vicCONTROL DSP 3 - voice INTER connect

vicCONTROL DSP 3 - voice INTER connect
Development Kit for Voice Control
For many years, vicCONTROL provides easy voice control. It is used successfully in numerous
applications as it makes it easy to enhance target devices or control units with a voice user interface.
voice INTER connect now presents vicCONTROL DSP 3 - a development kit for the configuration
and testing of a voice control.
The kit consists of a development platform and a dialog designer software. It provides a free
configurable sequence control and connects a speech dialog, based on a speaker-independent speech
recognition engine, with audio feedback and various digital in- and outputs.
• Command control for technical devices
• Configurable vocabulary (speaker-independent)
• Minimal integration effort
• Used with headset or hands-free microphones
• Excellent robustness even in noisy environments
• Configurable sequence control
• Graphic configuration tool vicCONTROL
• Acoustic feedback
• Freely programmable digital inputs, outputs
and buttons
• Improved serial protocol
• Intelligent home automation
• Machine and device control
• Geriatric care and technique for persons with
• Fast media access
• Interaction with consumer devices
• Hands-free equipment
voice INTER connect
Operating Principle and Components
Operating Principles
• Recognition of single command words and phrases
• Qualitative rating of recognition results
• Optional feedback for uncertain speech recognition
• Acoustic feedback via configurable audio prompts
(24 Slots a 4 sec)
• Configurable sequence control
• User defined assignment of :
• Speech commands
• Digital in- and outputs
• Buttons
• Time-controlled state changes
• Configurable serial outputs
vicCONTROL Designer
Figure 1.: Screenshot vicCONTROL Designer
• Configuration of speech recognizer and sequence
• Allows preview of created configuration
• Allows permanent transmission of configurations to the
hardware platform
• Allows testing of configurations
• vicCONTROL Designer Pro edition with extended
functionality available
Figure 2.: Voice control hardware vicCORE module system (VCMS)
• Processor: Blackfin ADSP BF 534
• Dimensions: 160 x 100 mm
• Power supply: 12 - 24 V with reverse polarity protection
• Current consumption: approx. 200 mA (12 V)
• Microphone connector with adaptable pre-amplifier
• Headset and loudspeaker connector
• Audio input and output via cinch connectors (stereo)
• RS232 level converter with 9-pole sub-D-connector
• USB at a 5-pole mini-USB jack
• 8-pole cutting terminal for 4 digital ouputs via relays
• 10-pole cutting terminal for 4 digital inputs via
opto-coupler (power supply included)
• 1 x Reset-Button
• 2 x Keys
• 13 x status LED for level indication, relay, USB and
power supply
• 8 x DIP switches
• External power supply
Ordering Information
vicCONTROL DSP 3 Basic
Ordering Number
Complete system including basic software package
vicCONTROL Designer Pro
Advanced software package
voice INTER connect GmbH
Ammonstr. 35, 01067 Dresden
Tel.: +49 351 407 526 50
Fax: +49 351 407 526 55
voice INTER connect
• Firmware and software can be updated
• Optional delivery of cases
• Modular system consisting of evaluation board and
speech recognition board (60 x 60 mm)
• Speech recognition board can be operated
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