new product information sheet

new product information sheet
CPM 2650 Integrated Amplifier
Product Description
The Chord CPM 2650 integrated amplifier is designed around the latest versions of the highly
successful CPA2500 and SPM650 Pre and Power amplifier combinations. It has all the flexibility of its
bigger brother, the CPM 3350. Line level source selection for up to six input signals can be achieved
using the supplied remote handset or via the front panel controls. Two tape loops allow you to record
one source whilst also listening to another. A separate switchable preamplifier output is available for
The power amplifier based on Chords tried and tested technology of ultra high frequency low ESR
power supply has the ability to store a great deal more energy, and far more efficiently than
conventional designs. This gives the amp enormous reserves of instantly delivered, precisely controlled
power which is more than capable of controlling even the most demanding loudspeakers.
With the ability to select the pre outs and speaker outputs together or individually the flexibility of the
unit allows it to be used as a pre-amp, on its own or with another power amp for bi-amping.
Integra Legs shown are optional
Product Specification
Pre-Amp Section
Unbalanced Inputs:
Balanced Inputs:
Intermodulation Distortion:
Signal to Noise Ratio:
Frequency Range:
Harmonic Distortion:
Channel Separation:
Channel Balance:
Input impedance:
Pre-amp Output impedance:
Output Offset:
Video, Radio, Tape1 and Tape2
Disc 1, Disc 2 are 3-pin female XLR inputs both with RCA Phono style input sockets wired
asymmetrically in parallel
2 x RCA Phono style, gold-plated with Teflon dielectric insulation
-100dB all inputs
-93dB all inputs
2.5Hz – 200kHz (-3dB)
10 Hz –91dB, 1kHz –93dB, 10kHz –90dB, 20kHz –87dB
10 Hz 90dB, 1kHz 90dB, 10kHz 90dB, 20kHz 85dB
Unbalanced 47kOhms, Balanced 94kOhms (Disc 1 & Disc 2)
0mV both channels
Power Amp Section
Output Power:
Signal To Noise Ratio:
Channel Separation:
Output Impedance:
Output Inductance:
Output Connections:
Slew rate:
120W rms per channel @ 0.05% distortion into 8 Ohms
170W rms per channel into 4 Ohms
180W rms per channel into 8 Ohms
220W rms per channel into 4 Ohms
-1dB, 0.8Hz to 46kHz (8 Ohms)
-3dB, 0.8Hz to 77kHz (8 Ohms)
-1dB, 0.8Hz to 39kHz (4 Ohms)
-3dB, 0.8Hz to 75kHz (4 Ohms)
Better than –103dB, ‘A’ weighted two thirds
0.03 Ohms
2 x gold plated WBT connections
70V per S, 1kHz 20V square wave
420mm (w) x 355mm (d) x 133mm (h)
Dynamic Headroom:
Frequency Response:
Chord Electronics Limited
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