M 602FX
Compact 6-channel 2-bus mixer
Brand: PRO E L
Product Code: M6 0 2 F X
O v e rv ie w
T e c hnic a l S p e c ific a tio ns
S ys tem typ e: Compact 6-channel 2-bus mixer
After providing for years thousands of satisfied users with the best mixing tools,
we have decided to renovate our M Series with an assortment of novelties. The
new M compact mixers have been updated with improved features and
repacked into a new stylish package. While keeping the superior audio quality,
the full set of features and the highest number of MIC inputs in the category that
have been the hallmarks of our M Series, we have added extra ‘intelligent’
functions, such as USB routing and channel COMPRESSORS. All the models feature
the new PROEL 24bit PROFEX DSP, one of the fi nest digital eff ect of its class,
providing 256 studio-grade algorithms (including mono and stereo TAP DELAY
and TAP DELAY + REVERB) and a convenient LCD display. Designed and
engineered in Italy by PROEL R&D, M mixers are hosted in an ultra-rugged stylish
metal case with ABS sides, providing extended durability for a stage-proof use.
As a unique feature in the category, all the models include as standard both a
padded carrying bag and metal brackets for 19” rack mounting. The ultraportable M602FX with 2 mono and 2 stereo channels provides the most
demanding performers with all the functions necessary to mix a limited number
of signals with utmost accuracy.
Re la te d Pro duc ts
I n p u t Con n ector s :
Mic Input: Balanced XLR-F
Line Input: Balanced JACK
I n p u t S en s i ti vi ty:
MONO INPUT CHANNEL - Mic Input: from -10 to -50 dB
MONO INPUT CHANNEL - Line Input: from +20 to -20 dB
STEREO INPUT CHANNEL - Mic Input: -0 / -40 dB
STEREO INPUT CHANNEL - Line Input: +20 / -20 dB
I n p u t I mp edan ce:
MONO INPUT CHANNEL - Mic Input: 2 Kohm
MONO INPUT CHANNEL - Line Input:10 Kohm
STEREO INPUT CHANNEL - Line Input: 10 Kohm
Mon o I n p u t ch an n el equ al i zati on :
HIGH (shelving): ±15 dB @ 12KHz
MID (peaking): ±15 dB @ 2.5KHz
LOW (shelving): ±15 dB @ 80Hz
S ter eo I n p u t Ch an n el E qu al i zati on :
HIGH (shelving): ±15 dB @ 12KHz
MID (peaking): ±15 dB @ 2.5KHz
LOW (shelving): ±15 dB @ 80Hz
E ffects : 256 (16 presets x 16 variations): HALL, ROOM, VOCAL
Cr os s tal k ( meas . at 1 KH z) : > 82 dBu
P ower con s u mp ti on : 32 W
N oi s e ( H U M & N oi s e u n wei gh ted) : < -93 dBu
TH D + N oi s e at + 4dB, 1kH z: < 0,008 %
P ower S u p p l y : 18 VAC 500 mA (use only supplied AC/AC
Mai n s S u p p l y Vol tage:
110-120 VAC (±10%) 50 / 60 Hz (US plug)
230-240 VAC (±10%) 50 / 60 Hz (EU plug)
240 VAC (±10%) 50 / 60 Hz (UK plug)
Wei gh t: 1.8 lb
Di men s i on s ( W x H x D) : 240 x 85 x 272 mm
D o wnlo a d
M602FX.0.pdf - User's Manual English
Tech n i cal speci fi cati on s an d appearan ces are subj ect to ch an ge wi th out n oti ce an d accuracy i s n ot guaran teed. Al l tradem arke are th e
property of th ei r respecti ve own ers. PR OE L accepts n o l i abi l i ty for an y l oss wh i ch m ay be suffered by an y person wh o rel i es ei th er wh ol l y or
i n part upon an y descri pti on , ph otograph or statem en t con tai n ed h erei n . Col ors an d speci fi cati on s m ay vary from actual product. PR OE L
products are sol d th rough auth ori zed ful l fi l l ers an d resel l ers on l y. Th i s m an ual i s copyri gh ter. No part of th i s m an ual m ay be
reproduced or tran sm i tted i n an y form or by an y m ean s, el ectron i c or m ech an i cal , i n cl udi n g ph otocopyi n g an d recordi n g of an y ki n d,
for an y purpose, wi th out th e express wri tten perm i ssi on of PR OE L - Vi a al l a R uen i a 37/43 - CAP 64027 - San t' Om ero (TE ) I TAL Y.
For servi ce, support, or m ore i n form ati on con tact:
Proel S. p. A.
Vi a al l a R uen i a 37/43
CAP 64027 - San t' Om ero (TE ) I TAL Y
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