7800 Series Quick Reference Guide

7800 Series Quick Reference Guide
Setting Up Voice Mail
Forward Calls to Voicemail
You must set up your voicemail before you will be
able to listen to NEW messages.
Press the Fwd ALL soft key.
Follow these steps to set up your Voicemail:
Press the Messages key. All incoming calls will now go to
Press the Messages button.
To cancel, press the Fwd ALL soft key again.
When prompted, enter the default password: contact
system administrator for default password #
You will be guided through the mailbox set up. Complete the requests until you hear that you have
successfully completed enrollment.
External Access to Voice Mail
You can access voicemail from outside the office by dialing:
1 (646) 218-5444 or 1 (914) 923-2940
Voice Mail Commands
Follow the login process:
During the Message
Upon hearing the automated attendant, press the * key.
1 Restart Message
2 Save
3 Delete
4 Slow playback
6 Fast playback
7 Rewind message
8 Pause/Resume
9 Fast-forward
# Fast-forward
## Skip message,
save as is
After the Message
1 Replay
2 Save
3 Delete
4 Reply
5 Forward
7 Rewind
9 Message properties
# Save as is
7800 Series
Quick Reference
Enter your extension, # and password, # when prompted to login.
Please contact the ITS Help Desk for any service
related issues at 1 (914) 773-3333
Short Cuts After Log-In
Change greetings
412 Turn on/off alternate greeting
423 Choose full or brief menus
431 Change phone password
432 Change recorded name
Press # during a co-workers mailbox greeting
to bypass the greeting and get to the tone to
record a message.
Dialing Directly into Voicemail
Dial * plus any office extension to leave a message in a
Conference Calls
You use the outer ring of the Navigation cluster to scroll through
menus. You use the inner Select button of the Navigation cluster
to select menu items.
1. With a caller on the line, press the Conference
2. Dial the desired number or extension
3. After the called party answers, press the Conference
button again. All parties will be on the call. Repeat
these steps until all parties are conference in.
Each item in a menu has an index number. You can enter the index number
with the keypad to select the menu item.
Joining Two Calls
The Join soft key allows a user to connect two separate calls on
the phone into a conference call.
Voicemail message waiting indicator
Programmable button
Access your phone lines, features, and
call sessions.
Soft Keys
Access functions and services.
Navigation ring and Select button—
Scroll through menus highlight items
and select the highlighted item
Resume ,
and Transfer
Hold/Resume —
Place an active call on hold and resume
the held call.
1. Press the Hold button to place a call on hold. The held call
shows the hold icon and the line button will flash green.
2. To resume a call from hold press the Hold button.
During a call, press the Transfer button. This puts the
call on hold and gives you dial tone.
Dial the number or office extension to which you
want to transfer the call.
When it rings on the other end, press Transfer again.
Or, when the party answers, announce the call and
then press Transfer.
Conference —
Create a conference call.
Transfer —
Transfer a call.
Mute and
& Messages
NOTE: If the party refuses the call, press the End Call soft key
and then the flashing line button to return to the original call.
Adjust handset,
Headset &
Divert allows you to send an incoming call directly to
voicemail on demand.
When a call is ringing on your phone, press the Divert softkey.
Call Forward
When you are on one call and second call rings, you will
hear an audible notification, see the caller ID on the phone
screen and see the line button for the incoming call flash
amber. To accept the call, press the flashing line button.
Your original caller will be put on hold automatically and
that line will flash green.
Enter the number to which you want to forward all of
your calls, or press the Messages button if voicemail is
the target
To cancel call forwarding, press the Fwd OFF soft key.
Placing a Second Outbound Call
Diverting a Call to Voicemail
Taking a Second Inbound Call
Park a call feature allows you to park a call so that someone
else can retrieve it from another Cisco phone (e.g. a phone at
a co-workers desk or in a conference room).
1. With a caller on the line, press the Park soft key.
2. Note the extension displayed on your screen.
3. To pick up a parked call, dial the extension where the call
was parked.
With the handset down, press the Fwd All soft key. You
should hear two beeps.
Handling Multiple Calls
Call Park
Speaker Phone
Press the Join soft key.
To place a call on hold and make an outbound call:
Press the Hold button to place the first call on hold.
Press the New Call soft key and dial the second number.
speaker volume
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