Philips SC5275/14 Datasheet

Philips SC5275/14 Datasheet
Facial Cleansing Brush
Deep gentle cleansing
To reveal soft and radiant skin
Philips VisaPure brings a new technology that will take your daily cleansing routine to the
next level without extra effort. A gentle way of leaving your skin clean, soft and radiant.
As gentle as your hands; can be used twice per day
• Gentle cleansing and Deep Cleansing setting
• 1 minute timer for the full face
Leaves your skin feel soft and smooth
• Philips VisaPure comes with a range of additional brushes
It easily integrates in your current routine
• Philips VisaPure can be used in the shower
• The stand charges Philips VisaPure when connected
• 30 minutes of cordless use, 6 hour charge
6x more effective than hand-cleansing*
• Vibrating & Rotating brush
Facial Cleansing Brush
• Skin cleansing: 6x more effective than handcleansing*
• Exfoliating: Removes more dead skin cells than
manual cleansing*
• Gentle: as gentle on your skin as manual cleansing*
• Absorbtion: Improves the absorption of your skin
care product
• Microcirculation: Improves microcirculation for
more radiant skin
Ease of use
Timer: Skin zone timer for 3 areas
2 Speed settings: Gentle and Deep cleansing
Waterproof: Can be used under the shower
Cordless: up to 30 uses without charging
Stand: Charging and storing stand
Battery indicator: Illuminated icon indicates battery
• Handle: Slim ergonomic design
Application areas
• Face and neck: Cheeks, Chest, Chin, Fronthead,
Neck, Nose
Items included
Brush heads: Normal skin brush head
Instruction for use: Quick start guide, User manual
Stand: Charging and storing stand
Power adapter: 100 - 240 V adapter
Charging time: 6 hours
Power system: Rechargeable battery
Running time: 30 uses of 1 minute each
Voltage: 100-240 V
• Warranty: 2-year limited warranty
2 Speed setting
Philips VisaPure provides 2 different speed settings:
Speed one, ‘gentle cleansing’, for a mild and soft
cleansing. Speed two, ‘deep cleansing’, for a
comfortable and more intensive cleansing.
Skin Zone Timer
The face can be divided into three zones:T-zone, left
cheek and right cheek. Philips VisaPure suggests to
change face skin area after 20 seconds with a short
pause. The full program lasts 1 minute after which
Philips VisaPure automatically switches off after to
prevent overtreatment.
Philips VisaPure is waterproof and can be easily used
in the shower.
Charging Stand
The stand elegantly complements the iconic design
of Philips VisaPure. It holds the brush, taking less
space and letting air naturally dry the used brush.
When connected it fully charges Philips VisaPure in 6
When fully charged, Philips VisaPure has cordless
power for 30 uses, equivalent to 15 days when used
twice per day.
Dual Motion
The brush rotates and vibrates. The vertical pulsating
movement gently breaks up surface impurities
including dirt, dead skin cells and make-up residues.
The rotating movement sweeps the impurities away,
leaving the skin more deeply cleansed.The
coordinated movements of the bristles give you a
thorough and comfortable cleansing experience.
Additional Brushes
1 Normal skin brush is included with Philips
VisaPure. Additional Sensitive and Exfoliating Brush
Heads are available separately.
Issue date 2014-04-19
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* Source: 80% of consumers achieved at least 6x more make-up
removal compared to hand cleansing according to a Philips internal
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