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To be read carefully before start-up!
Operation Manual
M 320
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Table of Content
Safety Instructions
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Maintenance and Care
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Technical Data
Declaration of Conformity
With your OERTZEN high pressure cleaner you have purchased one of the
most durable and reliable machines available on the market. Its balanced ratio
of water flow (temperature) and working pressure meets all cleaning requirements. The OERTZEN high pressure cleaners conform to all and European
safety regulations which is guaranteed by the CE symbol.
This manual to be made available to the operating personnel and to be
read completely before start-up.
We underline that we cannot be held responsible for any damages or
malfunctions as a result of ignoring this manual.
OERTZEN offers training courses in order to enable the operating
personnel to run the machine in accordance with the instructions
laid down in this manual, to carry out all necessary maintenance
work described herein and to eliminate minor repair work.
This warning symbol appears in this operating manual at all operating and safety instructions dealing with the dangers for personal
entirety and life (DIN 4844).
This warning symbol appears in the operating manual at all operating and safety instructions dealing with the fulfilment of rules,
regulations and instructions for the proper operation and to avoid
damages or destroying of the machine.
This manual is subject to alteration.
All rights reserved. Any use in other than legally authorised cases requires the
prior written approval of ARNDT H. von OERTZEN (GmbH&Co).
Safety Instructions
This instruction manual should thoroughly and completely be studied
and considered prior to initial start-up of the unit. When strictly following
the instructions, no danger should occur.
This machine must only be operated by adult persons who are fully familiar with the
operation and possible dangers. All relevant safety instructions laid down in this
manual strictly to be followed.
Protective clothing to be worn during operation.
The water jet leaving the spray pistol at high velocity has a rather dangerous cutting
effect! Therefore, the water jet never to be directed onto persons, animals or electric
units. When starting the machine, be aware of torque and recoil. Take care of a stable
Any repair work within the high pressure section must only be carried out by qualified
Before opening the machine in case of malfunctions, emergency it must be switched
of by means of the ON/OFF switch.
The max. pressure stated on the type label must not be exceeded. The unloader
valve opens as soon as the max. operating pressure is exceeded by 10 %. The
unloader valve is workshop adjusted and sealed. The adjustment must not be
Unsuitable or defective high pressure hoses very often cause accidents during
operation of high pressure cleaners. Therefore check the hoses for damages before
any start-up. Defective high pressure hoses immediately to be replaced by original
OERTZEN equipment. Using other materials than original OERTZEN equipment
(union respectively hose marked with “OERTZEN”) or using materials which have not
expressively been approved by OERTZEN in writing voids all warranty and product
Worn high pressure hoses must never be repaired and re-used.
Use of repair kits, accessories and the like which are not approved by OERTZEN in
writing, voids all warranty and product liability as well as the validity of the
Declaration of Conformity.
Spray pistols with delayed closing mechanism must not be used, due to danger of
Lever in open position must never be blocked or fixed in any other way.
When using spray pistols below of 750 mm length particular dangers to be
After work the spray pistol to be protected against accidental/unauthorised use by
means of the safety lever.
The unit must not be placed or operated in areas jeopardised by fire or explosions.
During work at filling stations the “Technical rules for flammable Liquids (TfbF) to be
Consumables to be handled thoroughly and strictly in accordance with all relevant
safety regulations and rules of environmental protection.
Electrical energy can cause severe injuries. Electrical components thoroughly and
frequently to be inspected for damages and malfunctions, in order to avoid any cause
for accidents. All repair work to be carried out by qualified personnel. Disconnect the
unit from the electrical network during all repair/maintenance work (ZH 1/95).
Extension cables to have a diameter according to VDE regulations. Extension cables
on reels to be reeled off completely during operation, in order to avoid overheating of
the cable reel.
The unit is equipped with a brake. This brake to be fixed when working in steep
During loading suitable lifting eyes to be foreseen. Balanced load to be ensured.
Exhaust gas out of combustion engines is highly toxic and explosive. Therefore, the
machine never to be operated indoors/non-vented rooms. This would be extremely
hazardous. All indications of malfunctions/damages to be investigated and possible
causes to be eliminated immediately. All repair work to be carried out by qualified
The waste gas pipe is getting hot during operation. Do not touch!
Manufacturer’s instructions to be followed!
The machines of the Mobile series consist of a low speed, oil-greased high
pressure inline plunger pump, driven by a low-emission 4-stroke motor in Vdesign. An oil-greased reduction gear flanged between pump and motor
reduces the high pressure pump speed. In order to extend the motor lifetime,
an oil shortage cut-out is installed, which stops the motor in case the oil level
drops below specified limits.
The feed water is directed with required admission pressure via a filter to the
high pressure pump which, together with the diameter of the spray nozzle,
boosts it to required working pressure. In order to protect the pump against
damage due to cavitation, a low water cut-out is installed.
A workshop-set and sealed unloader valve opens in case the operating
pressure is exceeded by more than 10 % and directs the water which cannot
be taken by the nozzle, back into the suction line of the high pressure pump. In
parallel it allows to continuously adjust working pressure and water flow.
By opening the rotary handle of the double lance the working pressure can be
adapted to the requirements at the cleaning object.
The machine is equipped with a safety shut-down system in order to protect
the high pressure pump against overheating. After closing the spray pistol, the
unloader valve returns circulating water back into the suction line of the high
pressure pump. In case the temperature of the circulating water exceeds
60 °C, a thermo valve opens, releases hot water which is substituted by the
same amount of cold water. When activating the spray pistol again, the
working pressure is re-generated immediately.
The range of applications can be extended by a variety of accessories
available from OERTZEN. Contact your local distributor.
Start-up / Shut-down
Before start-up:
Before start-up of a machine of the OERTZEN Mobile series, the following
instructions to be followed:
Operating manual of machine and motor to be read thoroughly and
Check correct oil levels of high pressure pump (dip stick (8)), reduction
gear and motor. Exclusively oil qualities approved by OERTZEN to be
used. High pressure pump/reduction gear: OERTZEN OSP pump oil;
engine: OERTZEN OSM motor oil.
Unit only to be run with absolutely clean water. Flush the water hose
thoroughly before connection. Depending on water quality, water filter
to be inspected in regular intervals.
Unit only to be run in horizontal position (+/- 5 %).
During starting from cold, warm up the engine for several minutes, so
extending its lifetime. After work “slow down” the motor.
In order to ensure readiness of use and trouble free operation, carry out
the following control checks before, during and after work:
General condition of the unit (screwed connections, protection caps,
Electrical connections.
Control lamps.
Pump and connections to be checked for leaks.
High pressure hoses and other hoses to be checked for cracks/
Water supply, water strainer
Air supply, air intake not to be blocked.
Fill up all consumables.
Check for abnormal noise.
In case of malfunctions immediately stop the machine, eliminate
malfunctions as described in chapter „Trouble Shooting“, respectively
call qualified service personnel.
Water connection
The water inlet to be connected to the water distribution network by means of
an internally clean, min. ” water hose. Water hose to be flushed before
connection. When connecting the unit to the potable water supply, DIN 1988 to
be observed (for short-term connections a vented back-flow preventer to be
Water flow pressure:
minimum: 2 bar
maximim: 8 bar
The unit can suck water out of vessels, open waters, etc. with a max. suction
height of 1 m. Do not feed the machine with polluted water, because this
would damage pumps, unloader valve and spray pistol
Insufficient water supply will cause severe damage on the pump
High Pressure Connection
High pressure hose to be connected to the unit’s outlet (2) by means of the
screw joint (hand-tight, without tools).
Fuel Supply
Fuel tank (3) to be filled. Petrol and petrol fumes are highly flammable and
explosive. Fire or explosion will lead to severe injuries or death. Fuel never to
be handled near hot motors
Relevant safety regulations, especially instructions of motor
manufacturer to be observed.
Water tap to be fully opened, respectively suction hose with strainer to be
dipped in.
Hand wheel of unloader valve (4) to be turned counter-clockwise in order to
ease motor start.
For starting the motor, observe manufacturer’s operating instructions!
Start with Electric Starter
Choke of the combustion engine to be pulled, respectively lever to be turned.
Speed control lever (5) in position “full load”. Starter key to be put into position
“Start” and starter push button to be pressed. As soon as it has started, open
choke until the motor is running smoothly.
Do not disconnect running motor from starter battery.
Unlock and activate spray pistol. Warm up motor for 5 minutes at low
pressure. Then increase up to working pressure by turning the adjusting wheel
on the unloader valve clockwise.
Be aware of recoil. Ensure stable foothold.
Pressure Adjustment
Working pressure can continuously be adjusted between high and low
pressure by opening and closing the handle at the double lance.
pressure decrease
pressure increase
Pressure/Water Volume Adjustment
Pressure and water volume can continuously be adjusted according to
requirements by turning the knob at the unloader valve.
continuous reduction of pressure and water volume
to minimum capacity
continuous increase of pressure and water volume
up to maximum capacity
Detergent Injection
Only if special injector kit is installed. The injector is activated when spray
wand is fully opened. The injection rate is 10 % of the water volume. To
achieve a lower injection rate, detergent to be diluted (e.g. 5 % requires a 1 : 1
Fully open valve at the double lance and activate spray pistol, so activating the
injector which automatically feeds the detergent into the water stream.
Detergent to be sprayed onto the object to be cleaned from the top to the
bottom. Let it work in for several minutes. Close the valve at the double lance,
so stopping the injector, and wash the object from the bottom to the top. Keep
a spray distance of 10 – 20 cm. Detergent residues to be washed away completely. Detergent not to be sprayed onto warm surfaces or in direct sunlight.
Detergent must not dry.
Detergent line to be flushed after work by dipping detergent hose into clean
water and running the machine for one minute with the valve at the double
lance open.
After Work
Reduce motor load by decreasing working pressure (open valve at double
lance, respectively by turning the adjusting wheel of the unloader valve
counter-clockwise), in order to cool down the motor after work.
Close and lock spray pistol.
Motor stop: Tumbler to be in position "0".
Thoroughly clean and reel up high pressure hose.
Exclusively original OERTZEN hoses to be used, otherwise warranty and
product liability will be nil and void.
Unit to be stored in a dry, frost-proof place.
Drain pump completely for extended shut-down periods.
Particularly note:
In case of malfunctions stop the machine immediately, eliminate malfunction
according to chapter „Trouble Shooting“, respectively call qualified service
Frost-protection is a must in order to avoid severe damages on the machine
(refer to chapter Maintenance and Care).
Maintenance and Care
Every machine is only as reliable as maintenance is carried out.
In order to guarantee reliability and trouble free operation of the
machine, it is of vital interest to follow the instructions below:
Ignoring the required maintenance intervals voids all warranty.
Combustion Engine
Maintenance instructions of motor manufacturer to be strictly followed.
Exclusively OERTZEN OSM motor oil to be used. Use of oil qualities
not approved by OERTZEN voids all warranty.
Reduction Gear
First oil change after 50 operating hours, all further oil changes every 500
operating hours, min. once a year. Correct oil level to be checked every day.
Exclusively OSP pump oil to be used. Use of oil qualities not approved by
OERTZEN voids all warranty.
High Pressure Pump
First oil change after 50 operating hours, all further oil changes every 500
operating hours, min. once a year. In case the oil is getting turbid, stop the
machine and carry out oil change. If oil is getting turbid again, call qualified
service personnel
Exclusively OSP pump oil to be used. Use of oil qualities not approved
by OERTZEN voids all warranty.
Water Filter
The cartridge filter is arranged in the water inlet and must be inspected prior to
start up. Change filter cartridge, if needed.
Supply of polluted water or dirty strainer will cause severe damage on
the pump and unloader valve.
Frost Protection
Proper frost protection of the machine during storage and transport is
essential, in order to avoid severe damages and consequently dangers
during operation..
The best frost protection is to store the unit in a permanently frost-free
If there is a risk of frost during storage and/or transport, the machine to
be protected as follows:
2 l of a 1 : 1 water/frost protection liquid to be mixed in a clean
vessel, water connecting hose to be dipped into vessel, pump to be
Spray pistol to be opened and frost protection liquid to be returned
into the vessel, so circulating the liquid through the system.
Spray pistol to be opened and closed several times, in order to also
fill the unloader valve with the liquid.
High pressure pump to be stopped, all hoses to be disconnected.
Machine is now protected against frost of approx. – 30 °C.
Ignoring the above instructions will cause severe damages on the
entire system.
In order to avoid pollution of the environment, frost protection
liquid must not be dumped, but collected and reused respectively
disposed as per relevant regulations.
Technical Data
Technical Data
Water consumption/adjustable
Max. operating pressure
Working pressure/adjustable
Fuel consumption at full load
Tank volume
Oil shortage cut-out
Starting device
Dimensions (L x W x H mm)
Weight (net)
Nozzle (Part No.)
Nozzle designation
Noise level (7 m)
Mobil 320
500 – 1440 l/h
325 bar
310 bar
22 PS/17 kW
7,7 l/h
20 l
battery start
880 x 750 x 690 mm
151 kg
HIP 2333
84 N
81 dB(A)
Trouble Shooting
Electrical energy can cause severe injuries. Defective electrical
components to be immediately replaced, possible causes for accidents
to be eliminated without delay
Any repair work must only be carried out by qualified personnel.
Only original OERTZEN equipment to be installed, as otherwise warranty
and Declaration of Conformity will be void, health and safety standards
are not guaranteed.
During repair or maintenance work, unit to be disconnected from
electrical network.
Motor stops
- Fuel tank empty
- Motor oil low level
- Petrol filter blocked
- Sparking plug burnt
- Poor water supply
Motor does not start
- Motor oil low level.
- Counter pressure high
- Battery exhausted
- Ignition switch in position "Off"
- Petrol cock closed
- Choke open
- Poor water supply.
Pump pressure high
Operating pressure not achieved/
- Nozzle clogged
- Air in unit
- Insufficient water supply
- Nozzle worn
- Incorrect nozzle
- Nozzle clogged
- Water strainer blocked
- Unloader valve leaking
- Suction side of pump leaking
- Suction valves sticking
Vibrations on high pressure hose
and spray pistol
Heavy vibrations on unit
- Air in unit
No detergent injection
- Plunger blocked
- Detergent tank empty
- Dosing valve or regulating
handle closed
- Low pressure nozzle in double
lance blocked
- Non-return valve blocked
- Fill tank
- Fill up oil up to max. mark
- Clean/replace filter
- Replace sparking plug
- Replace filter. Eliminate cause
for water shortage, re-start unit
by means of On/Off switch.
- Fill up oil up to max. mark.
- Release unloader valve
- Charge battery
- Put switch into position "On"
- Open petrol cock
- Close choke
- Check filter, ensure sufficient
water supply.
- Clean remove and nozzle
- Vent unit
- Supply line to be min. ”
- Replace nozzle
- Install correct nozzle
- Remove/clean nozzle
- Clean filter
- Call service
- Tighten hose clamps
- Carefully loosen valves by
means of a screw driver, if
needed, remove and clean
- Open handle on pistol unless
continuous pressure is achieved
- Stop unit immediately,
call service
- Fill tank
- Open
- Remove and clean nozzle
- Blow compressed air into
detergent hose
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