Bosch S37L Datasheet | Manualzz
EC-Declaration of Conformity
The undersigned, representing the following manufacturer
Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Ring 5
85630 Grasbrunn
Tel.: +49 (0)89 6290-0
Fax: +49 (0)89 6290-1020
hereby declare that the following Bosch branded product(s)
Material No CTN Description
F.01U.140.049 CRS-NC-S37L Wristband transmitter S37L-Locator
F.01U.140.050 CRS-NC-S37L-WD Wristband transmitter S37L-Loc. Without dementia alarm
F.01U.140.051 CRS-NC-S37L-OD Wristband transmitter S37L-Loc. Only dementia alarm
F.01U.140.053 CRS-NC-S37L-WM Wristband transmitter S37L-Loc. Without manual trigger
F.01U.140.054 CRS-NC-S37L-EX Wristband transmitter S37L-Loc. Extended Dementia Codes
F.01U.140.093 CRS-NC-S37E-ACC Wristband transmitter S37E
is (are) in conformity with the regulations of the following marked EC-directive(s)
and bear(s) the С € - mark accordingly
reference number
X] |2004/108/EC
X] 12006/95/EC
DI |1999/5/EC
[] |2009/125/EC
EMC Directive (EMC)
Low-Voltage Directive (LVD)
Radio equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE)
Ecodesign requirements for energy-related products
The conformity of the product(s) with (above ticked) EC directives is provided by the compliance
with the following standard(s):
Standard(s) / date
EN 50371 (2002), EN 55022 (2006+A1:2007), EN 60950-1 (2011), EN 300 220-2 (v2.3.1),
EN 301 489-1 (v1.8.1), EN 301 489-3 (v1.4.1), EN 50130-4 (1995+A1:1998+A2:2003)
Year of affixing the CE-mark: 2011
Place, date:
Grasbrunn, 10.11.2011
le =
Vice president Business Unit R+D Manager Business Unit
Printed first name + last name: Printed first name + last name:
Manuel Paul Ludovic Stauffer
Document No.: CRS_CE_ F.01U.140.049.doc Version: Al
Annex to CE Declaration of Conformity
Document No.: CRS _CE_ F.01U.140.049.doc, Version: A1
Number(s) of test report(s) /date
S37L_300408 15272-60950 (Montena, 30.04.2008)
S37L_300408_15272a-60950 (Montena, 30.04.2008)
S37L_170811_Safety170811WM01-60950 (Bosch, 17.08.2011)
S37L_110907_EMC070911SP02_50130-4 (EMC-ESD / Immunite-Electrostatiques, Telectronic, 11.09.2007)
S37L_100907_EMC070910SP01_50130-4 (Radiated-Immunity / Immunite-Radiofrequences, Telectronic, 10.09.2007)
S37L_110907_EMC070911SP01_55022 (Spurious-Radiation / Perturbations-Radioelectriques, Telectronic , 11.09.2007)
S37L_060810_EMC100806WM02_301489_50130-4_300220_50371 (Report Bosch, 06.08.2010)
S37L_070907_RF070907JLC01_300220 (TeleAlarm, 07.09.2007)
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