Quanta™ 650 FEG - University of Missouri

Quanta™ 650 FEG - University of Missouri
Product Data
Quanta™ 650 FEG
Discover the “any sample, all data” solution for
ultimate versatility and high resolution SEM
Addressing the need to investigate a wide variety of materials and characterize structure
and composition, the FEI Quanta FEG provides unmatched flexibility to increase both
performance and versatility to handle the challenges of today’s wide ranging research
needs. View any sample and get all the data: surface images and compositional
images can be combined with accessories for determining material properties and
elemental composition.
Today’s research extends beyond simple metals and coated samples and the Quanta
series can comfortably handle challenges to produce top quality images and analysis.
The Quanta 50 series from FEI is the advanced, flexible solution for current and future
research applications. Featuring three imaging modes – high vacuum, low vacuum
and ESEMTM, it accommodates the widest range of samples of any SEM system. These
instruments are engineered to provide maximum data – imaging and microanalysis–
from all specimens, with or without preparation. Characterization of both traditional
Key benefits
• Only high resolution FEG-SEM with ESEM
• Characterize conductive and non-conductive
samples with SE and BSE imaging possible in
every mode of operation
• Minimize the amount of sample preparation, low
vacuum and ESEM capability enables charge-free
imaging and analysis of non-conductive and/or
hydrated specimens
• Increase analytical capabilities by enabling EDS
and EBSD analysis on conductive and nonconductive samples in high and low vacuum
thanks to Quanta’s patented through-the-lens
pumping. Stable high current FEG (up to 200 nA)
enable fast, accurate analysis
• Perform dynamic in situ analysis of diverse
samples in their natural state above or below
ambient temperatures from - 165 °C to 1500 °C
with specialized in situ stages
• Enable surface imaging with optional beam
deceleration mode and detectors optimized to
get surface and compositional information from
conductive samples
• Easy to use, intuitive software makes highly
effective operation possible for novice users
samples from metals, fractures and polished sections, to non-conductive soft materials.
The Quanta 50 series is the third generation Quanta system built on the success of
previous generations of ESEM Schottky FEG. This series has an easy-to-use and flexible
user interface with functions to maximize productivity and allow all the data to be
collected. Designed by microscopists for microscopists, this instrument series is truly
above and beyond ‘easy to use’. Navigation features include auto navigation montage,
double-click stage-movements, drag-to-zoom and other useful features incorporated
as standard. SmartSCANTM and drift compensated frame integration (DCFI) bring new
scanning strategy to reduce noise and provide better data. Additional new options such
as beam deceleration provide better resolution and contrast, while sensitive detection
options offer a sensitive angular-filtered Directional Backscatter (DBS) and an in-column
detector sensitivity to improve low kV performance. Nav-CamTM color image navigation
and new retractable detectors provide even greater flexibility to the Quanta FEG series.
Better data. More flexibility. Higher efficiency. General purpose FEG ESEM is now
within your reach.
Product Data Quanta™ 650 FEG
Typical applications include:
• Metals & alloys, oxidation/corrosion, fractures, welds, polished
sections, magnetic and superconducting materials
• Ceramics, composites, plastics
• Films/coatings
• Geological sections, minerals
• Soft materials: polymers, pharmaceuticals, filters, gels,
tissues, plant material
• Particles, porous materials, fibers
in situ NanoProcesses
• Hydration/dehydration
• Wetting behaviour/contact angle analysis
• Oxidation/corrosion
• Tensile (with heat or cooling)
• Crystallization/phase transformation
• Electron beam lithography (EBL)
• Electron beam-induced deposition (EBID)
Essential specifications
Electron optics
• High resolution Schottky field emission
• SEM column optimized for high brightness/high current
• 45° objective lens geometry with through-the-lens differential
pumping and heated objective apertures
• Maximum horizontal field width: 5 mm at analytical working
distance (10 mm); 18.8 mm at 65 mm WD
• Accelerating voltage: 200 V to 30 kV
• Landing voltage range:
–– Standard: 200 V to 30 kV
–– Beam Deceleration*: 20 V to 30 kV
• Probe current: ≤ 200 nA, continuously adjustable
• Magnification: 6 to 1000000x
Electron Beam resolution
• High vacuum
–– 0.8 nm at 30 kV (STEM)*
–– 1.0 nm* at 30 kV (SE)
–– 2.5 nm at 30 kV (BSE)*
–– 3.0 nm at 1 kV (SE)
• High vacuum with beam deceleration option
–– 3.0 nm at 1 kV (BD mode* + BSED*)
–– 2.3 nm at 1 kV (BD mode* + ICD*)
–– 3.1 nm at 200 V (BD mode* + ICD*)
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• Low vacuum
–– 1.4 nm at 30 kV (SE)
–– 2.5 nm at 30 kV (BSE)*
–– 3.0 nm at 3 kV (SE)
• Extended vacuum mode (ESEM)
–– 1.4 nm at 30 kV (SE)
• Everhardt Thornley SED (secondary electron detector)
• Large Field Low vacuum SED (LFD)
• Gaseous SED (GSED) (used in ESEM mode)
• IR camera for viewing sample in chamber
• Nav-CamTM - color optical camera for sample navigation*
• Directional Backscatter (DBS) detector*
• Gaseous analytical BSED (GAD)*
• STEM detector*
• In-column detector (ICD) for BD mode*
• Gaseous BSED (BSE detection at high ESEM pressures)*
• Scintillator BSED/CLD*
• vCD (low voltage high contrast detector)*
• Electron beam current measurement*
• EDS*
• WDS*
• Cathodoluminescence*
• Raman*
Vacuum system
• 1 x 250 l/s TMP (turbomolecular pump), 2 x PVP
• Patented through-the-lens differential pumping
• Beam gas path length: 10 mm or 2 mm
• Optional upgrade to oil free scroll/dry PVPs
• 2 x IGP
• Integrated IGP battery backup (system protection from unplanned
power outage)
• Chamber vacuum (high) < 6e-4 Pa
• Chamber vacuum (low) < 10 to 130 Pa
• ESEM vacuum < 10 to 4000 Pa
• Evacuation time: ≤ 150 s to high vacuum and ≤ 270 s to ESEM
(FEI standard test procedures)
–– Optional CryoCleaner cold trap
• 379 mm size left to right
• 10 mm analytical WD
• 10 ports
• EDS take-off angle: 35°
* optional
Product Data Quanta™ 650 FEG
• X, Y = 150 mm
• Z = 65 mm
• Z clearance = 93.5 mm
• T = - 5° to + 70°
• R = 360° continuous
• Repeatability: 2 μm (X and Y)
• Tilt-eucentric at 29.3 mm mounting height for all working distances
• X and Y movements are in the tilt plane
• Beam deceleration (cathode lens/sample bias)*
Sample holders
• Multi-stub holder
• Single stub mount, mounts directly onto stage
• Universal sample holder kit*
• Various wafer and custom holder(s) available by request*
System control
• 64-bit graphical user interface with Windows®7,
keyboard, optical mouse
• One 24 inch LCD display, WUXGA 1920 x 1200
• Joystick*
• Manual user interface*
Image processor
• Up to 6144 x 4096 pixels
• File type: TIFF (8 or 16-bit), BMP or JPEG
• Single frame or 4-quadrant image display
• 4 quadrants live
• Live or static signal mixing in color or grayscale
• 256 frame average or integration
• Digital video recording (.avi)
• Image histogram and measurement software
Supporting software features
• SmartSCAN scan strategy
• Drift Compensated Frame Integration (DCFI)
• Navigation Montage automated routine
• SW temperature control for dynamic stages*
• Interval image acquisition in 1 to 4 quads
• Multiple image saving function
• FEI Movie Creator Utility (custom .avi file creation from
automatically acquired TIFF image series)
• Large Image Window Functionality (displays image on a
separate monitor allows dual full screen imaging from
different detectors)
System options
• Beam deceleration
• Manual user interface
• Support PC (including 2nd 24-inch monitor)
• Software controlled switch box
• SW controlled Peltier cooled specimen stage
• SW controlled WetSTEMTM system
• SW controlled 1000 °C heating stage
• SW controlled 1500 °C heating stage
• CryoCleaner
• CryoCleaner spare vessel
• FEI Gas Injection: Up to 2 units (other accessories may limit number
of GIS available) for beam-induced deposition of the following
–– Platinum
–– Tungsten
–– Carbon
• Prototyping: Integrated 16-bit patterning engine, Electron Beam
Lithography modules
• Joystick
• AAS (automatic aperture system)
• Specimen current meter
• Remote control SW
• Specimen holder kit
• Acoustic enclosure for vacuum pump
• 7 or 52 pin electrical feedthrough
• Electrostatic beam blanker
• WDS completion kit
• Oil free pre-vacuum option (dual scroll pumps)
• Integrated Plasma Cleaner
Common 3rd party accessories
• Cryo stage
• Cathodoluminescence
• Sample current detector/ EBIC
• Nanomanipulators
• Lithography systems
• CAD navigation
• Electrical probing
Documentation and support
• On-line help
• Quanta FEG Getting Started training CD
• RAPIDTM (remote diagnostic support)
• Free access to FEI for owners on-line resources
• Free membership in the FEI ESEM User Club
* optional
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Product Data Quanta™ 650 FEG
Software options
• Remote control/viewing software
• Image analysis software
• Web-enabled data archive software
• Height mapping/roughness measurement software
• FEI patterning software
Energy conservation
• Energy Star compliant monitors and PC systems
• System designed to operate without water chiller
Floor plan
Electronics Console
Warranty and training
• 1 year warranty
• Optional applications training class available
• Choice of service maintenance
• Choice of operation/application training contracts
Water Chiller
Microscope Controller
(if SPC present)
Peltier Water Chiller
Vacuum Console
Installation requirements
(Support PC)
(refer to pre-install guide for additional data)
• Power: voltage 230 V (+ 6 %, - 10 %), frequency 50 or 60 Hz (+/- 1 %)
• Power consumption: < 3.0 kVA for basic microscope
• Earth resistance: < 0.1 Ω
• Environment: temperature 20 °C +/- 3 °C, relative humidity
below 80 % RH, stray AV magnetic fields
< 40 nT asynchronous
< 300 nT synchronous
• Door width: 90 cm
• Weight: column console 570 kg
• Weight: electrical console 139 kg
• Dry nitrogen recommended: system (0.7 to 0.8 bar, max 10 l/min
during vent)
• Compressed air 4 to 6 bar - clean, dry and oil-free
• System chiller is only required if room is not meeting specification
according pre-install instructions
• Acoustics: < 68 dBC (site survey required as acoustics
spectrum relevant)
• Floor vibrations (site survey required as floor spectrum relevant)
• Vibration isolation table available as option
1000 mm.
Door opening
900 mm or 35.4 inch
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DS0005 10-2012
TÜV Certification for design, manufacture, installation and support
of focused ion- and electron-beam microscopes for the Electronics,
Life Sciences, Research and Natural Resources markets.
© 2012. We are constantly improving the performance of our products, so all specifications are subject to change without notice.
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