Contract No. ______ Appendix B-2 to DIR Contract NO. DIR

Contract No. ______ Appendix B-2 to DIR Contract NO. DIR
Contract No. _________
Appendix B-2 to DIR Contract NO. DIR-TEX-AN-NG-CSA-ICXXX
Service Descriptions and Rates
PCI South Region Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC)
Service Options
IP Data Rates. CUSTOMER to select. Available rates are subject to Link Budget constraints on a location-by-location
basis. This will vary by region based upon satellite footprint and teleport RF capabilities. Additional data rates will be
considered on a CUSTOMER network-by-network basis. Providing additional data rates may require acquisition of
additional modem resources that will be reflected in service pricing. The CUSTOMER will be provided with one outbound
carrier with an information data rate of _______ Kbps(IP data rate of approximately _______ Kbps) and one inbound
carrier with an information data rate of _______ (IP data rate of approximately ______). The service area is the entire
state of Texas and South region of the United States .
IP Addresses
PCI will provide a subnet of public IP addresses to each circuit to be used with the Service. The
subnet will be a /29 with 6 useable public IP addresses. Of the subnet, one IP address is defined by PCI as the
default gateway for the specific LAN connected to each specific VSAT. The remaining, public addresses are for use
by the corresponding LAN connected to the specific VSAT. Larger block sizes are available on request pending
review of CUSTOMER applications and appropriate justification.
VSAT CPE CUSTOMER will be required to furnish the specified VSAT CPE for each site in the network.
The Fixed Satellite Service that PCI offers is tailored for a antenna asset that is at least .9m in diameter and has a
25 watt Ku Block Up Converter (BUC). The antenna size can be increased with an associated decrease in BUC
size. Some customers use 1.2m auto-deploy antennas with an eight Watt Ku BUC. Other customers have used a
1.8m antenna and a 4 Watt BUC. Most Texas State entities that require Fixed Satellite Services have equipment
of this type already. DIR customers using their own equipment meeting the following satellite telecommunications
standards can use the PCI Fixed Satellite Service:
PCI South Region SCPC – 1.8m reflector with 8 Watt Ku BUC or 2.4m reflector with 4 Watt Ku BUC, and
Phase Lock Loop LNB, and ComTech 570L modem
The VSAT consists of an Outdoor Unit (ODU) and an Indoor Unit (IDU). The ODU comprises the antenna assembly,
block upconverter (BUC) and a Phase Lock Loop (PLL) low-noise block downconverter (LNB). The ODU
requirement is determined by the Link Budget requirement and generally sized for no less than 1.8m reflector and 4
Watt BUC. The IDU comprises the satellite modem/router device (ComTech 570 L).
Terrestrial Access. CUSTOMER will have 2-way access to the public Internet via a multi-homed network.
Demarcation points. The Service shall have one Demarcation points, which delineate the boundaries of the PCI
Service. Responsibility for hardware, software, and applications outside of these Demarcation point is not within the
scope of this Agreement.
(1) The VSAT’s Outdoor Unit (ODU) just beyond the LNB and BUC at the CUSTOMER’s installed site, and
Specifically, the CUSTOMER is responsible for its own network, that is, all devices and applications located
“behind” each VSAT’s ODU (i.e., the ‘Demarc’). PCI recommends CUSTOMER fully disclose the network
configuration and applications to be supported to ensure compatibility with the VSAT and to ensure optimum
satellite network configuration.
Managed Network Service.
Telephone Support. PCI shall provide CUSTOMER with a telephone number to access help-desk support on
a 24x7 basis, as follows:
A. Implementation Assistance. PCI shall provide one (1) hour of telephone service at no charge to
assist CUSTOMER with initial implementation and activation of CUSTOMER’s sites.
B. Network Support. Network Support provides for fault isolation and resolution where the fault is
within the PCI ‘Demarc’ points. Network Support to resolve issues up to the ‘Demarc’ points is
included in the Monthly Recurring Service Charge.PCI will work with customer to help identify
issues that may point to Customer internal issues.
Customer Responsibilities. In connection with CUSTOMER’s Equipment to be used with the Service,
CUSTOMER will: (a) provide space for antenna with clear line of sight to the satellite; (b) install earth station
VSATs as recommended by manufacturer; (c) adhere to manufacturer recommendation on IFL cable lengths and
cable types, d) ensure that circuit is used for business only.
CUSTOMER will have a representative communicate via telephone with PCI’s installation support representative
for acceptance and commissioning of the Service. Service will not start at an installed site until mutual
certification of the successful installation.
Engineering Recommendations. PCI's Engineering resources will perform the necessary network design and
evaluation based upon the CUSTOMER's requirements. These recommendations will be consistent with any
specified performance criteria or Service Level Agreement commitments. Should CUSTOMER choose to deviate
from PCI's recommendations, PCI will not guarantee said performance or SLA requirements. Where CUSTOMER
is required to provide equipment or other specific conditions apply, those will be noted.
Pricing Schedule
PCI South Region Single Channel Per Carrier
Monthly Recurring Service Charge
Outbound Link (IP data rate)
Inbound Link (IP data rate)
Set speed
Set Speed
Non Recurring Service Charges
Network Activation
Network Reconfiguration Fee
Service Activation Fee
Change Data Rate
Change of IP Address
VSAT Reconfiguration Charge
End of Appendix B-2
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