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Siselectron SNM2410, the revolutionary DIN Rail type Industrial Gigabit managed
Power over Ethernet Switch is designed with 8 10/100TX PoE injector ports and 2
Gigabit RJ-45 / SFP combo ports for highly critical PoE applications such as real time
IP video surveillance, WiMAX systems and Wireles Aps. All of the 8 ports of the
switch are compliant with both IEEE 802.3af PoE and IEEE 802.3at high power
standards and can deliver up to 15.4W and 30W power per port to enable the
high-power requiring devices, such as Wireless Aps, PTZ and dome network cameras,
Packing List Checking
Siselectron SNM2410
DIN Rail installation clip (tightened on the rear panel)
DB-9 to RJ-45 console cable
Hardware Installation
1. Powering of the system
The Power input port is located at the bottom side and provides 2 power input ports.
The power input port supports polarity reverse protection; the Switch won’t start if
the wrong polarity is applied. For the wiring architecture, please refer to the below
Wiring the Power inputs & Earth Grounding
1.1 Insert the positive and negative wires into the V+ and V- contact on the terminal
block connector.
1.2 Connect the Chassis Grounding to Earth Ground system to obtain
electromagnetic immunity to resist lighting, electro static discharge and electric
fast transient.
1.3 Tighten the wire-clamp screws to prevent the power wires from being loosened.
Note: User the UL Listed LPS Power supply with output rating 46-57 VDC, minimum
3.5A currents.
We recommend sing DC 48V as the operating voltage.
2. Wiring the Relay Output (DO)
The Relay Output (DO) contacts are in the bottom side as shown in the figure on the
right. The relay output (DO) is controlled by the pre-defined operating rules.
Note: The relay contact only supports 0.5A current, DC 24V. it is not recommended to
apply voltage and current higher than the specifications.
3. Wiring the Digital Input (DI)
The Digital Input (DI) accepts one external DC type signal input and can be configured
to send alert message through Ethernet when the signal is changed. The signal may
trigger, generated by external power switch, like as the door open trigger switch for
control cabinet.
Note: the DI accepts DC type signal and supports isolated input circuit with Digital
High Level input DC 11V~30V and Digital Low Level input DC 0V~10V.
4. Connecting the Surge/ Lighting protection
There is one screw fixed on the rear side for lighting/ surge protection; tighten and
wire to chassis grounding to obtain better surge/ lighting immunity. However, do
remember to remove the surge grounding screw before the insulation/Hi-pot testing.
In case you do not, the protectors may get damaged during the testing.
1. Ensure the Surge/Lighting is well connected with Chassis Grounding.
2. Remove the Surge/Lighting Screw, before performing Insulation/Hi-pot Testing.
5. Mounting the Switch onto the DIN Rail
The DIN Rail clip is already tightened on the rear side panel and supports EN50022
Std. DIN Rail.
Device Management
Siselectron SNM2410 Industrial Managed PoE Switch provides both in-band and
out-band configuration methods. You can configure the switch via the RS-232 console
with the attached console cable.
1. Preparation for console management: Attach the RS-232 DB9 connector to your
PC’s COM port. Connect the RJ-45 connector to the console port of the
Siselectron Switch.
Go to Start => Program => Accessories => Communication => Hyper Terminal
Give a name to the new console connection.
Choose the COM name and select the correct serial settings. The serial port
settings of Siselectron Switch are as below: 9600bps, No parity check, 8 Data bits,
1 stop bit
After connected, you will see the Switch login request. Type the username and
password and then you can login. The default username is “admin”, password is
“admin”. Follow the manual to configure the software features.
2. Preparation for Web management: Before you attempt to use the embedded
web interface to manage switch operation, verify that Siseelectron Switch is
properly installed on your network and that every PC on this network can access
the switch via the web browser.
Launch the web browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) on the PC.
Type http://Siselectron Managed Switch_IP_Address (The default IP address is, then press Enter. The login screen will appear next.
Type in the user name and password and click “OK” button. The welcome page of
the Web-Based management interface will appear then. The default user name
and password is admin/admin.
At the left column of the web management interface are the software features,
where ring column will list the available settings.
For more operating instructions, please refer to the user’s manual of Siselectron
Switch included in the packing or download it from the Siselectron Website –
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