Philips 12498LLECOCP Datasheet

Philips 12498LLECOCP Datasheet
Philips LongLife
Conventional Interior and
Drive with care
Extended lifetime
Tired of changing your signaling and interior bulbs all the time? With up to 4x the lifetime
of a standard car bulb, LongLife EcoVision is the choice for drivers seeking to minimize
maintenance on their vehicles.
Up to 4x lifetime, less replacement
• Extended lifetime for better value
Original Equipment manufacturer
• Philips is the choice of all major car manufacturers
• Wide range of 12V lamps to meet all applications
• Respecting high quality standards of the ECE homlogation
Conventional Interior and Signaling
21W 12V
Electrical characteristics
• Voltage: 12 V
• Wattage: 21 W
light, Tail light
Homologation ECE
Marking ECE: E1 2CH
Range: LongLife EcoVision
Technology: Conventional
Type: P21W
• Life time: 1250h
Light characteristics
Outerpack information
• Lumens: 460 lm
Car manufactuer choice
• Gross weight per piece: 2.3 kg
• Height: 17.5 cm
• Width: 26.1 cm
Packaging Data
• Packaging type: CP
• EAN1: 8727900381986
• EAN3: 8727900382006
Packed product information
• Gross weight per piece: 11.5 g
• Net weight per piece: 7.7 g
Product description
• Application: Front indicator, Interior, License, Rear
fog light, Rear indicator, Reversing light, Side
indicator, Stop light, Boot light, Daytime running
Ordering information
• Ordering code: 38198673
For 100 years, Philips has been on the forefront of
the automotive lighting industry, introducing
technological innovations that have become standard
on modern automobiles. Today, one in two cars in
Europe and one in three worldwide is equipped with
Philips lighting
Designed for multiple usage
Which 12V lamp for which application? Philips
Automotive offering includes all car specific
functions : license plate lights, rear position/parking
light, glove box lights, interior signaling, front parking
lights,Daytime Running Lights.
ECE homlogation
Philips Automotive is dedicated to producing bestin-class products and services in the Original
Equipment Manufacturer market as well as in
aftermarket. Our products are manufactured from
high-quality materials and tested to the highest
specifications to maximize the safety and driving
comfort of our customers. Our entire production is
meticulously tested, controlled and certified (ISO
9001, ISO 14001 and QSO 9000) to the highest ECE
Extended lifetime
LongLife EcoVision signaling and interior lights are
the best choice for drivers seeking optimal value.
Their increased lifetime combined with high heat and
vibration resistance guarantees a hassel free drive for
extended periods of time.
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