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S u b w o o f e r
The YST-SW1500 uses Yamaha’s Advanced YST as well as brand new technologies such as QD-Bass
to deliver exceptionally crisp, clean, powerful bass all the way down to 16Hz. The YST-SW1500
The YST-SW1500 has an extremely efficient, high-power amplifier built in, and uses an extra-long stroke,
drivers that provide outstanding power with low distortion. The YST-SW1500 also introduces a Dual-Bias
system with a 100mm (4") diameter voice coil for the ultimate in power and performance.
Ultra-Powerful Bass Gives Movies and Music
a New Dimension of Excitement
1/6 (U/A)
1,000 Watts of Bass Power with Extreme Accuracy, Plus a
Number of Advanced Control Functions.
䡲 QD-Bass (Quatre Dispersion Bass)
䡲 Advanced YST (Yamaha Active Servo
䡲 Remote control unit
䡲 Extremely efficient amplifier with 1,000 W
power and highly efficient power supply
䡲 30cm (12”) extra-long stroke driver with
Dual-Bias System
Subwoofers for the Digital Era
Now that audio and video have largely moved to digital
formats, the demands on speaker systems are greater
than ever. The latest home theater systems, in particular,
not only use high-performance DVD players, but also
exploit the merits of advanced sound processing formats
like Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround. Full audio
enjoyment of these digital sources requires deep, clear
bass response. This is especially true with 5.1 (6.1)-
䡲 16Hz ultra low frequency reproduction
channel sound, because the sixth channel is dedicated to
䡲 BASS (Bass Action Selection System)
the bass frequencies. That means you not only need a
䡲 LFE (Low Frequency Effect) input
subwoofer, but a subwoofer capable of handling extremely
䡲 HPF (High Pass Filter) output
low frequencies and high power levels, as well as
䡲 Low (1W) standby power consumption
accurately reproducing the high quality digital sound.
2/6 (U/A)
permitting relatively simple high-cut adjustment and improved
QD-Bass Technology
QD-Bass (Quatre Dispersion Bass)
bandpass properties.
The QD-Bass system provides extraordinary power and
technology uses down-firing drivers
smooth frequency response from an extremely compact unit.
with square, pyramid-shaped
reflective plates to radiate the sound efficiently in four
It also allows greater freedom of placement, since the sound
horizontal directions. The reflective plates (not used in
radiates with equal effectiveness in all directions.
competitors’ down-firing subwoofers) negate any effects
caused by the floor surface and reduce resonance between
Advanced YST
sound waves reflected from the floor and the unit. Also, most
Yamaha’s patented Advanced Active Servo
other systems use circular cones, but by radiating in four
Technology (Advanced YST) generates
directions to avoid
incredible bass from small speaker enclosures. Advanced
the legs of the
YST is the ideal method of combining amplifiers and speakers
cabinet, QD-Bass
for maximum performance. This system’s advanced negative
reduces turbulence
impedance converters intelligently adjust the negative
caused by reflection
impedance generation as the speaker moves, creating a hard,
from the legs.
rigid cone that prevents deep resonant waves from leaking
Changing the height
out of the speaker cone. This means the full power of the
of the square
waves is forced out through the air port, resulting in clear,
pyramid varies the
powerful bass.
acoustic load,
QD-Bass Technology
Advanced YST Brings You Super Bass.
The effectiveness of Advanced YST
(Yamaha Active Servo Technology) is based
upon two principles: the Helmholtz
Resonator and negative-impedance drive.
Active Servo Processing speakers
reproduce the bass frequencies through an
“air woofer,” which is a port or opening in
the speaker cabinet. This port is used
instead of, and performs the functions of, a
conventional woofer. Low amplitude signals
inside the cabinet can, due to the Helmholtz
Resonance principle, be output from this
port as high amplitude waves if the design
is such that the size of the port and the
volume of the cabinet are in a certain
proportion. In addition, the wave amplitudes
inside the cabinet must be precise and of
sufficient power, in order to overcome the
“load” presented by the air within the
This is accomplished by employing an
amplifier that is capable of supplying
special signals. If the electrical resistance of
the voice coil could be reduced to zero, the
movement of the speaker unit would
become linear with respect to signal
voltage. To achieve this, a special negativeimpedance output drive amplifier is used, so
the impedances cancel out and become
By employing negative-impedance drive
circuits, the amplifier is able to generate
precise, low-amplitude low frequency waves
with superior damping characteristics.
These waves are then radiated from the
cabinet opening as high amplitude signals.
This amplifier/speaker combination is
capable of reproducing an extremely wide
range of frequencies with excellent sound
quality and low distortion.
The Advanced YST takes this concept a
stop further by adopting Advanced Negative
Impedance Converter (ANIC) circuits. These
circuits allow the converter to dynamically
3/6 (U/A)
vary in order to select the optimum values
for speaker impedance variation. With these
new circuits, Advanced Yamaha Active
Servo Technology provides more stable
performance and higher sound pressure
levels than the former system, resulting in
more natural and energetic bass
Air Woofer
(Helmholtz Resonator)
Bass Sound
Advanced NegativeImpedance Converter
Signals of Low Amplitude
25mm (1") Real Wood
The beautifully finished
cabinet uses ultra-thick
(25mm; 1") real wood for
minimum resonance.
Advanced YST
High-Efficiency Power Amplifier and Power Supply
A unique system in which the
speaker and amplifier work
together to cancel out impedance
so the speaker unit has a
perfectly linear motion.
The YST-SW1500 delivers high power outputs at deep
bass levels, with excellent stability and low power
consumption, even with their compact cabinets. This is
made possible by highly efficient power amplifier
technology and, in the YST-SW1500, a new power supply.
The power amplifier achieves superior conversion
efficiency by supplying maximum power (minimizing
power loss) from the power transistors according to the
output level. It delivers stable power output with high
efficiency while minimizing power consumption and heat
production. It does not require an output filter coil,
resulting in extremely low noise and distortion. High speed
transient response is also excellent.
The YST-SW1500 also uses a new power supply that
features superior load characteristics, minimal noise,
higher efficiency and greater stability. Switching power
supplies, commonly used in audio and other consumer
products, are small and efficient, but suffer from noise
problems, requiring additional components to solve. This
High Power Amplifier
power supply, however, holds the voltage and current
The YST-SW1500 amplifier is
extremely efficient and
features an entirely new type
of power supply with superior
load characteristics, minimal
noise, higher efficiency and
greater stability.
levels to zero while the device turns on and off. This
reduces noise to 1/30 of conventional switching power
supplies. Power loss during switching is also reduced,
enabling an incredibly high power conversion efficiency.
Other advantages of this power supply include superb
stability against power load fluctuations, large capacity,
low impedance and silent operation.
Extra-Long Stroke
Extra-Long Stroke, Pure Spruce Dual-Bias Drivers
Extra-long stroke, pure
spruce multi-range drivers
provide outstanding power
with low distortion.
distortion and are superior to conventional drivers for a
These new drivers provide outstanding power with low
number of
reasons. Due to
the use of a
aligned, dual
magnetic circuit
structure with
QD-Bass Technology
100mm (4")
QD-Bass (Quatre Dispersion Bass) technology uses downfiring drivers with square, pyramid-shaped reflective plates
to radiate the sound efficiently in four horizontal directions.
diameter voice
YST-SW1500 Extra-Long Stroke Driver
4/6 (U/A)
coils, they are able to handle extremely high input power in a
optimum frequency response in
compact unit, with low radial distortion. Additionally, the
each case.
Three-Way Mitered
vertically symmetrical gap magnetic flux density distribution
Baffle Board
reduces second harmonic (asymmetrical) distortion. Double
Ultra-Thick Real Wood Cabinet
spider construction also aids in handling high bass inputs
Ultra-thick (25mm; 1”) real wood
cabinet for minimum resonance.
The beautiful wood finish is a
handsome addition to any room.
without cone deformation. And the strong diecast frame firmly
anchors the entire body including the magnetic circuit,
Side Board
guaranteeing a structure that will not fail under powerful
Conventional Mortised
Three-Way Mitered Construction
Baffle Board
Yamaha speakers have employed
Extra-Long Stroke Driver Construction
45° mitered-joint construction at the
30cm (12") Spruce Cone
Dust Cap
Long Excursion Surround
Conventional Mortising
cabinet corners and baffle/body
Side Board
joints for many years. On the YST-
SW1500, mitered construction is also used for the back panel,
improving the tightness of the joints so that the entire cabinet
behaves as a single rigid body. This reduces unwanted
vibration and helps realize the three key elements of ideal
Suspension with
Double Spiders
home theater sound.
Top Plate
100mm (3/8") ⭋
Voice Coil
Magnet System
Diecast Frame
Remote Control Unit
This small, handy unit lets you control all the
YST-SW1500 functions, including volume,
Ferrite Magnets
high cut filter, BASS, phase and standby
mode. It also allows you to memorize three
groups of settings for quick recall.
1.5 Times
Conventional Magnet System
Dual-Bias Magnet System
LFE Input and HPF Output
The YST-SW1500 offers an LFE Input that causes the signal to
YST-SW1500 Versatile Connection
bypass the low pass filter, providing more faithful reproduction
I/O port (3.5mm
stereo mini jacks)
HPF (High Pass Filter)
output terminals
Line input terminals (L/R
or mono) (INPUT 2)
without phase distortion. This is ideal for listening to movies.
The HPF Output cuts the unnecessary low range signal
component to the main speakers and ensures low intermodulation distortion, making it preferable for music listening.
The BASS (Bass Action Selection System) function lets you
LFE (Low Frequency Effect)
input terminals (INPUT 3)
switch between Movie and Music modes, providing the
5/6 (U/A)
2-way binding-post speaker
terminals (banana-plug
compatible) (INPUT 1)
YST-SW1500 Notable Features
YST-SW1500 Main Specifications
Output Power
Input Terminals
Advanced YST (Yamaha Active Servo Technology)
QD-Bass (Quatre Dispersion Bass) technology
High 1,000 W output power
Extremely efficient amplifier and highly efficient power supply
30cm (12”) extra-long stroke driver with Dual-Bias System
16Hz ultra low frequency reproduction
BASS (Bass Action Selection System)
LFE (Low Frequency Effect) input for more faithful reproduction
without phase distortion
HPF (High Pass Filter, 80 Hz/100 Hz) output for music listening
Remote control unit
2-way binding-post speaker terminals (banana-plug
Magnetic shielding
Auto Standby with sensitivity selector (HIGH, LOW and OFF)
Phase control (normal or reverse)
Two input connections: speaker level or line level
Ultra-thick (25cm; 1”) real wood cabinet with Yamaha ThreeWay Mitered Construction for reduced additional resonance
Low (1W) standby power consumption
For details please contact:
Input Sensitivity
Input Impedance
Output Terminals
1,000 W (5 ohms)
INPUT 1 (speaker terminals),
INPUT 2 (pin jack), INPUT 2 (pin jack)
and I/O PORT (3.5mm mini jack)
/ INPUT 3 (PJ)
1 V (50 Hz, 1 kW/5 ohms, L+R)
95 mV (50 Hz, 1 kW/5 ohms, L+R)
/ INPUT 3 (PJ)
2.2 k-ohms
12 k-ohms
HPF (High Pass Filter) Out (pin jack)
and I/O PORT (3.5mm mini jack)
16–160 Hz
40–140 Hz (continuously variable)
30cm (12”) extra-long stroke driver
with Dual-Bias System
420 x 511 x 448 mm
16-9/16” x 20-1/8” x 17-5/8”
29 kg; 63.9 lbs.
Frequency Response
High Cut Filter
Standby Power Consumption
Dimensions (W x H x D)
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• DTS, ES and DTS Digital Surround are trademarks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
• Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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6/6 (U/A)
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