FilmScan35 I User Manual I.
Unpack FilmScan35 I FilmScan35 I CD‐ROM Negative Film Holder USB cable Quick Installation Guide
Slide Film Holder
Clean brush
This film scanner supports Windows XP and Vista (32/64bits) via USB 2.0 only. —
We strongly suggest using a clean, dry, non‐alcohol cotton swab to insert into the film scanner slot and clean the glass surface periodically to produce a clear image. —
Dust or dirt from the negative, slide fils and cover trays may affect the scanned image qauality, please make sure the materails are cleaned before inserting into the scanner. —
Please find recommand, professional purger from photo store to clean the dust on films if any to avoid damaging the only one copy of old films.
Install film into the film holder Install the slide into holder:
Open the slide holder as illustrated 2.
Put slide into positive slide slot -3-
3. Close the film holder Install the negative film into holder:
Open the film holder as illustrated 2.
Install film into negative film slot -4-
3. Close the film holder NOTE
— To avoid mirror image, follow the serial numbers (from left to right) on top of film when install negative film into holder. Figure 1 —
If the image is upside down [see fig. 2] , the image can be corrected by “Rotate” function in AP after capture[see fig. 3]. Figure 2 -5-
Figure 3 III. Installation To use FilmScan35, please complete the
following instatatllation in advacne.
1. Turn on the computer.
2. Insert the installation CD into the
CD-ROM drive and the installation CD
menu will appear.
3. When you see the following screen,
choose “Installation x86/32bits”. NOTE
— If install PC is Windows XP/Vista 64 bits system, please select “Installation x64/64bits” for installation. -6-
4. Follow the on-screen instructions. (XP/Vista)
5. After completing software installation, please connect FilmScan35 I to PC.
New Hardware Wizard will detect a new device.
6. Select “Yes” in XP or “Locate and install driver software(recommended)” in Vista OS.
7. After completing the installation, the filmscanner is ready to start with “35mm
FilmScanner” AP under program files. (XP/Vista)
IV. Use FilmScan35 I Copy button
Power staus LED USB Cable
Film Slot -14-
Start to use FilmScan35 I
Put Film into film slot 2.
Insert the slot into FilmScan35 -15-
Connect FilmScan35 to PC: 4.
Click “35mm Film Scanner AP to enter operation interface as below -16-
Press “Copy” button to capture the image 6.
Process necessary modification by function buttons in right hand side -17-
Save captured images to PC 8.
Get final images from PC for further review and edit -18-
User interface introduction
When user selected a “Negative” source, the image in “Live View” window will be exactly like the processed result. -19-
If device applies a slide, “Live View Type” will still show color image. This is the live view under black and white negative option. -20-
User can get the image from tranditional film to digital either by “Snap Shot” button in AP or the button on top of filmscanner. Then, the capture result will be appeared in “Snap Shot” and “Final images to save” window. All of the effect in AP will be ready for instant preview in “Snap Shot” and “Final images to save” window. -21-
Such as once apply the Mirror function by press “Mirror” icon, the process result will be showed on “Snap Shot” window as well as the “Final images to save”. Or apply the Rotate function by “Rotate” button, the image will be rotated 90 degress each time. It supports continously rotate for totally 360 degrees rotation requiement. -22-
If user want to delete specific image from captured pool, just click the image in “Final image to save” again, then, the selected image can be deleted directly by applying “Delete” button. After modification, user can save the images to default location at “C:\Documents and -23-
Settings\Users\My Docuemtns\My Pictures”. -24-
Or define preferable location for saving captures images by press directory button. Another window will pop out for user to select required location. Once press “Save” key, all of captures images will be saved into defined location. The “final image” saving window shall be empty after press the “Save” button. -25-
When completed the capture, user can press “Exit” button to quit this AP. Then, review captured images or process more fancy modification with bundle software by PC. -26-
Specification Image Sensor:
1/1.8” inch 5 mega CMOS sensor
F no.= 2.0, 4 Glass elements,
Focus Range:
Fixed focus
Exposure Control:
Color Balance:
Scan Quality
1,800 dpi /3,600 dpi(SW interpolation)
Data Conversion
10 bits per color channel
Scan Method
Single pass
Light Source
Back light (3 white LEDs)
USB 2.0
USB port
Operating Systems
Windows XP/Vista
VI. Clean dust from film scanner Please remove the film folder from device when you found any dust on live view window.
Then you can use the clean brush to wipe the dust.
— We strongly suggest using a clean, dry, non‐alcohol cotton swab to clean the glass surface periodically to produce a clear image during operation.
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