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Vol 3, No. 2
News for our friends
by Grandpa Wally
Well, this summer we have had the opportunity to evaluate some of our operations and make a
few changes. Yes, changes can sometimes be scary,
frustrating and just a big pain, but if done correctly
and for the right reasons can be very beneficial. We
started in the early summer by cleaning the warehouse and low and behold found the room to bring
our woodshop in-house. That means we can make
our custom podiums, toastmasters and specialty racks
You will see that our Rental & Production
Services Department has been re-structured. We have
a new manager Josh Bender, and a new Rental Guide
with more cool gear and systems.
Coming soon will be our new website that
will have a completely new look and be filled with
helpful information. I hope you will find it useful.
This past winter we participated at Max
Miller’s Clinic of Champions and had such good
results that we signed on as a sponsor. I hope to see
all of you that are involved in football at the Reno
Hilton on February 23-24, 2007. Get the details and
registration forms at: www.clinicofchampions.com.
Now for some fun. It is once again time for
our Ultimate Club House contest. See the details in
the next column and send in your entry. We are still
working on the details.
Wally Clark
Summer / Fall 2006
Coming in 2007
In Search of the
Ultimate Club House
Sandwich Contest
Back in 1987 with the aid of columnist Gloria
Glyer, restauranteer Bill Shanley and publicist Jim
Hodges, we held a contest to find the Ultimate Club
House Sandwich. The winner in 1988 was Eric Feil’s
Lucky Cafe on 21st Street. Times have changed, but
the Club House Sandwich has grown in popularity
and has taken on many styles that are far different
from the traditional.
To celebtrate the 20th anniversary of our first
contest in 1987, we will again have the search for the
Ultimate Club House Sandwich in 2007. Start searching for your favorite now. There will be awards for
both the restaurant and the nominator.
Details and contest rules will be available this
fall. Keep an eye out in your local media. It promises
to be a unique and fun contest for all.
Main Office & Showroom
1417 Del Paso Boulevard
Sacramento, California 95815
Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:30 am til 5:00 pm
Closed for lunch between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm
Phone 916/649-8040 or 800/492-6800
FAX 916/649-0243
Dave Veden
Technical Services Dept.
Media & AV
It’s Sacramento...it’s fall...it’s an election year...that
means Media Events (Press Conferences). We have
a large selection of podiums, Pressboxes and PA systems ready for your event.
It’s that time again!
Are you ready for the
2006 football season?
Have you checked your
PA System since last fall?
September is too late.
Many manufacturers
are out-sourcing parts
which is resulting in
back-orders. Call me
today, at 916/649-8040
to schedule a service call to repair your old system or
to provide you with information and scheduling on
the design and installation of a new system.
Our lineup of podiums runs from the very popular
toastmasters to a double-wide standing desk. The
choice is yours. Add a microphone, a portable sound
system, a Pressbox and you are ready to go.
Need visuals for your event. We have a selection of
LCD projectors and screens to match any venue. We
are dealers for Eiki projectors and Da-Lite screens.
Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
This is my favorite microphone for
sports announcers or others who
need a microphone with a switch...
..a switch for “real thumbs”!
Dave’s Sale Price
MSRP $139.00 - Sale ends 10-15-2006
Pictured above is the new Deluxe Insta-Theater screen
with a compact XGA projector on our 4 ft conference
table. The inner photo shows the units ready to go
to your next event. These are really cool, and easy to
transport and use.
We have just about everything you need for you next
Media Event and our installation department can
handle your board and meeting room needs, too.
Call us to help you with your AV and Media needs.
Staff Highlights
Josh Bender
Rentals and
Production Services
What’s New?
Digital vs. Analog
The Roland Digital Snake
Josh is our Rental & Production Department Manager
and one of the newest member of our staff. He was
born in Alexandria Virginia in 1972 and proudly describes himself as a “military brat”. He grew up there
and went to West Potomic High School and then on
to the Shenandoah Music Conservatory and to Ohio
University where he got a degree in Theater, live
performance and sound design. One of his college
highlights was getting the oppotrunity to perform a
solo at the Kennedy Center during his school’s holiday concert.. Josh is a vocalist and guitarist.
Josh moved to New York to start his career in audio
and worked for One Dream Sound doing corporate
events and theater sound. He got credit as the Associate Sound Designer for productions of Big Bill and
The Rivals at Lincoln Center. He got the chance to be
the designer for I Am My Own Wife which played on
Broadway and is now on world tour currently playing
in Sydney, Australia.
At the ripe old age of 34, Josh decided to settle down
and be close to his family who lives in Roseville. We
are pleased that he joined our firm and we are sure
that you will enjoy working with him on your next
rental or production.
Don’t forget that Associated sound is your wireless
microphone headquarters. We are franchised dealers
for all of the major brands and our rental inventory
typically has over 20 systems available for events and
productions. Give Josh a call. He will be happy to put
his experience to work for you on your next meeting,
production, or event.
See our new website
Now we are comparing the new Roland Digital Snake
with our tried and true Proco hardwired analog
snake. First the obvious, 40 ch, 200ft. analog snake
and case; about 175lbs. Digital snake with cases and
200ft. cat5 cable; about 50lbs. In portable applications the digital snake can be handled by one person.
For permanent installations it is easy to install and
simple to expand. The old fears have been dispelled
too. The new Roland digital snake sounds as good
as the best hardwired snake, plus it is modular and
reconfigurable. Call us for details.
Personal Wireless PA
A great sounding take
anywhere system. It
is lightweight, too.
Up to 8 hours usage
per charge. Auxillary
input for CD or iPod
This system is great
for small meetings,
tour groups, picnics,
coaches, band directors and other outdoor uses.
With the available wireless microphone the MA101
is priced at an afordable $399.00. Call to order your’s
today. Need one on an occassional basis? Call our
rental department to reserve a MA-101 for your next
Project Spotlight
Brad Clark
V.P. Operations
System Designer
It is fun when you get in on the ground floor of a
project and have the opportunity to work with the
owner, architect and interior designers to provide
a contemporary solution for the audio and video
systems. When that happens you are able to make
a significant contribution to the overall ambiance....
the feel of the place.
The Black Horse Pub & Grill
I-5 at Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove, CA
About 18 months later they opened The Black Horse
Pub & Grill which is about a block away from OP’s.
We worked with the client and their interior designer
to fulfill the video and audio system needs in keeping with the decor and desired feel. Both systems
use Bose Panaray Professional Series loudspeakers
with subwoofers and sattelite cubes and Panasonic
Pro plasma screens.
We are pleased to help Rod and Karla achieve their
dreams. If you are in the area stop by either of these
fine new restaurants and enjoy the food, beverages
and atmosphere.
Original Pete’s Pizza
I-5 at Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove, CA
Original Pete’s Pizza located on Elk Grove Blvd just
off of I-5 is one such restaurant. Rod and Karla Geach
opened it on March 18, 2005 to fill a need in the fast
growing community of Elk Grove..
A Little Humor...ha...ha...ha
A woman came home, screeching her car into the
driveway and ran into the house. She slammed the
door and shouted at the top of her lungs, “Honey,
pack your bags! I won thelottery!”
The husband said, “Oh my God! What should I
pack, beach stuff or mountain stuff?”
“Doesn’t matter,” she said. “Just get the out.”
My favorites include: The Breakfast Panini at the
Black Horse with scrambled eggs, sausage, cheddar
with herb mayo on a Ciabatta roll. For lunch it is the
Turkey Bacon Panini.
At OP’s the menu is huge and pizzas are legendary
Enjoy, Brad
Coming in our next issue:
Modern church system design.
A primer on Bose Modeler and Auditioner.
by Anthony Brown
A look at business music systems...
...to create a pleasant customer friendly atmosphere.
The new Raley’s, Bel Air, Nob Hill store designs.
by Dave Veden
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