Philips PPA4200/F7 Datasheet

Philips PPA4200/F7 Datasheet
Philips PicoPix
Big pouch
Project your life
Your PicoPix pocket projector can be transported easily by using the big pouch.
Project on the go
• Carry your PicoPix always with you
Big pouch
• packed (WxDxH): 240 x 158 x 60 mm (9,5 x 6,2 x
2,4 inch)
• unpacked (WxDxH): 210 x 140 x 75 mm (8,3 x 5,5
x 3 inch)
• packed: 191,7 g (6,76 oz)
• unpacked: 163 g (5,75 oz)
Issue date 2014-02-16
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12 NC: 8670 001 15995
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Carry with you
Carry your PicoPix always with you
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