Philips HD3162/21 Datasheet

Philips HD3162/21 Datasheet
Philips Viva Collection
Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker
10 menus
Smart Cooking makes tasty rice
Precise smart rice cooking program
Philips rice cooker, equipped with smart rice cooking program, can accurately control and
optimize water temperatures and heating times at each stage of the cooking process,
ensuring perfect fragrant glutinous and nourishing rice.
Smart cooking program
• Smart cooking programs controls heat and water absorbtion
Outstanding multi-layer inner pot
• 2.0 mm 5-layer inner pot optimizes heating and cooking
• Includes 9 menus providing a great range of tasty options
• Easy to clean program helps dealing with food remains easily
Easy to operate
• 24-hour preset timer for great food without having to wait
Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker
4L 860W, 10 menus
Design specifications
• Materials of main body: Stainless steel
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 375*270*225 mm
• Color(s): Purple
• Rice scoop
• Measuring cup
• Soup scoop
• Integrated steamer and plate
Technical specifications
Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Wattage: 860 W
Cord length: 1.0 m
Inner pot capacity: 4L
6-phase smart cooking program
6-phase rice cooking program adjusts heating
temperature based on cooking phase: 60-70°
continuous heating allows rice to absorb the
optimum amount of water; 100° high-temperature
boiling heats rice thoroughly; high-power continuous
boiling stimulates nutrient transformation; hightemperature gelatinization causes rice to expand and
soften; 85° boiling removes excess water for fluffy, al
dente rice; keeping warm feature locks in freshness.
2.0 mm 5-layer inner pot
2.0 mm 5-layer inner pot is good for even heat
conduction. Ingenious, industry-leading, exquisitely
crafted 5-layer gold inner pot. 1. Hard crystal
coating: durable and easy-to-clean. 2. Gold heatcollecting base: accumulates heat, greatly increasing
inner pot heating results. 3. Extra-thick alloy
container: conducts heat evenly. 4. Resin protection
film: marks the ally container more durable. 5. Black,
scratch-resistant insulating coating: stores energy
and keeps the pot warm, locking heat in for long
periods of time.
9 programs
9 programs including refined cooking, high-speed
cooking, small portions, congee, soup, steaming, clay
pot rice, reheating for great rice, congee, soup and
clay pot rice and easy to clean helps deal with food
remains easily.
Easy to clean program
20 minutes’ inner steam circulation provides
thorough and hassle-free cleaning.
24-hour preset timer
Prepare a nutritious breakfast the night before, or
great rice for dinner before you leave for work.
Accurately set completion times by pressing the
'hour' button to adjust in increments of 1 hour and
the 'minute' button to adjust in increments of 10
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