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Key Features
Power output
THD (at rated power)
Frequency response
S/N ratio (A-Wtd)
Line in 1 (RCA phono) min. input sensitivity
Line in 1 (RCA phono) input overload
Line in 2 (3.5mm jack) min. input sensitivity
Line in 2 (3.5mm jack) input overload
80W (2 x 20W + 40W)
+/-0.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz
1.0 Vrms
2.2 Vrms
450 mVrms
1.2 Vrms
L&R drivers
Crossover (Typical)
BMR 58mm x 58mm
Dual voice coil 100mm x 150mm
Power consumption
Deep Standby
Power Rating
<0.5 Watt
11 Watts
100~240V - 50~60Hz 100W
Bluetooth® specification
Internal stereo CODEC
Stereo audio sample rate
Music enhancements
Support for
V4.0 class 2 device
Up to 48kHz
aptX®, SBC, MP3, AAC
AVRCP 1.4, A2DP, 802.11 co-existence
Weight and dimensions
(W x H x D)
Height including foot
Net weight
1000mm x 70mm x 125mm
4.0 kg
2 x 20W + 40W integrated 2.1 hi-fi amplification.
Room filling acoustics from wide dispersion BMR drivers and built in subwoofer.
MoviEQ™ for enhancing your movie and TV soundtracks.
Equal loudness curve EQ matrix and dynamic multi-band subwoofer compression for
enhanced low and high level listening.
Adaptive acoustic voicing for On Cabinet, In Cabinet or On Wall mounting using a rear
panel ON/IN/WALL switch.
Rear panel gain switch to add an additional 6dB gain when using video source equipment
that supply lower level digital signals. (1 = Normal, 2 = +6dB on OPT and HDMI)
Resonance damping foot plate.
HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC 2 Channel PCM).
Consumer Electronic Control (CEC).
Up to 50ms Lip Sync, adjustable in 10ms steps.
Bluetooth® aptX® digital input for wireless connectivity of all streaming devices.
AVRCP 1.4 two way volume control.
24bit 96kHz Optical input.
Low noise RCA line level input (2.1Vrms).
Low noise AUX 3.5mm input (1.1Vrms).
Q Acoustic’s new Intelligent Pre-Amplifier (IPA™).
Quick Setup
Connect required inputs.
Connect mains cable.
Set rear panel EQ switch to the required location:
ON = On cabinet
IN = In cabinet
WALL = Wall mounted
Power on M3.
Power on required source. IPA will detect and switch to highest priority source:
1 = HDMI – Purple
2 = OPT - White
3 = BT – Blue - (Discoverable in Standby for Auto On)
4 = Line In 1/2 – Green
Press EQ button to turn on MoviEQTM as required. LED will blink yellow:
MoviEQTM On = 2 flashes and remain on.
MoviEQTM Off = 2 flashes and remain off.
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