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Audio Show Control System
Deliver an Experience
Today’s audiences have high expectations for
production quality. Visual effects, lighting, and audio
are all called on to deliver an immersive experience
that transports an audience to a whole new world.
Meeting these demands requires tools that are
powerful, versatile, and offer control that empowers
designers to realize sophisticated creative visions. In
the realm of audio, only one product matches this
description: the Meyer Sound Matrix3 audio show
control system.
Based on third-generation technology, Matrix3 is a fully integrated digital audio environment providing a complete signal path
— everything between the output of a microphone and the input of a loudspeaker — as well as comprehensive automation of nearly
every feature and a flexible control structure.
Matrix3 delivers analog and/or digital inputs and outputs, matrix mixing and
routing, signal processing, n-channel surround panning, hard disk playback,
and more, all under complete automation control.
What this all means is that your sound design won’t be limited by your tools.
We can’t give you more production time, but we can give you the tools to
get the best results possible out of the time you do have.
Simply put, there is nothing else like Matrix3. No system offers such comprehensive functionality in a single, integrated system. Nothing
else allows users the same degree of flexibility, configurability, programmability, and automation. With Matrix3, you can do much
more than provide high-quality audio; you can deliver an experience.
CueStation | Where It All Happens
Matrix3’s CueStation software is where control and programming of every
feature is performed. Through CueStation, the user can configure and operate
mixing functions, signal processing, routing, SpaceMap multichannel panning,
and Wild Tracks hard disk recording and playback. CueStation also provides
access to Matrix3’s cue list functionality, which can reconfigure the entire system
in one cue, or simply trigger a single event.
The Basics | Input/Output, Mixing, and Routing
Matrix3 provides both analog and digital inputs and outputs. Analog input can come through Matrix3’s high-quality mic preamps or line level
inputs, while digital signals are available via AES, ADAT lightpipe, or CobraNet. A Matrix3 system can be configured to accept up to 280 inputs and feed
512 outputs, enough for even the most complex application. Complete matrix mixing is available, along with comprehensive metering and monitoring
(PFL, AFL, and PAFL).
Signal Processing | Contouring Sound to Fit
Sophisticated systems have serious processing requirements. With inputs from wireless microphones,
playback of recorded material, and even Matrix3 outputs looped back for group processing or intricate
distribution schemes, there is a need for powerful equalization and dynamics control. Outputs call
for this processing for multizone applications, with the additional demand for delay to properly align
loudspeakers in time. Matrix3 supplies all of these necessities, offering up to eight bands of parametric
EQ, compression and expansion, and delay on each input or output.
SpaceMap | Painting Space with Sound
While every input channel strip includes stereo panning, surround applications are Matrix3’s specialty.
The unique SpaceMap system defines a panning space as a series of contiguous triangles defined by
three nodes and referred to as “trisets.” Panning within each triset is equal power, and SpaceMap
provides extensive control over the behavior of each triset’s nodes.
Signal Processing
The real power of SpaceMap, however, is that it is defined entirely separately from the physical
loudspeaker system, with the relationship between the two calculated in real time. This means that
a road production, for example, can move to a new theatre and the sound system operator need
only redefine the physical loudspeaker layout; all panning trajectories are automatically adapted
to the new setup, even if the new setup differs from the old in the number of loudspeakers or
output channels.
Wild Tracks | Playback Gone Wild
No longer is it necessary to deal with hooking up CD, DVD, or outboard hard disk systems to
get playback of recorded effects or music. A Matrix3 system can be configured to provide over
120 tracks of Wild Tracks hard disk recording and playback. Of course, Wild Tracks is not a simple
multichannel playback device. Wild Tracks tracks can be grouped into Decks that can be started and
stopped independently of each other. It’s like having a table stacked with automated, multichannel CD
players. SafetyNet provides automatic switchover to redundant drives in the event that a Wild Tracks
drive should go down.
A Sample SpaceMap Configuration
Client/Server Architecture | When More is Better
Matrix3 is built on a client/server architecture, so multiple operators can simultaneously control or
just monitor the system from different locations. That means you can leave the system’s main control
station and walk around with a wireless laptop or tablet, controlling the Matrix3 from anywhere in
the venue. Or have a system operator in the house and another backstage. The flexibility comes from
us, so the choice is yours. User-defined access policies prevent any unauthorized users from making
unwanted changes, so you can rest assured that the projects you create are safe and secure.
External Control | Can We Talk?
Matrix3 can communicate fluently with the outside world. Send and receive MIDI messages for control
or timing functions, send or receive SMPTE time code to synchronize the Matrix3 with lighting,
projection, pyrotechnic, or other systems. Simple relay closures are available, too.
Wild Tracks
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