CopyCentre® WorkCentre® WorkCentre® Pro
efficiency that
fit anywhere
for your busy office.
From digital copiers to copier-printers and advanced multifunction systems, Xerox
has powerful options for today’s nonstop office. Every device offers easy-to-use
features that speed up daily tasks. You can also add on features that really take the
load off. Like finishing options. And enhanced network capabilities. It’s all about
choosing the level of functionality that makes your work – work seamlessly.
CopyCentre® C165/C175
WorkCentre® M165/M175
WorkCentre® Pro 165/175
advanced multifunction
A high performance copier
in a small package
It’s fast. It’s reliable. And it’s easy to
operate. This digital copier gives you
all the essentials. Plus more. Enjoy
high-quality output with every job –
and flexible finishing options when
you want to impress.
• A fast 75 ppm scan speed combined
with the ability to scan-ahead multiple
jobs while outputting others.
• Powerful Build Job capabilities simplify
complex document creation.
• Optional two-line fax lets you send
and receive at the same time.
• Upgradeable, so you can add multifunction
capabilities as your needs grow.
Multifunction essentials,
attractively priced
For the next step up in functionality,
choose WorkCentre. This device adds
network printing to your capabilities.
So now you can enjoy effortless copying
and printing in one value-packed solution.
• SMart Network Controller for
powerful, efficient printing.
• True multitasking–it does five functions
at once–RIP, receive, program ahead,
queue processing and transmit.
• Optional fax and scan to email for
essential multifunction capabilities.
• Upgradeable to WorkCentre Pro.
Advanced functionality
streamlines your workflow
Scan, fax, print, copy. Do it all with the
WorkCentre Pro. It’s a true multifunction
system with an array of document distribution options. Plus, you can add customized
software to further leverage your investment.
It makes perfect business sense.
• Extensive fax capabilities – select network
server/internet fax or walkup fax.
• Multiple scanning software options –
Network Scanning with Email, FreeFlow™
SMARTsend™, and Scan to PC Desktop®.
• Customizable fax, scanning and
network accounting solutions from
Xerox Business Partners.
CopyCentre® WorkCentre® WorkCentre® Pro
Perfect for meeting the multifunction needs of large
office workgroups and light production environments.
Exceptional performance
Uncompromising digital processing power and
robust, smart features – a superb combination
found in all of our systems. That means quick
turn-arounds and great-looking outputs with
every job you do. That’s a Xerox standard.
• Copying and printing at 65 or 75 ppm
keeps your jobs in the fast lane.
• Multiple tasks are performed simultaneously.
You can always access the function you
need when you need it – even when other
jobs are running.
• The powerful 433 MHz SMart Network
Controller architecture keeps documents
moving quickly – there is no cycle-down
time or delays between jobs.
WorkCentre Pro 175
shown with Professional
• True 1200 x 1200 dpi PostScript
resolution delivers crisp, clean text
and graphics.
• Automatic features such as AutoIQ,
Auto Calibration, Auto Paper Select and
Auto Tray Switching ensure the results
you expect every time.
• Robust Build Job feature enables special
programming for different pages in a
document. And “sample last segment”
lets you select and proof specific
sections as the job is built.
• Exclusive “print around” capability holds
a job that needs resources (such as a
different paper size) and immediately
prints the next job in the queue.
Large, graphical, easy to use touch screen
interface guides you through every task,
simplifying even the most complex jobs.
Built-in reliability and ease of use
Count on worry-free operation day in, day out. These
systems are robust and simple to understand – so you
spend more time making use of them and less time
figuring them out.
Advanced finishing ensures
utility and good looks
Never collate or assemble documents again –
our devices do it for you. They can handle a
wide variety of media – different paper weights
and oversized paper, labels and transparencies.
Sort and collate
Multiposition stapling –
Custom position and placement
to enhance usability
Hole punch – Options meet
worldwide conventions
Booklet – saddle stitch booklets
in-house to reduce costs and
eliminate delays
Folding – V-fold brochures are
printed and ready for distribution
• Advanced design employs simple paper paths and fewer
moving parts, ensuring reliable operation, all day, every day.
• Innovative reliability features predict when a component or
consumable will need to be replaced. The SMart Kit™ components can be easily replaced preventing costly downtime.
• User interfaces at the device and on the desktop are a
breeze to master – they’re specifically designed to cut
down training time.
• Whether it’s at your desktop, the device or even over the
Internet, you stay informed of what’s happening with your
jobs. If there’s a problem, you’ll know about it – and how
to fix it – which means less calls to the Help Desk.
Use FreeFlow ™ SMARTsend ™ software and
your multifunction device to scan paper
documents into digital form and distribute
them to multiple destinations in a single
scan… to email addresses, repositories,
network folders, FTP folders, Web URLs,
even remote printers.
Xerox CentreWare®
software provides
multiple management
tools for the user
and for network
Software solution options enable you to share and store
documents faster than ever before. You’ll discover that
document management has never been more flexible.
• Email capabilities let you distribute documents to any
email address or distribution lists. With the WorkCentre
Pro models, you can even integrate your network email
address book (LDAP) or use security features to restrict
unauthorized use.
• Simple-to-use Network Scanning makes it easy to capture
and share paper-based information over the network.
WorkCentre Pro scanning is fully integrated; so you avoid
additional network drops and off-device processing.
Scan to PC Desktop® lets you move documents into word
processing, spreadsheets and database applications for editing, distribution
and storage… saving time, effort and money.
• Multiple fax choices, including internet fax, network server
fax and walkup fax let you move documents efficiently and
cost-effectively in the way that best meets your needs.
Advanced functionality
Our WorkCentre and WorkCentre Pro systems come
standard with advanced device management software
that helps keep your network in check.
• An array of Xerox Business Partner solutions extends
the value of your WorkCentre Pro even further, with
customized, integrated accounting, email, faxing and
scanning capabilities.
• CentreWare® Web software proactively manages an
entire enterprise-wide print environment regardless of
manufacturer. It allows you to keep close tabs on your
system to ensure that everything is working smoothly.
• Robust Security features, including
Network Authentication, Secure Print,
Secure Fax, Image Overwrite Security
and more, let you restrict access, manage usage and ensure confidentiality so
your private information stays that way.
• CentreWare® Internet Services software makes it easy
to remotely set up, monitor, and manage the device
from any workstation. You can even submit jobs over
the web!
paper document
document management
paper output
file server
Go from paper to digital
to anywhere
When it comes to workflows, there’s even more versatility
and options. You can transform paper to digital files. Then
distribute them anywhere – in any format. Or just store them
on the network for your next big meeting. It’s up to you.
Call today. For more information,
call 1-800-ASK-XEROX or visit
us at
Catch Tray
(165 only)
for multiposition
Finisher includes
stapling, saddlestitch booklet
making, V-folding
and hole punch
Office Finisher
for hole punch
and larger
WorkCentre Base Unit
Maximum Duty Cycle
Paper Handling
Paper Input
Finishing Options
Pre-Collation Memory
First copy out time
Document Handler
Scan Speed
Copy Resolution
Copy Features
CopyCentre C165
65 ppm
Up to 250,000
CopyCentre C175
75 ppm
Up to 300,000
256 MB
WorkCentre Pro 165
65 ppm
Up to 250,000
WorkCentre Pro 175
75 ppm
Up to 300,000
512 MB
2.9 sec
75 ppm
600 x 600 dpi x 8 bit input / 4800 x 1200 dpi output
Automatic paper selection, auto tray switching, auto RE, auto registration, auto job recovery, build job, covers and inserts,
negative/mirror image, booklet creation, N-Up, mixed size originals, sample set, bound copying, store and recall job programming
PDL Support
Print Resolution
Print Features
Other Options
WorkCentre M175
75 ppm
Up to 300,000
75-sheet Duplex Automatic Document Handler, 100-sheet Bypass Tray,
two 550-sheet user adjustable front loading Paper Trays and 3,600-sheet High Capacity Feeder
Offsetting Catch Tray: (65 ppm only); Office Finisher: 50-sheet multiposition stapling (optional 2 or 3 hole punch);
Advanced Office Finisher: 3 hole punch (optional 2 hole punch), 50-sheet multiposition stapling, 3,250-sheet capacity;
Professional Finisher: Saddle-stitch booklet making, V-folding, 3 hole punch (optional 2 hole punch), 50-sheet multiposition stapling
Fax Options
Scan Options
WorkCentre M165
65 ppm
Up to 250,000
433 MHz Intel Celeron - dedicated
Ethernet 10/100BaseT, 10Base2, 10Base5 (via adapter),
Wireless ethernet (IEEE802.11b) (via third party adapters)
64 MB
128 MB
PCL6 (PCL5e)
PCL6 (PCL5e), PostScript 3 emulation, TIFF,
PDF, LCDS, SCS, XES and IPDS via transforms
PCL 600 X 600 dpi
PCL 600 X 600 dpi,
PostScript 600 x 600 and 1200 x 1200 dpi
Concurrent scan-while-print, send-once/RIP-once/Print-many technology, RIP while
print multitasking, bi-directional print drivers with custom graphical user interface,
paper selection from the driver by type, embedded web server for
remote control/monitor/set-up, job monitoring at the device and at the desktop.
Secure print, delay print, proof print
Walkup Fax (33.6kbps, one-line and two-line options)
(includes additional 64 MB Network RAM)
256 MB Pre-Collation Memory, Foreign
Interface Device, Xerox Copier Assistant
PostScript 3 emulation, 256 MB
Pre-Collation Memory, Foreign
Interface Device, Xerox Copier
Assistant, Image Overwrite Security
Walkup Fax, Network Server Fax/Internet Fax
Network Scanning with Email
(LDAP/Authentication), FreeFlow SMARTsend,
Scan to PC Desktop, various
Xerox Business Partner Solutions
Foreign Interface Device, Xerox Copier
Assistant, Image Overwrite Security,
USB 1.1 Port, Network Accounting Enablement
Unrivaled service and support.
Total satisfaction guaranteed.
Behind every Xerox product is a large network of customer
support that’s unrivaled in the industry and available when
you need it. Xerox service professionals use leading-edge
technologies to keep you up and running. They’re even
linked to the engineers who designed your product, so you
can be confident when you choose Xerox. And genuine
Xerox supplies are always easily available.
The exclusive Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee, recognized
as unique in the industry, covers every Xerox WorkCentre®
which has been continuously maintained by Xerox or its
authorized representatives under a Xerox warranty or Xerox
maintenance agreement. You decide when you’re satisfied.
© 2005 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. XEROX®, CentreWare®, CopyCentre®, WorkCentre®, WorkCentre® Pro and FreeFlow™ are trademarks of Xerox Corporation. Other marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of the companies with which they are associated.
In support of Xerox’s environmental leadership goals, these models may contain some recycled components that are reconditioned. ENERGY STAR® is a U.S. registered mark. As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, Xerox Corporation has determined that these products meet the
ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency. Terra Choice Environmental Services, Inc., of Canada has verified that this product conforms to all applicable Environmental Choice EcoLogo requirements for minimized impact to the environment. Product appearance, build
status and/or specifications are subject to change without notice. 1/05
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