ODK U500 V2 Manual
ODK U500 (V2)
Electric Bicycle
Ownerʼs Manual (English)
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8724 Approach Road, San Diego, CA 92154, U.S.A.
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Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
How to charge the battery
Charge the battery fully before the first use. The longer you
ride using the battery, the longer it will need to charge.
Be sure the bike is powered off.
The charger light will turn red while the battery is
It takes between 1 and 6 hours to charge depending on
the battery's initial charge level.
When the pack is full, the charger's light will turn green
and automatically stop charging.
Plug the 4-pin plug into the rear charger port. It can only
be inserted one way.
Notice: The charger can get warm during charging. Do not place
anything over the charger while it is charging. Do not use the charger in
wet areas.
Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
Turning the bicycle ON and OFF
The electric bicycle can be ridden like a normal bicycle with
the power turned ON or OFF. However the throttle will be
active only if the power is turned on.
Locate the power switch on the front face of the battery.
The bike can now move with the battery power alone.
Flip the power switch to the "ON" position.
The lights on the display panel will illuminate to give an
indication of the battery’s charge level.
The power should be turned off after every ride to avoid
draining the battery.
Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
Using the twist throttle
The motor speed is controlled with a twist throttle similar to a
motorcycle. The farther you twist the throttle backwards, the
faster the bike will travel.
Sit with a comfortable position on the bicycle's seat.
You can pedal along with the motor to increase the riding
range of the battery. However pedaling will not directly
charge the battery.
Slowly turn the throttle backwards towards you.
The front wheel will began turning and the bike will move
Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
Using the brakes
The bike comes equipped with front and rear brakes. You
can use the brakes to slow the bicycle down.
The front brake lever is located on the left-hand side of
the handlebar.
The rear brake lever is located on the right-hand side of
the handlebar.
The front brake provides the majority of the bicycle's
stopping capability.
When slowing down on slippery surfaces, use the rear
brake first before applying the front brake.
If you use the throttle and the brakes at the same time,
the power to the motor will be automatically disconnected.
Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
Shifting the gears
You can change the gears to find a more comfortable
pedaling cadence when going up hills or riding at a fast
pace. If your bike comes equipped with a 3-speed internal
transmission, the gears can be shifted at anytime.
The shifter is located on the left side of the handlebar.
Twist the shifter forwards to enter 2nd and 3rd gears.
Twist the shifter completely backwards to enter the first
When starting and going up hills, use the 1st gear.
When pedaling at higher speeds, use the 2nd and 3rd gears.
The power to the bike does not need to be turned on to
change gears. The gear shifter system is a separate system
from the motor and will not alter the motor’s performance.
Notice: Twist shifters are normally mounted on the right side of
the handlebars. On electric bicycles with right-side twist throttles,
the shifter must be mounted on the left and the numbers may
appear inverted.
Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
Using the cruise control
The cruise control system can be used to maintain a
constant speed. It works similar to a cruise control in an
automobile. The cruise control will deactivate if the brakes
are applied, if the throttle is moved, or if the CRUISE button
pushed again. The bicycle will return to normal operation.
How to use the cruise control feature:
Hold the throttle constant to achieve your desired speed.
The LED light will illuminate to indicate that the bike is in
cruise mode.
The bike will now maintain a constant speed until:
1. The brakes are applied or
2. The throttle is moved or
3. The CRUISE button is pushed again or
4. The battery is completely depleted
While the throttle is held at a fixed position, push the
"CRUISE" button.
Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
How to read the battery level
There are 4 LED lights on the display panel which will give you an
indication of the batteryʼs voltage. Because the battery gauge
measures voltage, only an approximate estimation of the battery's
state can be obtained. The battery’s voltage can vary greatly
depending on a variety of conditions.
The voltage will decrease temporarily when using the throttle. It
may drop to only 1 light when going uphill regardless of the charge
state. This is normal operation. The voltage will be lower if the
battery has been in a cold environment.
To more accurately read the batteryʼs charge state, let off the
throttle. The display lights will stabilize after 1 second to give an
indication of the battery’s level.
Use this guideline to estimate the battery's charge level:
Let off the throttle to read the Lights
 4 Lights
The battery is between 80% and 100% charged.
 3 Lights
The battery is between 40% and 80% charged. Speed will feel reduced.
 2 Lights
The battery level is low and should be recharged soon.
 1 Light
Stop using the throttle, recharge the battery pack.
Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
Understanding the battery's range
All electric bicycles have a riding range that can vary greatly
depending on how it is ridden, terrain, tire pressure,
temperature, payload and wind. After a few rides, you will get
a sense of the electric bicycle’s range capability.
Factors that will decrease your range:
• Rapid accelerations using the motor
• Uphill riding
• Heavy payloads
• Headwinds
• Under-inflated tires
• Extreme hot or cold weather
How to increase your range:
• Start by pedaling instead of only using the motor
• Avoid rapidly accelerating using the throttle
• Pedaling to help the motor up steep hills
• Reduce your average speed and pedal along with the
• Reduce payload weight
• Properly inflating your tires between 40-50 psi
• Coast to a stop and avoid rapid decelerations.
Notice: Riding downhill or pedaling when not using the throttle will not
recharge the battery pack. Do not over-inflate the tires.
Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
Battery Safety Information
About the Lithium battery
Your Lithium battery does not have a “memory effect”
associated with older battery technologies. It is highly
recommended you charge the battery after every ride even if
the battery is only lightly used.
An on-board circuit prevents the battery from over-charging.
The battery can achieve between 500 to 700 charge cycles.
As the battery receives more charge cycles, the capacity will
become decreased. Charging a partially flat battery is not
considered a full charge cycle.
Notice: The battery must be recharged at least once every
month. A battery left unused for several months may result in
permanent capacity loss.
The battery’s capacity will be temporarily reduced in cold
environments. Avoid using the electric bicycle in very hot
weather. Store the electric bicycle in a sheltered place.
Battery Safety Information
Use only the charger supplied with the bicycle.
Improper usage can cause explosion or fire.
Do not short-circuit the battery’s terminals.
Do not use if the temperature is over 60 C (140 F)
Do not disassemble the battery pack.
Do not submerge the battery in liquid.
Do not set flame to the battery.
Do not expose battery to freezing temperatures for an
extended period.
Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
Key parts of the electric bicycle
An electric bicycle is a lot like a normal bicycle. The major
difference is the inclusion of a motor which provides a boost when
desired. An onboard rechargeable lithium battery supplies the
motor with electric power. The bicycle can be ridden using both
pedal power and battery power at the same time.
The controller regulates how much power is sent from the battery
to the motor.
The throttle allows the rider to control the bike’s speed. It sends a
signal to the controller telling it how much power to send to the
Electrical energy is stored in the battery pack. It is composed of
many smaller battery cells similar to that of a modern mobile
The charger plugs into the electrical outlet and is used to pump
energy back into the battery pack when it becomes depleted. The
more energy that is discharged from the battery pack, the longer it
will take to recharge.
The display reads the battery’s voltage. This will give an
approximation of the battery’s charge state. The display may have
other buttons to control other functions.
The motor is built into the hub of the front wheel. When power is
sent to motor, it will began to spin, propelling the bike forward.
Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
Key parts of the electric bicycle (continued)
Gear Shifter
The gear shifter changes the ratio between the pedals and the
rear wheel. It is used to find a more comfortable pedaling cadence
under different riding conditions. The low gear is used for pedaling
during starts, uphill or loaded riding. The higher gears are use
when pedaling downhill or during faster riding.
The brakes use friction to slow the bike down. The levers on the
handlebars controls the braking. The brakes have an electrical
switch which cuts the power to the motor at the moment when the
brakes are used. This prevents accidental accelerations while
The battery has a fuse which is used to prevent excessive
amounts of power surging through the wires and damaging the
electronics. When the fuse is tripped, it will need to be replaced.
Cruise Control
The cruise control function can automatically maintain the bikes
speed without the need to constantly use the throttle.
Tire and Inner tube
The tire is made of rubber and provides traction for your bicycle.
The Inner-tube, is a rubber tube inside the tire retains the tire’s air.
PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)
The PSI is the pound’s per square inch of air pressure inside the
tire. It can be measured with a tire gauge. Pumping more air into
the tire increases the PSI and makes the tire harder. Releasing air
from the tire decreases the PSI and makes the tire softer. Both
over and under inflating the tire can have negative effects.
Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
Adjusting the bicycle for riding comfort
1. Adjusting the seat height
Pull the seat clamp lever outward to loosen the seat post. Adjust the seat
the desired height. The maximum height should not extend beyond
minimum extension mark marked on the seat post. Tighten the seat
clamp and close the lever to lock in the seat’s height.
2. Adjusting the seat tilt and distance
Using a 6 mm Hex wrench, loosen the bolt under the seat. Adjust the
seat tilt and seat distance forward or backward. Tighten the bolt securely
to lock in your desired position.
3. Adjusting the stem height
Use a 6mm Hex wrench to loosen the stem. Move the stem up or down
to the desired height. The maximum height should not extend beyond
minimum extension mark marked on the stem. Check to be sure the
handlebars are pointing in the same direction as the wheels. Re-tighten
the bolt to lock in the stem’s position.
4. Adjusting the handlebar tilt angle
Use a a 5 mm Hex wrench to loosen the two screws near the center of
the handlebars. Tilt the handlebars to the desired position. Re-tighten the
screws securely to lock in the handlebars. Be sure both screws are
tightened equally.
Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
Important Safety Information
Basic Bicycle Safety
Always wear a helmet.
Do not follow other vehicles too closely.
Use a light and wear reflective clothing when riding at night.
Reduce speed when riding on a wet surface.
Properly inflate tires.
Apply the rear brake before using front brake in low traction
Brake disk rotors can get extremely hot for brief periods after braking.
Electric Bicycle Safety
For maximum stability, avoid accelerating or braking while turning.
Do not disassemble the battery pack.
Do not race or taunt other cyclist.
Avoid riding in extremely wet conditions.
Do not leave the electric bicycle in the rain.
Discontinue the use of the electric bicycle if the battery pack is
damaged due to crash or a drop.
Do not use the charger outdoors in wet conditions.
Do not ride up or down extremely steep inclines.
Do not ride off-roads or jump the electric bicycle.
Always use the kickstand or center stand when not on the bicycle.
Do not exceed the carrying capacity.
Do not ride on the sand.
The motor can get hot, do not touch the body of the motor for at least
2 hours after riding.
Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
Bicycle Specifications
Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
Warrantee Information
Juiced Riders Inc. provides a Limited Warrantee for one year
covering the frame, components, and electronics including
the battery.
A battery pack that has been damaged, disassembled,
submerged in liquid, used to power another device, or shortcircuited will void the battery warrantee.
A bicycle modified to increase speed, over-volted, used off
road, submerged in liquid, neglected, heavily crashed or
jumped will void the bicycle warrantee.
The manufacturer reserves the right to refuse any warranty
claim in an event of damage or misuse.
The manufacturer is not responsible for property and bodily
damage associated with using this product.
Contact information for warrantee claims:
Juiced Riders Inc.
8724 Approach Road
San Diego, CA 92154 U.S.A.
Tel: +1 (619) 746-8877
Juiced Riders | ODK U500 V2 | User Manual
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