catalog global source sept 2015 view

catalog global source sept 2015 view
Products Catalogue
Product groups
Microscopy....................................................... 1
Specialized Microscope Cameras........ 6
Microscope Imaging Solutions.............. 7
Digital Microscopy.....................................10
3D Scanner.................................................... 12
3D Printing.................................................... 13
Climatic Chambers................................... 15
Thermal imagers , Data loggers......... 16
Industrial Furniture.................................. 18
Laboratory Equipment............................ 20
Barcode Scanning...................................... 22
Industrial Vacuums & Cleaning.......... 23
Test & Measurement................................ 24
High Precision Etching............................ 27
01 Microscopy
Huvitz HSZ-600 Huvitz HSZ-700
HSZ-600 A Greenough system to provide a wide range of inspection
HSZ-700 The best solution where high precision Galilean optic system is
Greenough Optical System
Efficient greenough optical system offers superior flatness and outstanding depth of
Effective 6:7:1 Zoom
Variety of Video Ports
Wider Base Stand
High Intensity LED
4 Split LED ring light
Galilean Optical System
The Galilean Optical System uses interchangeable objective lens that provide the best
quality images.
Effective 7:1 Zoom (8x to 56x zoom)
Variety of Video Ports
Superior optic system
Built-in LED
4 Split LED
01 Microscopy
Upright microscope Huvitz HRM-300 series
Integrated with knowledge, technology and creativity, the Huvitz HRM-300
series offers superior optical performance as well as ergonomic design, futuristic digital capability and innovative modules: Huvitz, The Newest Optical Solution.
Comfortable Eyepiece. In order to reduce eyestrain, the HRM-300 eyepieces have an
extra wide 25mm field number (F.N.). The 20°angledhead provides a comfortable
viewing position. In addition, the prism is designed to minimize the optical loss.
Superior Optical Performance. Optic System accommodates up to 6° stage.
Z-Axis Focus-Module. The Z-axis Focus-Module features Topographic Analysis and 3D
Profiling through our Panasis Software, which generates a composition of all the 2D
images into 3D Profiles.
ME Function. The current working magnification is displayed automatically and the
auto-calibrated value is measured through Panasis S/W.
Constant Brightness of IL. The working efficiency is increased by providing optimized
constant lighting brightness to the images.
ECO Function. (The sleep mode time is adjustable with Panasis S/W)
Large Stage. Stage in travel range of 350*300mm and 300*200mm provide the best
efficiency to examine samples in various sizes.
Full Automation System. The full automation system consists of a motorized nosepieces, Z-axis Autofocus, motorized stage.
HSIA Module. HSIA Module provides convenience to apply to the environmental of the
various users.
Customizable Optics and Lighting System
Reflected Light Illuminator
Combined Switch for BF/DF and ND Filter
A Set of Polarizer and Analyzer Filters
Optimum DIC provides the highest image quality
Transmitted Light System and Condenser
01 Microscopy
Digital microscope Huvitz HDS-5800 series
The Huvitz HDS Series offers a wide range of analysis based upon the integration of optical and digital technology.
Easy image acquisition and easy analytical processes translates into precise,
accurate results.
The world’s first, large range of magnification
There is an extraordinary range from 50X to 5,800X. It converts the wide
range(50X~5,800X) without lens change for user’s convenience.
It also acquires sample’s optimal image by using 24 steps of zoom magnification.
21.5” Full HD Monitor
The HDS system incorporates a 21.5” Full HD LCD display monitor. This monitor
provides 1920 X 1080 display and high contrast for brilliant image. In addition, it offers
software convenience through interface.
One-click Camera setting
It offers five kinds of camera setting options to setup a part of detailed image. (Gamma,
Contrast, Chroma, Color, Edge) You can choose one of 8 preset images to apply needed
effect and acquire customized image
High speed Tiling
HDS-5800 offers high speed tiling through movement of XY stage during image
composition. Current image will be tiled together with the previous images in real time.
Therefore, it’s useful to observe wider sample at high magnification.
A variety of 3D measurement tools
The HDS can easily acquire professional and customized profile data. In addition,
various measurement tools are provided to aid collection, verification and accuracy of
Easy rotating and tilting stand – up to 150 degree
The standard HDS stand provides flexibility for imaging from a wide range of angles to
acquire images of the most difficult specimens. The stand can be tilted through 150º
and objects can be easily rotated.
The joystick with adjustable speed to increase usability
The diverse motorized stages provide observers with various features designed to
meet various needs for sample type. In addition, the usage of motorized stage will be
widen with special function such as 3D scanning, off-display measurement and so on.
The LED desinged to optimize the realistic high resolution image
It provides transmitted vertical illumination source so that its lights can be cast brightly
with various samples and convenient without waiting time for warming up. In addition,
reflected and transmitted lights can be available at the same time.
01 Microscopy
Huvitz Confocal Microscope
HUVITZ confocal microscope incorporates a laser scanning system with 405nm
laser and dedicated objective lenses.
This allows 3D profile and roughness measurement with high precision at high
Laser Observation
Light Source 405nm Semiconductor Laser
Detector Photomultiplier Tube (PMT)
Zoom Optical 1x ~ 6x
Color Observation
Light Source White LED
Detector 1/1.8-inch 2Megapixel CCD
Zoom Digital 1x ~ 6x
01 Microscopy
Measuring microscope Huvitz HMM
Automatic Nosepiece
Measurement and lens center errors are minimized due to the innovative nosepiece
design. It makes imaging more efficient because the field of view does not go out of
center even when the lens resolution is changed.
Focus Guide
Focus guide is a function that helps to distinguish between in-focus and out-focus
images by dividing high and low focus locations through the hardware focus module.
It makes precise focusing possible, even on the narrowest regions by minimizing the
size of guide marks.
Easy Hardware Control
The location of sample can be easily moved by separate Joystick or stage manager
function in software program. Additionally, it provides various functions such as
location storage.
Diverse Stages
The user can design the system according to the requirements. Any kinds of sample
can be observed on the manual and motorized XY stages. Sample size is only limited
by stage size and Z axis stroke.
Illumination modes such as bright field and dark field are easily selectable. Other
imaging modes being available are epi-fluorescence, polarized light, DIC and others.
Optical Linear Scale
Precise size and angle measurements are possible with a linear scale application
through linear guide mechanism that guarantees sub-micron precision, and the
accuracy is maintained throughout the process by preventing thermal drift.
Counter Display
The counter display makes possible to recognize X/Y/Z axis more easily and quickly.
(The minimum unit : 0.1um / 1um)
02 Specialized microscope cameras
Jenoptik microscope cameras
Examining material elements is one of the daily challenges in your work and
requires particularly high-quality and reliable solutions.
In the field of material science, our PROGRES GRYPHAX® series makes the ideal
technical partner, allowing you to immerse yourself in your ‘micro universe’
smoothly and simply.
The new PROGRES GRYPHAX® series provides a multi-discipline and comparatively affordable microscopic imaging tool. The comprehensive innovative
design concept results in a convenient graphical user interface, a functional
software workflow and an elegant camera design with state-of-the-art USB 3.0
Field of view
your microscope delivers
Full HD record at video speed
USB 3.0 interface
5.5 x 5.5 µm pixel size
2/3” sensor
12 bit
PROGRES Speed XT core 5
ProgRes® SpeedXT core 5 features Jenoptik’s innovative SpeedXT core technology providing very fast live speed rates of 13 fps in full resolution of 5
megapixel. Due to the enhancement of the live image speed in combination
with the high resolution the user is enabled to facilitate precise focusing and
easy positioning of specimens without interlace effect in a more efficient way a clear advantage in the analysis of moving objects and routine work in laboratories.
of view
Exposure times of up to 180 s ensure optimum captured images, also under
low-light conditions. The maximum possible color depth is 36 bit.interface.
03 Specialized microscope imaging solutions
Panasis is a digital imaging software for microscopy. Users can capture still microscopic images, process captured images to get higher detail, and add additional
annotation objects with this software.
A user-friendly interface is provided to maximize efficiency
03 Specialized microscope imaging solutions
Live image window
Cleanliness Particle Contamination Measurement
Stage diagram
Harmful Particle which happened by carelessness of Particle Analysis and prevention
can have fatal effect to human and machines. The systems which can measure simply
and accurately the particle contamination and impurities collected from Membrane
Filter is increasing necessity.
ISO 16232, IEST-STD-CC1246D, ISO 4406-4407, USP 788,
VDA19, DIN50602,
Custom Standard
Scan Map
Intelligent detection
Contrast Correction
Auto Calibration
Stage Pattern
Report Manager
Particle analysis by default value and setting value
Generate Scan Map and Particle Map at the same time
when filter is scan
Accurate detection at low contrast image
Image processing of unbalance of light
Clustering objective by size or form
Auto calibration by one click
Support stage patterns of square and circle
The scale is printed in the resulting image
Easily register and use the various forms of reports used
by different companies.
Data chart
Motoryzed XYZ stage
Standard report form
Particle map
Analysis software
03 Specialized microscope imaging solutions
Grain Analysis
Tools analyzing the metal structure based on the international standard. ASTM E112,
E930, E1181, E1382 standards are supported. Planimetric Count method and various
Intercept Line methods are provided.
Cast Iron Analysis
ASTM A 247-06, ISO 945-1:2008, JIS G 5502-2001, KS D 4302:2006 standards are
Nodularity and Form, Size and Distribution type etc. can be measured.
Objects are accurately detected automatically and users can easily add/remove and
extract them by using the editing tools.
Nonmetallic Inclusions
Supported standards
ASTM E 45:2002 ; ISO 4967:1998 ; JIS G 0555:2003 ; KS D 0204:2002 ; DIN
Auto Tap Measurement
Leopard supports tools analyzing the shape of the needle or the edge of the industrial diamond, just by a click.
Particle Analysis
Leopard supports particle analysis tools automatically detecting and analyzing the
specific objects in the image.
04 Digital Microscopy
ION 4.3 Inspection Magnifier
The Ion 4.3 is an award winning inspection magnifier that provides a crystal
clear image for the user. Suitable for quick and immediate use, the Ion is fast to
start, comfortable to hold and highly intuitive to use as the product has been
designed to replicate the look and feel of an optical magnifier.
The Ions display delivers an unrivalled sharp, bright and high contrast image.
Key Features:
Accurate & detailed inspection of a wide variety of objects enabled through lossless
image quality & super sharp magnification up to 14x with high resolution TFT display.
Instant on screen measurement for quick & cost effective quality
Easy recording & traceability of one hundred images with date stamp using image
capture software for accurate quality control records.
Mobile visual inspection tool suitable for hard to access areas & poor lighting conditions due to its compact, portable design.
Unique Liquid lens technology provides a wide focus range, fast response time, excellent optical quality & low power consumption
Vista HD
The Vista HD is a fully integrated, high definition camera inspection system
where HD camera, LED lighting & 19'' monitor are contained in one single unit
for fast, ergonomic & reliable optical inspection.
Accurate & detailed inspection of a wide variety of objects enabled by high
quality HD image resolution, and a high performance HD camera with
integrated LED illumination.
Instant on screen measurement for quick & cost effective quality assurance
provided by integrated on screen XY dimensioning grids & cursor functions.
Suitable for in line quality assurance inspection processes using a unique 19’’
integrated display with all features & functions integratedto the one unit.
Less operator fatigue & improved production efficiencies due to its ergonomic design enabling people to adjust their work position and allowing for group
discussions & training.
Technical Specifications
Screen Size
Camera resolution
Vista HD
FI 802-002
45cm x 31cm x 12cm
19’’ display
+3D lens as standard: Zoom range: 1.35x to 37x
HD720p 1280x720 50/60 Hz
48 Watts
04 Digital Microscopy
Inspex HD 1080p Vesa
The Inspex HD 1080p is a high definition camera inspection system offering
superb 1080p full HD image quality, colour reproduction, contrast and resolution. Its versatile design makes it compatible with a wide range of mounting
options. Real-time on-screen dimensioning is provided by integrated XY grids
and cursors.
Accurate & detailed inspection with superb HD image resolution, dynamic range of
magnification levels & integrated LED illumination.
Real-time on-screen dimensioning provided by integrated XY grids & cursors
Less operator fatigue & improved production efficiencies due to ergonomic design
enabling user to sit or stand in a comfortable and safe posture providing relief from
back, neck and eye strain typically associated with traditional microscopes.
Easy documentation & traceability for accurate quality control records using image
capture to USB key.
Inspex HD 720p
The Inspex HD 720p is a high definition camera inspection system offering HD
image quality, colour reproduction, contrast and resolution. Its versatile design
makes it compatible with a wide range of mounting options.
Real-time on-screen dimensioning is provided by integrated XY grids and
Accurate & detailed inspection with superb HD image resolution, dynamic range of
magnification levels & integrated LED illumination.
Real-time on-screen dimensioning provided by integrated XY grids & cursors
Less operator fatigue & improved production efficiencies due to ergonomic design
enabling user to sit or stand in a comfortable and safe posture providing relief from
back, neck and eye strain typically associated with traditional microscopes.
Easy documentation & traceability for accurate quality control records using image
capture to USB key.
05 3D Scanner
Rexcan 4 3D scanner
Based on a world-class 3D digitizing technology Solutionix has accumulated
over the last decade, Rexcan4 brings the most value to customers through innovative developments.
Solutionix Rexcan4 white-light scanning technology will lead to a new era of 3D
digitization with its increased precision, flexibility and convenience.
Rexcan4 uses phase-shifting optical triangulation technology and employees
high resolution twin CCD cameras to achieve high accuracy data, realizing less
than 10um surface noise and feature error.
Rexcan4 provides maximum of 24 scanning volumes, depending on object
With one set of lens provided with Rexcan4, users can obtain four scanning
volumes by using different camera slots.
High Accuracy
More Detail
Less Noise
Rexcan CS+
Rexcan CS+ is ideal and optimized for scanning small and medium sized objects
in a highly accurate and fully automated way.
Combination of automation and Rexcan CS
Automatic 3D scanning process & Active sync
No targets or manual alignment needed
Ease of scanning path generation
Automatic calibration
Detachable Rexcan CS
Dimension : 300 x 800 x 900mm (Can be installed on your desk)
06 3D Printing
Q150 Compact Desktop 3D Printer
The Q150 is a mini 3D printer with an enclosed housing door.
Despite its compact size, the Q150 is big on features, ease of use
and quality printed objects.
Build Volume (HxWxD): 120 x 120 x 120mm
Printing resolution: 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 microns
Heated platform
Intuitive user software
Compact size that fits on any workbench or desk
See through enclosure panel for safety and in-action visibility
Easy snap-in extruder module
Plug and play
Outstanding print quality
Comes with one spool of premium ABS plastic (white)
Other ABS filament colors are also available
Q200 Compact Desktop 3D Printer
Whether you are a hobbyist, an educator, an engineer, an inventor or a
manufacturer, unleash your creativity and turn your ideas and designs into
professional 3D models, all at the touch of a button!
Build Volume (HxWxD): 135 x 140 x 140mm
Printing resolution: 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 microns
Heated platform
Intuitive user software
Compact size that fits on any workbench or desk
Automatic platform leveling calibration
Automatic platform height calibration
Plug and play
Outstanding print quality
Comes with one spool of premium ABS plastic (white)
Other ABS filament colors are also available
Q300 3D Printer
06 3D Printing
Q1000 Industrial 3D Printer
The Q1000 Industrial 3D Printer focuses on delivering the most performance
and cost-effective 3D printing solution with its intuitive graphic user interface
via touch screen, large build volume, heated enclosure and dual extruders.
On-Board PC
Print Queue
Model Setup
On-board Camera
Large Filament
Prepare to print and manage your printer without needing a
separate computer
On-board storage
Printer can store multiple print jobs from multiple users
Printer will notify users when their job is finished
Easy-to-use software for preparing your model for printing
Automatically places model and creates support structures
Sends photo updates on build progress
Live video streaming during build process
2kg cartridges means less running out of filament
Easy to change cartridges
Variety of materials and rainbow of colors
System senses which
Bringing schematic designs to life
through a 3D printed model is a
surefire way to reduce cost and save time in the design phase. Instead
of struggling with traditional models that may distort over time, try
printing architectural models in-house directly from CAD data.
Give a medical solution that fits
each patient, perfectly. The medical
industry has been placed under a great deal of pressure to produce a
large volume of dental, anatomical models, surgical guides, and
implantable devices, and more to a demanding world.
3D Printer Aplications
Make way for 3D printing to streamline the design, testing and production of consumer products in one fell swoop. Concept evaluation and
verification is necessary for consumer electronics, sporting goods, toys
and all other consumer products. Rapid prototyping with our 3D
printers slashes the time spent in the preliminary stages of design and
provides a realistic appearance.
Well-tuned design and engineering
are essential to enhancing automotive performance. The rapid prototyping that is capable with our 3D
printers saves an incredible amount of time in design and testing. It's a
busy place under the hood, and modifications are constantly needing
to be made, which is where a very quick turnaround becomes invaluable.
Build Volume (XYZ):
350mm x 350mm x 350mm
Manufacturers with 3D printing
capabilities have the tools and
technology to take on more opportunities. Designers and engineers
can avoid expensive, time-intensive machining and gain the agility to
make changes at any time. For low-volume tooling and durable
end-use parts, 3D printing works with production-grade materials,
including high-performance thermoplastics.
The next generation of designers
and engineers will be more inspired
to create when they have the ability to produce prototypes, mock-up’s
and scaled models of their creations. 3D printing brings to the
classroom the same cutting edge technologies they will experience in
their careers.
Today's marketplace is constantly
being flooded with new competitors in crowded markets, making earning a profit more difficult than
ever. That is why finding a niche is so worthwhile. As the modern
consumer is presented with more quality options, a new market is
born for prosumer products, or products that are between consumer
and professional grade.
07 Climatic Chambers
Binder climatic chambers
Dynamic climate chambers
BINDER environmental chambers are perfectly suited to material testing under
dynamic conditions. The standard rapid alternation speeds of around 5 K/min
make standard-compliant testing possible.
An environmental simulation chamber of the MK and MKT Series is suitable for
complex temperature profiles in the range of -40 °C (MK) or -70 °C (MKT) to 180
CVMS Climatic
Environmental Testing is carried out in order to ensure and verify the robustness
and reliability of manufactured products, materials or devices. Industries such
as Aerospace, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Construction and many
others have been carrying out environmental test programmes for years and the
quality and safety of finished goods has never been as high as it is today.
CVMS °Climatic is at the forefront of the design, build and supply of Environmental Test Equipment from its standard Climatic Test Chambers to large-scale
Walk-in or Drive-in Environmental Test Facilities. As well as controlling
temperature and humidity in the test space, we also offer a wide range of products that simulate other environmental effects such as Low Pressure (Altitude),
Solar Radiation, Rainfall, Sand, Dust, Pollution and Corrosive atmospheres.
08 Thermal imagers, Data loggers
Temperature and humidity data loggers
Testo 175 H1
Testo 174 H
Testo 176 H1
The testo 175 H1 is the professional compact
data logger for monitoring temperature and
relative humidity. It is equipped with a humidity
stub probe which is characterised by its fast
response time, high level of measuring accuracy
and long-term stability.
Our cost-effective testo 174H mini data logger
enables reliable checking of temperature and
humidity for determining indoor climate and
ambient storage conditions.
The testo 176 H1 and H2 data loggers have two
connections for external temperature and
humidity probes. The probes can be positioned
according to the individual requirements in the
Testo offers a number of professional temperature measuring instruments to fulfil the individual requirements of your temperature measurement. Whether thermometers, measurement strips or infrared measuring instruments – all meet the high standards of Testo products, and provide highly accurate and reliable results.
Infrared thermometers such as testo 845 are, thanks to their short reaction time, particularly suitable for the recording of temperature in fast and dynamic processes,
e.g. for measurements on moving parts.
Infrared thermometer: Testo 831
2-point laser sighting, 30:1
optics, belt holder, incl.
Batteries and factory calibration certificate
Infrared thermometer: Testo 845
Compact Surface Thermometer:
Testo 925
infrared thermometer with
cross laser sighting and
switchable optics for far-field
measurement and close focus
software with USB cable,
aluminium case, calibration
protocol, incl. batteries
The one channel temperature
measuring instrument for
connection to reliable, fastaction thermocouple probes.
An additional temperature
probe can be displayed in
testo 925; data is transmitted
by radio, i.e. wirelessly.
08 Thermal imagers, Data loggers
Testo Thermal imagers
Thermal imagers from Testo guarantee excellent thermographic measurement results, when detecting building defects,
carrying out preventive industrial maintenance and service or visualising heat activity in microelectronics.
For those who get things done
For professionals
High end
With easy operation for secure and
efficient work.
testo 870-1 testo 870-2
testo 875-1i testo 875-2i
testo 876
With excellent thermal sensitivity and
versatile technical systems (testo 885),
such as Panorama Image Assistant or
testo 885-1 testo 885-2
testo 882
With outstanding megapixel quality,
folding rotatable display and high-end
systems such as the process analysis
package with fully radiometric video
testo 890-1 testo 890-2
Products Catalogue
Building thermography
For some years thermography has been
an indispensable diagnostic instrument
in energy consultation, in tracking down
structural defects or checking heating
equipment and installations.
Energy generation and distribution
Find out more about the many possible
uses for Testo thermal imagers in the
With thermal imagers from Testo, you
can detect thermal anomalies in maintenance easily, efficiently and safely. You
can also check the fill level of sealed
fluid tanks, for example.
field of energy generation and distribution.
Production quality
Thermographic measurements play a
valuable role in production, both in
quality control and in quality assurance.
Measurements can even be carried out
without interrupting production.
09 Industrial furniture
Bedrunka-Hirth Industrial Furniture
Bedrunka+Hirth manufactures equipment for Industry, hand trade and service sector since more than 40 years in
Bräunlingen in Black Forest region. We develop our products with the most modern perspectives. High-quality steel
sheets and steel pipes are used to satisfy the highest requirements and to handle maximum loads
09 Industrial furniture
Viking Technical Furniture
Technical and ESD furniture, ESD equipment for electronics and semiconductor industry companies
10 Laboratory Equipment
Ohaus balances
Adventurer, Explorers and Discovery analythical & precision balances
Haefner high precision weights
2-point laser sighting, 30:1 optics, belt holder, incl. Batteries
and factory calibration certificate.
Laboratory Table & Table top
TMC’s Micro-g® laboratory tables provide superior vibration control for loads
up to 350 pounds (160 kg). With a ferromagnetic stainless steel working surface,
this modular vibration isolation table system is recommended for use in such
diverse applications as electrophysiology, cell injection, ultramicrotomy, photomicroscopy, scanning probe microscopy, and confocal laser scanning microscopy.
66 Series TableTop™ CSP® High-Performance Vibration Isolation System with
Compact Sub-Hertz Pendulum Technology.
This low-cost, lightweight system with exceptional passive vibration isolation, is
ideal for microscopes.
10 Laboratory equipment
Hydac CTU-1000
The HYDAC Contamination Test Unit CTU 1000 series is used for the determination of technical cleanliness of slightly contaminated components.
Reduction in costs as a result of less production waste
Identification and elimination of weak points in processes
Reduction of zero-km breakdowns
Internal and external process optimisation
Documentation of technical cleanliness of components
Bransonic & Benchtop cleaners
Branson has been a world leader in the development of ultrasonic precision
cleaning equipment for over 60 years. We offer cleaning systems in sizes ranging from a bench-top to industrial sized and we employ the latest technology in
aqueous cleaning, semi-aqueous cleaning, and vapor degreasing.
The Branson table top cleaners include the same high power, rugged transducers found on industrial systems sold to the automotive, electronics, and metalworking industries. These Langevin-type metal/ceramic devices use engineered
ceramics to assure both durability and superior power. Coupled with sweep
frequency capability, you get the best possible cleaning every time, all the time.
UV lamps, UV systems and UV light equipment
Applications: UV Curing | UV fluorescent inspection | UV treatment & exposure | UV disinfection | Cleanliness monitoring
400W/250W hand lamp
flood lamp
UV-A Fluorescent Tubes and Compact
Fluorescent Lamp Units
UV-A Blacklight Torches
and LEDsp
11 Barcode scanning
Datalogic industrial handheld scanners
Honeywell industrial handheld scanners
Motorola handheld scanners
12 Industrial vacuums & cleaning
Nilfisk-Advance cleaning equipment
Nilfisk-Advance is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional
cleaning equipment
Headquarter is based in Denmark, our production facilities are located in Asia,
Europe and Americas and we have sales companies in 44 countries - plus
distributors in more than 70 countries.
Main product lines are professional scrubber dryers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners,
and high pressure washers.
Nilfisk-Advance has developed professional cleaning equipment for more than
100 years, and it is our plan to be around for the next 100 years as well.
Industrial vacuums are one of the most flexible industrial tools that can produce
a very high added value to the production of each industrial segment and Nilfisk
Industrial Vacuum SOlutions is one of the main world manufacturer.
Aeronautics | Agriculture | Boat building | Ceramic | Chemical-Pharmaceutical |
Coffee plants | Electronics | Food | Glass | Goldsmiths| Heavy industry | Machine
Manufacturers | Mechanical | Optics | Plants and equipment manteinance |
Plastics-Rubber | Textile | Wood
13 Test & Measurement
Hameg measuring equipment
HAMEG is noted for rugged and economically priced products for more than fifty years, with a wide range of goods for
various applications.
Spectrum analysis
and EMC measurement
measuring instruments
GW Instek measuring equipment
Spectrum analyzers
Signal sources
Power supplies
Basic T&M instruments
13 Test & Measurement
Hantek measuring equipment
Digital storage
Waveform Generator
Handheld Oscilloscope
PC USB Oscilloscope
DC power supply
Aim & Thrulby Thandar instruments
Power supplies
Waveform generators
Precision measurement
test equipement
13 Test & Measurement
Fluke products
Digital multimeters
Portable oscilloscopes
Insulation tester
Every Fluke Digital Multimeter gives you
what you need: accurate measurements;
consistent, reliable performance; attention to safety.
These hand-held instruments combine
the performance of a bench oscilloscope
with a multimeter and paperless recorder
for installing, commissioning and maintaining industrial and electronic equipment out in the field.
With advanced performance, the insulation tester line is designed to be safe,
simple to use and gimmick-free. A perfect
solution for troubleshooting, commissioning, and preventative maintenance
Pressure calibrator
Temperature Calibrator
Precision Multifunction Process Calibrator
Fluke offers a wide range of pressure
calibration tools with precision pressure
measurement from 15psi/1 bar to 10,000
psi/690 bar boasting 0.025% full-scale
Specifically designed for the field, these
lightweight compact tools are EMI tolerant, dust and splash resistant and offer an
easy to use single push button interface.
These calibration tools source and measure almost all process parameters, and
documenting versions even document
the results
14 High precision etching
HP Etch Stencils
HP-Etch offer world-class competence and equipment for manufacturing of
stencils. This means that we can meet extremely high standards for precision
solder paste application.
We offer complete customer solutions, including mask stretching and frame. We
also supply stencils for all types of quick tension frames. We are licensed for
DEK Vector Guard stencils. Each stencil is designed to your specifications.
HP Etch produces stencils in thicknesses from 0.030 mm up to 0.350 mm.
In order to make apertures with straight walls (without the ‘hourglass’ shape), HP
Etch uses specially built etching machines with a high number of etch nozzles
positioned close to the metal, with individual pressure and flow control on both
the top and the bottom side.
High-precision etching makes it possible to determine the stencil wall angle
with great accuracy. A cross-section of HP Etch’s stencils shows that the aperture
is trapetsoidal shaped to improve paste release properties .
Step etched (Level etched)
An increasingly varying range of component sizes that require different
amounts of solder paste. Choosing a stencil of the same thickness across the
whole surface often entails a compromise, with the result that it is too thick for
the smallest components and too thin for the largest, especially when applying
the pin-in-paste method. The only way of avoiding this compromise and guarantee that all components have the right amount of paste, regardless of thickness,
is to use a stepped stencil or individually dispense solder paste onto each
solder site.
Squeegee Blades
We manufacture squeegees in stainless steel for all screen printers on the
market. Material thickness, dimensions and hole profile are supplied to
exact customer specifications.
We also make Pro-Flow and Rheo-Pump squeegees. Replacing squeegee
blades should be a part of preventive maintenance.
+40 729.917.391
offi[email protected]
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