Philips MS596/50 Datasheet

Philips MS596/50 Datasheet
Philips VisaPure Men
Deep Pore Cleansing brush
Replacement brush head for deep pore cleansing.
Specially designed for deep pore cleansing
Specially designed for men, the deep pore cleansing brush thoroughly cleans the pores.
It helps reduce blackheads, and is designed to reduce the appearance of pores. Gentle
enough for every day. For use only with Philips VisaPure Men.
Suitable for hard-to-reach areas
• This special brush easily reaches every area of your face
Developed for deep pore cleansing
• Unique bristle composition for deep pore cleansing
Easy to replace
• Easy click-on, compatible with Philips VisaPure Men
• For optimal results, replace the brush every 3 months
Deep Pore Cleansing brush head
Designed to reach every area
This specially-designed brush easily reaches every
part of your face, including hard-to-reach areas like
the creases of the nose.
Deep cleansing brush
The brush comes with a unique combination of
thicker and thinner bristles. The thin bristles reach
into and thoroughly cleanse the pores, while the
thicker bristles swipe away the dirt. The deep pore
cleansing brush helps to reduce blackheads and is
designed to make pores less visible. It easily reaches
difficult areas around the nose. An easy way to
achieve clean, healthy looking skin without
Click-on brush head
Click-on, click-off feature makes the brush head easy
to replace.
Long lasting brush
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For excellent skin-cleansing results, as well as the
best hygiene, it is recommended that you replace the
brush head every 3 months.
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