NearNew10.12_Layout 1 - Bogen Communications

NearNew10.12_Layout 1 - Bogen Communications
• Completely weatherproof cabinet
and drivers for rugged applications
• Compact, versatile high-performance
foreground loudspeakers
• Withstands extreme weather
conditions without affecting
audio clarity or intelligibility
• Hemispherical mounting system
makes it simple to mount, aim,
and lock-in position of speaker
• Max. speaker power capacities of
100 to 225 Watts for low-impedance
systems; and 16 to 128 Watts at 70V
• Max. speaker power capacities:
75W (S4) or 150W (S5) at 8 ohms;
16W (S4T) or 32W (S5T) at 70V
MODELS: A12, A8, A6, and A2
• In-ground, outdoor, all-weather
loudspeaker with fully-sealed
• Available for either a flush ceiling
mount (OCS1) or pendant-style
suspended install (OPS1)
• Sloped cabinet panels ensure
pull out resistance of loudspeaker
system when buried
• Max. speaker power capacities
of 150W for 8 ohms, 64W for 70V systems
MODELS: S5/S5T and S4/S4T
• 140-degree wide-dispersion coaxial
driver for broad even coverage
MODEL: G8G In-Ground
• Max. speaker power capacities of 100W
for 16 ohm, 32W for 70V & 100V systems
MODELS: OPS1 Pendant
and OCS1 Ceiling Speaker
What Makes Bogen’s Metal Driver Speakers So Unique?
1 Advanced Rubber Compound Cone Surround
Advanced rubber cone surrounds are comprised of the most
technically advanced materials available today. The rubber
compound is not only unaffected by UV rays, it will also
withstand salt spray assaults, constant dousing with water,
and even exposure to harsh chemical environments such
as chlorine. And, with all of this durability built-in, it still has
excellent damping characteristics, which provide smooth
and highly detailed sound.
2 Metal Diaphragm Technology (MDT) Design
MDT uses metal-alloy drivers (not paper and plastic) for extremely
stable speaker cones, even after long periods of time. MDT is
lightweight, strong, and produces natural sound, significantly
better phase response, musical accuracy, and fine detail of
sound with ultra-low distortion.
3 Magnetic Liquid Suspension (MLS) Design
MLS uses the speaker’s own magnetic field to precisely center
the voice coil in the magnetic gap. This eliminates the need for
distortion-causing voice coil spiders found in conventional
speakers and allows longer speaker excursion. A proprietary
Ferrofluid ® seals the magnetic gap and voice coil to the magnet
structure for greater power handling, assuring long speaker
life under difficult environmental conditions. With MLS, the
centering actually becomes more accurate as the music
becomes louder.
4 Cast Alumium Basket
The cast aluminum basket is rigid, lightweight, and rust-proof.
5 Sealed Magnet
A proprietary Ferrofluid used in the speaker effectively seals
the magnet gap and voice coil against moisture and corrosion,
assuring long life under difficult environmental conditions.
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