Tanto Cuore: Romantic Vacation

Tanto Cuore: Romantic Vacation
■1. Game Overview
Tanto Cuore: Romantic Vacation is a sequel to Tanto Cuore for 2-4 players,
and can be played alone, with the Tanto Cuore base set, with Expanding the
House, or with both.
In Tanto Cuore: Romantic Vacation, players on take the role of “Masters of
the House,” employ lots of cute maids, and are served by them while slowly
filling out their house.
When the game ends, the player who has the most Victory Points in their
house is the “Perfect Master” and winner of the game!
* Note: Tanto Cuore means "Much heart" in Italian.
■2. Game Components
This game contains this rule book and 278 cards:
● 206 Maid Cards
・32 Maid Chiefs (green frame) of 2 types
・174 General Maids (blue frame) of 18 types
● 16 Reminiscence Cards (orange frame)
● 56 Love Cards (pink frame)
Symbols & Keywords
In this manual, we use keywords that are represented by symbols. Below are
the symbols and their corresponding keywords.
=【Draw +1】
=【Serving +1】
=【Love +1】
=【Employment +1】
■3. Setup and Terminology
Seat all of the players around the table. The center of the table is the Town,
where all available cards are placed. Each player should have enough space in
front of them to play their cards during the game. This area is known at the
player’s House. Each player’s House consists of the player’s personal draw
deck, Discard Pile, play area, and Private Quarters (an area for cards that
you own, but are set aside).
• First, sort out the Maid Chief cards, “Sophia” and “Beatrice,” and
place them in one stack each in the Town.
Set-up Example
Player 1’s House
• Second, sort out the three types of “Love” cards, “1 Love,” “2 Love,”
and “3 Love,” and place them in one stack each in the Town.
• Third, sort out the 16 Reminiscence cards. Shuffle the “Reminiscence
The Town
shuffled “Reminiscence 1” cards on top of the shuffled “Reminiscence 2”
cards. Then reveal the top three cards of the deck and put them beside the
Reminiscence deck.
(Face down)
1 Love
2 Love
3 Love
right of each card). Any combination of General Maids is acceptable. Return
the unused General Maids to the game box.
• Finally, each player now takes 7 “1 Love” cards and 3 “Beatrice” cards
and shuffles them together. This is the starting deck for each player. Each
Player 4’s House
• Fourth, select 10 of the 18 General Maids, randomly or by choice, and
place them in the town, preferably in order of cost (the number in the top
Player’s Decks
player then draws 5 cards from their deck. Now you’re ready to begin the
Player 2’s House
1” and “Reminiscence 2” cards separately, and create one stack with the
Player’s Decks
Recommended Selection for the First Game
Clorinde Sea
Lydia Leon
Cynthia Lakes
Caldina Alley
Riya Naragashi
Fea Primrose
Daphne Coraille
Margareta Torrente
Evita Catala
Hyacinth Arrow
Player 3’s House
■4. The Flow of the Game
Decide on the starting player in any suitable fashion. Each turn consists of
the following four phases (described in detail later in the rules):
1) Starting Phase
2) Serving Phase
3) Employ Phase
4) Discard Phase
When you finish the four phases of your turn, play passes to the player on
your left. This continues until the game ends, at which point Victory Points are
calculated and the “Perfect Master” is decided.
■5. The Cards
There are three types of cards in Romantic Vacation: Maid cards, Love
cards, and Reminiscence cards.
● Maid Cards
There are three types of Maids: Maid Chiefs, General Maids, and
Private Maids. There are no Private Maid cards in Romantic Vacation.
Maid Chiefs (green frame) mostly serve to generate Victory Points. They
have little effect during the game.
④ Victory Points
The number of Victory Points (VP) this maid will grant.
⑤ Symbol: Draw
The number of extra cards you draw when being served by this maid.
⑥ Symbol: Love
The amount of extra Love this maid generates when played. This Love is
used along with Love cards to employ maids.
⑦ Symbol: Serving
The number of extra Serving points the maid generates when played. Each
extra Serving lets you play another maid this turn.
⑧ Symbol: Employment
The number of extra Employment points this maid generates when
played. Each extra Employment lets you employ an extra maid this turn.
⑨ Maid Category
⑩ Maid Ability
Text describing the effect the maid has.
⑪ Flavor Text
General Maids (blue frame) are the cards that form the core of game. You
play these during your Serving Phase.
① Title
② Card Name
Private Maids (black frame) are a bit special. They are described later in
the rules.
Playing a maid card from your hand (being served by a maid) costs one
“Serving.” You only have one Serving per turn. Certain maids generate an
③ Employ
④ Victory
extra Servings and will thus allow you to be served by more maids that turn.
① Title
② Card Name
⑨ Maid
③ Employ Cost
The amount of Love required to employ this maid from the Town.
⑤ 【Draw】
⑥ 【Love】
⑦ 【Serving】
⑪ Flavor Text
⑩ Ability
⑧ 【Employment】
● Love Cards
● Reminiscence Cards
Love cards generate Love points, which are used to employ new staff (buy
Reminiscence cards never enter your deck. When acquired, they
new cards). They are mostly played during the Employ Phase, but can generally
generate a powerful one-time effect, and then go into your Private
be played at any time.
Quarters. However, they are not obtained by normal means; to acquire a
During your Employ Phase, you may play as many Love cards as you wish
Reminiscence card, you must discard a combination of cards from your
from your hand. Combine the Love you gain with any Love you gained from
hand specific to the Reminiscence card. The discarded cards go to your
General Maids during the Serving Phase to employ new maids. Playing a
Love card does not cost a Serving.
A “1 Love” card will grant 1 Love, a 2 Love will grant 2 Love, and so on.
Love points are not kept between turns. Unused Love is lost when your
Discard Pile.
① Card Name
② Victory Points (VP)
③ Category
turn ends.
④ Requirement
① Card Name
A list of the cards you must discard to acquire the card.
② Employ Cost
The amount of Love required to employ this card from the town.
⑤ Card Effect
The effect you gain when you acquire the card.
① Card Name
② Employ cost
② Victory Points
① Card name
Card Effect
■6. Phase Details
●6-1: Starting Phase
Certain Chambermaids or Private Maids will have effects that
are applied in this phase. For instance, if you have "Valencia" as your
chambermaid, now is when you would choose to apply her effect if you wish.
●6-2: Serving Phase
It’s during this phase that you play (are served by) General Maids
(sometimes even Maid Chiefs) to gain their effects.
Being served by a maid costs one Serving unless otherwise stated on the
card. You only start with one Serving each turn, so you will only be able to
be served once unless you can generate an extra Serving.
●6-3:Employ Phase
After you have been served by your maids, you may employ additional
staff from the Town. You have one “Employment” per turn. This can be
increased by effects from servings or Private Maids.
To employ a card, you must have the necessary amount of Love to pay for
the new staff member. During your Employ Phase, you may play as many Love
cards as you wish from your hand. Combine the Love you gain this way with
any Love from General Maids played during the Serving Phase, and use it
employ new maids. Playing a Love card does not cost a Serving.
If you gained an extra Employment on your turn, you may use it to split
the Love you have among multiple cards. For example, with 5 Love and 1
Employment, you could employ any one card with a cost of 5 Love or
When you are served by a maid, you receive the bonuses from the symbols
less. But with 5 Love and 2 Employments, you could employ one 2-cost
on the card first – “Draw,” “Serving,” “Love,” and “Employment.” Of
card and one 3-cost card, or two 2-cost cards, etc. Get enough Love and
these, Draw is used immediately; draw the cards before taking any other
Employments and you could employ the whole Town!
actions. If there are any maids among the cards you’ve drawn, they may be
played this turn, provided you have at least one Serving left.
Serving, Love, and Employment remain for the rest of your turn. If you
gain extra Servings, they must be used during the Serving Phase. Love and
Employment are used during the Employ Phase. Note that no Servings,
Love, or Employments gains carry over to your next turn.
To employ a Private Maid, choose from the two that are currently
available and pay the requisite Love and Employment. Put your Private
Maid into your Private Quarters, and replace the employed card with the
one from the top of the Private Maid deck.
Newly employed General Maids and Love cards go to your Discard Pile.
Private Maids go to your Private Quarters.
Any text on the maid card is resolved after you receive the symbol bonuses.
Certain maids may, instead of serving you, become Chambermaids. To
"chambermaid" a maid means to set her aside from the playing area, your
Private Quarters. Chambermaids will not go to your Discard Pile during
the Discard Phase, but rather stay in your Private Quarters. For details, see
“7: Chambermaids.”
You many acquire a Reminiscence card by discarding cards from your
hand according the requirements listed. For details, see “8-1: Acquiring
Reminiscence Cards.”
The Serving Phase ends when you cannot or choose not to play any more
cards from your hand. Any effects that must take place during the Serving
Phase can still be applied even if you do not have any Servings left.
The Employ Phase ends when you cannot or choose not to employ any
more cards from the Town.
●6-4: Discard Phase
The final phase of your turn. All staff that served you and all cards still in
your hand are put into your Discard Pile. Do not discard any cards from your
Private Quarters.
Next, draw 5 cards. If there are fewer than 5 cards in your deck, draw as
many as you can, then shuffle well your Discard Pile to form your new deck.
Draw additional cards until you have 5 in your hand.
Any extra Love, Servings, and Employments are lost at this point.
These bonuses do not carry over to your next turn.
Reshuffling Your deck:
Do not reshuffle your Discard Pile to make your
new deck until must draw a card and cannot. If you
have zero cards in your deck, do not reshuffle your
Discard Pile until you are required to draw a card.
●8-2:Employing a Private Maid
Private Maids are not used in Romantic Vacation, but are part of other
Tanto Cuore sets. Once employed, a Private Maid goes directly to your
Private Quarters, and will generate an effect each turn (but only once per
turn). Some Private Maids are sent to other players’ Private Quarters
instead, and may generate harmful effects. For details, please refer to the rule
books of those sets.
■7. Details: Chambermaids
●7-1: Chambermaids
Certain maids have the title Chambermaid or Chambermaid Chief.
●8- 3:Special Effects of Private Maids
Using the effect of a Private Maid does not cost a Serving. Each Private
Maid effect has its own timing; please refer to the card text. Also, note that
They may become chambermaids by using a Serving (or sometimes two) and
the symbol bonuses on Private Maids are sometimes conditional; again,
then putting them into your Private Quarters instead of having them serve
refer to the card text.
you. Their bonuses and other effects will not happen, and they will be put into
You may employ any number of Private Maids, but only one can be active
your Private Quarters instead of your Discard Pile. They will stay in your
at a time. When you employ a new Private Maid, put the card on top of
Private Quarters until the end of the game or until an effect removes them.
the previous one. The replaced one will not grant any bonuses, but will grant
●7-2:How to Chambermaid
Victory Points at the end of the game. Only the top Private Maid in your
It usually costs 1 Serving to chambermaid a maid. Some require an
extra Serving (two total) to become a chambermaid. The Serving cost to
chambermaid is noted on the card.
●7-3:Chambermaid Bonuses
Some Chambermaids have a Chambermaid Bonus. A
Chambermaid Bonus is not applicable until the maid has become a
stack will be able to use her abilities for you, and you cannot change the order
of the stack.
■9.Example of Play
Ludek, Kimberly, and Alec are playing Romantic Vacation. It is Ludek’s turn.
Ludek has Clorinde, Beatrice, Evita, Hyacinth, and a 3 Love card in
his hand.
chambermaid. Abilities cannot be activated and bonus end-of-game Victory
Points will not apply unless the maid is in your Private Quarters.
■ 8. Reminiscence and Private Maids
●8-1:Acquiring Reminiscence Cards
Now it’s his Serving Phase. Ludek uses his one Serving to be served by
Clorinde. Her bonus is【Draw +1】and【Serving +2】.
Ludek draws one card, which turns out to be Sophia.
Any time during your Serving Phase, you may acquire one of the three face-
Among the Reminiscence cards is a Scary Night. Ludek discards Evita
up Reminiscence cards, Though you may only acquire one Reminiscence
and Hyacinth to acquire the card, and puts it into his Private Quarters. As
card per turn. This is done by discarding the requisite cards from your
an effect of Ludek’s Scary Night, Kimberly and Alec must discard until they
hand as listed on the Reminiscence card you want. When you acquire a
have 3 cards in their hands.
Reminiscence card, apply its effect(s) and place the card in your Private
Quarters. Then replace the acquired card with the card from the top of the
Reminiscence deck.
Ludek now has two Servings, and uses both together to chambermaid
Beatrice. He places her in his Private Quarters.
He continues on to his Employment Phase, where he uses his one
Employment and the 3 Love card to employ Margareta. He takes the
card from the Town and puts it into his Discard Pile.
In his Discard Phase, he discards the Clorinde and the 3 Love card he played,
along with the Sophia still in his hand. Scary Night and Beatrice are both in
his Private Quarters, and thus will not go to the Discard Pile.
Finally, he draws a hand of 5 cards and passes the turn to Kimberly.
●11-2: Combining with Other Tanto Cuore Sets:
* Use all the set-special cards from the editions you are using: Event
cards from the base set, Building cards from Expanding the House, and
Reminiscence cards from Romantic Vacation.
• Use the set of 2 Maid Chiefs from the base set (Colette and Marianne),
the two from Expanding the House (Aline and Claudine), or the two from
■10. Game End and Victory
●10-1: End of the Game
When any two maid piles are exhausted, or when any player acquires the
Campfire Reminiscence card, the game ends when the current player finishes
their turn.
Note that Reminiscence and Love cards are not maid cards.
●10-2: Victory Points (VP)
Romantic Vacation (Beatrice and Sophia).
• Use one set of Love cards (unless you’re playing with 5 or more players).
• Use all Private Maids, shuffled together into one pile.
• Select 10 General Maids, randomly or by choice, in any combination
from one or more editions.
• The game-end condition does not change.
Each player counts up their Victory Points (VP) on all cards. Victory Points are
• When playing with 5 or more players, use two sets of Love cards from any
noted in the top right of each card. Some cards have a question mark (?) in this
Tanto Cuore editions. Also, the game-end condition will be when 3 maid piles
spot; their VP only count if the stated requirement is met. Also, note that even
are exhausted, not 2.
cards which have a fixed VP number may have bonuses or penalties; don’t forget
to check for end-game bonuses.
• Check your hand, deck, and Discard Pile for cards with VP, and count them up.
• Then count all VP from maids in your Private Quarters, remembering to
include any end-game bonuses.
●11-3: Optional Rule
The number of cards in a player’s deck, the number of cards in a maid
stack in Town, as well as any face-up cards in a player’s Private Quarters
(Chambermaids, Private Maids, etc.) are always open information. A
player’s Discard Pile is not, however; only the top card should be visible.
• Then count all VP from your Reminiscence cards.
The player with the most VP is the winner! In case of a tie, the player with the
most non-VP generating maids wins. If it’s still a tie, the player who likes Tanto
Cuore the most is the winner.
●11-4: FAQ
The FAQ can be found on the Tanto Cuore website:
The winner is crowned the “Perfect Master"!
■11.Optional Rules
Here are some optional rules we suggest:
●11-1: Two-Player Game
For a speedier game when playing just 2 players, remove 3 cards from each
stack of General Maids and Maid Chiefs, and also remove all duplicates from
the Reminiscence cards before creating the stack.
■12.Card Details
●12-1:Maid Chiefs
Sophia Marfil (Qty: 8)
Clorinde Sea (Qty: 8)
【Draw +1】
【Serving +2】
If you have 7 or more Maid Chiefs and/or
Details: The representative maid for this set. Sophia
VP instead of 2 VP.
grants 5 VP at the end of the game.
Chambermaid Chiefs, Clorinde Sea is worth 0
Details: At the end of the game, if you have 7 or more
Maid Chiefs and/or Chambermaid Chiefs total
among your deck, Private Quarters, and Discard
Pile, Clorinde grants 0 VP.
Beatrice Escudo (Qty: 24)
Chambermaid ⇒【Serving -2】
Lydia Leon (Qty: 10)
【Serving +1】
Reveal the top 5 cards of your deck. Choose one
Details: Beatrice must be chambermaided to grant
of those cards. Put the chosen card into your
any VP. When chambermaided, she grants 2 VP.
hand and the rest in your Discard Pile.
Details: If your deck has fewer than 5 cards, reveal
as many as possible, then shuffle your Discard Pile
to form a new deck and reveal until you reach 5 cards
total. If your deck and Discard Pile have fewer than 5
cards total, simply reveal as many cards as possible.
●12-2:General Maids
Fryda Viento (Qty: 8)
【Draw +2】
【Love +2】
【Employment +2】
Florence Spring (Qty: 10)
【Love +2】
If you have 7 or more Chambermaids or
Chambermaid Chiefs in your Private Quarters,
Florence grants an additional 5 VP.
Laura (Qty: 8)
【Draw +2】
Yo u m a y c h a m b e r m a i d a n y n u m b e r o f
Chambermaids or Chambermaid Chiefs from
your hand for free.
Details: Draw two cards. Then you may chambermaid
Cynthia Lakes (Qty: 10)
【Draw +4】
Each other player draws a card.
Details: The active player first draws 4 cards, then all
other players draw 1 card each.
any number of Chambermaids or Chambermaid
Chiefs for free if you wish.
Caldina Alley (Qty: 10)
【Draw +2】
Each other player with 5 or more cards in their
hand chooses one card from their hand and puts
it on the bottom of their deck.
Romina Vautrin (Qty: 10)
【Draw +2】
【Love +2】
Your Serving Phase ends immediately.
Details: The player cannot gain any Reminiscence
cards after playing Romina, as she forces the Serving
Phase to an end.
Riya Naragashi (Qty: 10)
【Draw +2】
You may return this card to the town. If you
do, your Serving Phase and Employ Phase end
immediately and the number of cards you draw
Daphne Coraille (Qty: 10)
【Serving +1】
Put one "2 Love" card from the Town on top of
your deck.
in the Discard Phase is increased by 5.
Details: Draw 2 cards, and then choose whether
to activate Riya's ability. If you do, return Riya to the
Town and go straight to your Discard Phase. You
lose all Servings and skip your Employ Phase. Riya's
Margareta Torrente (Qty: 10)
ability and the Reminiscence card "Fireworks"
Chinatsu Kooriyama (Qty: 10)
You may return 2 maid cards in your hand to the
Town. If you do, take one maid card from the
town with an employ cost 7 or less and add it to
【Draw +1】
【Love +1】
【Serving +1】
If you have employed 3 or more Margareta,
they are worth -1 VP.
your hand.
Details: If you have two Margareta, there is no
Details: The cards in question may be General Maids
If you have five, the penalty is -5 VP, and so on.
penalty. If you have three, the penalty is -3 VP (-1 each).
or Maid Chiefs. However, they may not be Private
Maids, as they are never in your hand.
Fea Primrose (Qty: 10)
【Serving +2】
【Employment +1】
Germaine Mahle (Qty: 10)
【Draw +2】
You may put a Chambermaid Chief with an
employ cost 3 or less from the Town into your
Discard Pile. If you do, draw a card.
Details: First, draw 2 cards. Then choose whether to
activate Germaine's ability.
Evita Catala (Qty: 10)
【Love +1】
【Serving +1】
Put the top card of any player's deck into their
Discard Pile. If the discarded card was "Love"
card, you gain extra【Serving +1】.
Underwater Cave Discovery (Qty: 1)
─── Requirement ───
4 General Maid cards, each with an employ
cost 5 or more.
Details: You may choose your own deck, or another
player's, but you cannot choose a stack in the Town.
Valencia Pretre (Qty: 10)
【Love +2】
During your Starting Phase, you may put your
chambermaided Valencia into your Discard
Trek Into the Ancient Ruins (Qty: 1)
─── Requirement ───
2 General Maid cards, each with an employ cost
5 or more.
Pile. If you do, draw two cards.
Details: If you have t wo or more Valencia as
chambermaids, you may activate one or several,
drawing 2 cards per Valencia put into your Discard
Fireworks (Qty: 1)
Hyacinth Arrow (Qty: 10)
1 card with an employ cost 7.
【Love +1】
If you have 2 or more Reminiscence cards
in your Private Quarters, Hyacinth is worth
additional 2 VP.
Details: Each Hyacinth is worth 2 VP if you have 2 or
more Reminiscence cards at the end of the game.
For example, if you have 4 Hyacinth and 2 or more
Reminiscence cards you would gain 8 VP.
Nonnette Soyeux (Qty: 10)
【Draw +2】
【Employment +1】
You may put a card from your hand on top of
your deck.
Details: First, draw 2 cards. Then choose whether to
─── Requirement ───
1 card with an employ cost 5.
1 card with an employ cost 4.
──── Effect ────
The number of card you draw at the Discard
Phase is increased by 5.
Details: The discarded cards may be Love cards.
When you acquire Fireworks, you will draw 10 cards
at the end of your Discard Phase this turn. If you also
used Riya's ability this turn, you will draw 15 cards.
Archipelago Tour (Qty: 1)
─── Requirement ───
4 Maid Chief cards.
──── Effect ────
Take an extra turn after this turn.
activate Nonnette's ability.
Campfire (Qty: 1)
River Canoeing (Qty: 2)
─── Requirement ───
Maid cards with a total employ cost of 24 or
─── Requirement ───
5 Love cards.
──── Effect ────
The game immediately ends.
──── Effect ────
Put 1 Maid Card from the town into your
Discard Pile.
Details: The five Love cards may be any combination
of "1 Love," "2 Love," or "3 Love," but must be five
different cards, not a total of 5 Love. Any maid card
Astronomic Observation (Qty: 2)
may be chosen, including Maid Chiefs.
─── Requirement ───
Maid cards with a total employ cost 15 or more.
──── Effect ────
Gain【Love +8】
【Employment +1】
Picnic (Qty: 2)
─── Requirement ───
Maid cards with a total employ cost of 10 or
Details: The discarded cards may be General Maids
or Maid Chiefs.
──── Effect ────
Put 3 "2 Love" cards from the town into your
Discard Pile.
Hidden Hot Spring (Qty: 2)
─── Requirement ───
2 cards with an employ cost 4
Details: The discarded cards may be General Maids
or Maid Chiefs. If there are fewer than 3 "2 Love"
cards in the Town, take as many as possible.
1 card with an employ cost 3
──── Effect ────
Put 2 "3 Love" cards from the town into your
discard pile.
●12-4:Love Cards
Details: The discarded cards may be Love cards. If
there are fewer than 2 ”3 Love” cards in the Town,
take as many as possible.
Scary Night (Qty: 3)
─── Requirement ───
1 card with an employ cost 3
1 card with an employ cost 2
1 Love(Qty: 36)
2 Love (Qty: 12)
3 Love (Qty: 8)
──── Effect ────
Every other player discards down to 3 cards in
their hand.
■12.Special Thanks
Ludek Rajecky
Stephanie Wong
Aaron Wong
Dominic Ferrer
Manary Corte
Stephen Lam
Ahmed Bakir
Dongnghi Nguyen
Mark Tran
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Cover Illustration
Card Illustrations
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Game Design
Masayuki Kudoh
Naoki Kubouchi
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Jun-ichi Itoh
Yosito Huruya
Art Direction
Kazuna Shizukuishi
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