Tool List - North Portland Tool Library

Tool List - North Portland Tool Library
Tool List
Carpentry & Woodworking
Block Plane
Cat’s Paw
Chisels: Wood
Clamp: Right-Angle
Clamps: Bar
Clamps: C
Clamps: Quick 6"
Coping Saw
Hammer: Finish
Hammer: Framing
Impact Driver Set w/bits
Level:Laser 2"
Level:Laser 2"
Nail Sets
Nailer: Flooring
Plumb Bob
Pocket Screw Jig
Protractor/Angle Finder
Pry Bars
Router Table
Saw: Door Jamb
Saw: Japanese Pull
Saw: Rip 24”
Square: Framing
Square: Speed
Square: Tri
Stud Finder
Tape: 100’ Reel
Tape: Measure 25’
Trim Gauge
Utility Knife
Vernier Caliper
Garden Tools
Bar: Cutting/scraping
Bar: Digging 72"
Drain Spade
Edger: Electric
Hoe: Garden
Lawn Aerator
Lawn Mower: Electric
Pick: Digging
Pick: Mattock
Post Setter
Pruner: Lopping
Pruners: Hand
Rake: Grading
Rake: Leaf
Saw: Bow 21"
Saw: Branch
Seed Spreader
Shovel: Flat Point
Shovel: Round Point
Shovel: Small Garden
Shovel: Snow
Tamper: 8” x 8”
Tiller: Electric
Trimmer: Electric
Trimmer: Hedge (Manual).
Trimmer: Pole
Trowel: Garden
Turning Fork
Weed Puller
Wheelbarrow: Powered
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Power Tools
Angle Grinder
Cement Siding Shears
Compressor: Air
Demolition Hammer
Dremel Rotary Tool
Drill: ½” Hammer
Drill: ½” VSR
Drill: 3/8” VSR
Drill: Right Angle
Nailer: Brad (18 ga.)
Nailer: Finish (16 ga.)
Nailer: Framing
Nailer: Roofing Coil
Power Planer
Rotozip Cutting Tool
Sander: 18” Belt
Sander: 21” Belt
Sander: Detail
Sander: Orbital Palm
Saw: 10” Miter
Saw: 10” Table (Portable)
Saw: 14” Metal Cutoff
Saw: Circular
Saw: Jigsaw
Saw: Reciprocating
Saw: Tile
Stand: Mitre Saw
Stapler: Narrow Crown
Vac: 8 gal Wet/Dry
Tool List
Electrical & Mechanical
Conduit Bender
Digital Multimeter
Hex Key Sets
Nipper: 10”
Pliers: Fencing/Box
Pliers: Linesman
Pliers: Slotted
Pliers: Vice Grip
Snips: 12" Sheet
Snips: Tin
Socket Sets
Tape: 100’ Fish
Telephone Crimping Tool
Tester: Circuit
Tester: GFI
Tester: Receptacle
Wrench: Crescent
Wrench: Pipe
Wrench: Slip
Drywall & Masonry
Caulking Guns
Knife: Corner
Knife: Mud 4”
Knife: Taping 12”
Knife: Taping 8”
Panel Hoist
Sander: Hand
Saw: Drywall
Scraper 3"
Scraper 4"
Scraper: Floor
T-Square 48”
Other Tools
Drill Bits
Dead-Blow Hammer
Dolly: Appliance
Extension Cords
Flashlight, adj
Hand Metal Detector
Hand Truck
Heat Gun
Hole Saw Kit
Ladder: 17’ Multi
Ladder: 21' Multi
Ladder: 6’ Fiberglass
Masonry Hammer Bits
Roofing Spade
Sledge Hammer 10lb
Sledge Hammer: 3lb
Spade Bit Set
Tile Cutter 14”
Tile Saw: 7” Wet
Wallpaper Steamer
Work Lights
Carpet Tools
Carpet Cutter
Knee Kicker
Power Stretcher
Seam Iron
Seam Roller
Stair Tool
Cement Tools
Trowel: Notched
Trowel: V
Trowels: Finish
Bike Tools
Full Set Bike Tools
Mechanic Stand
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