Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
1. Introduction ................................................... 1
1.1 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ................................. 2
Sentry HD Dash Cam Features ......................... 4
What’s in The Standard Box ............................ 6
Product Overview ........................................... 7
Controls and Connection ................................. 8
Installation ..................................................... 9
6.1 Front Camera Quick Setup ............................ 9
6.2 Rear Camera Setup (Optional) .................... 11
7. Screen Configuration .................................... 13
7.1 Sentry Only (Novatek chip) ....................... 13
7.2 Sentry with Rear Camera (JL chip) .............. 15
8. Basic Operation ............................................ 17
Powering ON/OFF the Device ..................... 17
The Micro SD Memory Card........................ 17
Charging the Device .................................... 17
Navigating Menus ....................................... 18
Record Setup .............................................. 18
System Setup .............................................. 21
Playback, Delete Files ................................. 23
9. Specifications ............................................... 25
10. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) ................ 26
11. Warranty & Support...................................... 31
1. Introduction
Thank you for choosing Ampulla. You’ve made a smart
To maintain user safety and avoid damage to property,
choice by purchasing a Sentry HD Dash Cam. It provides
please read through this manual so as to use the product
peace of mind by continuously recording the road ahead
in the correct way. Please follow the directions bellow:
of you in beautiful 1080P Full HD video. With cutting edge
industry-leading focus on user experience, Sentry HD
Dash Cams are the best solution to Record Your Ride.
- Do not disassemble, repair, or modify the product
- If any foreign matter gets inside the product, detach the
power cord straightaway. Contact the seller’s customer
support for repair replacement.
- Do not operate the product while driving. Stop or park
This user manual contains information on how to
your car in a safe place to operate it.
operate your Ampulla Sentry dash properly. Before
- Do not install the product where it can interfere with the
using the product, please read through this manual
driver’s vision.
carefully. Please also keep the manual properly for
- Do not use a damaged or modified car charger. Use the
future reference.
car charger provided by the manufacturer.
- Do not use a damaged or modified car power cord. Use
the cords provided by the manufacturer.
- Do not operate the product with wet hands.
- Do not install it in an environment with high humidity, or
combustible gases or liquids.
- Do not expose it in the hot sun for a long time. The
product has overheat protection, when it is too hot, it will
stop working. Restart it when it cools down.
- Use a genuine micro SD card of class 10 and above 8
2. Sentry HD Dash Cam Features
GB. It supports a micro SD card of capacity up to 32 GB.
1080P Full HD - All Sentry HD Dash Cams record the
- Format the card before using. Do not remove the micro
road ahead in 1080P Full HD featuring excellent image
SD card while it is saving or reading data.
quality, night vision performance, and advanced dynamic
- Do not leave the product where infants, children, or
pets can reach it.
3.0” LCD Screen - Large LCD Display with video
- While cleaning the inside of the car, do not spray water
playback directly on the device.
or wax directly onto the product.
170° Viewing Angle - Ultra wide-angle view gives you a
- If smoke or an unusual smell is emitted from the power
full view of the road while at the same time minimizing
cord, detach it immediately. Contact the seller’s customer
edge distortion.
support for repair or replacement.
Continuous Loop Recording - Footage is stored in 2, 3,
- Keep the terminal of the power cord clean.
or 5 minute clips. When the memory card gets filled up,
- Use the correct input voltage.
the camera automatically deletes the oldest video
- Connect the power cord firmly so that it cannot easily
segments to make room for new ones.
be disconnected.
Emergency Lock - Automatic or Manual - If you don’t
- Do not cover the product with any material.
want a clip to be overwritten, simply click the Emergency
- Clean the lens regularly.
Lock button and the current clip will be protected. Clips
are automatically protected if an impact is detected.
accelerations, stops, and collisions and automatically
protects footage surrounding the incident.
Parking Mode - While in Parking Mode, Sentry HD
3. What’s in the Standard Box
cameras will only record video when motion is detected.
This feature is helpful for vehicles that have an always-on
accessory port or units that are hardwired to power.
Wide Dynamic Range - Optimized to automatically
maximize video clarity in daylight or nighttime conditions
Simple Installation - Mount the unit on the windshield,
apply power, and leave it there. Sentry HD cameras will
Sentry Dash Cam
Suction Windshield Mount
USB cable
Dash Cam Adaptor for Car
automatically start recording without the need for complex
Built-in Microphone & Speaker - Records and plays
audio along with video. The microphone can easily be
toggled off if you prefer not to record audio.
Auto-Record and Auto-Power Off - As soon as power is
applied, the dash cam turns on and starts recording.
When power is removed the dash cam will continue
recording for 5 seconds and then automatically shut
Built-in Lithium Ion Battery - Continues recording for up
to 1-2 clips if power connection is cut off.
User Manual
Rear Camera with Cable &
Adhesive Sticker (optional)
4. Product Overview
5. Controls and Connection
No. Name
Confirms the setup; Start/Stop
recording or playing video.
Switch between video mode,
photo mode & playback mode.
Manually lock the current video
encountering beautiful shot
Mode switch
SD Card Port Location for the memory card
Power ON/OFF
Upward selection, view mode
switch (with rear camera only)
Enter/exit setup menu/delete
the video clip (Playback Mode)
8 Down
ON/OFF while recording
USB port for charging or data
9 Mini USB Port
Location for rear
connection or HDMI cable.
11 Reset
Press to reset the device
12 Microphone
Records audio along with video
6. Installation
6.1 Front Camera Quick Setup
Insert Memory Card
To install the Suction Cup
Windshield Mount, peel the
Insert the class 10 Micro SD card in the correct direction
plastic film off of the suction
as shown following. Make sure you are facing the camera
cup if there is one. Unlock the
screen and the side of memory card with metal, and push
buckle on the side of the
the card until you hear a click sound.
locking lever before apply it on
glass. Press the suction cup
FIRMLY onto the windshield.
Flip the locking lever to secure
the suction cup in place. The suction cup can be moved
freely by disengaging and re-engaging the locking lever.
Tighten the thumbwheel nut against the Suction Cup
Mount once it is correctly positioned.
Plug one end of the supplied 12V Vehicle Power Adapter
into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, and the other end into
Sentry HD Dash Cams are designed to be set and
the Mini USB port. The unit will automatically turn on and
merged with environment. After initial setup, the unit will
start recording. To manually turn on the device, PRESS
turn on and start recording as soon as power is applied.
AND HOLD the POWER button until the display activates.
- 10 -
6.2 Rear Camera Setup (Optional)
Organize and tuck cables to make sure that the driver’s
view is not obstructed. In most vehicles the power cable
Mount & Wires Routing
The installation location is actually quite flexible. However,
there are some highly recommended locations with
different angles of visions.
can be tucked into the headliner and cleanly hide the AV
cable along the top wall all the way to the rear of the
vehicle (A2&A3). The cable may be hidden under the
vehicle, but professional installation is recommended for
this route (A1). Once the location is selected, you can use
the sticker (included) or screws (not included) to fix the
rear camera.
Plug the Cable into the AV
Port on the Front Cam, the
power will be connected. The
Sentry dash cam utilizes an
A1: Traditional rear camera location, limited vision (upper)
and professional assistance required
A2: Flat mount Location, limited vision (lower) and very
easy to install,
A3: The best location of vision from height, very easy to
install (Highly Recommend)
- 11 -
Extender AV Cable to offer
maximum flexibility and clean
installation. You can always
press UP button to switch the view mode of front and rear
- 12 -
7. Screen Configuration
Night Vision This icon indicates the camera
has entered night mode.
7.1 Sentry Only (Novatek chip)
Video Time
Current video time
Current video resolution
This icon indicates the Motion
Detection has been turned on.
This icon indicates the Micro SD
card has been inserted.
It shows the status of the
battery. Flashing icon is normal.
The date watermark will be on
11 Date & Time
the video.
Red light while charging. No
light while the battery is full.
Light on while working. Flash
while recording
Loop Record The number is the length of
each video chip (in minutes)
The number is the exposure
15 Exposure
No. Name
Video Mode,
Photo Mode,
Playback Mode
This icon indicates the camera
is currently recording.
This icon indicates the G-sensor
has been turned on.
Lock This icon indicates the current
video is locked.
- 13 -
16 WDR
WDR is on while icon shows up.
17 Microphone
It indicates the Microphone has
been turned on.
- 14 -
7.2 Sentry with Rear Camera (JL chip)
No. Name
SD card
Video Mode,
Photo Mode,
Playback Mode
This icon indicates the Motion
Detection has been turned on.
This icon indicates the Motion
Detection has been turned on.
This icon indicates if the
current video is locked or not.
This icon indicates the Micro SD
card has been inserted.
This icon indicates the
Microphone has been turned
It shows the status of the
Current Time Time in HH/MM format.
Date & Time
- 15 -
The date watermark will be on
the video.
Red light while charging. No
light while the battery is full.
Light on while working. Flash
while recording.
- 16 -
long-term recording.
8.4 Navigating Menus
8. Basic Operation
Powering ON/OFF the Device
The device will power ON/OFF automatically with the car
when engine starts/stops, and it can also be turned on by
PRESSING AND HOLDING the On/Off button until the
splash screen is displayed.
8.2 The Micro SD Memory Card
The device needs to operate with a Class10 micro SD
memory card. Make sure the card is placed into the slot in
the right position and press it further into the slot until it
completely locked in the place. To remove the SD card,
MENU to enter settings, press ‘UP’ or ‘DOWN’
buttons to find the setting you want to select or change
and then press
OK button to select or confirm your
changes. Pressing MENU at any time will exit the menu
without saving changes.
8.5 Record Setup
8.5.1 Setting Video Resolution
The default setting is 1920x1080P/30fps (fps: Frames per
second). Choose the resolution of video recording:
1920x1080P/30fps (FHD), 1920x1080P/30fps (HD).
press firmly on the SD card further into the slot. There will
8.5.2 Setting Loop Recording
be a click and the SD card will pop out on release.
You can choose the setting to 1mins, 2 mins, 3 mins or 5
8.3 Charging the Device
mins. The default setting is usually 3 mins, which means
You can charge the device with the included car charger
or with the most of USB ports.
The built-in battery is only intended to maintain device’s
operation after power been accidently cut off due to an
accident or crash. Note that, this battery is not for
- 17 -
every video clip will be last for 3 minutes.
Once the memory card is full, the camera will
continuously overwrite the oldest video clip recorded. To
protect a clip so that it will not be overwritten, press the
Emergency Lock button. And the emergency record
- 18 -
icon “Lock” will be shown on the screen.
G-sensor and/or motion detection. Any significant shaking
8.5.3 G-Sensor
force on car body or movement in the sight of the front
The default setting is Medium sensitivity. You can also
camera will trigger parking monitor and start recording.
adjust it into High, Medium, Low or OFF in the menu
The built-in battery can support and capture 4-6 video
settings. It can detect any significant shaking forces on
clips for emergency. If you want to support long time work,
the whole car body, no matter they are from front side or
you’d better use an external continuous power supply.
back side. If any shaking or collision occurs while
8.5.6 WDR (White Balance)
recording, the camera will automatically lock up the
The default setting is ON. Wide Dynamic Range provides
current video clip. And an icon will appear on the top of
clear images and greater scene details from shadows to
the screen (Position 4 in Page 13 &15)
highlights than normal, even under backlighting, where
8.5.4 Motion Detection (Move Detect)
the intensity of illumination varies a lot.
The default setting is OFF. The Parking Mode can be
8.5.7 Exposure Level
triggered by motion detector, which is used to detect the
The default setting is 0. The brightness and contrast can
movement in front of the camera. While it detects no
be adjusted by changing the exposure from +3 to -3.
movement in front, the camera will stop recording.
8.5.8 Emergency Recording
Note: The motion detection only works when the camera
is powered on (Auto OFF still considered as ON).
Emergency Record Button (facing the screen, the third
8.5.5 Parking Monitor
top on the right side) is pressed or when the G-Sensor
The "Parking Monitor" can be turned in settings to record
registers an impact. Emergency Recordings create locked
any significant motion or vehicle movement when your car
files that are not overwritten by Continuous Loop
is turned off. The packing monitor has to work with
Recording. Files can also be locked from the playback
- 19 -
- 20 -
menu in Video Playback Mode.
For Sentry with Rear Camera (JL chip)
8.6 System Setup
1. Press
8.6.1 Language
The default setting is English. If the system is not in your
language, please find the icon
in settings to
change the language. There are also other language
available, including French, Italian, German, Spanish,
(Simplified), Russian, Japanese and etc.
If you want to change the system time and date, please
go and find the option named “Date” or “Date/Time” in
8.6.3 Time Watermark (Date Stamp)
The default setting is NO stamp or watermark. If you want
“Time watermark” or “Date stamp” in settings and turn it.
8.6.4 Screen Saver
The default setting is OFF.
For Sentry Only (Novatek chip)
1. Press
MENU button twice to enter the second page
of settings;
2. Select “Date/Time” and press
OK button to enter;
3. Press UP or DOWN to change the date and time, and
4. Press
2. Select “Date” and press
OK button to enter;
3. Press UP or DOWN to change the date and time, and
MODE SWITCH button (under OK) move to
next time unit;
4. Press
OK button (Not MENU) to save and exit.
to stamp on the video, please go to the option named
8.6.2 Time & Date
MENU button to enter the settings page;
OK to move to next time unit;
For Sentry Only (Novatek chip)
You can enter “Screen Saver” in the second page of
settings to change it to 3 mins, 5 mins, 10 mins or OFF.
For Sentry with Rear Camera (JL chip)
You can go to settings and enter “Screen Timeout” to
change it to 10s, 20s, 30s or OFF.
MENU button to save and exit.
- 21 -
- 22 -
8.6.5 Formatting
MODE SWITCH – Go back to clip selection (while
Formatting the Micro SD card will delete all data in it,
video playing), Switch back to record mode.
which is a routine way to empty a full memory card.
8.7.2 Delete a file
However, we still strongly recommend you format the
Choose an unlocked video/image and press
memory card in your computer for a stable and clean
button to delete it.
dash cam system.
8.7.3 Reset to Default Setting
8.7 Playback, Delete Files
“Default setting” or “Factory Reset” option can reset the
8.7.1 Video/Image Playback
Sentry to factory default settings. However, we still
Choose a video/image and press
OK button to
strongly recommend you reset the dash cam by pressing
playback and view on the dash cam.
the RESET button at bottom for a stable and clean dash
For Sentry Only (Novatek chip)
cam system.
OK – Play/Pause the video;
UP – Previous clip, Rewind (while video playing);
8.7.4 Firmware Information
Displays the device firmware version.
DOWN – Next clip, fast forward (while video playing);
MODE SWITCH – Switch back to record mode.
For Sentry with Rear Camera (JL chip)
OK – Play/Pause the video;
UP – Previous clip, Rewind (while video playing);
DOWN – Next clip, fast forward (while video playing);
- 23 -
- 24 -
9. Specifications
10. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Sentry Front Camera
3 inch TFT LCD
170 degree wide viewing angle and
full 4 layer glass lens with wide
aperture of F2.0
English, Chinese(Traditional),
Simplified Chinese(Simplified),
Russian, Japanese, French, Italian,
German, Spanish, Korean
H.264 compressed AVI format;
1920x1080P/30fps, 1280x720/30fps,
Microphone and speaker equipped
USB Port
USB 2.0, mini
Memorizer Support 32GB max, Class 10 Micro SD
Electronic shutter
PC System Support Windows XP/Vista/7/10 ,Mac
10.1 For ALL Sentry Dash Cam
Rear Camera (optional)
160 degree wide viewing angle and
multi-layer glass lens
H.264 compressed AVI format;
IP67 level waterproof, dustproof &
snow proof.
- 25 -
Q: What is the purpose of the tiny blue tag on the
A: The blue tag is actually the puller of removing the
screen protector from manufacturer.
Q: Does "loop recording" overwrite the last loop, or
does it just break it into segments?
A: The loop recording feature will overwrite the earliest
unlocked footage, but not break it into segments.
Q: How do I set up loop recording or normal
recording till card is not full? What are the benefits
or disadvantage of keeping motion detection on?
A: You can go to the settings page to activate the loop
recording function anytime. However, the default
setting is "ON" for loop recording function. Motion
detection will automatically pause recording while the
view is at rest (e.g. stopping at red light), so it can save
some memory card space by this function. However,
the disadvantage will be that the video may be cut into
many short ones, which may not be so convenient to
find the specific footage you want.
- 26 -
Q: The dash cam shows "card is full" and no more
A: I believe you have turned on the "G-sensor" function.
The G-sensor will detect concussion and lock the
corresponding video clip. A heavy door shut or driving
on a bumpy road may active the G-sensor, so the loop
recording function will not overwrite this locked footage.
Time by time, the memory card will get full even with
loop recording turned on. If you want to avoid this
situation, you can change the sensitivity level of
G-sensor in the settings or just turn off the "G-sensor"
high speed transmission of 1080P, a class 10 high
speed SD card is required and maximum card capacity
is up to 32GB. The larger card size will significantly
reduce the transmission speed and stability for the
dash cam, which is similar to computer hard disk.
Q: How can I save/lock a video manually?
A: You the press the
Emergency Lock button (facing
the screen, the third top on your right) to manually lock
the current video any time you want.
Q: What is max capacity of micro SD card that the
camera will accept?
A: The Sentry dash camera actually supports SD card up
to 32GB, but not 64GB. In order to ensure a stable
Q: It makes a rattling noise when operating, is this
item is defected?
A: Firstly we strongly recommend you stop using this SD
card in a computer until it is re-formatted. This issue is
usually caused by a failure of formatting the SD card.
To format the SD card will resolve this issue.
Q: The SD card was deleted in Mac OS X system, but
the dash cam still shows card full. Why is that?
A: When you use a MAC, you have to "empty the trash"
after you format the SD card. If you are using Disk
Utility to format the SD card in Mac as FAT32, please
use Master Boot Record instead of GUID Partition
- 27 -
- 28 -
Q: How do you make the camera record when the car
turns on and not stop until the car turns off? It
seems to go into standby if it doesn't sense
A: You just need to turn off the motion detection feature to
keep the dash camera recording when the car turns
10.2 For Sentry with Rear Camera
Does this product require a professional
installation or can I install it myself?
A: A professional installation is recommended but not
necessary, and it is actually not a very complicated
work. You can refer to Session 7.2 for more details.
Q: How is the rear camera connected to the main, and
does the main record both front and back
A: There is a built-in AV cable with the rear camera, which
is the connection cable to the main dash camera. And
yes, both of front and rear cameras can record
simultaneously, and their corresponding footages will
be stored separately in two individual folders in the SD
Just plug in the cable in the front cam, and it will work
Q: How do you switch to the rear camera?
A: In the default setting, the images from both the front
and rear cameras will be displayed on the screen. And
you always can click the UP button to switch the view
Q: Is the cord long enough for the Sentry with the rear
camera? How would you connect rear camera on
the inside?
A: The connection cord to the rear camera is
approximately 18ft long, which will fit the most of the
vehicles. There is a built-in AV cable with the rear cam.
- 29 -
- 30 -
11. Warranty & Support
The Ampulla Sentry Dash Cam comes with 12 months
Ampulla official site is If you
have any question on your product, please do not hesitate
to contact us Via Amazon or drop us an email at
[email protected] Any contact will be
answered within 24 hours.
If you are satisfied with your product, we encourage you
to spread your words to the world through any social
media, blog, community online, and Amazon product
Any thoughts?
Got any thoughts on the product? We are always working
at our best to deliver better products & customer service.
If you have any thoughts on improving the product or
service, please feel free to share with us (via Amazon
message or [email protected]). We are very
excited to hear and got inspired from you!
- 31 -
- 32 -
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