Naturela Smart Home System Web based monitoring and control

Naturela Smart Home System Web based monitoring and control
Naturela Smart Home System
Web based monitoring and control system
Naturela Smart Home is designed for remote monitoring and control through the Internet. It is
compatible with the latest generation smart electronic controllers produced by Naturela Ltd. The
system works with internet data transfer, thanks to which it makes no difference whether you are
next to the device or not. All that is required is that both devices have an Internet connection. In
order to connect your devices with the system, their controllers need to be equipped and working
with the NRM-W3 WiFi module.
Main advantages of Naturela Smart Home system:
• Records and displays all important values, measured by the controller, thus provides realtime information about the appliance's state and status.
• Allows remote access and configuration of all important variables and parameters that play a
role in making sure that your device is working as intended.
• Option to export back-up files with optimal settings for the appliance. In case of a software
reset or controller replacement, all settings can be recovered by uploading the back-up file.
• Provides an option to grant access to the appliances' settings to other user profiles, such as
other family members or a qualified technical support team, that for example can make sure
your device is working on an optimal and economical level.
• Records and displays statistical data about the performance of your appliances
• Displays registered events from the self-diagnostics system.
• Provides a remote software update.
This option is not automatic. It is performed by Naturela Ltd specialists after recommending
it to you and with a given consent!
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 1
Connecting the WiFi module NRM-W3 to your home network
The WiFi module must be connected to the local Internet network in order to communicate with the
monitoring system.
The connection is possible only if the local Internet network's outgoing port 32006 is enabled for
TCP packets.
The setup procedure requires that you know the network's SSID (name), password, and security
type, as well as a device with a WiFi modem, such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or a desktop
computer with a WiFi modem.
Turn on the power supply to the controller equipped with NRM-W3 and go to the menu option New
WiFi network for the pellet burner controllers, or Reinstall WiFi network for the water heater
Upon pressing the down navigation button on the Control module, the WiFi module creates a new
access point. The new network's name appears on the screen. In this case it is Nat-AP-037.
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 2
The instructions below explain how to connect NRM-W3 to the local WiFi network using an
Android device:
Turn off your device's data connection (to make sure the device’s browser is only using WiFi) and
turn on the WiFi connection. Go to the device's WiFi network settings and connect to the network
Nat-AP-xxx. This network does not require a password:
After successfully connecting your phone to the created network from the WiFi module (NRMW3), you can proceed to connect the module with your home network either by using one of the
browsers on your Android devide or Windows PC, or by using the SmartHome Mobile application,
which is also available for iPhone devices.
If you are using a browser to establish the connection of the modem, in the address bar of your
browser, you can type the URL You should see a web page like the one below:
Enter your home
network's name
Enter your home
network's password
Scanned networks field
Select the correct security
type. If the WiFi network
is password protected,
it usually is
WPA & WPA2 Personal
Scanned networks field:
This provides a drop-down list with all nearby networks detected by the WiFi module along with
their signal strength and allows you to connect to your home network.
If your network is on the list, when you select it, both the WiFi Network, and the Security fields
would be filled automatically, leaving you to enter only the correct password.
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 3
Network's name and
signal strength
NRM-W3 works best if the signal strength is higher than -70dBm. Even if a network with signal
strength of -80dBm is detected by the module, it is not recommended to be used, since the
connection would be unstable. In case the network is not detected by the WiFi modem or the signal
strength is lower than -70dBm, check your home Internet connection and if necessary, decrease the
distance between the router and the controller.
If your network is not on the list and cannot be found by the modem, it's either hidden or its signal
is too weak.
In case the network is hidden, all the information must be filled in manually: WiFi Network,
Password, and Security type.
After setting the parameters, click/tap the button GO!. You will see the following confirmation
To confirm the connecting procedure, press OK. After a few seconds, the device (smart
phone/tablet/laptop) will be disconnected from the WiFi modem's network, because the modem
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 4
shuts it down and the controller can then connect to the previously selected Internet network, ready
to send and receive packets to and from the server.
For the initial setup procedure of the WiFI module to your home network, you could also use the
Smart Home Mobile application. You can download it from Google Play or from the App Store by
using the QR codes provided below, or by clicking the picture of store logo you need (link is
embedded into the picture of the logo).
After downloading and installing the application, you have to turn on the WiFi module of the
device, in order for it to boot into Access Point mode (procedure described on page 2). After that
you can connect your phone to the module’s network (procedure described on page 3). The next
step would be to open the application by clicking on its icon, which is shown below:
When the application loads, you will notice that the interface is constructed of two pages, “Client”
and “Settings”. The “Client” page gives you access to the monitoring and control system (Naturela
Smart Home). This page will only work as intended if you phone has Internet access.
In order to connect your phone to the WiFi module (for example of NRM-W3) you would have to
use the second page, which is “Settings”.
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 5
Under “Setup Internet Connection” you have to input the following parameters: the name of the
network (WiFi network), the password of the network, the Access code of the modem (last four
characters of the modem ID), and the network's security type.
If the WiFi module is
connected with the app,
its software version will
be shown here.
Tap here to view all
nearby networks found
by the WiFi module
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 6
If you do not wish to input the name and security type of your network, the field “Nearby
Networks” allows you to view the nearby scanned networks. From the provided list, you can choose
with which network to connect the WiFi module.
Keep in mind that only module NRM-W3 with a software version of 37 or above, is able to provide
information for nearby networks.
When you input the necessary information, you have to hit SEND, in order to send that information
to the WiFi module. After a successful connection has been made, in the field Device ID, you would
be able to see the full ID number of the WiFi module. You can copy this number in case you need to
add a new device through the information system.
Full ID of the WiFi module.
It is given as plain text,
which allows copying.
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 7
After connecting the modem to the Internet, your phone will be disconnected from the created
network and depending on your personal settings, it is going to connect to another network (Internet
access). After that, you can switch to the page “Client,” through which you can connect to the
information system of Naturela Smart Home. If this is your first time connecting to the system, you
would have to input your username and password in the given fields. The field “Remember me”
makes sure that the app stores your credentials and can automatically log you in the next time you
use the application, thus giving you access to the monitoring and control system.
Despite that the modem does not need to make constant connections through this application, since
it would remember all of your settings, you could use the app to connect to the Naturela Smart
Home through the page “Client.”
After successfully finishing the procedure of connecting he WiFi modem to your home network, it
will start to send and receive packers from the server. If you want to make sure that this is
happening, you can look at the information in the menu “WiFi connections.” There you can look if
the IP address matches the one of your home network (if you know your personal IP), if the WiFi
shows status “connected,” and if the values under “Snd/Rcv” show activity. These values should be
increasing steadily at approximately 1 unit per minute).
If the connection is not successfully established and you had experienced some problems, you could
retry the procedure by starting from turning the modem's Access Point mode ON.
The modem remembers all of your personal settings, which means that in the event of a power cut,
it would not require to be set up again. You would have to go through the above explained
procedure only if change the location of your WiFi module or if you change the router of your home
WiFi modules NRM-W3 accept only numbers, letters and/or underscore (_) in the network's
SSID and password fields. Other characters, such as space are not accepted.
If your network is encrypted using a WEP password, you will need to use the appropriate sixteen
digit number, representing each letter.
If you happen to provide an incorrect password, after that, there is a chance that you would have to
repeat the correct process twice in a roll, in order to connect to the router. Before each attempt you
would have to go trough the “New WiFi network” process again.
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 8
An ID finding of the WiFi module “NRM-W3”
A module is mounted in pellet burners NPBC-V3C. When you are in main screen, press the
right navigation button twice (“►“) and down navigation button (“▼”) once, to proceed to
the next screen:
Access Code
A module is installed in thermoregulators NHC- H52. When you are in main screen, press
the “Enter” button twice and down button (“▼”) once to proceed to the screen.
Access Code
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 9
Remote monitoring system user interface.
In order to make it more convenient, the user interface of the system is web based. Thanks to this,
you will have a secure access to your devices right from your smartphone, tablet, or personal
computer. For an optimal and an easy experience with the system, we recommend that you use one
of the two browsers: Google Chrome or Mozila Firefox
Naturela Smarthome remote monitoring system is accessible at the following address:
Each user needs to create an account in the system. In order to create the account, you would
require an e-mail address which is going to be used as the username, a password, and providing
your names.
The login page will look like the one below. When connecting to the system, you will need to input
the correct user name chosen and password. After that, click on the “Log in” button.
If you mark this check box,
the next time you log in
you would not have to
input the information again
If you do not have a registration in the system, you can create a new user profile by clicking on the
link “Register as new user” and filling all fields in the registration form:
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 10
Make sure to fill in your
correct email address. It will be
your user name in the system
and it will be used to restore your
password in case it is forgotten.
Mark field to confirm
that you are a person
and not a bot.
It is important that you use a real e-mail address because if you forget your password, using the email we can reset it for you.
Please make sure to check the “I’m not a robot” box. It is designed to keep away computer
programs from creating false accounts. The reCAPTCHA form may require you to answer
additional questions.
Restoring a forgotten password
To restore a forgotten password, click on the link “Forgot Password” located on the login page and
fill in the email address that you used when registering into the system The box should look like the
picture below:
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 11
After submitting your request, check your inbox for a password reset email. Click on the URL
provided in the email to be redirected to a page where you can enter a new password.
Please be advised that the new password URL is valid only for 24 hours after receiving it!
After logging in, you will be redirected to the home page. All appliances and devices that you have
registered and have an access to, will be displayed on thay home page. The email address and the
names used upon registration are on the top left corner of the screen, followed by the menu options:
My Devices and Manage Account.
Owner of the
specific device
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 12
Manage account options
Change names
When press Manage account, the next page will have two options. Press on Change Name to
change the profile information used upon registration. The screen will look like the picture below:
After making the desired changes, press Save to accept the changes or switch to any other menu to
abort them.
Change password
To change the password, press Manage account and then Change password. Make sure that you
know your old password, because it is required to fill it in before choosing the new one.
Press Save to accept the changes or switch to any other menu to abort them.
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 13
General information for the devices, that you have access to.
The “Home page” and the “My devices” pages displays all units that the current profile has access
to. The information for each device contains of the following information: name of the device,
sample picture of the appliance or the system, WiFi modem's ID, date and time of the last received
data from this appliance, time zone of where the appliance is, an option to grant access to others (if
your profile is the appliance owner) or to remove a device.
Enter or edit device
Device name (given
by user).
Click to enter
monitoring and
control interface
For the device
Sample picture of the
Click to enter
monitoring and control
interface for this device
Date and time of the
last received data
from this device
12 digit ID of the
WiFi modem
Click to edit
time zone of
the device
Grant another profile
access to the device
Indicator that another
user has access
to the device
Delete the device
from current profile
Adding a new device
To link a new device to the profile, click the sign "+" from “My Devices.” The systems will ask
you to enter the WiFi modem's 12-digit ID without intervals. (Check the appliance's user manual for
more information where to find the WiFi modem's ID.):
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 14
Click on the Add button and allow few minutes for the connection between the system and the
device to be established. The information about the controller and the device will be displayed once
the connection is made.
As soon as the device is linked, its name and time zone may be changed. The name that you will
give to the device is up to you. This option is designed for your convenience because you might
own multiple devices of this sort. It is important to select the correct time zone for the device, in
order for the automatic time setup to work properly.
Drop-down list of
time zones
Few minutes after the time zone is changed, the clock will be automatically set.
Keep in mind that if you enter a device it becomes yours. This means that you will be the only one
that can give access to others, or to remove it from the system. If a device is linked to your profile,
no one else can add it to their account.
We recommend that you do not wait too long to link your appliances to your account, because
someone else might make a mistake and accidentally input your device’s ID instead of theirs.
Adding a device to a profile can only happen after connecting that device to the Internet.
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 15
Grant device access to other people using the system.
On the "My Devices" page, there is an option for the owner to grant access to another user, for one
or several of the devices linked to that owner's profile. This option is recommended when more than
one family member needs access to the appliance's monitoring and control interface or when tech
support is required to set parameters or resolve an issue.
List of all users with
access to this device
Click to remove
user from the list
Enter new user's email
address to grant access
A profile that links a device becomes its owner. Only the device owner can grant another user
access or delete the device from the system. As long as a device is owned by a user profile, no other
profile can link it.
Monitoring and control interface
To access the monitoring and control interface, you can go to the “My devices” page and click on
the device name or on the sample picture. The interface of this page varies based upon the device’s
type, hardware, and software version.
Remove an appliance from the system
If you are no longer in possession of the appliance, it is recommended to remove it from your “My
devices” page, in order for the new owner to be able to link it to his or hers profile. To remove a
device, click the “Remove” button from the box of the device.
Naturela Smart Home –
User Manual
page 16
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