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PRO 60
Owner’s Manual & “Limited” Warranty
Technology Specifications:
Thank You for purchasing this Wet Sounds™ product. Wet Sounds™ marine audio products
represent the ultimate in high performance standards. The PRO 60 is specifically engineered
to withstand the rigorous marine environment. Utilizing the state of the art acoustic
engineering and three dimensional computer aided design, the “PRO” series from Wet
Sounds™ represents advanced technologies that are used today in professional concert hall
and stadium applications.
Please take a moment to read the instruction manual before starting your installation. This
manual will explain the benefits of the technologies developed by Wet Sounds™ and will
help you understand the proper installation and use of this product. If you have any questions
or concerns please contact your certified Wet Sounds™ dealer. You may also contact Wet
Sounds™ technical support by dialing 1-877-WET-SPKR (1-877-938-7757)
RMS: 150 watts
Continual: 250 watts
Peak: 300 watts
Mid Bass: 6.5 inch EFG cone woofers with polyurethane surround
High Frequency: Pro-Axial™ Driver - Coaxially mounted Titanium Diaphragm High Output
Horn Loaded Compression Driver
Impedance: 4 ohm
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 90DB at 1W/1M
The PRO 60 has our proprietary WdET™ (Wide Dispersion Enhanced Throw) technology.
Unlike most conventional designs, by having WdET™ technology, the PRO 60 provides
remarkable volume and amazing sound quality off axis and on axis. Through several test the
PRO 60 was confirmed to project volume at 80 feet without any loss of detail or information.
Not only does the PRO 60 achieve volume and sound quality at a minimum of 80 ft, but with
the WdET™ technology the rider can enjoy quality sound while riding outside the wake and
being almost parallel to boat.
The driver compliment in each PRO 60 combines one 6.5 inch EFG™ driver and one
concentrically mounted HLCD (Horn Loaded Compression Driver). For stellar performance
and higher performance for the marine environment, Wet Sounds™ developed a proprietary
cone material called EFG™, which is an epoxy and fiberglass composite mix. This cone
material incorporates characteristic values that are impermeable to damage from intermittent
Ultra Violet exposure and minimal moisture exposure. Like the EFG™ cone material, the
Polyurethane that is used for the surround will provide protection against Ultra Violet
exposure and moisture. This will prevent deterioration of the surround yielding longer life
and better reliability. We do, however, encourage you to either remove or cover your tower
speakers when they are not in use. Limiting exposure to Ultra Violet Rays and to moisture
will help extend the life of your tower speakers.
The high frequency transducer is an HLCD (horn loaded compression driver). This driver
was designed to provide a wide; horizontal trajectory that would not only produce sound in
the directed path but will disperse sound off axis with little to no degradation. The HLCD is
considered to be one of the most efficient transducer designs providing remarkable output
while using less power. This unique design incorporates the HLCD mounted to the rear of the
6.5” EFG™ driver. Through the voice coil former, the compression sound travels out of the
horn flare that is mounted coaxially to the 6.5” EFG™ driver. Using the HLCD transducer in
the PRO 60 will provide phenomenal volume and accurate clarity.
***Caution: Do not spray any of the speakers directly with any liquid base substance.
Warranty will be voided if improper care is discovered during extensive examination of the
Wiring Diagram Picture-See Attached
WC Speaker Connector Picture and Directions-See Attached
Bracket Assembly:
The PRO 60 uses one universal bracket per speaker. This bracket is designed to offer fitment
for tower sizes ranging from 1.5 inch to 3 inch tower diameter.
Attach the bottom of the bracket to the speaker housing using the 3 stainless steel bolts
provided. Wet Sounds recommends the use of Lock-Tite for these 3 bolts. Make sure these
bolts are tight using a crisscross pattern.
Hold the speaker up to the location on the tower and slide the top part of the universal clamp
onto the bottom part and attach using the 2 larger allen bolts.
(Warning: It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all bolts are securely attached. It is
also recommend to re-check all bolts periodically as they will loosen with time)
Now that you have the PRO 60 securely in place, insert the speaker connector to complete
the installation.
You are now ready to enjoy the greatest concert performance on water
Remove connector from packaging and disassemble.
See figure 1.
Strip the ends of the speaker wires.
Place Blue Threaded Collar (part A) onto speaker
wire. See figure 1.
Slide the clamping piece (part B) onto the speaker
wire. Black clamping piece is for larger wire, White
clamping piece is for smaller wire. See figure 1.
Attach the stripped ends of the speaker wires into the
screw down terminals on part C. The terminals are
labeled behind the screw heads. You will use 1+
and 1-. (see wiring diagram) 2+ and 2- will not be
Once wires are attached slide Part D over Part C.
There are tabs that must be aligned. You will need to
rotate the parts. See figure 2.
Slide Part B into Parts C and D. There are also tabs
that must be aligned. You will need to rotate the
parts. See figure 2.
Thread Part A into Part D. Thread all the way down
so the connector is tight. See figure 3.
The connector inserts into the speaker by aligning
the tabs and a push and turn motion. Once inserted,
the metal tab will lock the connector into place. To
remove, pull tab back with thumb and rotate and
slide connector out. See figure 4.
Note: The 2+ and 2Terminals are not used.
2+ 1+
1+ 1-
“Limited Warranty”
What This Warranty Covers
This is a “Limited” warranty. This warranty covers any defects in materials and
workmanship with your new PRO 60. This warranty only applies to the original purchaser
and is not transferable. This warranty is also only valid if the original purchase was made
from an authorized Wet Sounds™ dealer.
How Long Coverage Last
This warranty runs for one year from the date of the purchase. ***You need to REGISTER
your warranty online within 45 days of your purchase at www.wetsounds.com - click on
“warranty registration” – to activate the full ONE YEAR warranty. If you do not
register within time allotted then your warranty beyond 45 days could be Null and Void.
What Is Not Covered
This warranty does not cover fading or discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight or
chemicals such as ammonia, household bleach, or any cleaning material that contains
abrasive substances. (For information on how to prevent fading or discoloration, consult
www.wetsounds.com for recommendations on cleaning products) Wet Sounds, Inc. does not
cover the cost for removal and reinstallation of your PRO 60. Additionally, shipping TO Wet
Sounds, Inc. is covered by the purchaser. This warranty is void and inapplicable if Wet
Sounds™ deems that the product was abused or misused; including but not limited to
damage caused by accident, mishandling, improper installation, negligence, normal wear and
tear, excessive water or heat damage, freight damage or speakers that have had the drivers
removed by anyone other than Wet Sounds™ technical staff. Wet Sounds™ shall not be
responsible for any incidental or consequential damages, except to the extent provided (or
prohibited) by applicable law.
What Wet Sounds, Inc. Will Do
Wet Sounds, Inc will repair any part of your PRO 60 that proves to be defective in materials
or workmanship. In the event repair is not possible, Wet Sounds, Inc will replace the part in
question. If it is deemed necessary Wet Sounds, Inc. will either replace the entire PRO 60
with a refurbished PRO 60 or it will be replaced with a model that is similar in price if that
model is no longer available. Labor cost and materials needed to complete this service will be
at no charge to the purchaser. Additionally, the cost of shipping TO the consumer is also
covered under this warranty.
How To Get Service
Contact Wet Sounds, Inc. either by phone at 877-938-7757 or by email at
warranty@wetsounds.com. A service representative will assist you in the necessary actions
to concur that the problem that you are experiencing is covered under warranty and what to
do if it needs to be shipped to Wet Sounds, Inc.
How State Law Applies
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary
from state to state.
Internet Warning:
Wet Sounds, Inc. products sold on any non authorized web site or internet auction site are
void of any and all manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact Wet Sounds™ at 877-938-7757
or visit our web site at www.wetsounds.com to search for an authorized site and/or an
authorized retailer near you.
Caution and Respect:
Wet Sounds™ speakers can achieve very high sound pressure levels. Please use this product
responsibly. Be aware that sound travels great distances across water so please respect other
boaters especially while loading/unloading at the ramp or dock. Wet Sounds, Inc. is not
responsible for any violations of the law that may be a direct result of excessive volume.
Please abide by the rules but have fun doing it.
Wet Sounds, Inc.
13207 Stafford Road Suite 900
Missouri City, Texas 77489
Toll Free: 877-938-7757
(Register warranty at www.wetsounds.com)
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