Philips SC6890/01 Datasheet

Philips SC6890/01 Datasheet
Philips VisaCare
Replacement Tip
Sensitive Skin
Replacement Tip for
Sensitive Skin
For use only with Philips VisaCare microdermabrasion: used in the comfort of your home,
the combined exfoliation and vacuum massage gently stimulate your skin’s natural
renewal processes and reduce the first signs of aging.
Easy to replace exfoliating tip
• Designed for Sensitive skin and Dry skin
Exfoliation tip Sensitive
• Microdermabrasion tip for mild treatment
• Replace every 6 months
Replacement Tip
Sensitive Skin
• Type of skin: For sensitive skin
Ease of use
• Compatible with: Philips SC6220, Philips SC6240
• Recommended replacement: Every 6 months
• Replacement: Easy click-on tip
Easy fit
Easy to fit and compatible with Philips SC6220 and
Microdermabrasion tip
• Cleaning: Wash under fresh water
Recommended to use for women with sensitive skin
or in periods when the skin is more sensitive due to
seasonal or hormonal chnages, or skin, new to
microdermabrasion treatments. Developed with
dermatologists, safe for home use. When using a
new tip, always start again with a limited number of
passes; allowing your skin to get used to iets more
intense treatment.*
Replace every 6 months
For optimal results, it is recommended te replace the
microdermabrasion tip every six months.
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