commeter - thermometers
selection of thermocouple type from the keyboard
dual line LCD display with special symbols
adjustable dual level alarm with audio indication
for each channel
memory of minimum and maximum temperatures
function Hold - manual storing
of actual temperature for later displaying
automatic compensation of cold
junction temperature
Cxxxx Dxxxx
Operating temperature range:
Connector for probe connection:
Accuracy without probes thermocouple K (NiCr-Ni):
Accuracy without probes thermocouple J (Fe-Co):
Accuracy without probes thermocouple S (Pt10%Rh-Pt):
Resolution thermocouple J,K:
Resolution thermocouple S:
Dimensions without probes:
-10 to +60°C
subminiature connector for thermocouples
± (0.4°C + 0.1% from reading) from -200 to +1300°C
± (0.4°C + 0.1% from reading) from -200 to +750°C
± (0.85°C + 0.1% from reading) from -50 to +1700°C
0.1°C from -99.9 do +999.9°C, otherwise 1°C
0.4°C from -50.0 do +999.9°C, otherwise 1°C
battery 9V, typical life 2 months
141 x 71 x 27mm
TECHNICAL PARAMATERS - thermometers with record - models D0311, D0321 :
Modes of logging:
Real time clock:
PC interface:
1. manual logging - capacity of 1000 stored temperature sets
2. automatic non-cyclic logging (logging stops after filling the memory)
- total capacity of 16000 values
3. automatic cyclic logging (logging continues after filling the memory
- oldest values are replaced by newest) - total capacity approx.
15200 values (14400 values for D0111)
year, leap year, month, day, hour, minute, second
serial RS232
Logging interval:
18 adjustable values from 10s to 24hours
single channel thermometer, no PC interface
single channel thermometer and datalogger with RS232 serial output
dual channel thermometer, no PC interface
dual channel thermometer and datalogger with RS232 serial output
Thermometers are delivered without probes. To order K type probes, please see Optional accessories.
Included accessory:
Traceable calibration certificate from the manufacturer, instruction manual. Calibration certificate with declared
metrological traceability of etalons is based on requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.
All thermometers are also equipped with connector for external ac/dc adapter.
Dataloggers D0311, D0321 come complete with a plastic transport case, 9V battery,
communication cable for PC and self adhesive Dual Lock for easy mounting.
Free Windows program is ready to download at
Optional accessory:
MP006 - RS232/USB converter for communication with the PC via USB port
SW100 - CD with free PC program
probes with the "K" thermocouple with subminiature connector are specified at the end of catalog
A1515 - adapter 230V-50Hz/12Vdc. 9V battery should be replaced with NiMH accumulator 9V
A3400 - NiMH accumulator 9V
SWR004 - Optional software for Windows - color printing, vertical and horizontal zoom of graphs and other functions see also page 23
DBL Logger Program
Database program DBL Logger Program for work with data from Comet loggers
Program enables i.a.:
* To set locally the GSM modem via
RS232 link by means of the
QMS2901 cable.
* To view selected channels from
any Comet logger together with
selected channels of other Comet
* Measurement from different
Comet devices is possible to
combine in one table or graph.
* To choose any time interval for
* Print, export to PDF - table and
Other freeware needed for system operation:
- database server Microsoft SQL or MySQL
SWR004 Program for Data Loggers Sxxxx, Rxxxx, Gxxxx, Dxxxx.
Program is designed for communication with data loggers, read out the configuration of the device and setting up the
parameters. It also allows to read out the data from the device in order to get the measured values. For the
temperature and humidity devices is possible to select one counted value (dew point temperature, absolute humidity,
specific humidity, mixing ratio, specific enthalpy). Data can be viewed and printed as table or graph.
It it also possible to export data to DBF or TXT files. You can change the axis and select any time range to view or print
out the data. It is allowed to zoom the graph, modify the drawing width and the its color.
It is also possible to separate the quantities from each other and print some of them or all of them separately.
The main advantages of optional software comparing to the freeware:
* different graphical engine (zoom, selection of the curves, axis modification)
* selection of the values from table to print them out
* communication with more LAN adapters (freeware supports only one)
* statistic values, counting of MKT (Mean Kinetic Temperature)
* online visualization of actual
* communication via GSM modem
(dialling) or GPRS (data)
* autodownload from more data
* automatic export to DBF or TXT
after data download
* selectable path to store data
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