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Table of contents
6New tools for a new future
8 A Systems View of Education
9 Communities of Learning: Three Key Stages
10 HP Education Editions
14 HP School Pack 2.0
16 Cloud-first Edition Notebooks
20 Sprout Pro by HP
22 HP Touchpoint Manager
24 HP Desktops
28 HP Displays
30 HP Printers and Solutions
34 HP Workstations
36 HP Accessories
38 HP Calculators
40 HP Services
42 Notes
New tools for a new future
Learn more
At HP, we believe that a high-quality education is a modern
education. One in which students and teachers can create
deeply individualized and connected learning experiences, at
any time and from anywhere, in the classroom or not. It is only
by evolving the way we empower teachers to differentiate
instruction and students to learn how they learn best, that we
can ensure meaningful learning and positive social and economic
outcomes. This will create a brighter future for our whole society.
Total Access
True Learning
Meaningful Outcomes
In order to flourish as effective citizens in
the 21st century, we need to make sure
students have access to the best of today’s
educational resources, so they can develop
the skills and knowledge they need to thrive
in tomorrow’s global economy.
At HP, we don’t just hand out gadgets. We
turn the devices students use into powerful
instruments of learning.
As important as it is to give students every
chance to make the most of their futures, it’s
also important that we make sure the tools
we have given them are working. HP offers
new ways to analyze learning, economic, and
social indicators to make sure investments
pay off this semester and in the future.
HP technology provides access to
educational content, curricula, and
collaboration on an unprecedented scale,
enabling teachers to bring the world to
their classrooms. And students can take
the classroom into the world, bringing that
content and information wherever they go.
HP technology supports this mobility with
complete solutions, even in the most rural
and remote areas.
Education should mold to the developmental
and academic needs of each student, and
HP’s diverse selection of education PC’s can
deliver a relevant and personalized learning
experience. And with enhanced security,
affordability, easy deployment, and support,
these devices can help transform teacher
and student interactions, so students can
discover their own genius.
HP Education
From the unprecedented availability of
information to the range of devices that
take learning anywhere it needs to go,
education has become remarkably flexible,
collaborative, and personal. However,
many students and teachers lack either the
necessary technology or the knowledge
to use it effectively. It is essential to bring
the best education we can offer to schools
everywhere, and put the tools students and
teachers need in their hands.
At HP, we believe that everyone, everywhere
has the right to the quality education that
results from total universal, democratic
access to modern tools. While we’re proud to
be a provider of such essential technology,
we’re much more than just a vendor. We
are a partner that empowers teachers
and students with effective and efficient
resources wherever they’re needed, so every
student has a chance to learn in their own
individual way.
We’re driven by the knowledge that by
helping to build better education systems,
we’re helping to achieve the best possible
outcomes for us all. And that means
making our education solutions available
to everyone. Our ability to scale allows us
to help students in the most marginalized
communities develop skills that are in
demand—leading to a more prepared,
skilled workforce ready for the jobs of
tomorrow. And our cutting-edge assessment
technology verifies that students aren’t just
showing up at school, but actually learning
and preparing for their future.
When students have the right tools, they
can make almost anything possible. With HP
Education Solutions, everyone is empowered
to control their own learning experience.
When the content is personalized to the
needs of the student, they become a more
engaged and effective learner.
HP believes in the value blended learning,
combining the best of classroom learning
and digital content and actvities. With tools
that seamlessly blend the real world and the
online one, we can facilitate true learning,
with deep engagement and high levels of
comprehension and retention, so students
can get the most out of every class and every
Learning outcomes
There’s a big difference between learning in
school and simply showing up. With the right
devices and assessment tools, educators
can ensure that students aren’t just being
exposed to learning material, but are gaining
the skills and knowledge they need from it.
Social outcomes
HP Education Solutions are built to engage.
Kids who are engaged in school can become
more active, empathetic, and globally aware
citizens, leading to increased participation in
their communities and beyond.
Economic outcomes
Technology in the classroom can help
students develop skills that are
in demand.
By empowering the younger generation
with the knowledge they need, countries can
become more advanced and competitive,
leading to improved economies, employment
opportunities, and income, even for the most
Value to your community
HP can help make a difference in your classroom, so you can make a difference in the lives of your students. Spend your time where
it counts—our Education Solutions make it easy to control the technology in your classroom and manage individual student needs
to help you differentiate instruction. And always be at the top of your instructional game by using technology to engage your
students and enhance your lessons.
Enable students to succeed by providing total access to the world’s collective knowledge on the web. Help keep students safe
online through technology filters, and empower them to stop cyber-bullying. Parents and guardians can check on student progress
and communicate with teachers electronically in real time, ensuring the right amount of participation in their kid’s education.
HP can deliver targeted education solutions at an affordable price, so you can focus on improving educational performance. With HP,
you can provide a safe online environment for your students while ensuring an active and productive use of technology. Let HP help you
minimize your school’s total cost of ownership and maximize student achievement.
Government Leaders
We deliver better education solutions, so you can deliver a better quality of life. Let HP help you manage costs and resources
effectively, plan for improved economic success of the region, and ensure students are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.
A Systems View of Education
Communities of learning: Three key stages
Today’s students are increasingly nomadic, and mobile
technology enables them to learn from almost anywhere.
However, schools are still the single most important
learning environment.
During the first six years of schooling, educators are primarily focused on building fundamental literacy,
numeracy, and social skills for their students, while also ensuring their physical development keeps pace.
Kinesthetic learning plays its most important role as students learn how to write, draw, play, collaborate, and
develop fine and gross motor skills and a healthy outlook on wellness.
Touchscreens allow students to interact with digital content and applications in a natural way. Digital ink with
a stylus enables students to master handwriting, complete assignments, and interact with content in a more
intuitive manner than with keyboard alone.
Education Systems
There is no “one size fits all” model for the rich, diverse landscape of education. The learning
process changes from primary through secondary education as the curriculum becomes
increasingly complex and students are expected to synthesize more content. Education
technology solutions must account for these changes, as well as the changes in the students
themselves as they grow from children to young adults.
How students learn is linked to their future in the workforce or higher education. Making
improvements to each stage of learning, in the most natural and efficient way possible, can help
schools maximize success and lead to meaningful outcomes for students, teachers, parents,
and communities.
Primary and secondary learning environments have been divided into three parts: Early Primary
| Elementary; Late Primary | Middle School; Secondary | High School. Each of these assigned
reference models are intended to be flexible and adaptive, just like 21st century students.
The Human Capital Development Ecosystem
Early Primary | Elementary School
Public and private sector careers
Early Primary | Elementary Schools
Late Primary | Middle School
Higher Education
Teachers and parents can also automate assessment, remediation, and supplemental learning through
worksheet. HP has worked with Dreamworks, and many others to create compelling, curriculum-aligned
worksheets for students throughout the primary years. Teachers can also access a wealth of classroom
aids and signage in bright, bold colors to engage students and create a welcoming, vibrant environment.
Late Primary | Middle Schools
Once students reach grades 6, 7 and 8, they are expected to create more content, demonstrate mastery
of key disciplines, work together in groups, and develop stronger social and wellness habits. They are also
expected to navigate external resources and interact with their peers online, so it is essential that good
“digital citizenship” skills become part of schools’ curricula.
At this stage, many schools choose simple, easy-to-use technology that is “Cloud-first.” Cloud-first
technology like HP Chromebooks and the HP Stream Pro for Education fit these scenarios best. They are
designed to be mobile, affordable, and manageable, and to make deployment and IT management easier
than ever.
Deploying the hardware is just one component. It’s also important to train educators how to use and
manage the devices to best ensure that learning is taking place. That’s why we created HP Services for
Schools, which features a range of courses, including two specific courses for Cloud-first devices: HP
Chromebook Academy and HP Teaching with Windows. These courses, taught on-site by an experienced
team of adjunct faculty, help teachers get comfortable with new technology and prepare to accelerate
learning by focusing on instructional practice and change management instead of device specifications.
Secondary | High Schools
Early Childhood
Secondary | High School
Grades 9-12 are pivotal years for school systems as they focus on preparing students for college, careers,
and life. The graduation rate is perhaps the most public and accepted indicator for school success, and highstakes standardized test results are mercilessly analyzed. In addition to meeting these indicators, students
are also expected to develop communication skills, engage in self-directed study, complex problem solving,
and interdisciplinary projects, and interact with a range of external parties such as potential employers and
college admissions personnel. To do all this, students need technology that is mobile, adaptive, powerful, and
specialized to help them succeed in general scholastic activities and develop advanced skills.
HP Workstations, which are certified on a wide array of advanced software from AutoCAD to Adobe®
Creative Suite®, bring enterprise-grade technology into schools so students can develop and master the
technical skills they will need for advanced CAD, engineering, and design and media production on the
same technology used in today’s most innovative universities and companies.
Because secondary students are highly mobile, they need technology which adapts to the versatile demands
of an increasing academic workload and extracurricular activities. With an astonishing battery life up to 10
hours,7 the HP ProBook 11 Education Edition is a powerhouse designed to last the school day and beyond.
Powered by Intel® Core™ processors and up to 16 GB of RAM,48 it has the performance and features that
today’s student demand, and is built tough with industrial rubber to last beyond graduation day.
Public and private sector careers
Early Primary | Elementary School
Higher Education
Late Primary | Middle School
HP Education
HP ProBook 11 G2 EE
Education Edition
Mic with echo cancellation software
Avail. HD touchscreen
protected by Corning®
Gorilla® Glass
Network activity LED
Wrapped in industrial
co-mold rubber
Spill-resistant LCD
Ultra-durable hinges,
lab-tested to 50,000
power button2
Spill-resistant keyboard with
pick-resistant keycaps2
Lock slot
for security
Reinforced chassis and
all I/O ports
Spill-resistant touchpad2
(VGA, HGMI, SD card, USB
3.0, audio, Ethernet, power)
Up to 10x faster transfer with 3 USB 3.0 ports47
Built for Schools.
Designed for Learning.
HP gathered feedback from thousands of teachers, students
and school administrators to create the Education Editions
(“EE”). Each HP Education Edition is designed and built for
highly-mobile, blended learning environments to enable
anytime, anywhere creativity, collaboration, and critical
thinking. To make the grade as an “EE,” devices need to meet
rigorous testing requirements in four key areas: toughened
chassis; long battery life; premium 2x2 wireless1 available; and
embedded tools for teaching and learning.
Designed for schools, rigorous and
comprehensive testing help ensure
safety, durability, and reliability.
• Meets IP413 water and dust resistance
rating for panel and keyboard.
• Double shot housing designed for 75 cm
drop (school desk height).
• Tested for 50K hinge life cycle.
• Passed 80 lbs display compression.
• Screw type battery lock to enhance the
drop reliability.
HP ProBook 11 G2 EE
A teaching and learning machine
Compose, create, and inspire with the durable HP ProBook 11 EE. Loaded
with Windows 104 Pro and HP School Pack tools, it’s built for students.
Powered to perform. Keep the class engaged for hours without interruption with the latest
Intel performance and long battery life for all-day computing.
Built with students in mind. Bumps, bangs, and minor spills are no big deal for this portable
and durable notebook featuring a reinforced chassis with co-molded rubber trim, and a spillresistant keyboard and touchpad.
Rugged for
2x2 wireless
Battery life extends
beyond the school day
Touch display
HP School Pack
Up to 18 hrs5
HP Education Editions
HP Chromebook 11 G4 EE
HP Pro X360 310 G2 EE
Education Edition
Education Edition
Our first Education Edition Chromebook™.
As versatile as your students.
Schools are a tough environment for notebook computers, subjected to rough handling, drops
and spills. This durable Chromebook is built to deliver learning in a thin-and-light design.
360-degree flexibility. Effortlessly switch between notebook and tablet modes with the
durable, mechanical hinge design.
Rugged and durable. Co-molded rubber edges around the screen and keyboard protect this
Chromebook from bumps and help the unit to survive a drop from a desk or table.
Powered to perform. Be productive throughout the school day with Windows 10 Pro4,
an Intel® Celeron® or Pentium® processor, and solid state storage up to 256 GB.6
310 X360
Reinforced 180° hinge. Collaborate easily with the 180° opening with an optional IPS panel7
for a wide viewing angle. Optimize Google Hangouts and video collaboration with noise
suppression for improved audio clarity.
Convenient connectivity. Stay in touch with powerful connectivity options on the
HP Pro X360 310 G2 EE that include an Intel® 2x2 AC WLAN and a Gigabit NIC.7
Spill-resistant keyboard. To protect the internal components from accidental spills.
Optional 3G/4G WWAN11 Internet access. Helps students stay connected. Students work with
confidence, knowing you can stay connected to content, classmates and applications.
HP Pro Tablet 10 EE
HP Pro Slate 10 EE
Education Edition
Education Edition
The education tablet powered by Windows 10.
The education tablet powered by Android.
Enable 1:1 learning and personalized instruction with a Windows® tablet designed to foster
learning and toughened for the school day. The affordable HP Pro Tablet 10 EE includes learning
tools and flexible connectivity to expand education beyond the walls of the classroom, plus
professional support and services to help educators confidently incorporate new IT.
HP Pro x360 310 EE
HP Pro Tablet 10 EE
Improve learning and elevate student engagement with the Android™ tablet built for schools.
The mobility and durability of the HP Pro Slate 10 EE includes learning tools and flexible
connectivity to expand education beyond the walls of the classroom, plus professional support
and services to help educators confidently incorporate new IT.
Built for schools. Deploy a tablet built for the rigors of the classroom, with a quad-core Intel®
processor,8 10-inch diagonal HD touch anti-glare display, and natural handwriting experience
(with optional stylus), at a price that makes 1:1 learning affordable.
Built for schools. Deploy a tablet designed for the rigors of the classroom, with a quad-core
Intel® processor,8 10-inch diagonal HD touch anti-glare display, and natural handwriting
experience (with optional stylus), at a price that makes 1:1 learning affordable.
Designed for learning. Enjoy out-of-the-box productivity with HP School Pack software,
including HP Classroom Manager.9
Designed for learning. With Google Play for Education, the Pro Slate 10 EE is easy to manage
and provides access to thousands of innovative educational apps.
Rugged for
tablet, tent,
stand mode
Battery life extends
beyond the school day
Up to 10 hrs5
Up to 9.5 hrs10
Moble: Thin
and light
14 mm/
855 gr (1.88 lb)
HP School
Chromebook 11 G4 EE
HP Pro Slate 10 EE
Rugged for
180º hinge
Battery life extends
beyond the school
Moble: Thin
and light
Up to 9.5 hrs12
20.44 mm/
1.360 kg (3 lbs)
Up to 10 hrs13
14 mm/
855 gr (1.88 lb)
Apps for
Play for
HP School Pack 2.0
HP School Pack includes:
HP Classroom Manager
Harness technology and embrace flexibility
to redefine instruction.
Monitor student progress, reduce
distractions, and enhance learning with
collaborative discussions and document
sharing from HP Classroom Manager 3.0.9
Save money with a perpetual per-student
device license that allows for transfer
between devices.
HP Touchpoint Manager for Education
Efficiently manage student devices.
Focus on your lesson, not the technology,
with HP Touchpoint Manager14, a cloudbased solution that lets you easily track
and address the security and health of your
students’ devices anytime, anywhere from
an easy-to-use dashboard.
HP Adaptive Learning Created by Fishtree
Differentiate instruction and personalize
Help students learn and teachers
save valuable instruction time with a
personalized platform with standardsaligned resources, social media-based
tools, and dynamic analytics from HP
Adaptive Learning Created by Fishtree.15
of educators
believe students are more productive
because of technology in the classroom.*
* IT Opportunities in the Education Market
of teachers
said it is extremely or very important for
great teachers to incorporate technology
to help students learn.*
Improve learning outcomes with
solutions for the 21st century.
Meet and exceed the global requirements of learners with HP
School Pack 2.0, an out-of-the box solution of digital tools and
content designed for collaborative, standards-aligned and
personalized learning.
Curriculum Matrix
Transform student learning with expertly
curated resources.
Easily customize, standardize, upload, and
share district- and teacher-created content
with the Common Core-aligned Curriculum
Single sign on for HP School Pack.
Consolidate passwords with Classlink17,
which gives students access to their
software and cloud-based learning tools—
regardless of the device—with just one login.
Effortlessly incorporate hands-on STEM learning.
Empower students to experiment and
investigate with SPARKvue’s content-rich
data collection, visualization, and analysis
tools. Connect through Bluetooth® or USB
and get access to SPARKlabs’ 60+ free
labs—including two exclusively for HP.
HP Prime Graphing Calculator App
Flexible, anywhere access to a full-featured
calculator in an app.
Solve problems, learn, and explore on
the HP Prime Graphing Calculator App, an
extensive and integrated mathematics
tool that enables students to use familiar
HP Prime Calculator features on their
Windows® and Android™ devices.
Corinth Classroom:
Bring science lessons to life with interactive
3D visuals.
Deliver “a-ha” moments to your
students with the STEM-enriched Corinth
Classroom18, which simplifies complex
science objects through immersive content
and creative visualization solutions.
Introduce coding with engaging, user-friendly
Quickly engage students with popular
programming languages through
Codecademy.19 The interactive, userfriendly, rewards-based experience allows
students to move forward at their own pace.
Oxford UP
The gold standard for ELL.
Access high-quality audio pronunciations of
100K+ sample sentences, including context
and vocabulary, with the Oxford University
Press Learner’s Dictionary. Get a compilation
of the most important English words and
their definitions with the Oxford 3000.
HP School Pack 2.0 ships preinstalled in Windows 10 Education
devices and can be also purchased separately for non
education devices.
* Scholastic Inc. and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,
3rd Edition, February 2014, America’s Teachers on
Teaching in an Era of Change.
HP Cloud-First
Education Notebooks
HP Stream 11 Pro G2
Bring learning to the cloud. Upgrade classroom learning with the thin, light, and powerful
HP Stream 11 Pro.
Take learning to the next level with Windows 10 while maximizing collaboration with Microsoft
OneDrive cloud storage, improved WLAN20 connectivity, and the Office suite of applications.7
Powered to perform. From the start of class to after-school homework, stay productive with
the Stream 11 Pro’s long battery life.
Budget friendly, classroom ready. A secure and budget friendly notebook built for learning with
WLAN20 connectivity in the classroom, hardware and firmware TPM, fast boot-up time, and Intel®
Celeron® processing power.8
Sleek style, quiet operation. The Ultra-slim quiet fan-less design helps keep classrooms
focused without the ambient noise from multiple machines.
Anywhere, anytime. Get up to speed with Windows 104 and OneDrive7 cloud storage that
delivers productivity and enable studying online and offline with compatible applications.
Extra security. With certified TPM,21 your school or office data is protected with hardware-based
encryption keys.
Windows® 10 – Accelerate learning with the
vast ecosystem of education applications.
Cloud Ready – Access files with Microsoft®
OneDrive, wherever your classroom is.
Thin design – Say goodbye to thick and heavy,
and hello to Stream’s thin and light design.
Mobile. Affordable. Manageable.
Unbeatable Value – Windows® OS and Intel®
processing technology at an affordable price.
Harness the power of the cloud to deliver learning on the HP
Stream and HP family of Chromebooks. Deploying and
maintaining your academic fleet of devices has never been
easier thanks to the optional Google® Chromebook™
Management Console or HP Touchpoint Manager. Starting at
$229, these notebook PCs are priced for education.
HP Stream 11 Pro G2
2x2 wireless
Battery life extends beyond the school day
Moble: Thin and light
Up to 10.5 hrs5
18 mm/1.08 Kg (2.4 lb)
Family of Chromebooks for Education
Inspire learning and help elevate productivity to the next level with these HP Chromebooks.
Affordable collaboration at school and work has never been so easy with Intel® processors, long
battery life, and an optional HD IPS panel.7
Chromebook 11 G4 EE
Processing power. Get trusted processing power from an Intel® Celeron® processor8 that
quickly launches apps, allows fast web browsing, and efficiently manages battery power.
Simple maintenance and manageability. Chrome OS delivers a low maintenance experience
with automatic software updates and virus protection.
See more detailed information on page 13.
Optional 3G/4G LTE wireless connectivity
Optional HD IPS Panel
Easy to deploy and manage. Manage 10s, 100s, even 1000s of HP Chromebooks with ease.
The optional web-based Chrome Management Console7 makes it easy to deploy and control
users, devices, and apps across a fleet of HP Chromebooks.
Inspire learning through collaboration. Optimize Google Hangouts and video collaboration
with noise suppression software for improved audio clarity.
Optional Google Play for Education. Take learning in new directions with thousands of options
for innovative education apps and lesson content for HP Chromebooks, vetted by educators,
instantly shareable and easy to manage.22
Chromebook 11 G4
Optional 3G/4G LTE wireless connectivity
Optional HD IPS Panel
Chromebook 14 G4
Optional full HD IPS Panel
Rugged for
180º hinge
2x2 wireless
Battery life extends
beyond the school day
Moble: Thin
and light
Google Apps
for Education
Up to 9.5 hrs12
20.44 mm/
1.360 kg (3 lbs)
Chromebook 11 G4
Up to 9.5 hrs12
20.44 mm/
1.280 kg (2.83 lb)
Chromebook 14 G4
Up to 9.5 hrs12
Chromebook 11 G4 EE
Sprout Pro by HP
• Webcam and downward facing
• Use as a document camera,
capture objects.
• Capture portfolios and works in
progress; great for project based
learning and demonstrations.
3D Scanner
• Capture 3D objects.
• Grab objects to modify, copy, 3D
print, use in creative projects.
• Scientific research, measurement,
connecting the physical world to
digital tools.
The optional 3D Capture Stage can
be used to automate most of the
process, delivering better, faster,
and more consistent 3D scans.
• Creates second screen on the
Touch Mat.
• Project onto materials, touch
and manipulate captured objects,
touchable second screen.
• Connect computer work to
physical materials for tactile
learning opportunities.
Powerful Windows Computer
• Runs all your favorite Windows
• Use as any computer and then
bring in content captured with
• Real world computer skills,
connect creative Sprout content
to apps like Adobe Creative
Suite™, Powerpoint™, etc.
Touch Mat
• 20-point touch mat and
projection screen.
• Collaboration, intuitive
interaction, creative drawing
and sketching.
• Group work, accessible for
younger ages, art projects.
Transform the classroom into an
immersive educational experience.
3D Dremel Idea Builder
When Sprout is combined with 3D printing
capabilities, like those of the Dremel 3D Idea
Builder, the possibilities to capture, customize,
and make are seemingly endless With a fully
enclosed workspace, it allows to safely and
reliably build 3D models and projects. With
easy-to-use software and a pre-installed
extruder, it allows to start turning the Sprout
creations into printed models in minutes.
Revolutionize the way teachers and students learn, create,
collaborate, and share. Sprout is a new kind of all-in-one
computer that enables students to make, design, and customize
the world around them. Designed by HP, powered by Windows
10 with a 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, Sprout
provides the technological power needed to transform
instruction, increase student engagement, and drive learning
Sprout activities for the classroom
There are many learning activities that are unique
to the interactive capabilities of Sprout. These
activities act as an inspiration point for teachers
and students to begin learning with Sprout.
• Capture 2D - Use Sprout’s Capture and Doc Scan
apps to produce a high-resolution, full-color 2D
image of an object on the HP Touch Mat.
• Capture 3D – Use Sprout’s 3D Capture app to
create a high-resolution, full-color 3D digital
model that you can manipulate any way you
• Mashups & Layouts – Use Sprout’s Create app
to create multi-dimensional, mixed-media
compilations starting with templates or a
blank space.
• Stop Motion – Use Sprout’s Stop Motion
app to record and animate physical objects
captured over time, frame by frame, to create
stop motion animation videos.
• Tracing & Stenciling – Use Sprout’s Light Stencil
app to capture an image and then project it onto
the HP Touch Mat for use as a drawing guide.
• Collaboration – Using Sprout’s remote
collaboration tool, HP MyRoom allows working
together on projects in real-time, sharing the
screen, the Touch Mat, and other applications
while talking directly with others.
• Lesson Delivery – Sprout is a great lesson
delivery tool. Use the External Display Mixer
app to share materials, use the Touch Mat like a
smartboard, and connect to a projector or large
display with Sprout’s third screen HDMI output.
• Video Capture – Use Sprout’s three cameras—
webcam, document camera, and main display
screen recording capabilities —together in
the Video Capture app allowing recording of
multiple perspectives simultaneously.
Sprout engages all of a student’s senses while supporting both collaboration and personal
exploration. Because all of Sprout’s interaction surfaces—including the Integrated Display and
the HP Touch Mat—handle multiple touch points, Sprout can be used by multiple students at
the same time. Sprout is the all-in-one computer built to help students work together, explore
together, solve problems together, and reinvent together.
Delivering functionality in tune with the needs of educators who strive for data-driven learning
outcomes through inspiring and engaging instruction, Sprout offers a platform for exploration
and creativity that can extend and enrich any curricular content. Sprout can be used as a teacher
content system for everything from the delivery of in-person presentations to multi-camera
media content made for the flipped classroom. In its unique ability to turn any 2D or 3D object
into a visual representation, Sprout can be an integral piece of the personalized learning
experience to help improve mathematical problem solving. By unifying multiple visual, sonic,
and hands-on approaches in a single device, Sprout offers an ideal way to support variety in
The learning environment has a direct impact on student outcomes and new research shows
that well-designed classrooms can boost the progress of learning. Through the tactile
interaction enabled by Sprout, students engage with content in a way that supports problemsolving and critical thinking by leveraging both the digital and physical worlds. Sprout allows
creativity to drive the learning experience, inspiring students and teachers alike to explore and
interact in new ways.
Sprout’s technology provides access to a more robust world of learning. Today’s students
need to build relevant ways of thinking and working which will prepare them for tomorrow’s
challenges. With Sprout at the center of learning, educators will be empowered to reimagine
education and reinvent the classroom.
HP Touchpoint Manager
for Education
of schools lack resources to support
new and existing technology assets
Source: Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) and
Schooldude, “The Unique Challenges Facing the IT
Professional in K-12 Education,” 2013
HP Touchpoint Manager provides a single management dashboard with alerts and
comprehensive tools that help school IT administrators proactively monitor and fix both device
and application issues across different operating systems and devices. It is a single solution
that manages and secures the most popular devices and platforms found in schools including
Windows, iOS, and Android. And because it’s cloud-based, you can be up and running in minutes
without a lengthy deployment process. With both default and customizable security policies, HP
Touchpoint Manager is designed to work for everyone, not just IT professionals.
Quick to deploy—
easy to use
Source: Grundwald Associates, “Living & Learning with
Mobile Devices: What Parents Think About Mobile Devices
for Early Childhood and K-12 Learning”, 2013.
One solution,
all devices
HP Touchpoint Manager
One-stop IT management
for education
HP Touchpoint Manager gives school IT staff easy access to
cloud-based monitoring, management, and troubleshooting
tools.21 Its intuitive interface, default configurations, proactive
alerts, and security policy settings enable even the most
inexperienced IT administrators to manage and secure their
environments with confidence.
Basic features
• BYOD Policy Support
• Find, Lock, and Wipe device23
• Firewall Policy
• Groups
• Hard-Disk Health
• Mobile Device Security Policy
• Phone and Chat Support
• Proactive Alerts
• Remote Alarm
• Software Inventory
• Software Updates
• Smart Battery Health Monitor
• User and Device Inventory
• Virus Protection Policy
Pro features
Includes all HP Touchpoint Manager Basic
features, plus:
• Mobile Application Deployment
• Password Recovery
• Patch Management
• Remote Control24
• Windows Application Deployment
• Wi-Fi Provisioning
Licensing options include 1 device per user
HP Touchpoint Manager—a one-stop solution for managing and securing devices regardless
of brand or operating system—can help. With a simple-to-use, web-based dashboard, IT
administrators can manage and secure devices both in the classroom and away.
One-stop solution
Focused on the
needs of Education
Better value
Education is transforming to take advantage of advances in technology. Students and teachers
are connected in the classroom and beyond, enabling new teaching styles and learning
experiences. The resulting proliferation of devices and schools’ increasing dependence on them
can present challenges for schools, especially when resources are limited.
Increase student and teacher productivity
HP Touchpoint Manager increases student and teacher productivity by minimizing downtime
from IT-related issues. Your existing IT resources can focus on proactively tracking device
health, identifying problems before they occur, and can more effectively support end users
from virtually anywhere. HP Touchpoint Manager provides default configurations and default
security policy settings that enable even the most inexperienced IT administrators to manage
their environments with ease.
Create a safe IT environment
HP Touchpoint Manager includes the ability to find and lock devices on a map and the ability
to erase23 the data on a device if it has been lost or stolen. IT administrators can also easily
set and apply security policies across groups of devices, taking advantage of default settings
or customize the settings and policies as needed. Additionally, HP Touchpoint Manager can
monitor and apply firewall and anti-virus policies and extend device lifecycle by monitoring
hard disk health, available hard disk space, and battery health on Windows devices. With patch
management, school IT can ensure that the latest patches are deployed to help keep your
Windows-based systems secure.
Reduce IT costs
You can be up and running with HP Touchpoint Manager within minutes. Because it’s cloudbased, you can access your device-management and support tools from virtually anywhere
you have Internet access to solve issues in real time – helping improve IT effectiveness and
teacher and student productivity.
HP Touchpoint Manager helps IT administrators perform more efficiently and provides
predictable costs for supporting devices and users. By allowing users to self support basic
issues and helping perform key IT management functions in less time, IT resources are able to
focus on more complex challenges. Costs associated with device and data loss are minimized
and thanks to improved device reliability, student and teacher productivity are maximized. In
addition, HP Touchpoint Manager helps IT avoid the additional expense of licensing different
point management solutions and provides additional functionality through frequent service
updates, at no additional cost.
HP Desktops
Ready for schools
•HP School Pack 2.0 is available on selected models.
More performance and reliability
•The HP range of desktops provide more performance and reliability with DDR4 Memory25, SSDs, and the latest Intel
and AMD processors.
•HP desktops are rigorously tested to help ensure reliability. During the HP Total Test Process, PCs experience 120,000
hours of performance trials to help get you through your school day.
•Protected by HP Services with up to a 3-year parts, labor, onsite service.43
Strong security
•HP Client Security suite26 helps you to quickly and easily encrypt your hard drive, permanently delete unwanted or
discarded data, restrict unauthorized access, and more.
•Do away with downtime. HP BIOS Protection’s automated recovery restores a copy of the BIOS from a partition on the
hard drive, so if crisis strikes, productivity can prevail without missing a beat.27
•The embedded Trusted Platform Module 1.2 (TPM) upgradeable to 2.0 provides hardware-based encryption keys to
help secure your data, e-mail, and user credentials.44
•Secure your desktop in public locations with a HP Business PC Security Lock Kit that helps prevent removals of
peripherals and PC chassis cover.
Accessories for schools
Increase learning. Decrease cost.
Enable learning experiences that fit your school with a
complete line of HP top-class desktops built for education.
•The HP USB/PS2 Washable Keyboard/Mouse is
well-suited for school environments that require
keyboards and mice to have a waterproof exterior
that protects against windblown dust, rain,
splashing water and hose-directed water.
•Make distance learning from your PC as simple as the
touch of a button with the optional HP Conferencing
Choose space-saving HP Small Form Factor, a traditional
desktop PC, or a robust touch-enabled all-in-one—HP offers a
range of desktops to meet your specific deployment needs,
from classrooms to labs to libraries.
Keep it secure, keep it simple, and keep students focused on
their curriculum with PCs that are backed by a full portfolio of
security solutions, including HP BIOSphere and HP Client Security.
HP Microtower PC
HP Small Form Factor Desktop PCs
A great choice for solid performance and expandability
The perfect combination of power and expandability
HP 280 G1 Microtower PC
HP ProDesk 400 G3 Microtower PC
HP ProDesk 400 G3 Small Form Factor PC
Budget friendly, simple to use and deploy, with
essential features.
Affordable and reliable, designed with essential
security and manageability features.
Affordable and reliable, designed with essential security and manageability features.
•OS options including Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)
•OS options including Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)
•6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors8 with Intel® HD 530 Graphics
•Intel® Core™ 4th Generation processor
•6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors with Intel®
HD 530 Graphics
•Up to 32 GB DDR4 memory support via 2 DIMM slots
•Trusted Platform Module 1.2 (TPM)
•Up to 32 GB DDR4 memory support via 2 DIMM slots
•Up to 16 GB Memory
•Dual monitor support via 1 VGA and 1 Display Port
•8 USB Ports
•OS options including Windows 10 Pro4 (64-bit)
•Dual monitor support via 1 VGA and 1 Display Port
•HP School Pack 2.0 optional pre-install
•HP School Pack 2.0 optional pre-install
HP ProDesk 600 G2 Small Form Factor PC
The HP ProDesk 600 delivers value with a balance of performance and expandability.
HP All-in-One PCs
•OS options including Windows 10 Pro4 (64-bit)
•6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors8 with Intel® HD 530 Graphics
Flexible, space-saving and high performance
•Up to 64 GB DDR4 memory support via 4 DIMM slots
•Up to three independent displays via 1 VGA and 2 Display Ports
HP ProOne 400 G2 All-in-One Touch
Easy to deploy, sleek, and feature-rich, the HP ProOne 400 All-in-One with touch,
manageability, and security features is a sound investment.
•OS options including Windows 10 Pro4 (64-bit)
•6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors8 with Intel® HD 530 Graphics
•20” diagonal IPS display with edge-to-edge glass and ten-point capacitive touch
•Collaboration tools including HP Noise Reduction Software, and a 1 MP HD webcam
•Easel, adjustable height and recline stand options7
•HP School Pack 2.0 optional pre-install
The HP EliteDesk 705 delivers impressive value with high-performance technology, security,
and manageability.
•OS options including Windows 10 Pro4 (64-bit)
•AMD PRO A-Series APUs28 with AMD Radeon™ graphics
•Tool-less chassis with up to four expansion slots and ten ports
•Security solutions including HP BIOSphere with Sure Start and dual storage RAID
HP Easel Stand*
HP Adjustable Height Stand
HP Recline Stand
Option with recline and cable management.
Variety of height, tilt and swivel, portrait
adjustment options and cable management.
Low position sliding adjustment for optimal
ergonomics with touch use and cable
HP EliteDesk 705 G2 Small Form Factor PC
•Up to 32 GB memory support via 4 DIMM Slots
Selection of stands to match your school needs
*Only available on 400 AiO
•HP School Pack 2.0 optional pre-install
HP Z34c 34-inch Curved Display
HP Displays
Prepare for the panorama with the HP Z34c Ultra Wide Curved Display—34 diagonal inches of
an elegant, immersive, curved visual and audio experience with enhanced peripheral readability
for your workstation, PC, and mobile device content.
•34" diagonal curved monitor
•VA with LED backlight
•3440 x 1440 WQHD resolution
•21:9 aspect ratio
•178° horizontal; 178° vertical viewing angles
•3,000:1 static; 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio29
•8 ms gray to gray (with Overdrive)
•2 HDMI (One HDMI port is also an MHL input); 1 DisplayPort
•Integrated, front facing DTS Surround Sound speakers
HP EliteDisplay E240c Video Conferencing Monitor
Connect, conference, and collaborate in complete comfort with the Certified Skype for Business
HP EliteDisplay E240c 23.8-inch Video Conferencing Monitor, a communications hub with an HD
webcam, microphone, speakers, and easy-access hot keys that’s also a Full HD display. Create a
compact, efficient workspace by attaching an HP PC or select HP Thin Client directly behind the
•IPS panel for 178° horizontal; 178° vertical viewing angles
•23.8" diagonal monitor
•1920 x 1080 FHD resolution
•16:9 aspect ratio
•1000:1 static; 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio29
•VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort (with HDCP support)
•Tilt: -5 to +25°; Swivel: ±45°; Height: 150 mm
•720p HD Webcam w/ dual microphones and LED
•Internal 2 W per channel speakers
Maximize classroom learning
HP ProDisplay P242va Monitor
Give your HP Pro PC content room to roam on the extra-large HP ProDisplay P242va Monitor.
Experience stunning FHD 1920 X 1080 resolution and 178-degree viewing angles. Plus, ultrafast graphics refresh, and vivid colors with DisplayPort connectivity. Create an efficient, easy-touse workspace by attaching your HP PC or select HP Thin Client directly behind the display.
Students and educators can collaborate, see more, and do more
with HP’s wide range of traditional, specialty, and interactive
displays that are designed for seamless operation with your
school’s PC and workstation solutions.
•24" diagonal monitor
•VA (Vertical Angle) panel technology
•1920 x 1080 FHD resolution
•16:9 aspect ratio
•178° horizontal; 178° vertical viewing angles
•3000:1 static; 5000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio29
•8 ms gray to gray29
For more information please visit
•VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort (with HDCP support) connectivity
•Tilt: -5 to +22°
HP Printers and Solutions
HP OfficeJet Pro 276dw Color MFP
Ideal for the classroom, the HP OfficeJet Pro 200 series allows you to manage your print
environment and your budget. This advanced, network-ready MFP gets up to 50% lower cost
per page than lasers30. Conserve resources without sacrificing performance by using up to 50%
less energy than color lasers.30 Set your printer for savings with Schedule On and Schedule Off.31
•Two-sided print, scan, copy; ADF
•ISO (laser comparable) speeds up to 20/15 pages per minute52
•Print wirelessly32
•Easy access front USB port
HP OfficeJet Pro X476/X576 Color MFP series with PageWide
Cut your print costs in half and get more done faster with the HP OfficeJet Pro X series. The
secret? HP PageWide Technology. With speeds of up to 70 pages per minute,35 the industry’s
most energy-efficient business printers help reduce the carbon footprint by up to 55%.53
HP printers featuring HP PageWide Technology require less energy to print than any other HP
printing and imaging device.33 Your school can reduce waste and conserve resources with HP
OfficeJet Pro X devices that produce up to 94% less packaging and supplies waste than competing
lasers.34 And, with high-capacity cartridges of up to 10,000 prints per cartridge—more than 2x
competitive lasers, special HP PageWide pigments deliver highly saturated colors and the blackest
blacks that resist smearing, water spills, and highlighter smudges. The HP OfficeJet X series has
the cost, performance and quality advantages you need to help run your school efficiently and
•Print speeds of up to 70 pages per minute35 improve productivity, pupil and staff satisfaction
•Vibrant affordable color for vivid imaginations
•Advanced security tools to help protect confidential data at every level
Printing solutions for Education
Whether creating vibrant classroom materials, providing
supplemental learning activities or running the morning
attendance report, HP provides the print solutions you need to
keep your school on track.
•Breakthrough environmental benefits meeting strict eco-standards with fewer emissions,
using 50% less energy and 50% less waste compared to lasers33
HP Color LaserJet Pro M477
Ideal for the education environment, the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477 is a fast-performing,
unmatched color MFP with robust security and innovative toner for more pages.36 Two-sided
printing that’s faster than the competition38 and the ability to scan digital files directly to email,
USB, network folders, and the cloud with preloaded business apps37 enable you to speed
through more tasks. The Original HP High Yield Color Toner cartridges with JetIntelligence.36
give you the most prints for your money and allow you to spend less time replacing toner.
Protect information and control access to confidential print jobs, using cloud-based HP
JetAdvantage Private Print or job storage with PIN printing. Easily print Microsoft Word and
PowerPoint documents, as well as .pdf and .jpg files—straight from your USB drive.
•Print letter up to 28 pages per minute50 (black and color)
•Single-pass, two-sided scanning directly to USB, network folders, email, and the cloud
•Protect information and control access to confidential print jobs, using cloud-based
•HP JetAdvantage Private Print51 or built-in job storage with PIN printing
•Grab pages and go—without waiting around. This MFP wakes up and prints faster than the
Managed Print Services
Information Workflow Solutions for Education
Achieve a flexible, safeguard print environment—help save
costs and the environment.
Digitize and streamline document intensive processes—
improve outcomes where it counts most: in enabling a smarter
educational institution.
“We don’t want teachers
becoming technicians; they
need to teach in the
classroom. HP MPS ensures
our print infrastructure runs
reliably and cost effectively
to support the district’s
educational mission.”
“With HP Managed Print
Services, we have the right
printers in the right places,
robust cost accounting and
reporting, and streamlined
supplies management.”
– Yancy Hawkins, Fiscal Services Manager, Palo
Alto Unified School District, Palo Alto, CA..
– Robert Saffel, Director of Technology Services,
Silver Valley Unified School District
Whether a major university, small school district, or something in between, paper-intensive
processes play an important role in daily routines. Admissions and student records, financial
aid, human resources, individual education plans (IEP)—virtually any department or
educational service deals with volumes of paperwork that are handled manually. Without a
good document management solution in place, you feel the pain in wasted time and money,
decreased teacher productivity, delayed decision making and increased security risks. Digitizing
and streamlining workflows can help to reduce costs, meet compliance requirements and
better serve students, faculty and administrative staff.
Today’s educational establishments, both public and private, are facing tight budgets, fewer
resources and increased demands. While trying to address these economic realities, educators
feel the burden of strict accountability policies and classroom evaluations; and administrative
staff realize the need to compete with peer organizations for students, staff and resources. In
your ongoing quest to drive down costs, you might be surprised by the savings you can achieve
with a fully optimized and well-managed printing and imaging environment. In fact, studies
have shown that managing your fleet holistically can save you upwards of 30% on your printing
costs. And the savings increase exponentially when the scope of work includes automating
paper-intensive workflows. This is what HP Managed Print Services (MPS) is all about, and why
HP has been recognized as a leader in the field by the industry’s most respected analysts.
HP Information Workflow Solutions for Education are a combination of hardware, software,
services, and consulting that span the institution from head office to the library, from classroom
to the lab. Such solutions can transform schools into dynamic digital campuses that capture the
attention and minds of students and faculty alike.
HP MPS provides customized assessment, procurement, implementation, management, and
workflow-enhancing services to reduce the demands on your organization’s information
technology (IT) staff. Our comprehensive support can help you eliminate the time and financial
drains associated with in-house supplies management, IT maintenance, and usage monitoring.
HP MPS handles the full imaging and printing life cycle, allowing you to focus your employees
and capital investments at the points of greatest impact—whether that’s making your
admissions process more efficient or enhancing your individual education plans (IEP) initiatives.
HP MPS also enables organizations to reduce their costs and environmental impact by
managing printers more efficiently, deploying new devices with environmental factors in mind,
and monitoring and controlling device usage.
Transform paper-based processes to improve decision-making and reduce the cost of
processing and managing documents
•Increase productivity by allowing users to digitally store and easily find and retrieve critical
•Ensure security of documents and confidentiality of the information they contain
•Control your imaging and printing environment—from document and data security, to recordkeeping, archiving, and document retrieval—with greater ease and efficiency
•Simplify document access and printing across the entire institution
•Focus more on teaching and learning with a secure, cost-effective imaging and printing infrastructure
•Develop a customized print strategy to lower overall internal costs and reduce maintenance
burdens on employees
For more information please visit
•Meet important operational and environmental goals by streamlining processes, saving
energy, and reducing paper waste
For more information please visit
HP Workstations
HP Z1 G2 Workstation
All-in-One evolution
The HP Z1 Workstation gives you outstanding control and flexibility with tool-free access to the
chassis for simplified swapping and upgrading. It’s an all-in-one solution—everything is built
right behind the 27-inch diagonal display. So say goodbye to wires and forget about finding
space for the tower, because with this streamlined workstation, you can install, upgrade, and
run your new computer without all the fuss.
•Choice of Windows operating systems or Linux®
•Powered by 4th generation Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Core™ processors8
•Up to 32 GB Memory39
•27-inch diagonal display
•Optional 10" touchscreen9
HP Z240 Small Form Factor Workstation
Power, price and size
The world’s number one ranked entry level workstation features a choice of Tower or SFF
configurations.45 It just got better with the HP Z240 which packs the performance, features,
and reliabilty of a workstation into the price point of a desktop PC.
•Windows® 10 Pro 644
•Powered by 6th generation Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Core™ processors8
•No compromise reliability, affordably priced
•Recommended for STEM curriculums
HP ZBook 15u G3 Mobile Workstation
ZBook 15u
Creativity knows no limits on HP’s thin and light HP ZBook 15, the world’s best-selling moble
workstation.45 Now in its third generation, this powerful performer offers an exciing blend of
mobility and robust configurability. Work anywhere and be confident the power you need is at
your fingertips on our most versatile mobile workstation. It’s the perfect mix of style, features,
and portability.
Give your students a
professional experience with
HP Workstations.
HP Workstations deliver the performance your school needs
to run professional engineering and digital media and
entertainment applications at a price that’s right for a school
budget. In both desktop and mobile systems, HP Workstations
are designed to be more reliable and longer lasting than PCs.
They are built for the demands of a professional world—and
educational labs.
Portable powerhouse
•Windows® 10 Pro 644
•Sleek & stylish workstation Ultrabook™ (Not all configurations qualify as Ultrabook.)
•Powered by 6th generation Intel® processors8
•Up to 32 GB Memory39
•Up to 1.5 TB of storage40
•Recommended for STEM curriculums
HP ZBook Studio Mobile Workstation
ZBook Studio
Looks stunning. Works wonders.
Conquer the school day with the perfect combination of brains and beauty. The iconic 15.6"
diagonal HP ZBook Studio is HP’s thinnest, lightest, and most attractive full performance
mobile workstation.
•Choice of Windows 10 Pro or Windows 7 operating systems.4
•Starting at just 4.4 lbs46 and 18 mm thin
•Choice of Intel® Core™ or Intel® Xeon® processors8
•Up to 32 GM ECC Memory39 and 2 TB storage
•Thunderbolt™ 3
•Recommended for STEM curriculums
HP Accessories
Docking Stations
Charging Stations
An ideal desktop
computing environment
with cable management
and expandability.
Powered by AC power or
powerful USB, the drive
can read/write CD’s and
DVD formats.
Securely store and charge your notebooks or tablets
to full power. Push new software and system patches
to all your devices at the same time with Managed
Charging Stations.
HP USB Travel Dock
HP USB optical drive
HP Tablet Charging Module
HP 20/30 Notebooks
Charging Cart
Get the most out of your
HP technology investment
with genuine HP Accessories.
Customize your classroom technology with a range of
accessories designed and tested to work with your products,
and supported by HP.
Keyboards and Mice
Connect your PC to a sleek, restyled
keyboard that has a familiar notebookstyle layout, low-profile and quiet keys
with a single USB dongle.
One power supply for multiple
devices, and video adapters for
flexible display support.
Listen to personal media with
crystal-clear sound and noise
cancelling features.
HP Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
HP Smart AC adapter
HP Stereo 3.5 mm Headset
Security locks
Ultraslim lock to secure ultraslim notebooks or
docking station cable lock when docked.
Protect your notebook with this protective case
either in your backpack or alone.
HP Keyed Cable Lock 10mm
HP Essential Backpack
HP Chromebook protective
cover (11" and 14")
HP Calculators
HP Prime Graphing Calculator
Experience math in the age of touch with the HP Prime Graphing Calculator, a sleek full-color,
multi-touch calculator that delivers touchscreen or keypad interaction, easy integration of
multiple mathematical representations, quick formative assessment, and a long-life, lithiumion re-chargeable battery.
•Gesture-based interface with 18 built-in math apps
•Advanced Graphing capabilities to graph virtually anything on X & Y
•Dynamic Geometry and an optional Computer Algebra System (CAS)
•College Board and IB Diploma Programme approved*
HP Prime Wireless Kit
Improve classroom interactivity with the HP Prime Wireless Kit, which allows teachers
to wirelessly push and pull content between the teacher PC and up to 60 HP Graphing
Calculators (G8X922AA)41.
•Send and collect data from student calculators
•Monitor and project a screen to the class
•Assess student progress with poll and quizzes
•Create exam configurations and edit programs
HP Prime Mobile App
Enable students to learn and explore on their tablet or smartphone with the HP Prime Mobile
App. Learn and explore with confidence using an app designed with the same layout and
features as the HP Prime Graphing Calculator.
HP Prime Wireless Math
STEM-based learning
•Compatible with Windows 8.1 and 10, Android, and iOS
•In-app, just-in-time, context-sensitive help
•Hundreds of mathematical functions and commands for easy problem solving
•Perfect for Secondary and College-level courses
Discover the HP Prime Wireless Math Classroom, a
comprehensive ecosystem of tools that empowers educators
and encourages student STEM-based learning through
wireless one-to-many teaching and classroom collaboration.
For a full range of scientific, financial,
and graphing calculators, as well as
educational resources, please visit
* Approved for PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT®, SAT Subject Tests™ in Mathematics, and AP® Exams where calculators are permitted.
AP®, SAT® and SAT Subject Tests™ are trademarks registered and/or owned by the College Board®, which was not
involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product. PSAT/NMSQT® is a registered trademark of the
College Board and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, which were not involved in the production of, and do not
endorse, this product. IB is a registered trademark of the International Baccalaureate Organization. Visit for
more information.
HP Services
A broad selection of services tailored
to the school’s needs
Accidental Damage Protection
HP Care Pack Services
Our Accidental Damage Protection
Services provide repair or
replacement when things go
Let HP protect your devices no matter what happens in and out of school. From Accidental
Damage protection, PC tracking, onsite repair, and defective media retention are included in HP
Care Packs.
PC Tracking & Recovery
Onsite Service Repair
Have expertise at the ready with
HP Hardware Next Business Day42
Onsite Service. Remote assistance
or convenient onsite support is
available to vastly improve your
product uptime.
Defective Media Retention
A full spectrum of services
Sometimes, even the best storage
media can fail. When it does,
you don’t want to send your
confidential data to a remote
facility. You want to keep it right
where it is. You want HP Defective
Media Retention.
Helpdesk services
Helpdesk provides phone and online technical assistance, covering computer software,
hardware, connectivity, and networking issues across a range of computers, tablets, and
smartphones. Remove anxiety of dealing with IT issues by relying on trusted expertise at HP.
Pick up and return service
Return your product to an HP designed repair center for repair of your device.
HP Configuration services
Why go it alone? Gain greater control over customized PC configuration with HP expertise. HP
offers proven governance and management methodologies to help you customize new PCs to
your specific business requriements.
HP Subscription Services49
With HP Subscription, your school can get everything in one package: the latest HP tablets,
laptops, PCs, workstations, and printers; the latest software from Microsoft®, Norton, and
more; and the best in world-class services and support. All for one affordable monthly payment.
HP Subscription
HP Care Pack
3rd Party Software
g su
HP PC and Print Services48 goes beyond warranty to keep your
classroom running smoothly. HP PC and Print Services offers
our most comprehensive, end-to-end solutions tailored to your
specific needs—starting at the time of purchase.
Get the
In the event your computing device
is lost or stolen—with all of your
confidential data—HP Tracking
and Recovery service provides a
multi-layered security solution
that helps you protect your
hardware, software, and data.
o lo g
y r e fr es
Wireless 2x2 is an optional feature on the HP ProBook 11 EE G1 and G2 and the HP Pro x360 310 EE.
HP Total Test Process test results are not a guarantee of future performance under these test conditions. Accidental damage or damage under these test conditions requires an
optional HP Accidental Damage Protection Care Pack.
35. Based on published fastest print speeds for the HP X551dw and X576dw models compared with laser and inkjet color desktop MFPs < $1000 USD and printers < $800 USD. Validated
by, May 2014. For more information, see
36. Based on cartridge yields for HP 305X compared with HP 410X Original HP LaserJet Toner Cartridges. For more information, see
IP 41 test results are not a guarantee of future performance under these test conditions.
37. Requires an Internet connection to the printer. Services may require registration. App availability varies by country, language, and agreements. For details, see
Not all features are available in all editions or versions of Windows. Systems may require upgraded and/or separately purchased hardware, drivers, software or BIOS update to take
full advantage of Windows functionality. Windows 10 is automatically updated, which is always enabled. ISP fees may apply and additional requirements may apply over time for
updates. See
38. Based on HP internal testing of top three leading competitors’ first page out from sleep mode and duplex print and copy speed completed 8/2015. Subject to device settings. Actual
results may vary. For details see
Windows 10 MM14 battery life will vary depending on various factors including product model, configuration, loaded applications, features, use, wireless functionality, and power
management settings. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. See for additional details.
For storage drives, GB = 1 billion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less. Up to 30GB for Windows 8.1 is reserved for system recovery software.
Sold separately or as alternate features.
Multi-Core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. Performance
and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload and your hardware and software configurations. Intel’s numbering is not a measurement of higher performance.
HP Classroom Manager for Teachers is required and sold separately for control and device locking from the teacher’s Windows desktop console; no locking and control functionality
originates from HP Classroom Manager for Student. Control and device locking originate from the teacher’s Windows desktop console.
10. Tested by HP using continuous HD video playback, 720p (1280 x 720) resolution, 150 nits brightness, system audio level at 50%, player audio level at 100%, played from local storage,
headphone attached, wireless off, auto dimming off. Actual battery life will vary depending on configuration and maximum capacity will naturally decrease with time and usage.
11. WWAN is an optional feature and requires factory configuration. Broadband use requires separately purchased service contract. Check with service provider for coverage and
availability in your area. Connection speeds will vary due to location, environment, network conditions, and other factors. 4G LTE not available on all products, in all regions.
12. Testing conducted by HP using Google Chrome OS power_LoadTest. Battery life will vary and the maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. See for test details.
13. Tested by HP using continuous HD video playback, 720p (1280 x 720) resolution, 150 nits brightness, system audio level at 50%, played from external SD card, headphone attached,
wireless off, “PRISM power saving” un-checked in settings, displays, auto brightness. Actual battery life will vary depending on configuration and maximum capacity will naturally
decrease with time and usage.
14. One-year TouchPoint Manager Basic subscription included. Purchase required after one year. Not available in all countries see for availability information.
15. One-year subscription included. Purchase required after one year.
16. Unlimited access to 3500 pieces of content with option to purchase full version after 90 days.
17. One-year subscription included for accounts with 60 or more students. Purchase required after one year.
18. Trial includes 30 objects, additional objects available for purchase.
19. Requires account registration with Codeacademy.
20. WLAN requires wireless access point and internet service. Availability of public wireless access points limited.
21. Firmware TPM is version 2.0. Hardware TPM is v1.2, which is a subset of the TPM 2.0 specification version v0.89 as implemented by Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT).
22. Google Play for Education is an optional App and requires internet connection.
23. Subject to various environmental features including that the lost product be powered on and have Internet access. The service is not a guarantee.
24. Supported on devices with Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or higher, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (Intel®-based x86/x64) operating systems.
25. Not available on the HP 280 G1 MT or EliteDesk 705 G2 Small Form Factor.
39. Each processor supports up to 2 channels of DDR3 memory. To realize full performance at least 1 DIMM must be inserted into each channel. Actual memory speeds dependent on
processor capability.
40. For hard drives, 1 GB = 1 billion bytes. 1 TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less. Up to 30 GB of system disk is reserved for system recovery software.
41. HP Prime Wireless Kit can be ordered as a 30-pack with antenna (F0K65AA), 10-pack of standalone modules (T3F39AA) or a standalone antenna (T3F40AA).
42. Change to: Services are optional. Service levels and response times may vary depending on your geographic location. Service starts on date of hardware purchase. Restrictions and
limitations apply. For details, visit HP services are governed by the applicable HP terms and conditions of service provided or indicated to Customer at the time of
purchase. Customer may have additional statutory rights according to applicable local laws, and such rights are not in any way affected by the HP terms and conditions of service or
the HP Limited Warranty provided with your HP Product.
43. 3/3/3 limited warranty, depending on country. Terms and conditions vary by country; Certain restrictions and exclusions apply. Optional HP Care Pack Services are extended service
contracts that extend your protection beyond the standard limited warranties. To choose the right level of service for your HP product, use the HP Care Pack Services Lookup Tool at: Additional HP Care Pack Services information by product is available at Certain restrictions and exclusions apply. Consult the HP Customer
Support Center for details at
44. This product ships with TPM 1.2 with option to upgrade to TPM 2.0. Upgrade utility is expected to be available via HP Customer Support in spring 2016.
45. Source: IDC WW WS Historical Tracker 2015Q2 - 08.05.15
46. Weight will vary by configuration.
47. Up to 10 times greater performance over USB 2.0.
48. Services are optional. Service levels and response times may vary depending on your geographic location. Service starts on date of hardware purchase. Restrictions and limitations
apply. For details, visit HP services are governed by the applicable HP terms and conditions of service provided or indicated to Customer at the time of purchase.
Customer may have additional statutory rights according to applicable local laws, and such rights are not in any way affected by the HP terms and conditions of service or the HP
Limited Warranty provided with your HP Product.
49. Financing and service offerings available through Hewlett-Packard Financial Services Company and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively HPFSC) in certain countries and is subject
to credit approval and execution of standard HPFSC documentation. Subscriptions to use are available for 24 or 36 month terms. Rates and terms are based on customer’s credit
rating, offering types, services and/or equipment type and options. Not all customers may qualify. Not all services or offers are available in all countries. Other restrictions may apply.
HPFSC reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time without notice.
50. Measured using ISO/IEC 24734, excludes first set of test documents. For more information see Exact speed varies depending on the system configuration,
software application, driver, and document complexity.
51. HP JetAdvantage Private Print is available at no charge and requires that the MFP be connected to the Internet with web services enabled. Not available in all countries. For more
information, see
52. Measured using ISO/IEC 24734, excludes first set of test documents. For more information see Exact speed varies depending on the system configuration,
software application, driver, and document complexity.
53. Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) savings of the average lifetime use of printing 100,000 pages using an HP OfficeJet Pro X576dn compared with the HP Color LaserJet Pro M476dn
54. MFP. CO2e generated by peer-reviewed life cycle assessment (LCA) models commissioned by HP and conducted by PE International for inkjet (September 2013) and LaserJet printing
(September 2014). Greenhouse gas equivalencies based on the US EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator. Specific results run by HP internal LCA experts
26. Requires Windows.
27. HP BIOSphere features may vary depending on the PC platform & configuration.
28. This system requires a separately purchased 64-bit operating system and 64-bit software products to take advantage of the 64-bit processing capabilities of AMD technology.
Multi-core processing available with AMD technology is designed to improve performance of this system. Given the wide range of software applications available, performance of a
system including a 64-bit operating system and a dual-core processor will vary. AMD’s model numbering is not a measurement of clock speed.
29. All specifications represent the typical specifications provided by HP’s component manufacturers, actual performance may vary either higher or lower.
30. Energy claim based on the majority of color laser printers < US$300, Sept/2012. Energy use based on HP and third party testing using the ENERGY STAR® program’s TEC test method
criteria. For details, see
31. Energy savings calculation assumes the device is scheduled to be off for 12 hours per weekday and 48 hours per weekend. Reduced energy use is compared with a typical daily
usage model, which assumes devices remain in ‘off’ mode overnight and on the weekend.
32. Requires an internet connection to an HP ePrint-enabled printer. Printer requires ePrint account registration. App or software may be required. Wireless operations are compatible
with 2.4 GHz operations only. Print times and connection speeds may vary. Wireless broadband use requires separately purchased service contract for mobile devices. Check with
service provider for coverage and availability in your area. Learn more at
33. Less energy claim based on the HP PageWide Technology array life cycle assessment (LCA) results. LCA of HP PageWide Technology array commissioned by HP and conducted by PE
International as of September 2014.
34. The HP OfficeJet Pro X576dn generates up to 94% less waste per 15,000 pages compared with major in-class competitors’ color laser MFPs <$1,000 USD and color laser printers
<$800 USD as of July 2014. Tested by Buyers Lab Inc. and commissioned by HP. The HP OfficeJet Enterprise X585dn generates up to 90% less waste compared with the majority of
color laser MFPs ≤$3,000 USD based on market share as reported by IDC as of Q3 2013.
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