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GSR is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the best quality
fiber optic products at the most affordable prices with complete
technical support.
By combining sophisticated engineering with state-of-the-art
manufacturing, we now manufacture a wide range of high-quality
fiber optic products. GSR is proficient in designing new product
lines and innovative solutions to industry-wide problems and is
committed to producing the finest fiber optic products.
Splice TraY
Tray comes equipped with 2 mounting holes to provide
flexibility to closure. Tray features a ruggedized,
polycarbonate cover, allowing for clear visual inspection,
ideal for fiber routing, maintenance & trouble shooting.
GSR splice trays are designed to provide complete
protection to fusion splices (heat shrink) & mechanical
type splices. Clear button mounting aid and black fusion
splice chips come with peel & stick to provide technicians
with ability to adapt to universal environments. The splice
tray can also be used for bare fusion splices by adding
a 12-position bare fusion splice chip. GSR offers trays that
are available in three dimensions,
4 x 7, 4 x 11 ¾, 5 x 11 ¾.
What We Offer:
Plug type attenuator contains doped fiber suitable for dual
wavelength operation. Available in SC/UPC, SC/APC,
ST/UPC, FC/UPC, FC/APC, & LC/UPC. Values available
from 1-25dB. Applications include Telecommunications,
Local Area Network, CATV, Fiber optic sensors, Test
Equipment, & Fiber to the home.
GSR offers multi fiber cable assemblies, the Single cable
assembly can be with multiple fiber terminations, such as
MPO to LC as design by Cisco or MTP to MT-RJ as
design by IBM cable style, the MPO and MTP multi fiber
assemblies the breakout part can be either with 0.9mm
fiber cable or 2mm or 3mm fiber cables. Besides the MPO
and MTP multi fiber assemblies, we also offer various
types such as 6 SC to 6 SC multi fiber assemblies.
We can make as per your drawing or requirement for
multi fiber cable assemblies.
Cable Assembly
GSR provides the broadest choice of patchcords to the industry. All GSR patchcords are tested utilizing the industry’s
latest equipment and offer superior quality at low prices on
all styles of patchcords. 100% Guaranteed! Built to your
specifications Simplex/Duplex and singlemode/multimode
patchcords with FC, DIN, LC, MU, MTRJ, SC, ST, MPO, D4,
Biconic, SMA, E-2000 Connectors are available for either
Multimode or Singlemode systems. GSR patchcords represent high quality, very low loss and maximum performance.
Note: GSR patch cords are supplied with orange jacketed
multimode (50/125um or 62.5/125um) fiber or yellow
jacketed singlemode fiber.
GSR offers a broad range of Adapters like FC, SC,
ST, LC, D4, DIN, MU, MTRJ, Biconic and Hybrid Adapters
such as FC-LC, SC-LC, FC-SC, FC-ST & SC-ST.
All come with a choice of Zirconia Split Sleeve or
phosphor bronze sleeve and with a typical insertion
loss of 0.1dB. Applications include Optical
Communication, CATV system, Local Area Network.
Fiber Optic connectors (including Biconic),
Visual Fault Locators, Fusion Protection Sleeves,
Couplers/Splitters, Mode Conditioning patch cords,
and 10 gig patch cords.
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