is triggered, a store associate will be notified and
will come to assist you. He/she will scan several items in your order to
match them with the information in the computer system. Upon
successful completion of the audit, your payment will be processed. If an
exception is found during the audit (items found that were not scanned,
mismatched items, items not weighed, etc.) the store associate may need
to scan your entire order via a traditional checkout lane. We will make
every effort to complete the audit in a timely manner.
We regret any inconvenience the audit may cause, but it is one
of many security measures in place to make sure that Mobile Scan
privileges are being used as intended.
ShopRite Mobile Scan accepts several forms of payment. Some forms
of payment may require processing assistance from a store associate.
Manufacturer and ShopRite coupons should be scanned during checkout
and placed in the designated slot on the pay station. Digital coupons will
Catering orders?
2. Once you have entered the PLU numbers for all of your
unpackaged produce items please go to the self-service weigh
station to weigh these items.
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3. Click on the Mobile Scan app while you are in the store. Read
and accept the “Terms and Conditions”. To read the “Terms and
Conditions” you will need to accept the “Access to Internet User
Agreement” when prompted.
on the sign associated with the item or found on a sticker on
the item.
69 4/7 Mobile Scan Brochure
ShopRite Mobile Scan is a FREE service that allows you to use the camera
on your personal mobile device (iOS or Android) to scan the barcodes of
items as you shop. Mobile Scan is currently available at select ShopRite
locations. Please visit to view an up-to-date list of
participating stores.
be deducted at checkout. Press the reusable bag button to get credit
if you brought bags to shop.
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