860 DSPi - Trilithic
860 DSPi
Multifunction Digital Analyzer
■■ ONLY Analyzer with an Optional
Embedded CableLabs® Certified
DOCSIS 3.0 Modem
■■ DSP Technology Allows for Quick,
Accurate Measurements
■■ Versatile Capabilities Range from Triple
Play Signal Analysis for Installations to a
Wide Range of Plant Maintenance Tests
■■ Adaptable Platform Grows to Meet the
Needs of Technicians at Every Tier
■■ Easy-to-Read Display and Simple
Interface Get New Users Up and
Running Quickly
■■ Integrates with OSS and Workforce
Management Systems for Improved
Change with the times without changing meters.
Fast, accurate measurements with a versatile meter you can update
or upgrade anytime, usually with a simple firmware download.
Efficient, versatile, & comprehensive
Now with an optional CableLabs®
certified DOCSIS 3.0 modem option,
the 860 DSPi™ quickly and efficiently
performs all of the critical transmission
and signal quality tests needed to
install, troubleshoot, and maintain
analog, digital, HSD, and VoIP services.
The analyzer can be configured
with features that make day-to-day
maintenance more efficient and
improve troubleshooting speed for plant
technicians. Powerful options add highresolution spectrum analysis, QAM and
QPSK constellation displays and a wide
range of return path tests, all without
impacting size or weight.
Fast boot-up and quick test mode transition improve technician productivity. And
thanks to the efficiency of digital signal
processing technology, the battery life
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of the 860 DSPi can be up to five times
longer than that of other instruments.
The 860 DSPi works with Guardian
System II™ reverse path monitoring
equipment, and can be equipped with
options to provide an extensive range
of reverse path test capabilities. With
the SpeedSweep™ FS-1 option, the
860 DSPi receives forward sweep from
the 8300 FST™; with the SR-1 option,
it also generates reverse sweep to be
received by the 9581 SST™ and displayed on the 860’s easy-to-read LCD
Adaptable for future needs
The 860 DSPi is the first portable
instrument platform capable of
evolving over time to meet emerging
measurement and data communication
requirements. It can be upgraded as
new services are introduced, usually
through Trilithic’s free update website.
The use of flexible, cutting-edge digital
signal processing (DSP) technology
means that applications that were not
even available when the analyzer was
originally purchased can be added later,
often by simply downloading firmware.
This ability to easily keep the 860 DSPi
as up-to-date as currently shipped
analyzers gives it a longer life cycle and
significantly reduces the lifetime cost of
Fast boot-up for quick
With the 860 DSPi ready to perform
measurements within a few seconds
after turn-on, technicians can perform
tests quickly. The 860 also provides
test data to the operator up to 10 times
faster than other analyzers, so problem
sources can be identified faster, shortening trouble calls.
860 DSPi
Multifunction Digital Analyzer
Complete testing capabilities
The 860 DSPi provides extremely versatile measurement
capabilities, addressing the needs of technicians and
engineers for everything from installation signal analysis to a
wide range of plant maintenance tests.
Measure latency, jitter, packet loss, and other VoIP
parameters in seconds. Analyze VoIP performance from
end-to-end and from the subscriber to the CMTS. When
testing end-to-end, the 860 DSPi displays separate test
results for upstream and downstream paths and even
calculates an MOS score for each.
Track IP transmission paths with Trace Route™.
Test throughput, packet loss, reverse transmit levels, MER,
BER, and more.
Measure system frequency response with SpeedSweep
system compatibility.
Find in-channel distortion or other interference without
interrupting service with Error Vector Spectrum™ or
TraffiControl™ modes.
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Use the 860 DSPi’s Average BER function to estimate BER
up to 10 times faster than any alternative. Use the Impulse
BER function to detect and count individual lost packets.
BER data is displayed with values and a convenient graph
that shows how pre and post BER changes over a usersettable interval. Enhanced digital video feature equips the
analyzer to perform impulse BER measurements on deep
interleave digital video channels and enhances constellation
graphs if the 860 DSPi includes Option QA-2.
860 DSPi
Multifunction Digital Analyzer
Designed for Convenience and Durability
■■ Fast boot up, fast operation
■■ Simple, direct keyboard functions
■■ Large, widely spaced buttons are usable with
■■ Single keystroke measurement functions or soft
keys for simple navigation
■■ Auto-test up to 16 functions, with limit comparison
and pass/fail results
■■ Long battery life (operate your 860 DSPi for 4 to
6 hours on a single charge, even with the display
backlight turned on, without intrusive battery-saving
■■ High resolution 5.7” backlit transflective LCD
■■ Strong, shock-resistant construction, with integral
rubber boot; padded bag included
■■ Lightweight, with convenient carrying straps
The 860 DSPi options are available on an a la carte basis,
but the prerequisite option is the Power Pack™, which must
be purchased in order for the instrument to be fitted with
other DSPi options.
PP-1 Power Pack
Adds full 5 MHz to 1 GHz channel scan and monitoring; C/N, hum, FM
deviation, depth of modulation, CSO/CTB, forward (system carrierreferenced sweep) sweep balancing, and an internet browser
The Power Pack is a prerequisite for all other 860 DSPi options
FDR Frequency Domain Reflectometer™ Option
Measurement uses
sweep analysis of a cable
or drop to determine
the distance to multiple
opens, shorts, splitters,
or faults
■■ 64 QAM source for upstream testing
D3 Option - DOCSIS 3.0
The D3 option builds-in
a CableLabs® certified
DOCSIS 3.0 modem,
enabling a full complement of DOCSIS
3.0 tests, including
complete statistical
information about each
of the bonded signals,
including individual downstream receive levels and upstream
transmit levels, downstream MER, and pre- and post-FEC
BER. Additionally, full range throughput tests can be performed up to 152 Mbps.
The Cable Modem Statistics mode provides comprehensive
information for all up and downstream signals in bonded
sets. The signal that is configured as “primary” is
Allows the 860 to
identify multiple cable
components in a passive
home network
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Standard Measurements
■■ Signal levels: one channel to full span, analog and
digital; total power
■■ “Mini-scans” of up to 10 selected channels (video
and digital carriers)
■■ Forward tilt
■■ Reverse spectrum scan to -40 dBmV
■■ Numerical values of forward BER/MER
■■ Digital power
■■ Lost packet rate
■■ DOCSIS modem upstream transmit level
■■ DOCSIS speed, throughput
■■ PC substitution
■■ VoIP jitter, latency upstream, and downstream
■■ Lost/discarded packets upstream, and downstream
■■ Calculated MOS score, upstream, and downstream
■■ Trace route
The 860 DSPi is ready to perform network tests to prepare
the plant for these services; perform installation tests as the
services are rolled out; troubleshoot throughout the network;
and perform sweep/maintenance tests before and after the
services are deployed.
860 DSPi
Multifunction Digital Analyzer
FS-1 Forward Sweep Option
QA-2 QAM Option
Enables a forward sweep
Compatible with the
SpeedSweep System for
forward sweep balancing
and troubleshooting
SA-1 Spectrum Analysis
Adds multiple resolution
bandwidth settings from
10 kHz to 3 MHz
Compatible with the 9581
Useful for return
path balancing and
Adds Zero Span mode
VITS Vertical Interval Test Signal™ Option
Allows viewing of
in-channel spectrum
characteristics for
upstream data channels
Error Vector Spectrum
mode – enables viewing
in-channel spectrum
SR-1 Return Sweep Receiver
Full-featured DSP
alternative to analog
TC-1 TraffiControl Option
Constellation and
equalizer display
VSB Vestigial Sideband™ Modulation Option
Adds RSVP²™ Installer’s
Return Tester functions to
the 860
Expands the 860 to
allow testing of eight
frequencies at once
Compatible with 9581
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Enables testing of
baseband video
parameters on active
analog channels with
active VITS
Feature enables analysis
of off-air digital video
transmissions, including
levels, constellation,
equalizer taps, and BER
860 DSPi
Multifunction Digital Analyzer
Related products
Improved productivity with workforce management
The 860 DSPi integrates with Trilithic’s TDM™ test data
management server package to enable managers and
others to configure and manage analyzer inventory, store
measurement data, generate reports and create custom
database queries.
The integrated system lets cable operators track tech
performance, control the quality of installations and – via a
connection to the company billing system – even develop
and monitor productivity improvement metrics.
860 DSP Analyzer:
A Cost-Effective Alternative.
Part of the 860 family, the 860 DSP is for applications that do
not require a modem-equipped meter. It performs physical
measurements only. For technicians not required to maintain
DOCSIS services, the 860 DSP is a cost-effective alternative.
I-Stop™ Ingress Test Probe (P/N 2010838001)
I/O-15 Coaxial Precision Test Cable (P/N 2071527048)
The I-Stop probe contains a
patented circuit that, when used
with a reverse path monitoring
system, confirms the location
of an ingress source down to the nearest tap. Eliminates
the need to remove reverse pads, tap bodies, or diplexers
for troubleshooting. Pressing the button on the side of the
probe causes a 4 to 6 dB reduction in the ingress seen
by the return monitoring system, confirming this leg of the
distribution system contains the ingress source. The I-Stop
probe has little or no visible effect on forward video signals.
The I/O-15 is a precision test cable
suitable for field and head end test
equipment. The small-diameter
(0.16”) allows the cable to be conveniently stored in a pocket or in
the instrument’s bag. The I/O-15 exhibits a loss of only 0.7
dB at 1 GHz, and lab quality materials and machined female
F-type connectors insure long service life. A lab-quality
push-on adaptor is included with each cable.
TLB-60 Return Measurements Filter (P/N 2011066000)
CC-23 Utility Bag (P/N 2131221000)
The TLB-60 60 MHz low-pass
filter is useful when searching for
common path distortions or other
low-level disturbances, eliminating
overload from forward channels present at the test port. The
TLB-60 can extend the measurement range of a spectrum
analyzer or field signal analyzer by as much as 20 dB.
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The CC-23 is a protective carrying
case large enough to conveniently
hold a technician’s instrument kit,
including the 860 DSPi, a Searcher
Plus-series leakage detector, test
cables, probes, and more. Includes
one I/0-15 precision test cable.
860 DSPi
Multifunction Digital Analyzer
Frequency Range
5 MHz to 1 GHz
Level Measurement
-40 to +50 dBmV
0.1 dB
@ 25˚ C (77˚ F): ±0.75 dB
Over temp -18˚ to +50˚ C (0˚ to 122˚ F): ± 2.0 dB (analog), ± 2.5 dB (digital)
Carrier-to-Noise (In-service, non-scrambled standard channels only)
Minimum Input Level for
Full Range
+10 dBmV
Dynamic Range
50 dB
<0.5 dB
Hum (In-service, non-scrambled standard channels only)
Minimum Input Level
0 dBmV
0 to 5%
Depth of Modulation (In-service, non-scrambled standard channels only)
50 to 100%
Audio Dimension
FM carriers
Max Number of Carriers
High/Low Delta Resolution
0.1 dB
Video, audio, pilot, and digital carriers; includes total power measurement
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860 DSPi
Multifunction Digital Analyzer
Spectrum Mode
Display Spans
User-selectable in 10 kHz steps
Display Scale
1, 2, 5, or 10 dB/division
Display Range
7 vertical lines
Sweep Rate (78 Channels)
~500 ms
Detection and Dwell
Selectable detector modes (Narrow or Wide) and dwell time
Spurious Free Dynamic
60 dB @ 25˚ C (77˚ F) (+50 dBmV)
-40 dBmV (4 MHz to 1 GHz)
Zero Span Mode
Video Bandwidth
Digital averaging
Resolution Bandwidth
10, 30, 100, and 300 KHz; 1, 3 MHz
Pulse Measurement
Nominal level in <7ms, ±2 dB from nominal in 4ms (300 kHz RBW)
Sweep Times
50 μs to 20 sec in 1, 2, 5 settings
Intermodulation Distortion (CSO/CTB)
≥60 dB
0.1 dB
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860 DSPi
Multifunction Digital Analyzer
QAM Measurements
ITU J.83 annex A, B, C; QPSK, 16, 32, 64, 128,
and 256 QAM (at symbol rates from 2 MSPS to
6.9 MSPS)
Modulation Types
Includes the following:
5 MHz to 1 GHz analyzer (customerspecified options)
P/N 201097100U
Protective carrying case
Measurable Input (Lock)
64 QAM: -20 to +50 dBmV (typical)
256 QAM: -15 to +50 dBmV (typical)
Shoulder strap
Frequency Tuning
5 MHz to 1 GHz
User’s manual
BER; 64 and 256 on all
10-4 to 10-10
64 and 256 QAM, 6 MHz channel bandwidth:
Range: 21 to 38 dB
Accuracy (typical): ±1.5 dB
64 and 256 QAM, 8 MHz channel bandwidth:
Range: 21 to 35 dB
Accuracy (typical): ±2.0 dB
64 QAM, 6 or 8 MHz channel
Range: 1.1% to 8.1%
Accuracy: ±0.5% (1.1 to 2.0%)
±1.0% (2.1 to 4.2%)
±1.6% (4.3 to 8.1%)
256 QAM, 6 or 8 MHz channel
Range: 1.1% to 5.3%
Accuracy: ±0.5% (1.1 to 2.0%)
±0.8% (2.1 to 4.2%)
QAM Level Measurement
Universal charger, 90 to 220 VAC, U.S.
Optional accessories:
Protective display shields
P/N 2230521001
Utility bag (CC-23)
P/N 2131221000
Related products:
External battery charger
P/N 2010986000
Vehicle power adaptor (CL-5)
P/N 2070704002
Precision test cable (I/O-15)
P/N 2071527048
I-Stop probe
P/N 2010838001
Signal Types
QPSK; QAM (16, 32, 64, 128, and 256)
TLB-60 filter
P/N 20110666000
-40 to +50 dBmV
VoIP RTP™ server software
P/N 0930110000
Accuracy @ 25˚ C
±1.25 dB
WorkBench™ software
P/N 0930083000
ACTS™ software
P/N 0930144000
Power Source
Charging Time
4 hours
Operating Time,
Continuous Use
4 to 6 hours
TDM software
P/N 2011092100
8300 FST Forward Sweep Transmitter
P/N 2011072001
5.85 lbs (2650 g)
Operating Temperature
-18˚ to +50˚ C (0˚ to 122˚ F)
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860 Companion Software
■■ Simplifies 860 DSP™ Inventory
■■ Stores Measurement Results
■■ Makes Firmware Updates Easier,
Resulting in Improved Accuracy and
■■ Enables Configuration of 860 Units,
Including Channel Plans and Automated
Tests – Ensuring Consistency in
Measurement Procedures
■■ Optional Trilithic Data Manager (TDM™)
Component Provides Communication
Link with 860 Units in Field
WorkBench™ is a Windows®-based,
web-linked software application that
supports and augments the many
functions and features of Trilithic’s 860
DSPi, making it easier to update and
upgrade your 860, using an intuitive PC
graphic user interface. It is especially
helpful for keeping track of a fleet of
860s, to make sure all technicians
are working with the same features,
channel plans, and test processes. With
WorkBench, you can quickly and easily
install and configure additional 860
DSP optional performance features by
purchasing them, downloading them from
the Trilithic website, and installing them at
your convenience (with the optional TDM
component). Many firmware updates
and measurement enhancements are
available at no charge.
■■ Improve accuracy and productivity
by ensuring that your 860 DSP
analyzers are working with a
consistent firmware version, and
software configuration.
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■■ Customize your 860 DSPs to meet
your specific needs and preferences
by configuring the navigation
menus, as well as choosing and
editing channel plans, locations,
auto-test macros, and configuration
packages, including a wide variety
of measurement options, test mode
options, and performance limits for
auto-test functions.
■■ Identify and download 860 DSP
firmware updates (to enhance
existing features and add new
capabilities) or new options. Store
downloaded updates in WorkBench
until it is convenient for you to load
them into your 860 DSPs. Queue
updates for download by the
technician from any field test point
with the optional TDM component.
■■ Analyze and report on data
collected from the 860 DSPs,
including performance to userset limits such as analog signal
amplitudes, digital signal power,
signal quality, carrier-to-noise ratios,
MER, and other measurements of
digital performance, and key return
path measurements.
■■ Receive announcements of new
860 DSP features and functions,
firmware revisions and updates,
new product options, and other
performance enhancements
by clicking the banner in the
WorkBench online tab.
■■ Create the most effective menu
structure and configure all 860
DSPs with uniform features,
settings, and configurations. Your
technicians won’t have to spend
time reconfiguring or relearning how
to use individual 860 DSP units;
they can instead get right to work
with no lost effort.
The WorkBench software is a powerful
860 DSP accessory that makes
configuring, maintaining, and customizing
any number of 860 DSPs a snap.
860 Companion Software
Recommended Option: WorkBench TDM Component
A workforce management solution that acts as an interface with the TDM (Trilithic
Data Manager) server.
Simplifies updating firmware and managing technician’s 860 channel plans and test
processes by enabling access at any field test point.
The TDM component option provides a communication link with 860s in the field:
■■ Manager sends tasks (work orders) to technicians in the field
■■ Technicians receive tasks, attach test results, close tasks, and upload data to
Manager reviews/collects task associated data for records
Includes the following:
One user license for one PC
P/N 0930083000
I/O-14 9-pin data cable
P/N 2071401000
WorkBench Software with TDM
component for uploading/downloading
information to TDM server
P/N 0930083002
TDM component for existing
WorkBench software installation
P/N 0930083001
Internet Connection
An internet connection is required to enable use of the WorkBench online feature,
which simplifies accessing and downloading the latest firmware updates and new
features for your 860 DSP.
30-Day Evaluation Period
WorkBench software is distributed at no charge including meter configuration
utilities. A full set of data management features (data log upload and analysis)
are active for evaluation for 30 days after installation. When the evaluation
period expires, WorkBench’s meter configuration utilities remain active, but data
management features will automatically deactivate (stored data remains accessible
but new data can not be stored). To continue to use data management features
contact Trilithic to purchase a key code.
200 MHz Pentium® II PC
100 MB free disk space
Windows 2000®, or later color monitor
running at 256 colors or higher, 800 x 600
minimum screen resolution
Standard 9-pin serial port and/or Ethernet
adapter (860 DSP Ethernet interface is
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Integrated Server Package
■■ Enables In-Field 860 DSPi™
Configuration Updates
■■ Upload or Download Measurement
Data for Records; “One-Click” to Send
and Receive Data
■■ Interfaces with Records, Work
Order Management, and Third Party
Diagnostic Information; Facilitates
Inventory and Tracking of Work Order
Completion, etc.
■■ Messaging Interface for Broadcast or
Individual Technician Communication
■■ All Server Software is Pre-Installed on
a High-Performance Server, Ensuring
Reliability and Minimizing System
Activation Time
The TDM™ (Trilithic Data Manager)
Integrated Server Package is a preconfigured server, integrating powerful
software applications and hardware
to provide a tailored, comprehensive
solution for managing test data for
installation technician performance
and quality assurance, and managing
field analyzer inventory. In addition
to Microsoft® 2003 Server® and
SQL Server®, the server hardware
comes pre-configured with TDM
server software, and one on-board
WorkBench™ application with TDM
component. Six additional WorkBench
with TDM component packages are
provided, standard.
TDM is a server application that
enables remote configuration of the 860
DSP™ or the 860 DSPi™; allows for
the collection of measurement records;
and enables instrument updates and
think ahead
feature addition via the Internet. An
optional TDM component resides
within WorkBench, Trilithic’s 860
family configuration and management
application, and enables the user to
communicate information globally, by
groups, or individually to 860s in the
field. 860s can upload measurement
information to the TDM server to be
viewed in WorkBench and saved for
historical purposes.
TDM makes keeping field meter
firmware up to date simple by notifying
the technician that an update is
available whenever he/she enters
the browser mode. The transmission
(upload and download) of data can be
performed with the push of a button.
This means that all field analyzers
will be running on the most current
firmware version.
Management reports are another
important function of TDM. The
vast amount of data collected by
installers throughout the day would
be overwhelming to analyze without
simple, well-designed reports. All TDM
reports have certain characteristics,
including a summary and expandable/
collapsible depth of data detail (some
reports are only obtainable with data
acquired from a billing system, which
includes information related to work
Integrated Server Package
Features and benefits:
■ Allows 860s to send and receive
e-mails, as well as to share data
with other technicians using 860s
in the field.
■ Enables management to view team
reports through an IE web browser.
■ Consistent, efficient, and
accountable quality assurance
improves installation service
quality, resulting in retaining
satisfied customers.
■ Decreases the number of service
calls, which leads to cutting
operational expenses.
■ Improves installation technician
performance with measurable
results while eliminating costly
■ Proactive and automated test
processes save maintenance
technicians’ troubleshooting time,
also cutting operational expenses.
■ Test automation speeds installation
technicians’ measurement and
data collection time, thereby
improving productivity.
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860 DSPi
TDM Server
■ Data communication
■ Measurement database
■ Work order retrieval
■ Test macros, temp storage
■ File transmission
WorkBench /
TDM Component
■ TDM user interface
■ Data display and analysis
■ Queries, reports
Internet Explorer®
■ Manager/supervisor access to
860 DSP Meter Inventory
The TDM system enables supervisors to make sure every technician’s meter
has the proper configuration to ensure that the right tests are done on the
right channels. Firmware upgrades can be forwarded to technicians’ inboxes
and supervisors can track which meters have been updated. Complete meter
inventory reports provide a quick reference indicating which meters have specific
measurement capabilities, and when the last calibration was performed. A
calibration check report provides a quick method for ensuring that technicians are
checking meter calibration on-schedule, and that all meters are making accurate
measurements. The supervisor can access specific uploaded data logs for
detailed analysis using WorkBench.
Integrated Server Package
Reports and Summaries
The TDM system helps installation
technicians become more professional,
thorough, and efficient. They quickly
check and certify the installations with
simple macros, verifying the quality of
services delivered to customers. The
tests are done quickly with the fastest
installation analyzer on the market, so
the installer can get more done in less
History Reports / Work Orders
To further simplify the process for the
technician, the 860 DSPi can be set up
with a very friendly user-customized
interface to enable quick access to
specific macros that comprehensively
evaluate the services in one
combination of measurements. The
test data is stored in a task (work order)
file, and all of the data from the day’s
work is uploaded to TDM at the end of
the day.
Increased Efficiency and
Implementation of the TDM system
leads to satisfied customers with
improved reliability and service that
meets expectations. The system
improves productivity by eliminating
rework, and provides management
with metrics to control and improve
productivity. The ability to collect,
sort, and analyze data gives new
productivity enhancing insight to users,
and the integration provides a cost
cutting quality improvement which – by
increasing subscriber satisfaction –
mitigates churn and improves the
potential for new customer business.
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860 dsp Macro summary
set top
Sys Prin:
Test Date/Time:
10/22/2008 09:21:31 AM
Channel Plan
Task Id:
Meter Operator:
Meter Cal Date/Time:
1/20/2007 12:04:31 PM
Macro summary
QAM Ch 74:
QAM Ch 75:
QAM Ch 77:
QAM Ch 78:
QAM Ch 79:
QAM Ch 80:
QAM Ch 81:
QAM Ch 82:
QAM Ch 83:
QAM Ch 84:
QAM Ch 85:
QAM Ch 86:
QAM Ch 87:
QAM Ch 88:
QAM Ch 89:
QAM Ch 90:
QAM Ch 91:
QAM Ch 92:
QAM Ch 93:
QAM Ch 94:
QAM Ch 100:
QAM Ch 101:
QAM Ch 102:
QAM Ch 103:
QAM Ch 104:
QAM Ch 105:
QAM Ch 106:
QAM Ch 108:
QAM Ch 109:
QAM Ch 110:
QAM Ch 111:
Integrated Server Package
Integrated software specifications
Microsoft Windows
2003 Server®
A comprehensive, integrated, and dependable
server platform designed to reduce costs and
increase the efficiency and effectiveness of
computing operations.
Microsoft SQL Server®
More than a relational database management
system; it is a complete database and
analysis product that meets the scalability and
reliability requirements of the most demanding
WorkBench Client
One WorkBench client license included.
TDM Server Software
Integrates powerful software and hardware to
provide remote access to channel plans, auto
test and firmware updates, and supports data
uploads via the internet.
Includes the following:
Pre-configured server with six
WorkBench/TDM software packs
Related products:
TDM integrated server package
P/N 2011092100
TDM Component software
P/N 0930083001
WorkBench software
P/N 0930083000
WorkBench/TDM software package
P/N 0930083002
Hardware specifications
Specially configured Dell PowerEdge® 2U rack-mount server
TDM Server can store more than 10 million data
logs (average data log is 34 KB).
Next business day, parts and labor, on-site
response – 3 years (provided by Dell).
A second power supply is available from Dell to provide redundancy and extra reliability.
A backup storage system is recommended for prevention of data loss.
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Advanced Communication Test System
■■ Server Application Enables a
Proprietary Connection with the 860
DSP or 860 DSPi
■■ Includes Separate Pass/Fail Results
for Forward and Return Path
■■ Enables High Speed Throughput Tests
Using the 860 DSPi
■■ DOCSIS 3.0 Compatible
■■ Can Also be Used as a Ping Test
As the name suggests, this new server
performs a variety of tests related to
cable system advanced communication
services, including VoIP and high speed
The server enables a VoIP RTP test
from any field test point with or without
unsolicited grant service (UGS), as well
as high speed throughput.
The VoIP test enables efficient service
pre-installation verification with a
simple, yet comprehensive set of
measurement data including upstream
and downstream latency, jitter, packet
loss, and MOS.
System Requirements
1 GHz Pentium-IV® or upward compatible
100 MB free disk space
Operating System
Windows 2003 Professional® or Server®
or Windows XP®
Network Card
10/100/1000 Base-T network interface card
The throughput test adds an
increased level of security, by enabling
customizable communication ports, and
it doesn’t write files to the hard drive.
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