OMNITRONIC DRT-1000 Recording turntable
No. 10603062
+ Direct recording on USB, SD(HC) in the MP3 format
+ Built-in MP3 player
+ Pick-up system included
+ Belt drive
• USB port and SD card slot for high-quality and convenient digitization of analog
vinyl records to external data carriers • Recording format: MP3 (44.1 kHz, 128 kbit/s)
• Recording level adjustable, with clip LED • Playback of MP3 files • Built-in phono
preamplifier with line level outputs • 3 speeds (33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM) • Quick start
• Large start/pause button • Motor with reverse run, can be switched off • Plug-in
LED target lamp • Adjustable anti-skating • Shock-absorbing feet • Including
pick-up system, slipmat, RCA cable • Delivery without dust cover
Technical specifications:
Power supply:
Power consumption:
Drive method:
Change time between speeds:
Start time:
Stop time:
Wow and flutter:
Tone arm:
Anti-skating range:
Stylus pressure range:
Applicable cartridge weight:
Output connectors:
Available data carriers:
Recording format:
80 - 260 V AC, 50/60 Hz ~
manual turntable
belt drive
DC motor
d=330 mm, aluminum diecast
33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM, and 78 RPM
<1 sec
<1 sec
<1 sec
<0.2 % WRMS
S-shape with Cardan’s suspension
0-4 g
3-4 g
6-10 g
stereo RCA with line level
USB devices and SD(HC) cards
MP3 with 128 kbit/s and 44.1 kHz sampling rate
485 x 370 x 140 mm
4 kg
OMNITRONIC Slipmat silver
Slipmat, anti-static, neutral black
Slipmat, anti-static, neutral white
Replacement stylus OMNITRONIC S-15
Carbon fibre brush for cleaning records
Pick-up system OMNITRONIC S-15
Headshell & pick-up system S-15
Headshell universal C -empty-
Headshell universal C SILVER-empty-
Headshell universal with weights silver
Headshell universal with weights black
Puck single centre-piece aluminium silver
Slipmat, anti-static, neutral
No. 10620714
No. 10620200
No. 10620202
No. 10609050
No. 10608985
No. 10606000
No. 10606001
No. 10605258
No. 10605259
No. 10605262
No. 10605263
No. 10605271
OMNITRONIC Slipmat silver
No. 10620200..................... black
No. 10620202..................... white
• Makes scratching easier • Protects your turntable-motor
and the records • Antistatic • Diameter approx. 290 mm
Headshell universal C -empty-
No. 10620714
• Makes scratching easier • Protects your turntablemotor and the records • Antistatic • Diameter approx.
290 mm
Headshell universal with weights silver
No. 10605258..................... black
No. 10605259..................... silver
• Simply indispensable as replacement
Puck single centre-piece aluminium silver
No. 10605271
Brush for cleaning records
No. 10608985..................... Carbon fibre
• For cleaning LPs or singles
Headshell & pick-up system S-15
No. 10606001
No. 10609050..................... Replacement stylus
No. 10605262..................... silver
No. 10605263..................... black
Pick-up system OMNITRONIC S-15
No. 10606000
• Spherical pick-up system incl. stylus • Qualified for
back-cue • Suitable for every mix
Technical specifications:
Frequency response:
Recommended tracking force:
Output voltage:
Terminal resistance:
20-20000 Hz
30 mN
5 mV
47 kohms
OMNITRONIC VCF-45 Channel fader 45mm
No. 10007192
• Suitable for all mixers with a fader length of 45 mm
• Replacement stylus system S-15 • Spherical • Qualified
for back-cue • Suitable for every mix • Recommended for
OMNITRONIC turntables
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