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Gear Head PB2200RED
Model: PB2200RED
Package Contents:
System Requirements:
• Micro Mobile Powerbank
with Charging Cable
• USB-to-Micro USB Charging Cable
• Warranty Information
• Mobile phones, smartphones
• Most MP3 players
• An Available USB Port
2200mAh Capacity
Compact Micro Size
Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Storage Technology
USB-to-Micro Charging Cable
Smartphone Compatible
MP3 Player Support
Packaged Product Info:
Master Carton Info:
Inner Carton Info:
• Product UPC: 878260007615
• Dimension (in inches):
2.95(L) x 1.22(D) x 5.2(H)
• Weight (lbs): 0.22
• Master Carton UPC: 50878260007610
• Case Pack Quantity: 36
• Master Carton Dimension:
12.72(L) x 8.66(D) x 14.17(H)
• Gross Weight (lbs): 10.58
• Inner Carton UPC: 30878260007616
• Inner Carton Quantity: 6
• Inner Carton Dimension:
7.8(L) x 6.5(D) x 3.94(H)
• Inner Carton Weight (lbs): 1.61
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Gear Head LLC, 4720 Radio Road, Naples, FL, 34104
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