Panel IPCs — the ePC
Pa n e l I P C s — t h e E P C - s e r i e s .
Panel IPCs that are built to last
For complex machine control and process visualization with maximum reliability and high performance,
Beijer Electronics presents its range of Panel IPCs, the EPC-series. These robust, high-performance Panel
IPCs are built for long life-cycles and are suitable for use in all industrial environments, even those with
high levels of vibration such as material handling and automotive applications.
Flexible use and upgrade
Numerous communication ports and two built-in PCI expansion slots provide flexibility in your application
and enable easy updating as well as data storage. For additional space, you can easily add a hard disk
or CD-ROM drive directly in one of the USB ports.
EPC T170
EPC T150
Front dimensions 480 x 377 mm
Cut-out dimensions 454 x 351 mm
Mounting depth 158 mm (258 mm with clearance)
Front dimensions 452 x 357 mm
Cut-out dimensions 429 x 334 mm
Mounting depth 153 mm (253 mm with clearance)
17” - 1280 x 1024 pixels
15” - 1024 x 768 pixels
Low maintenance and high reliability
The shock-absorbing hard disk and vibration-limiting construction, featuring a solid card holder for the built-in expansion slots,
mean that the EPC-series delivers high performance even in the
most difficult environments. In addition, fanless CPU technology
means the EPC-series has less moving parts to wear out, affording
a Panel IPC that provides high reliability with low-maintenance.
HDD Shock
Shock-absorbing hard
disk for high reliability.
High performance and efficient updating
Trustworthy partner
Whether as a Server-Client or as Host-PC, the EPC-series delivers high operational performance. Industrial class CPU performance, a high-contrast display and multiple communication
ports give you the performance you demand and the flexibility
you need in your applications along with the added value of low
power consumption.
Beijer Electronics has more than 25 years of experience in human machine interface development. The company’s high level
of technological knowledge ensures that you get high-quality
products. Our exhaustive knowledge and experience from
many long-time customers in such areas as the marine and offshore segments also benefits our customers with other, more
traditional industrial applications.
EPC T150, T170, T190
Display type
TFT resistive touch, 32-bit colors
Main memory
1 GB
Mass storage
HDD automotive 40 GB
Expansion card (external)
CFC 128 MB - 8 GB
Intel Celeron Mobile 1.3 GHz
Chip set
Intel Mobile 855GME
Expansion slots
2 x PCI
CE and UL508
Power consumption at rated voltage
110 - 240 V AC, approximately 1 A
Ambient temperature
0 - 50°C
Relative humidity, non condensing
< 90 %
Operating System
Windows XP Professional
Multilingual User Interface
Casing material
Frame material
Front cover protection
Rear cover protection
Communications ports and expansion slots
3 x RS 232
1 x VGA
2 x Ethernet
1 x LPT
4 x USB 2.0
CF slot
2 x PS/2
HMI solutions from Beijer Electronics connect people with the processes they control.
Used with simple intuition, they set machines, information and ideas in motion.
Beijer Electronics HMI Products has close relationships with OEMs, brand-label partners
and distribution partners worldwide and is part of Beijer Electronics Group, which is
active within HMI, industrial data communications and automation with subsidiaries in
Scandinavia, the Baltics, Germany, France, UK, USA, Taiwan and China.
2 x PCI
Beijer Electronics Products AB
Box 426
201 24 Malmö, Sweden
Telephone +46 40 35 86 00
Fax +46 40 93 23 01
[email protected]
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any information without updating this publication. Beijer Electronics does not assume any responsibility for any errors or omissions in this publication.
19” - 1280 x 1024 pixles
BREN503A 2008-04
EPC T190
Front dimensions 480 x 377 mm
Cut-out dimensions 454 x 351 mm
Mounting depth 158 mm (258 mm with clearance)
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