IR-D14 14-Bit InfraredRemote Control Decoder IC

IR-D14 14-Bit InfraredRemote Control Decoder IC
14-Bit Infrared Remote Control Decoder IC
Quick & Easy - Infrared Remote Control
The IR-D14 IC is a custom pre-programmed microcontroller designed by Reynolds Electronics to
decode Sony Corporation’s infrared remote control command protocol. Add instant remote control
to your next robotics application, OEM products, or hobby projects with the IR-D14 and an “off-theshelf” inexpensive universal remote control transmitter.
Use the IR-D14 IC with any universal IR remote
control transmitter that supports the Sony IR
protocol for simple, and “instant” remote control
solutions. If you can program your IR remote
control transmitter to use the Sony IR data
protocol, you can control the IR-D14 IC.
The IR-D14 provides 14 individually controlled
digital outputs + one additional 15th bit as an
LED status indicator, and requires only a single
external component. The IR detector module.
IR transmitter buttons 1 through 0, channel up,
channel down, volume up, and volume down are
used to control the 14 individual IR-D14 digital
output pins shown in the table below.
A single 40KHz infrared detector module with
the IR-D14 IC completes the entire remote
control receiver assembly.
The IR-D14 ignores data received for buttons
not shown in the table - allowing unobtrusive
system range performance testing without
disturbing logic states of the 14 digital outputs.
The LED drive output can be used as a 15th
digital output providing a 15-bit IR decoder IC in
a single 18-pin DIP device package.
Include IR remote control in your next product,
robot, or home control project in minutes…!
Button #
Toggles IR-D14
Output Pin #
Button #
Toggles IR-D14
Output Pin #
1 ->
6 / D0
8 ->
13 / D7
2 ->
7 / D1
9 ->
15 / D8
3 ->
8 / D2
0 ->
16 / D9
4 ->
9 / D3
Channel Up ->
17 / D10
5 ->
10 / D4
Channel Down ->
18 / D11
6 ->
11 / D5
Volume Up ->
1 / D12
7 ->
12 / D6
Volume Down ->
2 / D13
14-Bit Infrared Remote Control Decoder IC
On power-up the IR-D14 digital outputs default to logic 0 or ground. The LED drive output is “opencollector”, and defaults to high impedance to turn off the status LED. A valid button press received
from the universal IR transmitter corresponding to an IR-D14 digital output will toggle that outputs
logic state from ground to logic 1. Pressing the same button a 2nd time will toggle the same digital
output pin from logic 1 back to ground.
Depressing and holding a button on the transmitter will cause the corresponding output to toggle
between logic 1 to logic 0 at rates of approximately ½ second “500 millisecond” intervals.
Note: The open-collector LED output pin will toggle when any valid Sony IR data packet is
received, and will always return to the default high impedance state during idle, or non-transmit
The IR-D14 IC uses the internal oscillator of the microcontroller, requires no external oscillator or
crystal for operation, and the IR-D14 IC firmware is “self-tuning” to help reduce false digital output
Maximum Output Sink / Source Current On Any Output …………….. 25mA
Maximum Output Sink / Source Current Total ………………………….. 200mA
Operating Voltage ………………………………………………………………… 5.0VDC [well filtered]
Avg. No Load Operating Current …………………………………………….. <2mA @5.0VDC
Refer to the Microchip PIC16F62x series datasheet at for detailed
device electrical specifications.
Reynolds Electronics reserves the right to make changes without notice. The information contained
in this document is believed to be accurate at the time of publication. Specifications are based on lot
samples. Values may vary from lot to lot, and are not guaranteed. Reynolds Electronics makes no
guarantee, warranty, or representation regarding the suitability or legality of any product for use in
a specific application. None of these devices are intended for use in applications of a critical nature
where safety, life, or property is at risk. The user of this product assumes full liability for the use of
this product in all applications. Under no conditions will Reynolds Electronics be responsible for
losses arising from the use or failure of the device in any application, other than the repair,
replacement, or refund limited to the original product purchase price.
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