Peer Tutoring In Sight Words
Peer Tutoring In Sight Words:
1. Tutor folders consisting of 9” by 14” manila folders, one for each
tutor-tutee pair, containing three 3 ½ X 3 ¾ paper pockets, stapled to
the right hand side of the folder as follows:
 The “GO” pocket contains the word cards tutors are to present
to tutees, up to 10 cards at a time
 The “STOP” pocket receives the word cards when the tutee
reaches criteria on that word during tutoring
 The “STAR CARD” pocket hold a 3” x 5” Star card with tutor
and tutee names printed on it and a grid with spaces for up to 10
stickers or red ink stamped stars. It also hold two different
colored crayons for marking word cards and completing the bar
 A bar graph is stapled to the left hand side of the folder
 On the back of the folder are a picture of a smiley face and a
large X
2. Sets of word cards for each tutoring session, one set per tutor-tutee pair,
consisting of 3” x 5” index cards with words printed in lowercase letters
with a black marker; sets may be individualized, based on missed words on
pretests or prior skill exercises, or they may consist of the weekly list of
vocabulary words from the basal reader or other materials for that reading
3. Stickers or red ink stamp depicting stars
4. Kitchen timer with bell
Observation( select one or both):
1. Calculate scores on a pretest of 30 to 100 words selected from the basal
reader or regular curricular materials for a selected group of students or the
entire class.
2. Calculate scores on daily or weekly sight vocabulary exercises for a
selected group of students or the entire class for several weeks
1. Tell the students that they are going to play an exciting fame to help
them learn new words
2. On the basis of reading group placement or a reading pretest, divide
the students into tutors and tutees, with the half of the class in the highest
reading groups. Pair the highest performing tutor with highest
performing tutee, and so on.
3. Divide the tutors into Tutor Huddles consisting of groups of three or
four students. Include one of the highest performing tutors in each of the
4. Conduct a 30 minute classwide session orienting students to the
procedures described below. Follow up with a two 30 minute sessions of
supervised practice for each Tutor Huddle as part of the reading
instructional period, and then conduct periodic classwide reviews as
5. When you give a signal each tutor gets his or her tutee’s folder and
moves to a designate areas in the classroom for Tutor Huddle while the
tutees remain at their desks and work on seatwork or look at books
6. During the 5 minutes Tutor Huddle, each tutor hold up to the group
and reads orally each of the words he or she will be teaching the tutee
that session.
7. If the tutor correctly identifies the word, the other huddle members
say, yes. If incorrect, they try to say the correct word.
8. Circulate from huddle to huddle to provide assistance and reinforce
appropriate tutoring behavior.
9. After 5 minutes, signal the end of the Tutor Huddle and beginning of
peer tutoring.
10. Have the tutors join the tutees in pairs to practice their GO pocket
words for 5 minutes. Have tutors present the word cards as many times
as possible during this period. Train tutors to prompt a first error by
saying “try again” if the tutee still does not respond correctly, the tutor
prompts him or her to say the word
11. Signal the end of the practice period and the beginning of the test
period. Tutors again present the GO words. Each word card is shown
only once during the test period, and tutors do not prompt or give
feedback. If a tutee says the word correctly the tutor places it on the
smiley face located on the back of the folder. If misses the word, tutor
places it on the X located next to the smiley face on back of folder.
12. Have tutors mark the back of each word card with a smile or X
13. When the tutee correctly identifies a word during testing on three
testing session, the tutor moves it to the stop pocket and colors a square
on the bar graph. Teach tutors to use the different crayons to alternate
colors for each session and to draw a line on the graph if no cards were
14. Have tutors return the folders to their proper place(Rathvon)
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