Solutions Playbook Leading IPTV
Solutions Playbook
Leading IPTV
Exterity is firmly established as the global leader in enterprise IPTV. Exterity systems are deployed globally by
some of the most recognized brands in the world, enabling the distribution of broadcast quality digital TV and
video over IP networks to an unlimited number of end points. With centralized management, configuration
and control, Exterity solutions support large volumes of content and devices without compromising system
performance or availability.
Organizations and corporate entities across the finance, education, hospitality, media, transport, energy and
healthcare sectors use Exterity to create enhanced IPTV experiences and develop revenue streams such as
targeted advertising or in-room on demand viewing.
System Integrators all over the world rely on the interoperability of Exterity solutions with specialized third party
applications such as hotel management systems, patient information services and Flight Information Display
Systems to provide revenue generating industry specific enterprise IPTV solutions.
TV and video channels can be delivered wherever there’s a network connection, to personal computers, standard
TVs, digital AV projectors, interactive whiteboards, digital signage or any other video display device. Channels,
end points and users can be added virtually without limit - an Exterity IPTV solution provides fine grained control
over what content is available, where it can be displayed, and who can see it.
Leading IPTV
Corporate & Finance
Real time and on-demand broadcast Companywide
Broadcast & Media
Monitor output and stay in tune
Maritime & Energy
Keep crew better connected to entertainment
and training
Venues & Stadia
Stay competitive on and off the field of play
Transport & Terminals
Video and digital
terminals and hubs
Hospitality & Leisure
Increase guest loyalty, satisfaction and resort
College & Campus
Build accessible video libraries of teaching
Health & Residential Care
Enhance patient, visitor and staff information
and entertainment experiences
Products & Solutions
Create, play and control content over IP with
Exterity products and solutions
Leading IPTV
Corporate & Finance
Live TV and on-demand companywide network video
Corporate & Finance
Corporate and Financial institutions around the world use Exterity IPTV solutions to distribute live and archived news, on
demand content, training materials or to relay companywide briefings and events to public screens and employee desktops
over their corporate network. Headquarter and satellite offices screen live international high profile televised events to any
networked end point, track breaking news on trading floor screens and stream world events straight to individual screens.
Preserve Internet bandwidth by delivering TV from a central point on your network, rather than as multiple streams across your Internet gateway
Deliver live and on-demand video to corporate desktops and public screens
Provide live news and information feeds to decision makers
Keep staff up to date and provide entertainment in common areas
Archive training materials and corporate updates for on-demand playback
Continuously record important TV output to excerpt news of interest to executives and staff for playback or on-demand viewing
Create corporate information channels using live or recorded material
Deliver information to visitors via integration with digital signage platforms
Control content access by user, group or location
Exterity systems deliver real time broadcast in HD without compromising quality
Broadcast Capture
HD Encoding
IPTV System Control
End Point Reception
AvediaStream TVgateway
AvediaStream Encoder
AvediaPlayer Receiver
Stream live TV over an IP
network. Descramble encrypted
content using in-built CAMs &
simultaneously stream SD & HD
Takes AV sources & makes
channels on the network.
Supports dual MPEG-2 to MPEG4/H.264 encoding.
AvediaServer IPTV management
content storage, playback and
Discreet, robust & reliable HD
ready STB. Customizable per
individual or group of receivers.
Leading IPTV
AvediaPlayer Receiver
Worldwide drinks group uses Exterity to deliver multimedia
and brand image around stylish new offices
SABMiller is one of the world’s largest brewers, with a brewing presence in over 40 countries across
four continents; a portfolio of strong brands and market leading shares in many of the countries in
which it has brewing operations.
Outside the USA, SABMiller plc is one of the largest bottlers of Coca-Cola products in the world.
When planning their operations expansion, SABMiller wanted video technologies that matched their
facility’s ‘Wow’ factor and having one network, with the ability to run IT, telephony and AV seamlessly
across it was crucial.
“One day was more than enough for initial test; the Exterity products were so comprehensive
and easy to use we knew straight away that this was going to be the solution for us.”
Roger Chappe de Leonval, IT Manager, SABMiller
Traditionally, all AV is piped into a building using coaxial cabling, which is expensive to maintain and slow to deploy. Furthermore, it
requires a completely separate system and could not run off a single infrastructure network, which was a prerequisite for SABMiller.
Exterity was recommended to SABMiller as specialists in delivering networked AV over IP.
Roll Out
Straight away Exterity presented the ideal solution as other network AV
products proved difficult to use and had heavy back-ends. Before moving into
the offices, SABMiller commissioned a one day trial of Exterity AvediaStream
TVgateway and AvediaPlayer Receiver, which together enable the distribution
of multimedia material such as video, TV and DVDs through the network. To
get internal buy-in, SABMiller IT Team presented the solution to the building
team, with positive feedback from the team, the installation partner was given
the green light to start deployment.
The Exterity solution, rolled out in two days,
extended SABMiller’s Ethernet network.
TVgateways enabled stream terrestrial
broadcast feeds across the network. Exterity
Receivers were added to televisions and
plasma displays for direct end point access to
all available digital media.
The system enables any media stored on the network to be streamed to meeting rooms, an impressive communal atrium area, bar area
and cafeteria. The SABMiller team decided it would stream company brand identity, positioning and advertisements to the atrium, bar
and cafeteria area.
SABMiller uses the rest of the screens to stream news, sport and entertainment, important monitoring resources for employees to know
what is happening in the world. Delighted that not only did the Exterity system allowed SABMiller to stick to their one network infrastructure
policy, it helped to create the ‘whoa’ factor that they really wanted from their new offices and has been a vital tool promoting brand identity
with employees and visitors.
External broadcast
Terrestrial channels
Internal video source
Branded content
AvediaStream TVgateways
IP Network
AvediaPlayer Receivers
feeding TV’s & Displays
Leading IPTV
Product Spotlight
AvediaStream c1110 Chassis
Exterity largest and most advanced IPTV chassis supports 10 blades with built-in redundancy
AvediaStream chassis are all hot swap enabled allowing removal and replacement of AvediaStream
blades without the need to power down the whole unit, saving time and avoiding disruption to other
blades operating in the same environment.
Broadcast & Media
Monitor output and stay in tune
Broadcast & Media
Many Broadcasters presently use Exterity solutions to distribute video around television studios and production galleries,
enabling peer review of content via individual or shared screens. Commercial and marketing teams can monitor competitor
output and track live and breaking news at their desktops with tailored portals and multiview screens.
With IPTV solutions from Exterity, there are no limits. Every screen can be supplied with an unlimited number of high
definition channels over an existing IP network (LAN) and have control over what content is available, where it can be
displayed, and who can see it.
Distribute video from broadcast quality cameras and equipment using SDI interface
Enable peer review of content via individual PCs or shared public screens
Deliver programming around studios, production galleries, visitor areas, editing suites and direct to individual desktops
Build an archive of live and acquired recordings for future scheduled broadcast or video on demand
Exterity systems can presently be found in many of the world’s most respected broadcasters, content producers and
Ensuring HD quality for exacting broadcaster and operator requirements
Broadcast Capture
HD Encoding
IPTV System Control
End Point Reception
AvediaStream TVgateway
AvediaStream Encoder
AvediaPlayer Receiver
Multiple chanels from a single
Free to air and encrypted content
Stream live HDSDI / 3GSDI
signals from your broadest
cameras & production desks.
Monitor & control access to
assets to ensure effective delivery
throughout your organization.
HD Video playout on TVs with
real-time unit to unit sync.
Leading IPTV
International news agency Reuters cements 2500 employees reputation
as leading source of intelligent information for business with constant
connection to global news
International news agency Reuters, a division of Thomson Reuters, operates in
more than 200 cities in 94 countries and transmits news in over twenty languages.
It has an unrivalled reputation across the globe as the first to report breaking news
and almost every major news outlet in the world subscribes to its news services.
The UK’s headquarters in Canary Wharf, London house more than 2500 employees
with a need to constantly monitor breaking news and global events.
“As an international organization, it is essential that staff at our headquarters
have instant access to television from all over the world. The Exterity
network IPTV solution gives us this in an innovative and cost-effective way”
Matt Hassock, Technical Manager, Reuters.
Reuters aging coaxial TV distribution system couldn’t keep up with corporate growth and demand for video distribution and was too
hard to integrate with staff desktop computers. The existing system wasn’t scalable, adding users was difficult, requiring lifting floors and
running new cables, and tended to degrade picture quality. This made it difficult for Reuters to add new employees and quite expensive
to expand in to additional offices.
Reuters Goals
Provide employee desktop access to world news channels
and internal broadcasts
Leverage existing network technology to simultaneously
deliver live broadcast and existing business applications
Eliminate obsolete, redundant coaxial video distribution
Enable easy scalability to accommodate growth
Reuters found its solution in an Exterity IPTV system,
which uses Reuters’ existing IP network to stream crystal
clear live TV from all over the world to over 300 displays
in conference rooms and lecture theatres, as well as
2,500 screens and desktops around the office with no
need for additional cabling. Channels are supplied from
a single satellite dish; keeping investment in additional
signal reception equipment to a minimum.
Reuters employees have instant, desktop access to over 60 digital satellite, terrestrial and internally produced channels enabling them to
stay on top of all news, in real-time. By using the existing IP network, operational costs are lowered and demands reduced on Reuters IT
Administration employees to manage an additional network just for TV and video. As a fully scalable solution, the Exterity system is future
proofed for the addition of channels and end points.
60 Live broadcasts
Internal Feed Encoding
Multiple Public Display
2500 Desktops
Leading IPTV
Product Spotlight
AvediaStream TVgateway g4315 in an AvediaStream Chassis c1101
Descramble and distribute free to air and encrypted conted from two satellite sources
Maritime & Energy
Keep crew better connected to entertainment and training
Maritime & Energy
Maritime, oil and gas facilities including supply vessels, crew accommodation and drilling platforms - where space and
structural integrity are at a premium - benefit from Exterity IPTV solutions as they operate over existing IP networks usually
found already delivering broadband connectivity, internet and telephony services.
Whether for accommodation associated with a drilling site or a vessel used to transport manpower to support the exploration
process, Exterity systems keep crews connected to the outside world with news and entertainment, display staff notices and
deliver training via video.
Provide information, news, entertainment and foreign language TV and radio to crew accommodation
Create an archive of training and safety videos for on-demand viewing
Deliver video-on-demand entertainment for crew
Provide announcements and emergency information via digital signage
Stream footage of offshore activities to onshore HQ
Within the energy industry, operational sites and associated crew camps are often remotely located, which can affect
employee acquisition, retention and motivation. In order to prevent possible negative impact Exterity works with many
energy companies and their project partners to design systems to provide entertainment for employees living away from
Broadcast Capture
HD Encoding
IPTV System Control
End Point Reception
AvediaStream TVgateway
AvediaStream Encoder
AvediaPlayer Receiver
Capture live TV even while a
vessel is moving. Blade base
system to support multiple global
Encode stream local live channels
such as community feeds, drilling
operations, weather & radar
Store e-catalogue movies, VoD,
Integrated support for encryption
to view the latest Hollywood
Studio movies.
Watch live TV & VoD while
observing real-time links to PAGA
Leading IPTV
AvediaPlayer Receiver
Secure end to end IPTV for multinational energy company employee facility
Shell, a global group of energy and petrochemical companies, is one of the largest and most
recognized in the Oil and Gas industry. Located in more than 70 countries and territories and with
around 87,000 employees world-wide, their focus is on exploring for new oil and gas reserves and
developing major projects.
By providing video entertainment to their crews, Shell aimed to improve camp morale and minimize employee turnover. They understood
that deploying video services over the existing IP network infrastructure would be the most expedient way to achieve the required TV
channels, movies and video services.
The company chose an Exterity solution for live, on-demand and recorded secure distribution of digital content, integrating Exterity IPTV
technologies directly onto the existing network, thereby avoiding additional network investment and minimizing disruption of services
already being delivered across it.
Roll Out
The system implemented features a wide range of Exterity products, configured
to create a flexible end-to-end IPTV system including; AvediaStream Satellite
TV gateways to capture both free to air and encrypted channels; AvediaPlayer
Receivers which have unique Power over Ethernet capability – critical selection
criteria for energy sector customers – advanced channel management and
admin web interface functionality; all centrally managed through the powerful
multiservice AvediaServer for system monitoring, control and administration.
The Exterity system has been deployed
in public spaces throughout the camp,
including dining rooms, office, relaxation
base personnel with easily accessible
entertainment when they want it.
Satellite TVgateways.
Free to air and
encrypted content
AvediaStream 10 slot
Chassis protecting
TVgateway blades
AvediaServer 14
Terabytes of storage
and dual power supplies
AvediaPlayer r9200
Receiver, PoE,
Channel Management
Leading IPTV
Product Spotlight
AvediaStream Encoder e2320
Dual encoder, streams simultaneously from two independent content sources
Venues & Stadia
Stay competitive on and off the field of play
Venues & Stadia
IPTV from Exterity keeps sports teams and venues competitive on and off the field of play. As a leading provider of
enterprise IPTV communication solutions, Exterity has a great deal of experience of extending the action from the pitch,
court, pool, track and stage.
In an increasingly competitive marketplace, stadiums, clubs and entertainment venues are under pressure to provide
entertainment that delivers an outstanding experience for fans, staff and corporate guests. Exterity enterprise IPTV is
enabling venues and teams to communicate a dynamic mix of information, updates, clips, scores and live footage of the
sporting action to exceed the expectations of fans and visitors.
Deliver live camera coverage of events to screens around the stadium
Create a personalized TV and video experience for guests in hospitality suites
Provide visitor information, concession advertising, scheduled events announcements, and emergency information via
digital signage
Advertise future events to generate higher ticket sales
Stay competitive on and off the field of play and enhance fan experiences
With Exterity IPTV, venues can create their own internal TV channels showing highlights, exclusive pre and post-game
coverage, access other on-site event camera feeds and venue related services via customizable, branded interfaces. This
breadth of content presentation and delivery options enables venues to deliver fantastic experiences for visitors, while
providing a far more powerful means with which to promote corporate sponsors and advertisers – giving them a real edge
over their competitors.
Broadcast Capture
HD Encoding
IPTV System Control
End Point Reception
AvediaStream TVgateway
AvediaStream Encoder
Artio Middleware
Satellite & terrestrial live TV
capture with closed caption
Encode live camera feeds direct
from the field of play.
for changing between live
coverage, pundit replay content
or tournament/event messaging
& statistics during intervals.
Use Artio middleware products
to display stadium/team branded
Leading IPTV
Artio Desktop
World class IPTV for a championship venue, Grade Stade de Lille
Broadcasting the action happening on the field and stage is a prerequisite for all stadiums and
venues. However, the sheer size of the venues creates challenges for pro-AV installers as they
require multiple end points around the premises. In order to distribute live feeds and video programs
in real time, installers need to use an IPTV system that can scale and process various signals at
once without degrading the image. These considerations led to the installation of an Exterity IPTV
system at Grand Stade de Lille, maximizing the impact of the sports matches and concerts hosted,
including the upcoming Euro 2016 championship.
The Grand Stade de Lille was constructed as an alternative to the two other main stadia in France, the Stade de France in Paris and
the Vélodrôme in Marseille. As its main functionality is to host sports events such as football and rugby matches, as well as concerts
by internationally acclaimed artists, streaming live video to the 50,000 attendees was a key priority to ensure the public can watch all
the action as it unfolds. The selected IPTV system needed to be integrated into the stadium’s AV offering including audio, stadium and
hospitality screens, digital signage and AV monitoring.
In order to distribute video to all 215 end points around the stadium, the
pro-AV installer and events specialist partner deployed an Exterity IPTV
system including satellite and terrestrial TVgateways, HD encoders and
AvediaPlayer Receivers all managed through AvediaServer. The IPTV
installation transfers DVB-T and DVB-S signals and provides a single
User Interface to monitor activity on the network and schedule content
playback efficiently. Additionally, AvediaPlayer Receivers fitted with an
Ethernet port and an HDMI output receive and decode a large number
of SD and HD IPTV streams. In addition to broadcasting IPTV streams,
the Exterity system integrates with digital signage to offer additional
information in real time.
The Exterity system was integrated into the stadium’s
global AV system and put to use immediately upon
completion. The system carries both live feeds and
programs and is able to decode and transcode SD and
HD signals, enabling sports and music fans to enjoy the
action taking place in real time, whether they are near
the field or in hospitality rooms.
The Exterity IPTV system is currently used to broadcast
all the venue’s concerts and sporting events, and will
be instrumental in airing the Euro 2016 tournament
Terrestrial & Satellite
AvediaStream H.264,
Enterprise AvediaServer/
Schedule, record, playback
and archive storage
215 AvediaPlayer
Receiver end points
Leading IPTV
Product Spotlight
AvediaServer c1510 platform
The c1510 hardware platform contains a single media disk in a compact 1U rack mounted
package, ideal for small to medium enterprise IPTV environments.
Transport & Terminals
Video and digital signage integrated for terminals and hubs
Transportation & Terminals
With Exterity systems, you can distribute travel information, announcements, concession advertising, and entertainment
throughout your facility over your existing IP network. TV and video channels can be delivered wherever there’s a network
connection, to flight information displays, personal computers, standard TVs, digital signage, or any other video display
device. Channels, displays and users can be added virtually without limit, and Exterity open standard development facilitates
full interoperability with Transport Information Systems.
Deliver flight information as channels on the network
Eliminate requirement for separate PC’s to drive displays, greatly reducing operational costs due to lower power and
cooling demands
Provide live TV to waiting areas in terminals and transport hubs
Keep passengers entertained and informed, enhance the transit experience and increase satisfaction
Advertise concessions, turist information and local attractions to generate additional revenue
Multiple video options for terminals and passenger transportation hubs
Broadcast Capture
HD Encoding
IPTV System Control
End Point Reception
AvediaStream TVgateway
AvediaStream Encoder
AvediaPlayer Receiver
Distribute live TV news &
weather updates to minimize
potential travel distruption & keep
passengers informed.
High performance dual HD
& MPEG signage & channel
Control & manage asset playback
& maintain links to emergency
situation management protocols.
Physically secure, low carbon
footprint STB to display live
TV, passenger entertainment
& signage to enhance the on
screen passenger experience.
AvediaPlayer Receiver
Leading IPTV
Impressive video and communication displays in
modernized airport terminals across mainland Spain
The Spanish Airport Authorities wanted to modernize the communication systems in terminals
across Malaga, Seville, Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante airports they chose an integrated solution
combining Exterity IPTV with digital signage technology. The end result was an impressive, scalable
and easy to upgrade system delivering IPTV and digital signage over the LAN.
IP Video Solution
Digital Signage Integration
The airports IPTV system architecture includes an Exterity
AvediaStream c1110 chassis, with the security of a redundant power
supply, and the ability to hot swap IPTV modules. The chassis hosts
DVB-T gateways which stream channels from local DTT services and
DVB-S/S2 gateways, with integrated CAM slots, which descramble
encrypted channels from satellite services. AvediaPlayer Receivers
are mounted on TV screens and monitors around the terminal
displaying channels brought to the airport network.
An AvediaServer located in the airport communications room provides
control of the Exterity IPTV system with the ability to store thousands
of hours of on-demand and scheduled for play content.
Taking digital signage player output and turning it
into an IPTV channel on the network means it can be
viewed by any Exterity IPTV Receiver attached to a
display; a solution which is much more cost effective
than having a digital signage player attached to each
end point display. To put the digital signage player
signal onto the IP network, a converter turned the
VGA player output into a PAL video signal, then is
encoded by an Exterity AvediaStream encoder
into an MPEG video stream. Exterity AvediaPlayer
Receivers, mounted with the LCD screens around
the terminal, receive the signage stream simply as an
additional available channel.
Essential departures and arrivals signage boards were optimized and the commercial opportunities for shops, restaurants and bars within
the airport improved, as they were able to promote themselves by offering commercial TV, scheduled play TV channels and promotional
messages. The most significant benefit of the system is its flexibility with HD being the standard for broadcast today, it is important that
terminals and transportation hubs can easily upgrade from SD to HD Encoders and Receivers, and this is what Exterity offers.
Satellite and Terrestrial
TV capture
Encoded Digital
Signage streams
AvediaServer control
and management
Securely mounted Receivers
on all TV’s and displays
Leading IPTV
Product Spotlight
Powerful multi-service platform
Sophisticated content storage, handling and playback
Globally deployed leading IPTV environment
Powerful multi-service platform
Highly customizable end to end solution
Sophisticated content storage, handling and playback
Unrivalled IPTV system monitoring and support
Hospitality & Leisure
Increase guest loyalty, satisfaction and resort revenue
Hospitality & Leisure
Exterity can supply an unlimited number of high definition channels with picture quality equal or better than the home
experience to any number of guest rooms or hotel screens. The hotel network is used to deliver all the expected guest
services as standard, and, with customizable interface options across the full range of Exterity products, it has never been
easier to create bespoke services.
In room guest entertainment options are enhanced; revenue generating on screen promotions can be tailored to location
or date, and Exterity systems are fully interoperable with hotel management systems to deliver interactive services such as
reservations, booking tickets or guest billing via TV screen or network access portals.
Deliver free to air, pay TV and premium sports and movie content to guest rooms and commercial screens in public
Legally distribute content from other video sources such as DVD, BluRay players or video cameras
Promote resort facilities with live video and on-screen apps; provide orientation and local attraction videos to guest room
Increase revenues with a wide selection of on-demand programming delivered to guests via a branded user interface
Time shift news and sports of interest to foreign guests for access at a convenient time
Supply guest information and announcements of scheduled events and amenities in reception and public areas by
integration with digital signage platforms
Integrate with Hotel Property Management System (PMS) so guests can view account information and checkout directly
from their in room TV
Improve visitor experiences, increase guest loyalty and satisfaction and promote revenue generating resort
services. Deliver a luxury multimedia experience now, not in the future.
IPTV System Control
End Point Management
Broadcast Capture
HD Encoding
AvediaStream TVgateway
AvediaStream Encoder
AvediaPlayer Receiver
Securely deliver movies ondemand at up to 1080p. Create
local hotel channels from content
libraries & archives.
entertainment on-demand asset
library management & PMS
integration for in-room bill &
Receivers in guest rooms for
secure, discreet, multi-language
end point support.
Stream free to air & encrypted
content to guest rooms & public
Leading IPTV
Receiver Interface
Exclusive resort delivers first class in-room entertainment
service with scalable Video over IP
Hilwood Resorts and Hotels operate the Grand Hotel Jersey, a fully refurbished fourstar hotel in the Channel Islands with 123 bedrooms. To help achieve its rating, the
hotel required a comprehensive in-room entertainment system that would not only
deliver a top-quality viewing experience, but do so in a manner that complimented the
hotel’s striking architecture and futuristic ambiance.
When planning the resort refurbishment, it
became obvious that a traditional coaxial
TV distribution system could not support
the hotel’s determination to provide a 21stcentury multimedia experience to guests.
Such systems suffer signal degradation from
long cable runs, which cause ghosting and
picture breakup. Given the ubiquity of home
DVD players and their high-quality pictures,
this would be totally out of tune with guest
expectations of a luxury resort.
The Exterity solution uses the hotel’s newly installed IP network to stream
terrestrial and satellite channels, as well as recorded video and audio
content, to televisions and computers connected to the hotel network. All
channels are captured and supplied to the network via Exterity TVgateways
and Encoders. Exterity IPTV Receivers in each room connect TVs to the
network and are powered from the network cable instead of the main,
which simplified installation and reduces power costs. The entire system
is integrated to the hotel’s guest entertainment supplier who confidently
supplies the latest movie and TV content safe in the knowledge that the
IPTV system is secure and tamper-proof.
Guests can access a variety of channels and entertainment from the comfort of their own suite. They can choose between watching
the news, the latest movies or listen to a variety of music channels available 24 hours a day at the touch of a button, and added to their
accommodation bill hassle free – all enhancing their resort experience. The system is future-proof and scalable virtually without limit.
Extra channels and on-demand videos can easily be added at any time, and additional displays installed without additional cabling or any
negative impact on picture quality.
“We wanted a solution that would give our guests a futuristic multimedia experience. Exterity network IPTV has
achieved this, and is completely in tune with the hotel’s innovative look and feel.”
Colin Farquharson, Group Property Management, Hilwood Resorts & Hotels
Satellite and
terrestrial TV
channel capture
HD Blu-ray and
movie content
VoD and billing
controlled by
123 In-room
Leading IPTV
Product Spotlight
AvediaStream Encoder e3635 in an AvediaStream Chassis c1103
H.264 encoding, HDMI source compatible
AvediaStream Encoders create a single MPEG channel from the output of various video devices.
College & Campus
Build accessible video libraries of teaching materials
College & Campus
With Exterity, video based study materials are available wherever there is a network connection. Content can be displayed
using classroom and student computers, standard TVs or any network connected display device. Back catalogues of
thousands of hours of educational programming can be repurposed for delivery over IP as rolling channels, Video on
Demand or a 24/7 accessible video library.
Faculty members can access scheduled and recorded programming from all over the world or create subject specific streams
of content interspersed with student announcements and messages. Existing IP networks in student accommodation can be
leveraged to deliver not only internet series, but also TV and video via a PC viewing client, or standard TV using an Exterity
set-top box.
Give teachers and students instant access to course and study materials
Continuously record important channels to make sure content is available for teachers; package entire programs or
excerpts for course and study use
Provide information, news, entertainment, radio and foreign language TV around campus
Match TV channels to students’ interests and educational needs in student accommodation
Preserve Internet bandwidth by delivering channels from a central point on your network, rather than as multiple streams
across your Internet gateway
Teach, learn, inform, and entertain
Create and customize a video library of teaching and resource materials
Capture Content
Convert Content
Satellite TVgateway
AvediaStream Encoder
Bring in live TV channels
Leading IPTV
Encoding from video asset
content available as streams up
to H.264 to create student TV
channels and Principal Teacher
Asset Management
Build asset libraries for ondemand use, scheduled playback
& manage live TV streams of
selected end points. Control
access for restricted use where
appropriate & support lockdown
End Point Studying
AvediaPlayer Receivers
& Plugin
End point delivery options of
Receivers behind TV screens &
PC & MAC desktop clients.
Plugin Interface
University College London makes the grade with Exterity
networked video over IP
Founded in 1826, UCL is London’s leading multidisciplinary university, with 8,000 staff
and 22,000 students. Over 140 nationalities are represented among UCL students
with overseas students making up nearly a third of the student body. Based in the
heart of London, UCL is ranked seventh in the world.
UCL required a means of providing TV and video to its language departments in
order to enhance the learning experience for its students. Educational videos and
TV from around the world streamed direct to students would form an essential
resource for linguistic and cultural learning within the departments.
Having heard other Universities recommend
IPTV systems from Exterity at events
and conferences, UCL investigated the
technology and found that IPTV was ideally
suited to the project. The Exterity solution
uses satellite TVgateways to capture
broadcast from international multiplexes,
and Avedia software clients and Receivers
deliver channels to multiple end points
around five sites.
UCL is spread across multiple sites in London, and the language departments
occupy five separate buildings, the University had previously been unable to
install a TV system to provide this valuable resource, and had been searching
for a scalable, centrally controlled TV and video distribution solution that would
meet their requirements.
Students learning any of the languages on offer at UCL can access the IPTV system from any departmental PC and view a global archive
of recorded material, without the inconvenience of having to locate and retrieve video tapes or DVDs.
“Students benefit from watching live TV direct from foreign countries as they can see the language they are
studying being used naturally, and learn about that country’s culture, adding an extra dimension to the learning
experience. UCL prides itself on being one of the most innovative learning centers in the world, so it was vital to
enhance the departments with the innovative technology that reflects this.”
Sibylle Nalezinski, IT & Multimedia Support Officer, UCL.
TVgateways capture
international channels
Avedia Content Clients
to 60+ PC’s
AvediaPlayer Receivers
to TV screens
Leading IPTV
Product Spotlight
AvediaPlayer r9200, r9210 and r9220
Discreet, robust and reliable HD ready set-top boxes
Power over Ethernet for smaller carbon footprint
Health & Residential Care
Enhance patient, visitor and staff information and entertainment
Health & Residential Care
Exterity systems stream high definition video assets, TV and radio broadcasts and digital signage channels, direct to patient
bedsides over an existing IP network also used to deliver telephony, internet access or hospital radio. In residential facilities,
Exterity Artio Portal enables the creation of bespoke services to give patients interactive access to facility information and
staff the ability to access training and development materials from a central source.
Deliver live TV and on-demand viewing to patient rooms and common areas
Supply patient and visitor information and announcements in public areas through integration with digital signage
Give patients the ability to order additional services (such as personalized menus, therapeutic massage) directly from
their in-room TV
Record and archive medical procedures for training and reference
Time-shift news and TV of interest to overseas patients for them to access at their convenience
Exterity IPTV integrates with a wide range of healthcare and information systems to give medical
organizations a future-proof way to deliver an enhanced patient experience and improve return on
network investment.
Content Capture
Asset Management
HD Streaming
AvediaStream TVgateway
AvediaStream Encoder
Capture live TV and stream to
patient bedside for entertainment
& news.
Create hospital TV channels
of local content & service
information. Supplement staff
development with training videos.
Leading IPTV
Manage the full IPTV system
centrally including VoD, patient &
visitor orientation screens & staff
breakout areas.
Unique End Point Delivery
AvediaPlayer Receiver
Physically secure STB units
for live TV in public spaces
& patient rooms. Integration
with emergency management
Receiver Interface
Leading women’s hospital improves IPTV experience, helping patients and
visitors feel better connected
The Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust is the culmination of more than two
centuries of dedication to women’s health, and the health of their babies. From its
beginnings in the 18t century, it has grown to become the largest women’s hospital
of its kind in Europe offering the highest standards of healthcare in maternity
”Exterity helped us deliver the government’s requirements for deploying
entertainment systems to make patients comfortable, to make them feel connected
and enable them to communicate more effectively with caregivers and loved ones.”
Dr. Zafar Chudry, CIO, Liverpool and Alder Hay Trusts
The hospital required major investment in TV and video services to improve the patient experience in accordance with a government
mandate on acceptable patient charters. Due to the physical restraints of the existing cabling and the building layout itself, selecting an
enterprise video over IP solution seemed the obvious choice. The Trust also wanted a solution that could scale as they considered future
possibilities for staff communication and development.
The Exterity system leverages the hospital’s high speed
LAN on top of which sits Exterity head-end equipment
capturing and streaming the 25+ broadcast channels
to individual patient bedside screens and public areas.
Exterity high-stream encoders inject signals from a Digital
Signage player to show important announcements and
hospital information. In the waiting rooms, 40-inch monitors
display live and rolling news with subtitles provisioned from
Exterity Receivers.
Picture quality at end points now match viewer expectation
to watch video of the same broadcast quality they would
experience at home. A patient survey revealed that 75% rated
the choice of TV, Video and radio as ‘excellent’ and easy to
use. The Trust has been impressed with patient willingness to
pay for bedside TV services, and consider the IPTV system
a success not only in terms of patient experience but also for
re-couping the system investment cost.
25 Broadcast
HD Network
Digital Signage
Individual and
Foyer Content
Leading IPTV
Exterity Network Video Ecosystem
IPTV Applications Server
AvediaStream TVgateways
AvediaStream Encoders (MPEG-2/ H.264)
Transfer live TV direct from broadcast sources to
enterprise networks
Present channels as encoded by the broadcaster
Descramble decrypted channels using standard
Convert video input to high quality streams across
range of resolutions and bandwidths
Integrates broadcast TV with other video sources
Artio Portal
System management
Artio Desktop player delivery
Asset management
Scaleable VoD
Scheduled content playout
API’s for customisation and third party
Artio Multiview
IPTV Application Server
IPTV Head-End
PC/MAC Clients
IPTV Content Clients
IPTV Receivers
AvediaPlayer Receivers
Integration to Artio Portal
Designed for enterprise environment
Content Clients
Centrally managed
enterprise desktops
SD/HD content delivery
Integrated EPG, VoD and recording services
Control through network, serial and web interfaces
Support for room control systems
Modules available for integration with PC
based systems such as digital signage
Browser API integration to create custom applications
Customisable interface and language
Live TV
Content Protection
VoD Artio
Receivers HD
Chassis hot swapping
catch up
IPTV Encoders
Content Protection
Signage Solutions
Third Party Integration
Protect Content Investment with Secure IP Delivery of Premium TV & VoD
Content owners, broadcasters, media operators and businesses deploying IPTV services need to incorporate
the most advantageous options available to secure premium content over an enterprise IPTV system. Access to
valuable content needs to be controlled by the IPTV system provider to secure revenue from monetize content
and protect the material from illegal copying and distribution.
Exterity meets the demand for secure delivery of valuable content with the addition of support for High bandwidth
Digital Content Protection (HDCP) v2, to sit alongside more established SecureMedia encryption and the
interoperability of Exterity TVgateways with industry leading Conditional Access Systems (CAS).
Exterity is the premier manufacturer of enterprise video over IP technologies to meet exacting digital content protection
protocols by embedding HDCPv2 into Avedia head end and Receiver clients.
As the only content protection technology to secure the complete video path across an IP network, from HDCP video source
to HDCP end point, any business wishing to show Blu-ray or other HDCP protected content can confidently do so, safe in
the knowledge that their Exterity system is truly secure and compliant with HDCP.
Conditional Access Encryption
Exterity TVgateways descramble encrypted content
(CAMs). With inbuilt dual tuners, TVgateways can
securely distribute content from two satellite sources
simultaneously and stream it across an IP network.
Exterity TVgateways support CAMs from the leading
providers of Conditional Access technologies such as
Irdeto, NDS, Viaccess and Nagra.
ARRIS SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE solution
provides digital rights management (DRM) protection
to meet security requirements of leading broadcasters.
More and more Broadcasters need to protect content
investment and potential revenue streams by verifying
exactly what content businesses have access to. The
integration of SecureMedia ensures live premium
TV and video on demand content is restricted to only
authorized Exterity Receivers.
Leading IPTV
Digital Signage
Relevant across many vertical markets, Digital Signage can be a compelling influencer of customers, prospects
and employees at the point of decision by displaying relevant, informative, persuasive and visually engaging
digital content.
Exterity Digital Signage solutions enable network-wide delivery of multi-media content. Scheduling, customization
and management is provided through the powerful AvediaServer and end-point control is provisioned through
Exterity AvediaPlayer Receivers.
Extending Digital Signage Capability through Integration
Exterity has added a leading Digital Media Bridge (DMB) to an Exterity solution to create a full HD quality signage option.
The DMB Windows based player, Screen Builder, application enables users to create and publish sets of digital signage and
digital menu board screens to individual and groups of combined Exterity Receiver end points.
Solution features include;
Exterity Receivers can be managed, monitored and controlled centrally from an Exterity AvediaServer as well as directly
through their own web interface. Digital Signage is controlled using the Screen Builder application
Build and schedule looping playlists, rich video on demand interactive screens, information updates or live TV on individual
or groups of end points, specified via audience or location. Full interoperability with Exterity AvediaStream head end
provides a complete video and signage over IP solution.
Exterity digital combines the power and flexibility of the AvediaPlayer Receiver with leading Media Player software to create
a solution delivering superior functionality, reliability and life expectancy than more traditional PC based Digital Signage
Leading IPTV
AvediaServer now includes new enterprise middleware to manage end
point presentation and interface experiences. Exterity customers use Artio
to customize the design and brand of multiple portals and channel viewing
options to meet their own unique requirements.
Artio Portal
Artio facilitates the creation and management of
customized TV, VoD, radio and interactive pages tailored for individuals or groups of viewers across
any screen or device - providing the flexibility for user
engagement to go far beyond what was previously
possible in the enterprise IPTV space.
Artio Portal
Artio Desktop
Artio Desktop is a media player that instantly gives PC and MAC access to all TV
and video content by simply clicking a link. Artio Desktop supports live TV, Video on
Demand and provides a comprehensive EPG.
Artio Desktop
Supports multi-language, subtitles/closed captions and teletext
Centrally managed and deployed, easy to use and integrate with Active Directory
and Groups to control access to content and services
Provisioned, configured and managed from AvediaServer IPTV platform
Flexible and scalable, additional end points don’t degrade picture quality
Securley adds premium broadcast channels through integration with SecureMedia
Artio Multiview
With Artio Multiview multiple video and data streams can be watched
at once letting IPTV system administrators see the whole content
picture on one screen.
Artio Multiview
Leading IPTV
Protect your IPTV system investment
• Maximize system performance
• Extend product life
• Manufacturer supported warranty
Exterity offers a choice of service and product support for our partners to promote as part of their
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with their customers
It’s called AvediaCare
Protecting an Exterity IPTV system with AvediaCare ensures the system continues to be maintained
and enhanced over its lifetime
Differing levels of AvediaCare cover allows customers to take advantage of comprehensive access to
the AvediaCare Support Team, software updates and firmware upgrades via Exterity partners.
Enhanced cover with AvediaCare Plus provides the added confidence of hassle free unit replacement,
minimizing potential IPTV system disruption should any individual product experience failure.
Developed around customer needs, AvediaCare from Exterity delivers manufacturer backed support so
Exterity partners can confidently meet agreed SLAs.
Leading IPTV
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