Philips HU4707/13 Datasheet

Philips HU4707/13 Datasheet
Air humidifier
Safe & clean
Desk Top
Healthy air always
With advanced evaporation system
Philips air humidifier fights dry air with maximum efficiency and hygiene. It has 99% less
bacterial spreading compared with ultrasonic humidifiers. No white dust* or wet desktop.
Healthy Air
• Hygienically safer, no white dust* and no wet desktop
• Auto shut down when humidifier runs out of water
• Evenly distributes humidified air around you
• Choose between silent and standard humidification
• Modern design gives you best-in-class cleanability
• Easy-to-fill water tank
Air humidifier
Safe & clean Desk Top
Design specifications
• Color(s): Grey
Technical specifications
Wattage: 14 W
Humidification capacity: 150 ml/h
Operation time: 8 hour(s)
Water tank capacity: 1.3 l
Noise level: 27 - 40 dB
Voltage: 220-240 V
Weight and dimensions
• Product weight: 1.36 kg
• F-box weight (incl. product): 1.72 kg
• Product dimensions (W x D x H): 162 x 198 x
308 mm
• F-box dimensions (W x D x H): 355 x 225 x
225 mm
Logistic data
Healthy air protect lock
When the water tank is empty and needs to be
refilled, the healthy air protect lock shuts off the
humidifier and a red indicator lights up telling you
that the humidifier has stopped.
• Country of Origin: China
• 12 NC (China): 883 4706 01710
• EAN F box (China): 69 2341073286 3
Dual humidification speed
Advanced evaporation system
• Humidification filter: Replace HU4136 every 3
Choose between silent and standard humidification
to allow maximum flexibility.
This Philips Air humidifier offers a three-stage
advanced evaporation system. Stage 1: the absorbent
filter on the humidifier catches big particles such as
human/pet hair and dust when drawing in the dry air.
Stage 2: the advanced evaporation technology
humidifies the air by adding water molecules to the
air and does not carry bacteria or scale. Stage 3:
healthy air gets blown out of the humidifier at a
constant speed, delivering comfortable, healthy air
humidification in your home.
Comfortable humidity
Evenly distributes humidified air around you. Lets
you breathe healthy humidified air at home and at
the office providing comfort for your skin.
Easy-to-clean design
Cleaning humidifiers inside and out – especially the
water tank – has never been easier.
Easy-to-fill water tank
2 ways of filling water tank: you can bring water in a
cup and fill the tank locally after removing the tank's
top cover or you can take the water tank to the
closest tap in your home.
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* There is no white scale carried out to pollute the air.
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